Funny-Girl Talk: Tina Fey and Jenna Fischer

This article was included in the print version of TV Guide a few weeks ago, and was posted at TV Guide Online this week.

Tina Fey and Jenna Fischer talk about their respective must-see Thursday shows, 30 Rock and The Office.

An excerpt:

TV Guide: Since you’re both on TV on Thursdays, do you watch each other’s shows? Don’t lie!

Jenna Fischer: Seriously, 30 Rock is my favorite new show on television. My husband and I TiVo it. I’m really excited for this interview, because I want to geek out with questions about Tina’s show.

Tina Fey: Thank you, Jenna! I’m also an Office geek. I have to say, that season finale last year, you and John Krasinski played that so lovely. Was it weird to have to play a tender love scene with him?

Jenna: Well, I love John, so it was cool because I was so comfortable with him. But we took it seriously. We put a lot of effort into it, and we were very protective.

Read the rest of the article at TV Guide Online; see a scan of the print version at Just Jared.

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  1. Jenna: I was 32nd most beautiful. I counted.
    Tina: Wow. In the world?
    Jenna: The whole planet.

    I laughed outloud on that one!!! hahaha

  2. This is a great article. Tina Fey is so entertaining–I especially love the part about them being the most beautiful people in THE WORLD. That’s hilarious.

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