Got questions for story editor Dennis Fletcher?

UPDATE: Dennis wanted to answer Jessie’s question right away.

In the past week, you may have seen Dennis Fletcher join The Office Twitter scene. Dennis is a story editor for The Office (soon to be executive story editor), loves insider scoop, and isn’t afraid to share!

Dennis has offered a very frank and candid Q&A about the season as a whole, so have at it, Tallyheads — ask him your most hard hitting questions.

Post your question for Dennis in a comment below by end of day Monday, March 26, 11pm PT.



  1. Is there any possibilty that David Wallace will be brought back next year? He is so much better that either Robert California or Nellie. They are awful!

  2. This season of the Office have been great and underrated. I have a quick questions: How will you adjust to the Office season 9 if Mindy and Rainn leave?

  3. A lot of the objections to Nellie that I see now, seem to echo how I felt about Michael Scott in the earlier seasons. Was that your purpose? And do you think the show can risk inserting a controversial new protagonist at this point in the series?

  4. The choice that was made, of making Andy the new regional manager, affected the entire season’s storyline? I mean, if you guys had selected other person to be the manager, the season would have been different?

    Also, why not making references of Michael Scott once in a while? I mean, I think the only reference of him in this season was in the season premiere, where Pam makes a joke about her baby being named Michael Scott. Is this something you guys discuss? Do you think that now, with michael scott gone, referencing him so much, would bring a bad impression in some way? And what are the chances of him coming back, for the last couple of episodes, or even the series finale?

    For us fans, it would be amazing.

  5. It’s been said that the question of whether or not Dwight is the father of Angela’s baby will be answered. Will we ever see Angela and Dwight back together? They are soulmates and belong with one another.

  6. This is amazing! I LOVE Dennis Fletcher! He’s my new favourite Twitter follow. But I’m more interested in whether he’ll get to write an episode next year, and whether he thinks something will happen with him and Carrie ;)

    [ from tanster: dennis wanted to answer jessie’s question right away. here it is. ]

    “Thank you Jessie, I appreciate the question very much. First of all yes, indeed I will be writing my very own Office episode next year when I am the executive story editor, and I am very much looking forward to it as I have about a million hilarious ideas, many of them involving Jim and Dwight.

    As for my personal life, unfortunately I do not comment on that, nice try. The main thing I have to say is the incredible amount of respect I have for Carrie Kemper as a person and as a writer. Not too many people balance class and comedy skill the way Carrie Kemper does, if ever, and Carrie if you are reading this I am sure you will agree. There is something about her that I really do appreciate, it is hard to put into words even if you are a writer you will get tongue tied, it’s funny. First and foremost I believe Carrie Kemper should be happy, because she is an awesome writer and classy person who deserves only the best in life. She should definitely be with someone who takes her places, like Santa Monica, and rides on the ferris wheel with ice cream cones laughing and never just says let’s stay home and watch whatever is on cable. That is something I always understand and I find it odd quite frankly if anyone forgot even for a second. Carrie Kemper is a really incredible person and it is an honor to be in the writers’ room with her, and I believe we are indeed on quite the same wavelength it is almost eerie. Did you know that she is the sister of Erin [Ellie Kemper], no joke, who is a pretty [extremely] amazing actress ,and that is how I feel about Carrie Kemper as a writer, in that she is a pretty [extremely] great writer. There are many other good writers on staff too as well such as Emily [Amelie Gillette? –Tanster] and Warren and so forth, my what a talented group.”

    [ from tanster: you’re right, dennis, amelie gillette ]

  7. The Florida arc was very funny and it was a great way to highlight Jim and Dwight. I miss having Jim,Pam and Dwight more in the forefront of the stories. Are there any plans for more of them? Quick plea for more JAM in general please.

  8. The balloon cold open was fantastic and reminded me of “American Beauty”. How was that scene like to shoot?

  9. As it is frank, I hope you will answer this honestly:
    What is the reason for the lack of continuity in various characters? Why have certain changed so much to almost unrealistic levels? For example, Kevin used to be a little slow but now he is a complete idiot who thinks that trees have sex, yet he works as an accountant.

  10. Why have there been no full-hour episodes this season? I believe it’s the first season with no one hour episode since the second season. Was this planned or did you guys not have a plot that could fill a full-hour?

  11. What is next for Erin and Andy? Should we expect storms or will it be smooth sailing until the end?

  12. First of all, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, I’m sure all us Tallyheads appreciate it

    I have a few questions

    1) Do you foresee any growth in Jim’s character? I feel like in the past few seasons, he’s stagnated, and I feel like putting him in a manager’s role might be the push he needs. Has this been considered already?

