1. Yes!!! Bring on the rest of the season. I love The Office! Now to go watch TBS.

  2. I am so happy!! I’ve been waiting for months to see these big bold letters on OT to say this! Thanks Tanster for keeping us posted on every single blurb about the strike, and thank you writers for fighting for your rights and setting such an awesome example!

  3. YAY!!!!! I am so happy! I missed you so much Officetally, I almost stopped coming to the website because the banner depressed me.

    Bring on new episodes! Pam and Jim forever!

  4. Omg I’m gonna cry!!! I’m so happy! Congrats writers can’t wait to see everyone on thursdays again!! :)

    And thanks tanster for always keeping us updated during this tough time! We got through it guys! yay :)

  5. Thank goodness! I had my myspace status set to sad because of the strike since November of last year and I swore I would keep it that way until the day it was over! Todays the day! Woo hoo! Thanks for keeping up the site even without new episodes, Tanster! You are an angel!

  6. I’m so happy I now get to look forward to the spoiler post being updated far more often and not just hoping the strike post gets updated. THANK GOD it’s over! And thank you Tanster for getting us all through it.

  7. Congrats writers! We cannot wait for 6 more glorious episodes to send us off into the summer months.

    And a special thank you must go out to Tanster, as well. Thanks for updating the site with the utmost efficiency and accuracy…OT is my daily compliment to reading the news!

  8. My local news just reported this & I didn’t believe it until I checked out what Tanster had to say!

    My birthday is a few days away, this is an awesome gift:)

  9. Yes!!!!!! Finally!!!! Greatest day ever! I can’t wait to see another episode of The Office! I’ve been watching my season dvds to save my sanity!!!!!!!

  10. Hurrah! I am from NZ, and since we do not have The Office over here (I know!) I get all my Office-goodness from this site, knowing it will be YEARS before I ever see it in person. Not being able to read your recaps actually broke my brain, so hurrah for the strike to be over. Long live the writers! Long live PB&J! Long live CREED!!!

  11. ain’t no party like a Scranton Party cause a Scranton Party don’t stop! :)


    i hope the writers are happy with it and getting what they so richly deserve!

  12. This made my day, I am SO happy now! Can’t wait till we get some new episodes! I’m so happy for all the writers and actors, too; they finally get to do what they love again!

  13. Yay!!!!! This is so overwhelming!!! Finally! Congrats to the writer’s for achieving their goals, and to us for making it through! And a big hip hip hooray for tanster for keeping us updated!

    “There is a tradition that the Hebrews have of hoisting the birthday boy up on a chair.”

    Maybe we should put those negotiators in a chair and hoist them high!!!

    I expect them to be back to work tomorrow though. STAT.

  14. It is my birthday today…so best gift ever…I would quote Michael right now…but I am too tired.

  15. Hooray writers, cast and crew back to work!! I’m so happy right now I feel like dancing around the house! Thanks very much for all the thorough updates so we could stay in touch with our favorite show as well as the status of the strike throughout this crappy time. I’m so glad this awkward, hilarious, poignant, weird, real, funny show exists and that it’s coming back!

  16. This is almost as great as the day I got married.


    (it is a close second though)

  17. This is the best news I’ve heard all year! I almost started to cry because I was so happy!

  18. Oh my gosh, this has been a LONG wait (TWSS). I’m happy for the writers and the cast & crew. I can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of the season!

  19. Yay! Let’s all hum The Office theme song at the same time in celebration of this great moment.

    I love you Office!

  20. Oh my goodness, finally! I logged onto offictally and I literally started crying when i saw “the strike is officially over” post! This is like christmas all over again! Hands down, this is the best day ever.

  21. the strike is over, my favorite show is coming back, the only thing that could make this day better is ice cream!

  22. I came to this website after I heard the official news, just to see the banner and the headline for the story. I knew it would be awesome and goosebump making,and it was. Thanks for keeping all of us updated on the strike for these 3 long months. Now pretty soon you can go back to keeping us updated on our favorite family, The Office! LOVE LOVE this website, and love that the strike is over. Happy happy night.

  23. Congrats, writers! I have been waiting for this day so long and I have a message for you.

    Writers, I love you long tim.

