Threat Level: Midnight deleted scenes

Here are four deleted scenes from The Office episode, Threat Level: Midnight.

Threat Level Midnight: deleted scene 1

The president lets Scarn know his country needs him.

Threat Level Midnight: deleted scene 2

Goldenface shares a dark secret.

Threat Level Midnight: deleted scene 3

The hostages face a leadership challenge.

Threat Level Midnight: deleted scene 4

Scarn and Samuel are amazed you’re still here.


  1. Threat Level Midnight definitely makes more sense after seeing these deleted scenes – not that it needed to make sense.

    Why’d they cut all the scenes with Roy?

  2. I just hope that on the Season 7 DVD they’ll give us an option to watch the episode with all of the deleted scenes in it, so that we can get the FULL Threat Level Midnight experience, better yet they could just have a separate option on the DVD to watch only threat level midnight, even better yet they could release Threat Level Midnight: Extended Edition on its own separate DVD.

  3. Ok, not a fan of the episode as a whole, but deleted scenes two and three made me laugh out loud. “I guess you are what you eat.” “In other words, I’m a mom.” I love Jenna and John.

  4. Props to Jenna Fischer…that really seemed like Season 2 Pam, and it’s not just the hair! I also loved Roy being uncomfortable with her kissing Goldenface.

  5. Well done Jenna for getting back into season 2 Pam’s mannerisms seamlessly. That little smile after she kisses Goldenface was adorable.

  6. Does anyone else think that Michael wrote that Pam kissing Goldenface on the cheek scene as his little gift to Jim after he found out about Jim’s crush on Pam?

  7. I was super excited about TL:M being released on iTunes today… but then I saw that you have to buy the season pass to get it. I’ll wait for the Blu-rays, thanks.

  8. Clip #4 – brilliant! Paying homage to Ferris Beuller and also a nod to Chandler Bing…”Could these floors BE any stickier?”

  9. Great deleted scenes, loved the Jim/Pam discussion. “You are what you eat”. Good to see Roy have some lines. The Michael/Dwight ending paying homage to Ferris Bueller should have been the official ending to this episode. I hope they put it in the credits on the reruns. It is classic.

  10. Gulp! Those drugs really hit the spot. You are what you eat!
    I’m hoping for the full movie on the season 7 dvd!!
    Oh and Pam’s keds!!

  11. @GKCfan That is a brilliant idea. Who knows, but what a nice thought.

    So good! Jim’s drug lines are easily some of the funniest from the episode. Agreed, the Ferris Bueller bit should be the official ending, no question.

  12. Glad they put these up, I like how we got to see the Jim/Pam scene that we only heard in the episode. Hopefully they put up some more!

  13. The third deleted scene maybe makes Toby agreeing to the movie make sense. He gets to be next to Pam and pat her leg or something. (As those scenes were shot from years before he was likely still interested) Possibly that even makes his weird/inappropriate thing in “Night Out” make more sense.

    I’m still not sure him being in it really makes sense, but it’s something.

  14. Pam’s gulp is beyond cute! I wonder if Jenna and John re-watched their Season 1/2 episodes to get back in the zone of their former selves.

  15. This makes me miss the old “super-sized” episodes – this episode could definitely have been 40 minutes, including these clips, and that would have been just right. But I loved it just the same.

  16. HELL YES for the Friends reference! And Jim’s delivery of “those drugs really hit the spot” is priceless.

    I literally cannot wait to watch the full movie on DVD.

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