New information about Season 4

Feb. 14, Associated Press

Rainn Wilson, a Writers Guild member and co-star of “The Office,” said he was hearing that everyone on the show will report back on March 10 to shoot six more episodes.

Link: Hollywood Punches Back in As Strike Ends

Feb. 13, New York Times

  • ‘The Office’ returns to the air April 10th.
  • The first episode that will be produced is ‘Dinner Party.’
  • A Christmas script was written before the strike, but will not be produced.
  • As showrunner Greg Daniels mentioned previously, a total of six new episodes will be produced for Season 4.
  • Handling the time lapse: “I’m tempted to just leap ahead to where we would have been,” Mr. Daniels said.

Link: No Pause Button: TV Studios and Writers Play Catch-Up After Strike

Update: NBC now confirms that The Office will return on Thursday, April 10th, 9-9:30pm ET.

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  1. So we’ll get continuous episodes until the finale? Most likely?

    It still kinda hurts that there wasn’t an Office Christmas this year. Heh. And it kills me that we’ll never see it. Maybe they’ll take elements of it for next year, who knows.

    But anyway, DINNER PARTY. I am so excited. My mood has lifted enormously since the news. My immune system seems to have perked up, too. ;)

  2. A time leap would be really odd, unless they did a catchup episode before dinner party. (Or an interview thing like they did for summer vacation)

    Maybe they could work it out that they had to stop filming the “documentary” because of legal issue with corporate. (Michael would of course blame Toby.)

  3. April 10 is when school ends for me!!! Wooooo!! Thanks for the great news Tanster!! I can’t wait!!!

  4. I was just thinking and wanted to see what other people thought, but do you guys think that Dinner Party will be filmed exactly how the script was before? Ignoring the time lapse completely? Or do you think there will be some explanation…like the camera crew took a vacation? Haha.

  5. Tanster, I would appreciate if you’d pass along word to Greg Daniels that I would not mind watching a Christmas episode in April.

  6. I wouldn’t mind watching the Christmas episode in April either. I can’t wait to see what they do to explain the time gap.

  7. It would be cool if they wrote the strike into the show- either with the Dunder Miffliners striking or saying that the documentary crew was striking. It could clear up the time lapse thing.
    Also, maybe a Christmas ep on the DVD would be cool bonus.

  8. I’d like to remind the Office staff that, per the documentary form, it makes perfect sense to have the Christmas episode way after Christmas. If the Office were a real documentary, it’d be expected.

    That said, I’m so excited for the show’s return.

  9. Can’t wait until April 10th! I was really pumped to hear all these stories about how funny Dinner Party was, so I can’t wait to see it! I hope that Christmas episode gets made some time, though.

  10. I think it’d be interesting to jump ahead to where everyone is now without trying to go over the time lapse. Although I wouldn’t mind a Christmas episode…

  11. I say no time lapse…Just keep on truckin! It would be great to give it to the Man one more time and have Xmas in May!

  12. The Christmas episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 (a documentary!) is airing on Monday. Film the Christmas episode, Greg! Why waste the script? I don’t think anyone will mind a little Christmas cheer in April.

  13. I agree with DestroyPhone….. dawesome evening :) I’m soooooo excited

    and now I have Dinner Party to look forward to which makes me so excited I literally have to keep moving around and i want to squeal but I’ve been doing that all night and I should try to stop soon… hehehe

    I vote for no flash forward. Christmas in May!! Christmas in May!! Christmas in May!!!

  14. I wonder how they work in Angela being pregnant? Or will they hide it, and have her always sitting at her desk?

  15. What I wish would be 6 stand alone episodes. Arcs are okay but the office really needs to have more episodes where there’s no big ongoing drama and this is a good time to do that.

    In any case, great that it’ll be back.

  16. Yay! I’ll watch Christmas in April! Seriously I need my annual Office Christmas episode. I don’t care if it’s in April or May.

