Tonight’s episode: Health Care

Here is why I love The Office, and the cast of The Office:

Even though tonight’s episode, Health Care, is a rerun, and I’ve already seen it multiple times from my Season 1 DVD, including the hilarious deleted scenes, we hear from both Angela Kinsey (Angela) and Jenna Fischer (Pam) that there is a little gem of a scene that we need to take a second look at.

In Angela’s MySpace blog (no longer available), she writes:

I broke while filming a scene in this episode. Rainn made me laugh so hard. And they let it stay in coz it was super quick and was somewhat appropriate. But if you look closely it isn’t Angela Martin laughing — it’s goofy ol’ Angela Kinsey about to lose it and I’m about to take Brian (Kevin) with me! See if you can find that moment.

Jenna also mentions this scene in her March 23, 2006 TV Guide blog (no longer available):

Rainn Wilson kept improvising new fake diseases, and we didn’t know what he would say next. The shots of us laughing at him are real shots of us losing it.

Yes, of course, I have gone back to my DVD to look for that scene, and it is precious. And I would venture to say that not only did Angela and Brian break, but so did Leslie David Baker (Stanley) — notice him wiping away tears, he’s laughing so hard.

Anyway, enjoy tonight’s episode. If you’re already an Office fanatic, you’re in for an extra little treat. If you’re new to The Office, this episode may be just the one that seals the deal for you. :)

And thanks, Jenna and Angela, for always thinking of us fans!

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  1. ha! i knew it. i said in the watercooler a while back, stanley losing it looks more like an outtake. dundie for ferd!

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