    2) I think we all agree that the Tallahassee arc was The Office firing on all cylinders. Do you have any ideas for possible arcs for Season 9 that you can reveal?

    3) Any chance Pam might re-pursue her passion for art? She’s stagnated more than Jim, and I feel like she needs something to do..

    On the whole, this show is as great as ever, and I just wanted to thank you and all the other members that make The Office what it is! (:

  13. This season has been great! Possibly because every season is great!!
    I want to know what happened to Stanley’s daughter and the new accountant. I was really looking forward to that!
    Also, are they going to focus more on other characters we still don’t see much of? And less of the big characters to help ease them out (i.e. Rainn and Mindy)?

  14. He seemed like a mean person to me. Saying how he hates half the staff, and even Daniel Chun said he’s the reason he’s leaving the office.

    Not a good first impression.

  15. This guy is being such a troll, you really think he’s gonna answer such questions?

    Daniel Chun produced one of the best episodes of this season. What has this guy produced?

  16. I have two questions:

    Most of the season I had the feeling that no one really knew what to do with the Robert California character…was this the general feeling in the writer’s room?

    Besides being a fan of The Office I have also been a James Spader fan for many many years. I know he is a method actor…did he follow his normal acting method or did he loosen up with the more casual style of the other cast members?

    Thanks! I’m enjoying your Twitter comments; so glad you joined and I look forward to many interesting Tweets to come.

  17. Do you have plans of having Michael Scott come back as a guest in an episode to check on his friends?

  18. This guy is hysterical! Although, I am pretty sure it’s BJ or another writer in disguise.

  19. Didn’t realize Danny Chun was leaving the Office until reading this dude’s Twitter feed. Something is fishy here… The guy acts like a complete idiot/troll on Twitter, just begging for attention. I can’t believe he is actually employed on the Office. And one of the most talented writers on the staff (the current head writer actually) is leaving and citing him as a reason? What the hell is the Office crew thinking? I hope some more info about this comes out, but this isn’t a good look..

  20. Is there any chance zombies might show up on the show? Is Pam the Scranton Strangler? Is Creed Erin’s dad?

  21. I love Robert California and the Darryl and Val storyline. Val and Darryl are much more interesting than Andy and Erin.

    To me, the heart of the show has been Jim and Pam (the “would-they/wouldn’t they” normal people in an office full of off the wall colleagues.) Since they are now married with kids…the show’s dynamic is not the same. Jim and Pam are less central to the show.

    Was it a conscience effort on the part of the writers to change this dynamic after Jim and Pam settled down or was it more to do with Michael Scott/Steve Carell leaving?

  22. I don’t think it’s a hoax, Daniel Chun sounded pretty damn angry with him. Telling him to eff off and what have you written for the office. Something about hiring an immature person that acts like a troll on forums is kinda a downer. Daniel Chun wrote Tallahassee which was one of the best episodes this whole season.

  23. @Nate M #14

    I’m pretty sure Stanley’s daughter and the new accountant were never actual parts. When Hollywood casts on a popular show, to avoid spoilers, they send out casting notices for characters that aren’t going to appear, but need a “type” like that character. For example: I think “Stanley’s daughter” was actually a casting notice for Val. But I could be wrong.

  24. Cool! Does it mean Carrie will get to write more stories? I love her writing. Does it also mean that we will have more excellent Erin plots?

  25. Any ideas on the series finale? A lot of people want it to end with a Michael/Holly wedding. Is it possible for this to happen?

  26. In Jenna’s recent interview, she said that James Spader was gonna have a “surprisingly sexual exit”…care to elaborate? :P
    also, what’s this “big stuff in store for Jim and Pam next season” that she’s talking about?

  27. Will the rest of season eight and nine story lines revolve around the current cast?

    What is the writers/producers opinion of the blacklash from fans over the Nellie character?


  28. Are we ever going to see Jan or David Wallace ever again? Will Kathy Bates make any further appearances?

  29. Was the “Kathy’s Unwanted Advances on Jim” subplot originally supposed to be centered around Jordan Garfield before Cody Horn left the show?

    Also, was that one member of the Queerenstein Bears really Steve Carell? If so, was that supposed to be Michael Scott’s mentioned but never seen brother?

    Thank you!

  30. What happened to Cathy? Will any future episode mention her again or what happened to her?

  31. With all the possible cast departures next season, is there any chance the show could end this season to preserve the dignity that the show has left? Is it too late to plan a satisfying series conclusion for this season?