  17. Is anyone else concerned about The Office’s regular time slot now also being Lost’s time slot? I really don’t want to have to pick between the two. I hope ABC moves Lost…

  18. RE: Leaping ahead to real time..

    I vote no. We’ve lost 3 months because of the strike, during which time Jim and Pam could have moved in together/gotten engaged, Kelly could have broken up with Darryl and started dating Lonny the Sea Monster, and Dwight and Angela could have gotten back together. A lot can change in three months…

    But who cares! The Office is back! :)

  19. I’m totally cool with Christmas in April. In fact, some experts say Jesus was actually born in the spring. So, do you want Jesus’s birthday party to be lame? I didn’t think so.

    Either way, I’m excited!

  20. Thanks for posting this, tanster. I am marking my calendar and am giddily awaiting for April 10th!

    I also wouldn’t mind a Christmas in the Spring episode. Christmas is the best time of the year so why not spread the cheer?

  21. I’m not really worried about Lost vs. The Office. NBC wouldn’t let our show go now. It’s one of the few hits they have right now.

  22. Do not leap to where it would have been, run episodes into the summer if possible. or run episodes and push back some season 5 episodes, and continue the story line of what would be season four as season 5.

  23. I am so excited to have this show back! Any way Mr. Daniels and company would like to map out these six episodes would be fine by me, but…sniff…please no major time jump!

  24. it’s going to be VERY hard and interesting to see how they’ll handle jumping 3 months, even for the written script of ‘dinner party’ since the ‘deposition’ was 3 months ago…

    i can’t wait to see how they do it
    it’d be cool to see the xmas episode in the dvd but i think i’d rather have them squeeze 7 eps for the end of this season then backtrack to christmas

  25. Well, I am soooo excited, but It’s gonna be hard to wait two months. Oh well, as long as it will be on, it’s all right. Two months will probably go by quick anyway :D

  26. Yikes! Great news, but PLEASE do not do that to the fans!
    Don’t leap ahead and compromise an intricate storyline, especially for such a new story-lined season.

    all in favor of not skipping ahead?
    SAY AYE!

  27. what?!? wait…what’s going on??
    what about Pam and Jim? I really really hope they don’t leap ahead
    i would be fuming mad/upset
    it’s like they gave us this relationship and then they’re taking the honeymoon away from us.
    AND XMAS! omg
    i need my special office xmas :(

  28. if you think about it there was also Halloween, thanksgiving and new years! and MLK day and valentines day!
    these are all major holidays they haven’t touched on
    and OMG
    i would’ve love to have seen a vday office special
    i would’ve loved to have seen kelly/ryan, michael/jan, pam/Jim interaction.

    aack so much has been missed if you really think about it, but maybe they can do a flash back…but still…sigh. lol i wonder when angela is going to have her baby. and have yall noticed that she’s so slim still? that’s like a baby xmas miracle right there that could’ve happened :P

  29. any chance officetally can get its hands on at least the christmas script? i would love to just read it.

  30. I would be very happy to have Christmas in April. I think skipping ahead 3 months would be a mistake; we were enjoying the subtle nuances of Jim’s development earlier this season. Does this mean we’ll just stumble upon him on the last breaths of his time at Dunder Mifflin or something??

  31. They could make up the time lapse by each episode taking place about a month later than the previous one. That way it wouldn’t be one big leap and it would catch us up to ‘real time’.

  32. I’m just so excited that we’re finally going to be seeing the infamous Dinner Party episode!

    It sounds like I’m in the minority, but I’d actually be happy with them skipping the time. I think our writers are talented enough to handle it and keep it natural. We miss 3-4 months every summer already. And if we were 3 months behind real time for the rest of the season, how would they handle the much larger jump in time between season 4 and season 5? I know Jim/Pam and Jim’s dissatisfaction with work were going somewhere, but just because time has passed doesn’t mean the whole situation has changed and we’ve missed it all. These are people who have a knack for being stuck where they are in life for years on end. Although Angela is definitely a big wild card!

  33. No Christmas episode? We’d better get one amazing Cinco de Mayo episode…

    But just the fact that it’s coming back at all is more than enough!

