1. the first clip where Jim walks in, Michael’s comment to Martin is just priceless, and his reaction after saying it and face is just hilarious. I’m so excited for this episode!

  2. The first clip with “JAM” left me with a permanently placed grin across my face! I cannot wait for tommorrow!

  3. Melissa, I had trouble getting it to play once, much less twice. But I do remember that Michael gives Martin, the black guy a gift bag, then tells him that he’s going to show him “where the slaves work.” Pam says “It’s really you” and gives Jim a hug. I’m sure someone else can finish the holes for me.

  4. When he says “The place looks really good” I can’t help but notice that he seems to be doing some serious eyeing up of Fancy New Beesly. (At least that’s what I HOPE he’s doing.)

  5. Yay!Yay!Yay!!! Man I can not WAIT to see this! Is it seriously only Wednesday morning? Say it ain’t so!

  6. Can anyone make out what Jim says to Pam after they hug? It sounds like, “Just doin’ a little joke about …” but I can’t understand the rest of what he says.

    Can’t wait till tomorrow evening!!!

  7. well, he says something like he was trying to make a joke about it being his first day here, and he’s sounding put out, although jokingly so, and she says “i don’t care”, meaning i don’t care about your joke, I care about YOU!!!!…okay she doesn’t say that with her mouth…but it’s in her smile!

  8. Wow, that was cute, but I can see that there may be a reversal of roles, where Pam is more forward in love and Jim is the one hiding/ denying feelings. The second clip disurbs me. Why is Dwight…. I can’t even finish the thought. Bad, Dwight! Bad!

  9. I’m liking the way this seems to be playing out. That “slave” quip was hilarious!! I can’t wait until tomorrow night – it can’t come fast enough. but i’m also really scared about Karen and Jim and Pam… there’s a love triangle going on here, but i can definitely agree with AAL where the reversal of roles comes into play – where Pam is very forward, and Jim, hesitant and everything… Ahh!

  10. OH MY GOD. I’ve watched the first clip like 15 times already and I feel like screaming with joy. Pam’s face when he walks in… so adorable and excited and not even trying to hide it. I love Fancy New Beesly so much.

  11. I think the Anthony Gardner that Dwight is suggesting Michael fire is the Stamford “chip guy” (the one who asks Karen to help him get chips out of the vending machine). Looking at imdb page for “Diwali”, there is an actor named Mike Bruner listed who plays Tony on that episode. He looks like “chip guy”. Why Dwight singled him out (presumably sight-unseen) I don’t know.

  12. Oh yeah, Laura, you’re so right … he’s totally checking her out and I’m loving it!!

    Still got that grin on my face!! Guh … can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!!!

  13. aww that scene with Jim and Pam gave me warm feelings inside. Hopefully that moment isn’t ruined when Karen snags Jim away. Grr.

  14. I loved the JAM clip. I agree with Laura it really did look like Jim was eyeing Pam when he said the place looked good

  15. I love how I immediately had to cover my gaping mouth when michael was saying things like ‘we don’t want your kind here’ and slaves. ohhh man finally this season will feel like the real office again, with jim back where he belongs and new people for michael to have incredible awkward social interactions with. (i’m not in any way saying anything bad about the eps up til now, they’ve just been different thats all)

  16. i can’t wait!
    jim WAS checking her out.
    very good for JAM.
    dwight is a freak. i’m so happy.
    haha. i loved michael’s face when he realized his comment was a bit offensive.
    aahh, i’m so excited for tomorrow!

  17. I love that Pam isn’t hiding how excited she is! I honestly cannot wait until tomorrow night. It doesn’t only look hilarious, but there’s JAM!

  18. Ah! This is so exciting! I love how excited Pam is, and It looked like Jim maybe wasn’t as excited for some reason…? Maybe he likes Karen more than Pam, and for a few months it’s going to be like reverse JAM…Pam wanting Jim and Jim in another relationship. Ooh.

  19. I think Jis is going to be totally out to protect himself here. He looked tormented at the thought of going back to Scranton – I think how easily they got back to their friendship with the phone call has him worried that soon, he’ll fall back into old patterns and be miserably pining for her again

    I can see him keeping her at a distance, even using Karen (without realizing it) to push Pam away.

    I love Pam putting herself out there though. LOVE that. It such a switch and a much needed one

    I think the role reversals needed to happen too. Jim spent 3 years getting kicked in the teeth. I don’t want Pam to suffer the same way, but I think maybe she’s going to have to LOL

    This is going to hurt, I just know it.

    I can’t wait!

  20. Finally – once office again. The multiple story lines in some of the previous episodes left too much underdevelopment for my taste. It’s going to be good!

  21. I hope this doesn’t switch to Jim being “The Pam” and Pam being “The Jim”. It will just be a rehash of the first and second season. I wouldn’t even care if they got together once they drag this thing out.

    On another note, Ed Helms is alrite but there is only one Dwight. Why bring a clone of Dwight to Scranton. Please tell me Ed Helms will be out of there before 2007 gets here.

  22. IsItThursdayYet you hit the nail on the head. I was concerned last week when Jim’s reaction to transferring was so strong (especially after the fab phone call) but then I realized that he had another taste-o-Pam and he must be worried that it will just lead to further torture. Boy oh boy do I hope Pam rewards him for being so patient/tormented/yummy.

    Has anyone else realized that any (eventual) major macking will be done out of our sight?? NOOOOOOO!!!! :-)

  23. “This place looks really good” was that code for “You look really good.” lol ;)

    And I love how abrupt Pam was, “I don’t care.” she really really really missed him, and it kills me that she’ll have to watch Jim and Karen…

  24. i agree with IsItThursday also! Pam’s gotta take the risk, but I think she will because she realizes that Jim is worth it, but he’s more wary now because he doesn’t want to get hurt

  25. True to Office style, I’m sure that there will not be a love triangle. It will be a love square. Everyone seems to forget how much Roy has been highlighted in the last few episodes. Oh, and maybe eventually Andy will make some moves on Angela. :-)

  26. i agree with that1guypictures. roy has been playing quite a bit of a role lately and he isn’t going to let Pam go without a fight, and we know that angela has a crush on roy so i think it’s going to be more like a love sextuplet

  27. But remember, we already have a love square – Jim/Pam/Karen/Roy… so adding Angela PLUS Andy into the mix is going to make it… well… i don’t really know what you would call that – but this would be very Office Style like that1guypictures said!

  28. Actually if we throw Angela into the mix don’t we have to throw Dwight too?

    So let’s see we have Andy-Karen-Jim-Pam-Roy-Angela-Dwight.

    I know six is a sextuplet (I remember that from “Friends”), but seven??? Not sure. Does anybody know??

    Heck maybe we should just throw either Toby (since he apparently has a crush on Pam too) or Michael (since he tried to kiss Pam (still TMI)) and make it an love octagon!! LOL!!

  29. I believe Seven is “Septuplet” if i’m not mistaken. But i forgot about Dwight – good call. He’s definitely a part of that mix because it’s obvious that Dwangela is not over yet! Live on!… Besides i heard somewhere that something significant happens with Dwight and Angela’s relationship in January… hmmm

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