Tourists follow GPS, drive car into ocean

In The Office Season 4 episode Dunder Mifflin Infinity, Michael drives his car into a lake while blindly following GPS directions.

Think it couldn’t happen in real life? Read on:

Three Japanese tourists in Australia found themselves in an embarrassing situation after their GPS navigation system lured them down the wrong path.

As the three drove their rented Hyundai Getz into Moreton Bay, they found the GPS device guiding them from a gravel road into thick mud. They tried to get back to solid ground, but as the tide rose they were forced to abandon their car. Passengers on passing ferries watched in amazement.

Link: Japanese Tourists Drive Straight into the Pacific

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  1. So they did not drive straight into the ocean. They drove into what would become the ocean. :-)

    Thank God they were not hurt.

  2. “I drove my car into a f***ing lake”

    Just re-watched this episode, I absolutely love that line and the scene in which the car goes into the lake. Steve’s realistic depiction of shock and the fact the back seat acts as a flotation device just make me laugh so hard.

  3. I actually live near where they drove in. It makes Michael Scott seem like a genius…

  4. I know it seems ridiculous to blindly follow a GPS, but just this very weekend in Washington DC, we followed our GPS instructions and wound up almost entering the restricted area parking lot for the Pentagon. Admittedly, we missed an update or two for our device. We went with a plan B, but the device kept urging us back to the parking lot. After a lot of “recalculating”, we got to where we needed to go.
    At least we didn’t end up in a body of water………..

  5. In the days before Google maps I was stumped by a map (physical paper one) that showed a road crossing the Danube between Slovakia and Hungary. It turned out that the ‘road’ on the map actually referred to a ferry crossing. there was an ex-bridge (pylons mid-river without the bridge deck going over) that had been destroyed during WW2. The locals seemed quite amused when asked about the bridge!

    However I did choose to believe my eyes rather than the map

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