  32. Are there plans for DeAngelo Vickers (Will Ferrell) returning to the show to try to regain his manager position?

  33. Big fan of the show. In the an episode in season six, “Scott’s Tots”, Erin mentioned to Michael that she wanted to be accountant and Michael mentioned he sees potential in her like he did with Kevin. Michael mentions Kevin applied to a warehouse job but Michael hired him as an accountant after seeing potential in him. Are there any plans for Erin to be an accountant or try the position?

  34. Are John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer signed for another season? I’ve heard talk they were considering it but haven’t heard much since then.

  35. This show used to be meticulous about continuity. For at least the last couple years, continuity does not seem to be considered. I get the feeling the writers have not even studied previous episodes. In your new position, will you put a greater emphasis on continuity?

    One of the prime examples was Idris Alba (and even Jim) acting as though his position as Assistant Manager was made up and not the reason he moved back to Scranton.

    Also, Jim and Pam may be married but they don’t have to be dull, which is how their characters are written now. Bring back fun Jim/Pam! Thanks.

  36. I thought Erin being an accountant was explored in a series of webisodes (The Mentor). Anyway, I also want to know if this side of her will be touched upon again. :-)

    BTW, I also want to know if Erin turns out to be a math genius. (Many geniuses are undeveloped in other areas.)

  37. I think it’s funny that John and Jenna said they’d stick with the show till the end and now we are in limbo with them and are showing disinterest in doing more seasons. lol

  38. This season has been as great as any of the others, in my opinion!! Thank you to the whole cast and crew!

    My questions:
    1. Robert California’s character intrigues me…he adds a nice level of creepiness to the office that plays well off the rest of the characters. Are there plans for James Spader to stay into next season?

    2. I love Ryan and Kelly…Will Ryan Howard ever grow up and admit his love for Kelly? I love how through all his transformations he has yet to move on. Love this show!

  39. -In the upcoming season/episodes will you implement more of a documentary feel? In older episodes there were a lot more long single-camera shots and scenes where one camera would actually follow the actions (i.e. Michael hiding under his desk in “The Client” (Season 2)). Things like this made the show more realistic, interesting, and impressive.

    -Why is Michael Scott hardly ever mentioned? Characters always say “the last boss” and it’s weird.

    -Will you tone down the comedy and make it more subtle and less reliant on one-liners?

    Thanks for your time!

  40. Are there plans to bring back the character Kathy Simms for more episodes? I would like to see the character more.

  41. Will we have an episode where Dwight and Jim play pranks together as did to send away Todd Packer in season seven? I always wanted them to team up to send Cathy or Nelly away with pranks?

  42. We’re starting to see less and less of Gabe at the Scranton branch. You guys aren’t trying to slowly phase him out, are you?

  43. Has the reaction to Robert and Nellie’s characters been what you expected? Has it shaped their growth throughout the year, or did you go into it with expectations for the directions in which you’d take those characters?

  44. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

    Since there were other questions about them, what is the writing process like for Jim and Pam? You have these iconic characters who are the center of many of the best moments of the show – is it daunting to write “normal” for them. The emphasis on them as a couple is certainly gone but they still have great on screen chemistry and are great characters. Ironically, this has been an interesting season for Jim, particularly with the Florida arc.

  45. From the latest Dennis Fletcher tweet:


    Is no one getting this joke yet?

  46. Will there be a 9th season?

    Do you know anything about which actors are/aren’t willing to return next year? Especially Mindy Kaling, who has a pilot with another network.

    Any chance we see Michael ever again? I don’t care if it’s a Michael/Holly wedding, or the branch closes in the Series Finale and Michael returns to mourn, just bring him back. PLEASE.

    I know this is posting a little late, but I was hoping that I could get this in anyways.

  47. Also, I’ve heard Spader isn’t returning for another year, but what about Catherine Tate?

    Do you know anything about the Dwight spinoff, like when it is beginning and what effects it will have on the Office (other than probably Dwight leaving, of course)?

    And lastly, are we ever going to meet “Stanley’s OTHER daughter” that was mentioned in spoilers last summer?

  48. Big fan of the show. I rewatch DVDs of old seasons every week. Here is my question: Any new storylines being installed in the show this season that will develop next season? Who are some characters that will grow more?

  49. Do you feature current pop culture sensations such as parkour, planking, lip dub, and the wedding dance for future generations to see in reruns, or for current ratings? My daughter and I are having a disagreement about this. I say it’s for future nostalgia and a record of pop culture.

  50. Sorry, I know I’m late here, but I had one question:

    Have the writers ever considered writing a college arc for Darryl? It’s been mentioned on the show a couple of times, and I feel like it would provide a lot of good comic opportunity as well as some actual character growth. There’s also room for other characters to get involved as well (eg. Ryan being a sleazy mentor to Darryl, Andy going super-Cornell, etc.)

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