1. Considering that David Wallace is not listed among the cast at the TLM website, I don’t think he’ll be anywhere in the full length movie, either.

  2. Well that was an awful decision by the powers that be. Don’t they realize people would probably actually buy that? soo silly. I wish I could see it :(

  3. I would definitely buy it! I have no need for the Season 7 pass.(most people don’t) Maybe they will stream it when the season is over?

  4. No David Wallace so far, but a lot more Jan and even an appearance from Tony Gardner! He’s the piano player at the club.

  5. I think they would actually make more money if people could buy just the movie, I know I would buy it. I’m not going to buy the season pass AND the dvd. I would much rather have the dvd so I’ll be waiting.

  6. I have the Season Pass from the Canadian iTunes Store and the TLM movie isn’t available, only the episode. Hopefully this will change soon:)

  7. Yeah, this is a bummer. Not even the promise of more Jan can get me to cough up the season pass $$$. I’d definitely buy it alone or with the episode though. Guess I’ll wait for the DVD. I wish they’d have said up front that that’s how it was gonna be so I wouldn’t have gotten so excited about it. Boo.

  8. It was a pleasant surprise, that’s for sure, when last night’s episode downloaded in my iTunes and I saw that the full-length movie was there too! I watched it all the way through and did not see David Wallace anywhere. :( I didn’t have my eyes on the screen 100% of the time, but I did pick up a few little things – like when Pam is talking to “Goldenface” then goes to sit back down with the other hostages, I noticed she had her “whitest Keds” on! Nice throw-back to that era Pam. There were a few other little things that made me go “Hey, cool!” but I can’t remember what they were right now. Will rewatch and post more later.

  9. It’s a cool extra for the people who for whatever reason are forking over a ridiculous sum of cash to watch the show on iTunes. Hopefully it will make the DVD, in which case I’ll gladly wait, but I don’t really trust that it will be after cutting “Subtle Sexuality” & the Halloween intro from last season.

  10. It’s almost a half hour long, so it would be worth it to buy for $1.99 like you’re buying a full episode. [That’s what it costs on Amazon VOD anyway].

  11. Laaaaaaaaame. I mean, Michael Scott himself only listens to 30-second snippets on iTunes so we know not even he would pay for the season pass. I’ll wait for the DVD, thank you.

    [from tanster: lol]

  12. Angela had a good line that got cut in the bachelorette scene…

    Obviously wanting nothing to do with the movie,

    “Come and ride the choo-choo…(depressed)…the sex choo-choo.”

  13. I’m an itunes season pass holder for this season of the office. I watched the full length version and it is hilarious. BUT you aren’t missing much. David wallace isn’t in it, it is basically a longer version of what you already saw on the original episode. Don’t fret office fans.

  14. I watched the full movie. It is everything I ever thought it could be, and more! However, I actually enjoyed watching the episode better because you get a backstory on some of the scenes and what not, like watching the movie with commentary. Still, both the episode and movie require multiple viewings!

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