The Secret Rock and Roll Life of Creed Bratton

From today’s New York Times:

It takes a special sort of person to even be in the running for the weirdest person on “The Office,” but Creed Bratton has arguably claimed that mantle: the character (who shares his name with the actor who portrays him) turns up only once or twice an episode, usually to say something totally outrageous to the camera, make a leering remark about a female co-worker or just to impersonate the Joker from “The Dark Knight.” But he always makes an impression.

Link: The Secret Rock and Roll Life of Creed Bratton


  1. William Charles Schneider! Hilarious!! That was his alias in Money. I love The Office :)

  2. Anyone else sense some hostility towards Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski? He kind of called them condescending and said nothing good about them.

  3. I think he was kidding. One of those things that doesn’t read right in print.
    The video is funny.

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