  34. I like what Ross #7 said above, especially the part about Michael blaming Toby.

    I can see both sides – pick up where we left off as if nothing happened and have our holiday episodes (especially Christmas and Valentine’s!) -or- jump ahead.

    As always, though, I’m putting my faith in our brilliant Office writing staff. Whether they pick up where they left off or jump ahead to “real time,” I’m sure they’ll handle it perfectly and not disappoint us.

    Welcome back, writers and crew and cast! We’ve missed you terribly!

  35. They miss time over the summer, so I don’t see why this time leap would be any different. I think it’s very logical to say that D-M wouldn’t allow the documentary film until they got some legal stuff figured out. As for Jim and Pam, it can still be more of the same. It’s a bit of a stretch that nothing really changed in 3 months, but I think it’s doable. We just skipped some “filler” Jim episodes (like some s3 episodes where Pam was evolving that we probably could have done without). Welcome home, writers!

  36. No Christmas script?! NOOOO!!!!
    I think I should put a big ‘ol heart over April 10th on my calendar.
    And I don’t think anyone should freak out over Lost. They’ll probably have Grey’s back on at that time by then, either moving Lost back to Wednesday or having it air after Grey’s.

  37. Counting down the days until April 10th!!!
    I’m not a big fan of the whole “leaping ahead” thing, either. JAM was just starting out! We’d miss all the development!

    Anyway, I’m excited!!!!!

  38. I’m glad to have The Office back however I can get it. I miss those Dunder Mifflinites. But it’s a bummer for those of us who have waited so long for Jim and Pam to get together. If the show were to skip ahead to real time (let’s say March), then Jim and Pam would have been together almost a year, of which we the audience only got to experience about a month. I was so looking forward to watching their relationship develop on-screen and I feel we got a bit jipped on that end.

    C’est la vie – as long as The Office comes back with new eps, all the rest is gravy.

  39. the calendar is marked for april 10th already…is it april 9th yet??- oh yeah! and i am DEFINITELY okay with christmas in april or may- i would hate to see an awesome script literally thrown out. maybe it could be filmed & added to the dvd as an extra for us dunderheads?? also- did anyone else realize this THURSDAY is VALENTINE’S DAY?? ugh- a valentine’s day ON thursday & we don’t get a v-day episode…so sad :o( ok back to happiness- YAY OFFICE on APRIL 10th!!

  40. #40, they’ve actually done both Halloween and Valentine’s Day. :)

    I’m torn on the time lapse thing. I’m for whatever they decide to do. I just want to see our show back. :D

  41. 32: No worries, Lost should exhaust all of their shows by the end of March, if I did my math correctly.

  42. To #27, Lost will be over well before April 10 so there should be no competition with the Office. Lost is only airing a total of 6 episodes this season, so there are only 4 more to go. Dare I say it, this is one instance where the strike actually benefitted them, so they don’t have to go against each other.

  43. First of all:


    Second of all: I’m so glad to have the show back, but sad about missing Christmas…I wonder if there was anyway we could see/read the script. This is probably wishful thinking :(

  44. I wish they wouldn’t leap ahead in the timeline. I remember reading that in “The Dinner Party” Michael and Jan would be fighting over issues related to the deposition. Would that make sense if the deposition were three months earlier?

  45. First we had no episodes, and now fans are getting flustered about a jump ahead in the script! Are you kidding me? Just be happy there will be new episodes and trust our beloved writers deftly to navigate the strike-shortened season.

    Be happy, Office watchers, very happy.

  46. In the “off season” from new Office episodes, I started watching lost. I’m on the third season and should be caught up soon. Now The Office returns and I have to get behind again. Sigh…
    But I would take The Office over Lost every time.

  47. I have this fear that the buildup for the ‘Dinner Party’ episode, plus the long wait for it will lead to a disappointing re-premiere. Kinda like some of our shared disappointment at ‘Fun Run.’ But I have faith… they’ve had long enough to work on it!

