The OfficeTally Banner Contest

Reminder: Deadline is TODAY at 11pm PT!

Here’s a chance to showcase your art front and center on every OfficeTally page!

How to enter

  • Create a banner according to the requirements below.
  • Add a comment to this post with a link to your banner (you must host your own entry).
  • Please include a valid email address.
  • Sorry, U.S. residents only!

Banner requirements

  1. Width=700 pixels, Height=112 pixels
  2. Two-pixel white border all around (so actual usable space is 696w x 108h)
  3. Maximum file size: 20KB
  4. Upper right quadrant (400 x 55) must be a dark-colored background (so that it properly displays “OfficeTally” and the quote randomizer)
  5. Must complement the overall color scheme
  6. Graphic only, no text
  7. Download this file as a template


  • Submit entries by Saturday, June 23rd, 11pm PT.


  • Grand prize: I’ll pick my favorite entry to appear as OfficeTally’s banner image for seven days; the winner will receive a Dwight Schrute Bobblehead and Dwight Poster Magnet!
  • Fan favorite: Of the remaining entries, I will choose twenty to enter into a poll, by which OfficeTally readers will vote for their favorite. The top fan favorite will be featured at OfficeTally for three days, plus will win a Cast Photo Travel Tumbler!
  • Prizes graciously provided by the NBC Universal Office Store.


  1. This sounds fun (squee!), but will any of the entrees be displayed permanently? Or will you go back to your current banner after the contest is over?

  2. What a fun project, tanster! It’s like summer camp for Office fans!!! Unfortunately, I’m technologically inept, so I won’t be submitting anything – but I will definitely vote for others!

  3. I’ve got a question…
    Are we allowed to use copyrighted materials, i.e. cast photos, logos, etc?

    I always assumed this was the reason behind the plain banner.


  4. I wish i could use photoshop. Or use enough energy to open photoshop and learn how to use it. Good luck everyone!

  5. wow officetally will seem so strange with a new banner. what is on the current banner anyway? i can’t figure it out.

  6. On the banner it seems to show the watercooler next to Dwight’s jacket.

  7. So far, only one entry has met the file size requirement (requirement #3) … see the “Eligible Entries” section in the post. Thanks!

  8. Yeah size requirements, I know mine’s right! – this is me bragging!

  9. GO Call Me Lydia, those are amazing, especially the first one!

    Go Jam and Toby.

  10. So here is nmy first attempt. These are actually all the same image just with the colorization messed with a bit on each. I was having a hard time figuring out which blue would match the OfficeTally template and I’m still not sure if any of these match! I wish I had a better photoshop program :(

  11. Sorry for the multiple posts…here are a couple variations of the previously posted banner.

    1 | 2

  12. I should be doing big-girl college-student stuff… instead I’m addicted to making these…

    1 | 2 | 3

  13. 3 for now, I might come back with more:

    The image quality kind of suffers because of the file size, but what can ya do.

  14. Here are two more submissions. Apparently like everyone else, I was bored today :)

    1 | 2

    I hope these are acceptable, I know there is the no text rule, but I wasn’t sure about text used as part of the graphic itself? Tanster, let me know if there are not eligible!

  15. Wow, these are all super. They are gonna have a hard time picking a winner…

  16. My life has somehow become consumed with making Office Tally banners. Here are a couple more for your consideration (two variations of the same idea.) This has been a lot of fun–great idea to have a contest!!

    1 | 2

  17. Very cool work, Scott B! What is the object that makes up the “A”?

  18. Alas :( I still like my banner entry but I can’t seem to compress it down to under 20 kb … even at the lowest quality it’s still 30 kb, so I suppose I’m out.

    Anyways, all of the submissions here already are absolutely incredible. There’s definitely a lot of talent here! This is going to be a close call!! :)

  19. Kevin, I really like your design as well, so I opened it in my photo editing program and saved a copy. It brought the file size down to 14kb. You can grab it
    and resubmit it. Doesn’t look like there was too much loss of quality.

  20. INCREDIBLE ENTRIES! WOW! Talent abounds! Hey Jennie – how about we also provide you with some sayings for the quote area of the page during the summer months?? I know you have some up there but it might be kind of fun to see what everyone else comes up with….

