The Pyramid tablet by Sabre

The Office Pyramid tablet

Introduced in The Office Season 8 episode, The Incentive, the Pyramid is a triangular-shaped tablet computing device produced by Sabre.

Dwight Schrute showed off The Pyramid during a team meeting:

Dwight: This week we are rolling out the brand new Sabre tablet, the Pyramid.
Phyllis: Why is it shaped like that?
Dwight: So you can tell your clients, unleash the power of the Pyramid!
Pam: It’s huge! How much does it weigh?
Dwight: Oh no no no, without the battery pack and the optional memory booster, it’s barely three pounds.
Ryan: How much memory does it have without the booster?
Dwight: 50L.
Ryan: I’m sorry, “L”?
Jim: How many “L” to a “K”?
Dwight: You’re really going to want the booster.
Stanley: How on earth are we supposed to sell…
Jim: I’ll take five.



  1. As a techie who is constantly caught up in arguments about MBps and Mbps and solid state drives vs. the standard platter fair, I can say this part of last night’s episode made me laugh so hard it hurt. The line “how many L’s to a K” actually stumped me, L’s? It’s nice to see the buzz this little segment is generating on every electronics blog and e-magazine. I don’t care for apple much, so count me in for the pyramid, I’ll take unleashing the power of the pyramid vs. an ipad any day.

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