    Also, outweighing my fear is immense relief. Thank goodness they’re back!! :-)

  48. They should play the strike into the storyline. As if the people filming their ‘documentary’ had a strike. And then do a catch-up like they did over the summer.

  49. O ye of little faith! At first I was worried that the intricate character development would be hurt if we skipped ahead, but then I remembered that we have AMAZING writers for the show! (Isn’t that what this strike was all about?!?) I’m sure they can handle anything.
    As for the great episodes we missed, I bet they’ll use some parts of them for next season.
    I’m so happy it’s back!

  50. I totally agree they should not skip ahead!! Better to do some flashback episodes or in some way better develop the Jim/Pam relationship. I hope Greg Daniels reads this site!!!!

  51. Why on earth would they need to jump ahead? That really seems unnecessary. I hope they don’t rush to a conclusion on the great Jim arc they were developing this year. I don’t need a huge stunning season finale. Just give us six funny episodes.

  52. I always look forward to the Christmas episodes, and I’m sad that we won’t have one this season. Since the script is already finished why not shoot the episode? Stick it on the DVD as bonus material if you don’t want to air it. I think the majority of the fans would love to see it.

  53. I was reading the article and Greg Daniels mentioned that they may be able to squeeze in SEVEN episodes if NBC asks for them.

  54. As long as they still do the episode that was going to be directed by Stephen Merchant, I will be happy. Skipping ahead might actually kind of be cool, it would make the show seem more real. I sometimes feel like the characters are actually people. But then again, maybe not.

  55. Thanks for the update! This is the best news I could’ve gotten today! Goodbye Celeb Apprentice HELLO Office, welcome back!

  56. I already have the widget on my dashboard counting down days! 56 days 21 hours 32 minutes 20 seconds!

  57. Hey Tanster, this is pretty much the happiest time of my life. Woo hoo!! Thanks for an awesome site.

  58. I completely trust the writers to leap us ahead. They know what they’re doing, so I’m sure the viewers won’t miss too much info. I can’t wait to see Dinner Party! (which if thats what we would’ve seen after The Deposition, then maybe we won’t miss too much of the story anyway…)

  59. Actually, Lost has aired 2 episodes of the 8 they have done. So there are 6 left, plus they are expected to produce more (5-8 is what I’ve read). So if both shows are at 9 pm on Thursdays, they will likely conflict at some point. I’m hoping they’ll just move Grey’s back, because THAT is an easy choice to make…

  60. Although I am sad I have to wait until April, I can’t WAIT until my show comes back! Just knowing that there are going to be new episodes is enough to keep me happy! I can’t wait to see the supposed funniest script ever. I bet it will be fantastic!

  61. Tanster, you have the ability to speak for us all. Tell them not to skip ahead! We need to be able to see the direct aftermath of The Deposition (not to mention I’m going to feel a little bit cheated out of these critical months in the Jim/Pam relationship). And what about Dwight and Angela? I really hope they don’t skip ahead. Then maybe over the summer they can do like 5 minute snippets every once in a while just to represent the “spring” months that we’d be missing. Just a thought. But overall, YAY THE OFFICE IS BACK!

  62. I would personally LOVE to have a Xmas episode, even if it’s in April. They are always worth watching no matter what time of year!
    I’m just so excited to have the Office coming back!!

  63. ‘Dinner Party’ is going to disappoint all of us :D Seriously…three months waiting for our show to come back, everyone claiming it’s the ‘funniest script ever’… Even if it’s great, none of us will know :) The anticipation will kill it.

  64. Wooohooooo OFFICE is back!!!!

    I am so excited. I can’t wait to see what Dinner Party is all about. Jenna said it’s one of the funniest so far. I doubt we’ll get a Christmas ep. but pretty pretty please can we get a couple of snippets of Christmas (maybe during one of Jim’s or Pam’s talking heads) to update us…particularly with Jim and Pam? it kills me to not know how they spent their first Christmas and New Years as a couple. Please?

    Anyway, welcome back Office! Go WGA!