  24. I checked the website while watching The Office on TBS…

    Best news I’ve heard in a LONG TIME!

  25. Wonderful, wonderful news! Thank you, Tanster, for all you have done to help the writers during the strike and to help us Talleyheads keep going!

  26. I hope that the writers are excited as we are. I’m imagining all of the great stuff they’ve been dying to put to paper. These are going to be the greatest episodes ever…

  27. Wow. This is a great day.

    To say I am “excited” would be the understatement of the year.

    I cannot wait to see what the writers come up with next. And it will be so nice to see the cast back together again. Really hoping for the “Dinner Party” episode we’ve heard about!



    To quote Michael Scott: “My heart soars with the eagle’s nest.”

  29. Is it weird that I got goosebumps? :-)

    I’ll say it again–I haven’t been this excited since Pretzel Day!

  30. this is by far the best news i’ve heard in my life.

    okay, that’s kind of an overstatement…

    this is by far the best news i’ve heard this week!

  31. The banner brought a tear to my eye!!! To me the strike wasn’t officially over until it was posted on Officetally.com so now that its posted i can’t stop screaming!! I’m so happy that everyone gets to go back to work!

  32. YAY! Best news all week! Thanks you tanster for your strike coverage and I can’t wait to see The Office back on tv.

  33. That banner is awesome!!! Thanks for keeping us updated during the strike, Tanster. What a happy day =)!

  34. Dear Office Writers,
    Welcome back to work! Even though it may be Easter when a new episode is shown, please film a Christmas episode for this strike-shortened season. Thank you.

  35. Tanster, thanks so much for your hard work these last couple of months…this is where i always came to check up on any strike developments, and i think i speak for everyone here when i say we really appreciate what you’ve done!

    [from tanster: you’re most welcome! :) ]

  36. Such AWESOME news! It will be great to have my Office Thursdays back. And Tanster, the effort you put into this site shows and I just wanted to thank you for that.

  37. THANK you tanster, for fulfilling all my huge-font strike-end announcement fantasies.
    And Allison, for the happiest banner ever!

    I feel like us Tallyheads have gone through a test of our fandom these last couple of months…and we did pretty well under the awesome leadership of tanster!

  38. One could say I am pleased with this development. One could also say that the sun is hot and that Britney has been acting slightly peculiar lately.

  39. Congratulations, writers! You fought and sacrificed for the greater good of your industry and finally got what you deserve. As fans who have enjoyed the spoils of your creative work, we’re proud to have stood behind you and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us and our beloved drones at Dunder Mifflin! Welcome back!

    Big thanks to Tanster for keeping us up to speed and (somewhat) sane these past few months. :)

  40. OMG! This is basically the best news ever! Congratulations to all the writers! They must be SO excited to go back to work. YES!

  41. I LOVE the banner! SO great! I’m so happy! SQUEEEEEE!!!! Congrats to the cast and crew! They did a heck of a job hanging in there and keeping us Tallyheads informed!

  42. It was a hard fight…. but we did it! Good job writers… We are proud. And now, we wait. I am sure the next episode is going to be AMAZING! To get ready (for the new episode) ill just sit in my bed and wait (twss?)….. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  43. “My heart is very full at this moment.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I can turn my TV back on! Yay!!!!

  44. Awesome! This totally made my day-month-year! Oh and I love the banner Tanster, best one we’ve seen this year!!!

  45. Yay! Yay! Yay! Adding my thanks to Jennie for all of her hard work on the site during the strike. New Office episodes just in time for my birthday – couldn’t ask for a better present!

  46. I think Roy said it best in “Branch Closing”:

    You know that Cinderella song, ‘You Don’t Know What You Got Til It’s Gone’? That pretty much says it better than how I know how to say it in words.

    Do you think the writers are celebrating the way Michael and Dwigt (yes that’s intentional) celebrated when they saved the branch?

    Michael: How did we do it?
    Dwight: I don’t … have no idea.
    Michael: I don’t understand.

  47. Woot times (Dunder Mifflin) Infinity!!! :D I’m counting down the days til the new episodes air!!!

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