1. I just got back from the breakfast portion of the festivities. It was absolutely WONDERFUL!

    As Jennie has already met Angela & Brian – I know she can attest to just how genuine and sweet they are – honestly, they really, really are.

    I’m working on getting my pictures on Shutterfly so I will post them in a few minutes.

    There were about 150 people who attended. One of the highlights was when Angela announced that there were some special guests who wanted to say “hello” and then both of them went into their characters and did a quick impromptu scene (the final line was Angela asking Kevin “Did you shower today?” They were HYSTERICAL!!!!

    We also found out that both of them were taken on a tour of Scranton Friday night – visiting all the spots, Coopers, Poor Richards, Farleys and a small bar (the name escapes me right now)where they drank tequilla and Brian had a Jaegerbomb – there were out until 3:45 a.m.

    Pictures to come – it was a GREAT time and I can’t WAIT for the convention!

  2. Here is a link to my pictures. My apologies that some are a little dark – the lighting wasn’t the best in the ballroom and some shots had to be done creatively because the Scranton media kept jumping in front of them and me (grrr):-/


  3. LOL! I was sitting with Peggy. Heh… Pretty much the same story. However, I went and visited their appearance at the Mall at Steamtown.

    They came in a little after 1. They had stopped by the Pennsylvania Paper Company and had autographs and photos there. The MC joked that they took calls.

    When they were introduced, Brian had a little in which is counted to three and Angela did her little “Ain’t No Party Like a Scranton Party, Cause a Scranton Party Don’t Stop” song and dance routine. They, of course, did their Angela and Kevin. Then, a group of students from U. of Scranton (IIRC) came and gave them each a St. Patty’s Shirt. They were called the “4 Morons” but Angela pointedly said that she saw 5 Morons (aka she included Brian). They thanked everyone and they started the photo and autograph session. I left and then came back like around 4:45 and they were still there signing and taking pictures.

    They were really great. Here are my pictures

    Unfortunately, like Peggy said, the light in the ballroom wasn’t the best.

  4. Wow! Great pics Peggy and sorano916! Thanks for sharing!

    Anyone else think Angela now looks like Patricia Arquette of “Medium”? I love her new hairstyle. Cute!

  5. Thanks for the pictures. That must have been so fun. From the first time I watched “The Office” I’ve had a big-time crush on Jenna. But I must say, the more I see of Angela in something other than “sleeves down to the wrists, button-up collars, and muted colors”, the more I realize how remarkably beautiful she is. Her smile is absolutely disarming and we rarely get to see it. And at the NBC upfronts, she was flat-out the sexiest woman out there.

  6. 6: I thought of that even before reading your comment!

    I think it’s the bangs…

  7. It was wonderful! They are really genuine, down to earth people, and they both seemed to be having a lot of fun. Angela is so beautiful in person, and so full of energy – to the point that I was really nervous when I came up to meet her, and I dropped my camera and was extremely awkward. When I went to speak to Brian, I told him I was nervous and he gave me a Kevin smile and told me not to be, that he was really glad to be in Scranton. I love them both and it was totally worth the trip/wait. :)

    I really hope they come back for the convention!

  8. We only live about 45 minutes from Scranton so we jumped in my car and went out there. We stood in line for nearly 3 hours but we met some really nice fans and the time passed quickly. Angela and Brian were really nice. They met everyone with enthusiasm, Angela gave me a big hug and took the time to talk to my sons on a cellphone.
    They posed for pics and signed whatever we handed them.
    Brian gave out promotional photos. Angela would often address the crowd and she even dialed up Jenna so the crowd could wish her a speedy recovery. They stayed late and made sure everyone got their turn. They gave the last person on line an autographed copy of the Season 2 DVDs.

    Check out my pics

  9. i went to go see them at the mall and i thought i got there pretty early… but no… the line was alomost out the back
    when i got up there… i couldnt really talk i was so nervous but i got lots of autographs and pics

  10. The monkier “The Four Morons” came from Rainn Wilson during his visit to Steamtown in December.

    See Here

  11. Hey all – I went to the mall and the rooftop party. It was a blast and I’m so glad I made the trip from York (southern PA). Brian and Angela could not have been nicer! I’m really excited about the convention too, so thanks for the dates!

    I’m writing a MySpace blog about it but I’m going to see Shrek the Third (only because John is doing one of the voices!) this afternoon so it might not be up until tonight. Also, took pics on my new cell phone and don’t quite know how to get them out so that might be a big longer. But it was awesome.

    Jennie thanks for the new comment policy – I’m sure I’m one of those who write more than 200 characters so my apologies for the length!

  12. We travelled from upstate New York and went to the breakfast and roof top party. It was such a great experience meeting Angela and Brian. They were so sweet and kind to everyone. It was a day I’ll never forget and we’ll be back in October for the convention. We hope to meet other office fans.

  13. Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster. My girlfriend and I made the trip from New York City (just like Jan!) to visit Scranton for the weekend, and we had a blast. We met some really cool people (like Abby and Ed) and got to see the sights of the Electric City. My girlfriend even got to smooch Brian! We took a lot of pictures, so here they are…

    Our Trip to Scranton

    Stupid Photobucket puts them in reverse order, so start from the last one for the full road-trip effect.

  14. The bar they were bartending at is called the Bog, and it happens to be this Scranton native’s favorite spot.

    Why did I move away? Oh, how I miss your charm, Scranton, PA.

  15. Brian Worked the Bog both Friday and Saturday. The local band, ‘Dr. Horsemachine and the Moneynotes’ played and they really dug it from the looks of things.

  16. Larson, the photo of your girlfriend with Angela and Brian is priceless! What a great shot!

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