  65. Lost vs. The Office- isn’t that what DVR’s are for?!? I hardly ever watch either show during its regular time slot anyway (with school and work)- plus I get to fast forward through commercials!

  66. I just had a thought. The documentaritarians (Michael’s word) could be coming back from a strike (Michael blames Toby) and the dinner party is Michael’s way of celebrating the resuming of filming!

    (I don’t know why I’m dwelling on this so much, I fully trust that the writers know what they’re doing.)

  67. I’m so very happy the best show in the world is coming back, it felt like a piece of me was missing haha. Very bummed there won’t be a xmas episode, they’re the best. Who cares if it’s not around Xmas time? They should still go for it, but other than that-I’m excited to see “Dinner Party”.

  68. I am just so giddy! I have waited for this day for a long time. But I have to wonder how they will explain Angela [Kinsey’s] pregnancy. I guess there will be only talking heads for her!

  69. Perhaps they could retool the Christmas episode to a “Christmas in April” party thrown by Michael to motivate the office? Sounds like something he’d do…actually, I’m surprised he hasn’t already.

  70. Since the Xmas episode won’t be produced, then I think that they should include the script with the DVD. Kind of like what they did with that special Target pack for Season 3. :)

  71. First, April 2008 is going to be a great month. In regards to the Christmas episode, I hope they shelve it and tweak it for next year. I can see problems from a practical standpoint. The writers seem to want to keep the documentary in real time. With just six, maybe seven shows left, jumping from Christmas to springtime would disturb the flow. The TH’s a la summer vacation sounds like a great idea.

    Thanks for the updates Tanster!

  72. Hooray, hooray! I’m another fan who will be very glad to see my old friends. I also wanted to second what post #52 said… it occurred to me before the strike was over that Valentine’s Day fell on a Thursday, Pam and Jim’s first one where they could actually express their feelings… And Michael’s first Valentine’s Day with a real girlfriend, and oh how Dwight and Andy would compete for Angela’s attention… *little sigh* But that’s okay, it will all be good. (But you can count me in the boat who would like to see the Christmas episode sometime.)

  73. I really hope they don’t jump ahead with the storyline!! Also, I’d love to see a Christmas episode, even in April!!! I’m sure all The Office fans would agree!!! Can’t wait for April 10th!! Marking the calendar! haha

  74. I feel like a dark cloud has lifted. So happy : ) No drama this season, though, please?! Only PB&J love. That is all.

  75. WOOT I’m so excited to see the Office come back.. is there anyway we can tell him to make the Christmas Episode anyway? cuz that would be awesome. It’d be a spring Christmas for office fans around the world!! Oh well At least they’re coming back, that’s all I really want

  76. Frankly, I lost interest a long time ago. I guess I’m not as much of a fan as I thought. This season hasn’t been that great and then there was no new episodes for months. I’ve moved on to other shows like, Psych. Psych makes me laugh several times every episode. That’s more than I can say for The Office this season so far.

  77. I vote for The Office NOT to leap ahead. It would be one small leap for writers, one giant leap for viewers. At least put those skipped episodes on the DVD, I doubt that will happen though.

  78. GREAT news!!!

    Okay so here’s the way to solve the time lapse:

    A piece of paper detailing each Office worker’s life in the past three months.

    A fax if you will…

    From Dwight….

    From the future.


  79. April 10 is definitely marked in my calendar – I cannot wait! I have to be out of town that night but hopefully I won’t have to miss the show! It’s like a 2nd premiere night this season. Personally I don’t mind if they jump ahead to present time as long as they’re able to somehow explain/show what (if anything) has changed over the past few months. (But I wouldn’t mind Christmas in April/May either!) I do wonder what the plan is regarding Angela, though. They need Dwangela back! :)

  80. putting the christmas on the dvd as an extra is a great idea. that wouldn’t ruin the continuity and reality element of the show and we wouldn’t miss out on what is almost always one of the best shows of the season.