    Just an idea! :)

  21. Glad you like it ZippityZoppity! The A is a black binder clip that has the metal sides open. Unfortunately it is hard to tell since the image is so small.

    Kevin, if you use Photoshop, go to “Save to Web” instead of “Save” and that will compress it quite nicely. Good luck :-)

  22. Kevin wrote:

    Alas :( I still like my banner entry but I can’t seem to compress it down to under 20 kb … even at the lowest quality it’s still 30 kb, so I suppose I’m out.

    For Kevin, or anyone else that needs to get their banner under 20kb, here’s how to do it. Open your banner in Photoshop and go to File — Save for Web…. In the new window, make sure in the upper right corner the file type is set to JPEG. Then you can adjust the Quality setting from 0 to 100, and in the lower left corner it’ll display your new file size. Using the 30kb banner Kevin posted earlier, I was able to get it under 20k using a quality setting of 74, and there was very little loss of quality.

  23. Allison’s TWO is my favorite. That is such a fabulous photo, and great work with it!

  24. Okay, I had to change my entries seeing as I uploaded to wrong ones and the file size was too big, but thanks to Happy Smile Patrol, I was able to get them below 20kb.

    1 | 2

  25. Well mine are definitely not as good and polished as everyone else’s, but I really really like making these half mundane half trippy things…

    1 | 2 | 3

  26. sorano916, I love number 3! I also love that your entries include the entire cast, instead of focusing on just Jim and Pam.

  27. So I had a bit of OfficeTally Banner Contest Fever today and so I’m adding a few more to my original 3 entries (I’m doing it in 2 parts):

    1 | 2 | 3 | 4

  28. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

    All of my banners including my original three entries can be found here

    My three original entries have different URL’s at this link, but I thought putting them all together was a bit more organized. Apparently, I like to complicate things…

  29. Okay, so I was really proud of having all my banners in the same spot in a sub album on photobucket, but now I have no idea how to make the album public. Anyone here know how? It’s a sub album so I don’t know if it’s possible to make only it private and not my main album. Again any help would be much appreciated!

  30. And one for the road…at least for now. Sorry for all these crazy multiple posts. I’ve just been bitten by the banner bug!


  31. Okay, I’ve gone through a preliminary round and looked at every single entry submitted so far.

    There are some FANTASTIC entries that will unfortunately be disqualified because they don’t meet all the requirements.

    PLEASE make sure you read the section above called “Banner Requirements.” Thanks! :)

  32. Claudia – It’s from last year’s NBC Primetime Preview, the scene where Dwight tried to throw the bottle of mustard over the building and it instead hit the wall and landed on the pavement.

  33. Here are two more banners. I made them basically for fun because I was bored and the competition is drawing to a close! The quality is poor because of the small file size, but as I said these were mostly for fun.

    One Loop


    Also, all of my previous banners can be found here

    All of you have done some amazing work! There are some very talented artists on this site :)

  34. :( I wish I lived in the U.S., I would really like to attend this, oh well..

    Good luck everybody..

  35. Scott B. that animated one is amazing! I love the ‘THE’ made out of paperclips. Perfect.

  36. Wow! I haven’t made one but I just wanted to say these are all great, my favorites are Allison’s (#50). You are so talented!!!!

  37. I haven’t had internet access for a couple of days and WOW did I miss OfficeTally! In particular I want to thank Happy Smile Patrol (#77) for helping reduce the file size on my banner submission so that it would fit tanster’s requirements. That was great…just goes to show how generous the OT community is.

    Here’s my new submission

  38. I gave it a shot. It’s basically the same banner, but me being picky with colors. I’ll probably have other entries later.

    1 | 2 | 3 | 4

  39. 30% Frontal Attack – I LOVE YOURS!!! They’re different than all of the rest – very creative.

  40. Wow, excellent job Neal! I like Ryan, Kevin, Jan, and Toby’s the BEST.

  41. PS-You can’t see it, but it does include the white, 2 pixel border…

  42. Allison of #113–looks awesome…except I can’t get my eyes off the backward numbers on the clock–how did they get like that?? :)

    Can’t wait to see the winners…maybe new banners should cycle through like OfficeTally quotes every time we hit “refresh”…

    Good luck picking a winner, Jennie!

  43. Call me Lydia’s (26) first one is still my favorite of all of the banners. Sorry everyone else, they are all great.

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