1. Aw this bums me out! We were in the bar on Saturday night when they first got there & right at the bar, but it got so packed so fast, we left thinking maybe we could catch them out somewhere else, but didn’t :( Stupid, stupid me!

  2. The picture John tweeted of him and Jenna was ADORABLE!

    Tanster, big “thank you’s” for all of this!

  3. Man I wish my husband and I could have powered through and made it to this. I kind of peaked after I saw Rainn Wilson at the Radisson. We decided to go back to our hotel and pack since we had to leave at 7 am to catch our flight in Philly. We basically just passed out from all the excitement of the day.

  4. I was one lucky girl on Saturday! Although it was swamped when the first crew came at 11 (Rainn, Steve, John, Jenna & Ellie), we hung out and I was at the bar when John, Jenna, Brian & Steve came just before 2!! AMAZING night! They were fantastic, so fun!

  5. I was there! It was swamped, but well worth it. Didn’t get many pictures, only one of Rainn tending bar. What an amazing day AND night! So glad I made the trip from Rhode Island!

  6. Man, I would KILL to see a picture of John hugging and dipping Jenna! Like, literally, I would murder for that. Anyone got the goods?

    P.S. Thanks for compiling all this, Tanster!!! Looks like it was an awesome weekend

  7. @diahern, I agree, that picture of John and Jenna behind the bar was the highlight of my weekend! I died though when I read about him dipping her here! And someone else mentioned that he gave her his jacket at the ball park because she was cold. Aw! They’re so adorable in real life as well, they’re such sweet friends.

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