  81. I am excited that the strike is over and thank you Tanster for all the updates and your dedication. I can’t wait to see the Dinner Party episode. Maybe that will take place in the time span before the strike. Regarding jumping ahead, the writers jumped ahead during the summer with Fun Run, and I thought they wrote the time lapse in very well. I think it will all work out. I’m very interested in how they are going to write or not write Angela’s pregnancy into the new episodes.

  82. They should do a cold open shot with Michael and Dwight’s camcorder. Show some striking writers outside the Dunder-Mifflin building, and feature a conversation between Michael and Dwight:

    M: What’s going on?
    D: The writers are striking.
    M: Why are they striking here? They’re working on a documentary, aren’t they?
    D: Yeah…weird. Maybe it’s because we’re a paper company and writers write on paper.
    M: Makes sense to me.

    Mail my residual check to Athens, Alabama. Thank you.

  83. First, I am THRILLED the strike is over and new episodes are on the way. I am glad others would like to see a Christmas episode even if it was April. After the initial airing, what difference would it make and even though there is a “real time” feel, it is not like the show operates in “real time”, i.e. few references to political figures, pop culture, etc. I have been rewatching S4 and forgot how much I loved it so far.

  84. Great great news! I’m interested to see how they handle the lapse in time but I, like others have mentioned, would love to see it written into the show in some form.

    There are many possibilities going forward but only one certainty: April 10th can’t arrive soon enough.

  85. Sorry for the double-post, but it just occurred to me – there’s no need for them to skip ahead to present time as Greg Daniels mentioned possibly doing. Since the premise of The Office is that it’s a documentary, it makes sense that the timing would be off – real docs don’t air in real time. (Yes, I am sitting here trying to think of ways to salvage the Christmas episode.)

  86. I did the math today…

    Summer hiatus: 133 days

    Deposition to Dinner Party: 147 days


    At least we’re getting something.

  87. i urge everyone to contact the cast on myspace and ask them to fill us in on the status of the show and any tidbits that they can share with us!!! Or, maybe Tanster can snag another exclusive interview from someone on the inside?

  88. I hope Greg Daniels and the writers decide against “skipping ahead”–unless they give us some serious flashbacks. I found the missing months between “great, then it’s a date” until the season premiere frustrating. I’m just using Jim and Pam as an example here; there are many story lines set in motion this season and unless they show us how things progressed, I might feel a little cheated again.

    Oh, who am I kidding? I’m going to be so happy it’s back, I’ll get over whatever I’m cranky about right now.

  89. I’ll take six more episodes! I am very happy the Writers worked out a deal. I have been missing The Office so bad!

  90. No! No skipping ahead! I don’t want to miss Jim & Pam’s first Christmas and their first Valentine’s Day!

  91. Just in case anyone else cares, it’s been reported that Lost will be slightly shifted. I’m really happy because my DVR can only handle one show at a time!

    I think this is more fair, because we already know The Office can do alright up against Grey’s.

    Can’t wait for April! The Office and Lost in the same night is now fine with me.

  92. It wouldn’t be that difficult to skip ahead. All they have to do is say hey, “it’s five months later and absolutely nothing has changed” and pick up the story from there. Sure, it’s a bit of writing cheat, but it certainly is better than just pretending that it’s December.

  93. no no skipping to “where we would be now!” i mean sure they can disregard christmas and valentine’s day but they should generally take the show from the deposition. otherwise, what else have we missed? it would be too confusing!!! Also I almost cried when I read there was a Christmas episode that won’t be produced. JAM’s first christmas. *Sigh.* Anyway thanks for the updates, OfficeTally!


    Tanster, can we have some kind of countdown until the “Dinner Party”? ( just a suggestion)

  95. “‘[Two and a Half] Men’ is a three-camera show shot on tape, which is much faster to complete than a single-camera film show like ‘The Office.'”

    Huh? I don’t understand that at all.

  96. so happy i jumped up and down with glee for a good 8-10 minutes… the office is on it’s way back and april never looked so good!

