1. its so funny to see more of kelly and ryan, they are so funny, i wish there was more of their subplots.

  2. In “The Convict,” a whole story arch of deleted scenes involving Meredith/Dwight/Martin were cut. They had to cut them all, because they connected. I think the same thing happened in this episode with Ryan/Kelly. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more. How did they get from this moment to the moment with Kelly putting candy canes on Ryan’s nose- inquiring minds want to know!!

    I agree that Ryan/Kelly are hysterical, though!


    hahaha that is the greatest thing. i really cant stop dying of laughter when i watch that.

  4. Again… I really need to know why Ryan is the way he is. Kelly’s crazy, sure. But we only see mean Ryan. In that first Ryan clip it looked like he actually likes her. I’d like to see THAT.

  5. It would be cool if someone can get all their deleted scenes and do a tribute on youtube or something like the Pam/Jim moments. Thats how I got hooked on the office by watching all 14 or 15 installments.

  6. How they cut “don’t dump me while I’m in the dumpster” from the actual episode I don’t know. That’s just too hilarious!

  7. Wow, those were hilarious! Angela slapping Toby was just too much. “It was not my intention to hurt you.” LOL!

  8. it’s sad that i’m more pleased with kelly/ryan than jim/pam right now. still, these scenes are AWESOME!

  9. How priceless!! As long as they keep posting the deleted gems like these on the web, it’s all good that they never make it to the final cut. It’s the Office gift that keeps on giving.

  10. I love scene 4! “You’re perfect.” I guess that’s why Ryan and Kelly are still together! I’m a huge Jam fan, but I agree, I’d rather see more Ryan and Kelly if this is the tone we’re missing on the cutting room floor.

  11. ok, i am completely in love with the ryan/kelly story. i adore the entire cast (for the most part–NOT Andy), but Kelly has become my favorite character to watch. I am a die hard Jim and Pam fanatic (I refuse to call them ‘JAM’), but Kelly and Ryan are just so funny. They really need to start showing more of them during the weekly show.

  12. “don’t dump me while I’m in the dumpster” is one of the best lines this season. All of those deleted scenes were great.

  13. Ryan is not the highest on the list of my favourite characters but I quite enjoyed these scenes. It’s a pity the Kelly/Ryan story seem to get cut each week.

  14. Does anyone wonder if maybe they are starting do an extra plot-line with the intention of leaving it in the deleted scenes? It’s like a bonus just for the fans. The recent series of deleted scenes seem to have a beginning, middle and an end (well, The Convict certainly does, we’ll see where these recent deleted scenes are going.) Also, it’s kinda like the webisodes.

    If so, I love them even more. This show seems to be so in tune with their fans and they really do go beyond the regular episodes for us. They are so nice. :)

  15. I love their relationship so much. On the surface it seems to be the most “healthy” relationship in the Office (meaning that they actually you know, have one, and they don’t sneak around) but dig a little deeper and they’re even scarier than Dwangela.

    Those dumpster deleted scenes were amazing. I love the “I’m scared” exchange. Mindy’s acting is definitely underrated. She’s fantastic.

  16. wow. who knew. they totally deleted the entire ryan and kelly storyline in this episode. oh well, nice that it made it into the deleted scenes.

  17. Again, deleted gold. I think it would be great if the producers would have complete episodes, with deleted scenes included where initially intended. Even if just a dvd bonus feature.

  18. Regarding the 5th deleted scene: Did anyone notice the b-day song they were singing. I believe it is a reference to “40 Year Old Virgin,” when Steve’s character takes a date to a similar restaurant and they sing the same song to him.

  19. I thought the fifth was a good scene,but we didn’t need it because there were lots of moments before and after to prove how pathetic Michael is. Personally I feel bad for the dude.

  20. I did NOT love any of these deleted scenes. It looks like I’m in the minority here, but they were just not funny or remotely interesting to me. :\

  21. silsont: yeah I did notice that, I thought it was pretty funny and was wondering if anybody else would notice! So far all of the Ryan/Kelly interactions are my favourites! Sad they couldn’t fit them in (even in an hour long special!)

  22. Christina: I’m glad someone else noticed. When I heard them singing, I was like, “That sounds SUPER familiar.” Took me about 5 seconds to realize it. Too bad Michael wasn’t drinking from a Buddha cup. haha!

  23. WEll, folks…I’m out of town and away from the computer until next week. Have a merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Tip-tip Tet, a solemn and peaceful Ramadan, a happy Festivus, and above all (to quote from Randy Hickey:)

    “Felix Naby-Blah!”

    See you all next week.

  24. ahahahaha.

    Michael totally merged ‘William Randolph Hearst’ and ‘William Shakespeare.’


  25. Christina & silsont (comments 30 & 34): Yes, that Japanese children’s song (actually a direct translation of “if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands”– it is not “happy birthday”) was also in 40-Year-Old Virgin….In fact I’ve noticed a few regular Carell obsessions cropping up here and there. In particular he seems to find Japanese people screamingly funny.
    Good thing they are all such good sports. So far. ;)

  26. What was the deal with 2 totally different girls going back to the office party from the restaurant? Was Jim behind it? How did they get those 2 girls to go?

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