Method to ‘The Office’ Madness talks to The Office cast about the casting process, the success of the show, and what it’s like to spend 60 hours a week on set together.

An excerpt:

Fischer: A good example of improv that paid off was in our episode “The Gay Witch Hunt” [Season 3, Episode 1]. That kiss between Oscar and Steve [Carell] was not scripted. And all of our reactions are the real reactions. It speaks so much to Oscar’s professionalism that he did not break.

Nunez: I do not break. You can write that down. He wasn’t supposed to kiss me. We did it a couple of times, and he wasn’t kissing me. And then that once, I see his lips coming closer and closer; I’m like, “Dear God, he’s going to kiss me.” And sure enough, he planted one on my face.

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  1. Does it seem like Jenna Fisher talks about about Ed Helms and Rashida Jones in the past-tense? You could take her words on that count to refer to when they first joined the cast, or to refer to their time–since concluded–on the show.

  2. Cool! You don’t see all (well, the majority) of them in an article together. Good, insightful stuff.

  3. Yeah, it was definitely in past tense. But this is also the person who uploaded a picture of Roy with a wedding ring over the summer…

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