  97. maybe they should just do the rest of them as a bunch of hour-long episodes
    i think that’d help :D

  98. I refreshed your site nearly every hour to have at least some news and now I am just beyond happiness to see that it will be on air again in april.

    Thank you Tanster for keeping us updated during these troubled times for writers, actors and fans!!

  99. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! I want to see a preggy Angela!!! But I’ll bet they don’t include that now if they skip time; she’ll just be sick or something till after the baby is born.

  100. Let’s have a countdown to April 10 with a quote of the day every day, and we all have to try to work it into daily conversation!

  101. Is Angela’s pregnancy going to be written in right off the bat? “It’s 5 months later and Angela’s heavy with Dwight’s child…”?

  102. Not to be a downer, but why must they wait until March 10th to start shooting? Didn’t Greg report back to the office (no pun intended) this week? After hearing for so long about how the actors and writers had time to kill and nothing to do, it seems odd that it’s going to take 3 weeks to get back into the studio. So much for them being “eager to get back to work”.

    That is all.

    PS – The real FutureDwight would say that this is proof of what slackers he works with.

    PPS – I’m still pumped that it’s coming back.

  103. Future Dwight–

    It might be that since Dinner Party is on location, they have to get the location set up and stuff. That makes sense to me… I mean, they had to move EVERYTHING out of the “office” and so they have to get all of that ready for the actors and they have to basically get the entire set up again, and I imagine it’s going to take some work… Not to mention, they have to do costuming for big belly Angela :) I think it’s not necessarily that they don’t want to go back to work, I think it’s more that other stuff has to be done FIRST so that they CAN get back to work.

    And they also are going to have to tweak scripts to explain some of the things that have happened in the last 5 months. So yeah, that to be said. I don’t think its about the desire of the actors to get back to work, but the logistics and practicality of it all.

  104. April 10th seems close, but really, it is like the middle of summer and we’re waiting for the fall season. If I think of it like that, it seems like a long time. But, then again, how long has it been since we’ve had a new episode? We are closer to the end of the drought than we are to the beginning. (Thank you for indulging my ramblings!)

  105. I don’t like the fact that they might just skip all the episodes they were supposed to do during the strike

  106. I’m smitten! I’m totally having an Office Party to celebrate the launch of the rest of the best season yet!

  107. I think it would be kind of hilarious if they just sped up to present time, and we have these huge changes in relationships/overall dynamics (Pam & Jim living together? engaged? Angela & Dwight married, Angela with child? Jan kicked out of the condo? so many possibilities…) Frankly I would think Jim & Pam would get pretty serious pretty fast, given their history, and the fact that Pam’s probably pretty tired of the waiting game when it comes to those things. (Sorry if this is getting slightly off-topic.)

    In any case, I’m glad Dinner Party will see the light of day, and I trust the writers will make the most of these 6 episodes!

  108. Okay guys, we’re all talking about how it might skip ahead and big things might happen… but….

    if they’re using Dinner Party, they’re using the same interaction/development of the couples that would have been the week after deposition. So… I doubt we’ll see engaged JAM or way preggers Angela Martin or anything like that.

  109. I don’t like the idea of jumping ahead — I was enjoying watching Jim & Pam’s new relationship unfold, and if they’ve been dating for months, we’ll miss all that. And I wish they’d just do all the episodes and play them right into the summer.

    Oh well, at least the no-Office nightmare is about to end. I guess three months shouldn’t have been enough to kill off the writers’ talents and I will just have to trust them.

  110. I have gone from being super excided to complete disappointment to confusion. I just lately was able to see Season 4 up to the point it ended to find out that it was cut off by the writers strike….Well I’ve heard they’re only doing like 6 more episodes which makes me very upset. I finally enjoy a TV series again it gets taken away. I really do hope they change this shortly and add on….(4-5 more seasons seriously) They do have it left in them and they have to keep it going.

  111. One week from tonight the best show on television will resume I hope everyone is ready for six excellent episodes! In the meantime there are four episodes on tonight to get everyone ready for next week!

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