1. wow, very nicely done. a stanley nickel would be good, if he wasn’t even posing for it, just sitting there doing a crossword puzzle.

  2. Yea, it’s definitely not the one from the show.

    Good effort though.

    It would be really easy to duplicate if someone could get a screen shot of the episode.

  3. Dan- the Stanley Nickel should use his face from the “Beach Games” sumo match. The face that made Jim think he might die! :D

  4. ~haha and every 1 thousand Schrute bucks equals 5 mins extra for lunch!! priceless!! :)

  5. Cara’s is the best one, it blows my GIMP version out of the water.

  6. Office Tally, meet deadspin. Deadspin, meet office tally. I think you guys can be great friends.

  7. this Schrute Buck is pretty good, but the original version from the finale is better

  8. I actually made the stanleynickel.com version, but I threw it together really fast. I think this is going to require me to get out Illustrator and put some work into this quite soon.

    @Greg: I really like your version.

  9. Thanks J.

    I tried recreating it myself…but I obviously didn’t have as much patience as you did.

    I really appreciate it :)

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