1. That could quite possibly be the best practical joke Jim’s ever played on Dwight – even better than the coins in the phone bit.

  2. see people…this what we have been missing….this is classic jim/dwight….. this scene alone is the best part of season 3….bar none….

    it can only get better when they are reunited

  3. we get to see charismatic michael again, like in valentine’s day when he saved jan’s ass and in the client went he made the big sale.

  4. Can someone figure out how to put it on youtube… theres no way to load the entire thing before watching it and my connections too bad to watch the whole clip at one time… thanks!

  5. i love the Future Dwight! “The Coffee has been poisoned, do not drink the coffee”, and then he goes and tackles Stanley. I love it. However, I’m kind of worried that the Scranton branch won’t exist anymore and everybody will move to Stamford. I don’t think that it will be the same

  6. Jim Halpert is my hero – that Dwight/Jim scene is the funniest of the season so far. Probably top 5 funniest things on the show ever.

  7. It was only mentioned not shown when Michael was mediating between Jim and Dwight about all the stuff Jim had done to him over the years. Dwight had reported it to Toby and Toby had just filed it away in a box. Along where Jim tried to convince Jim was a murderer, had moved his desk closer to the copier.

  8. i found out that it happens in conflict resolution…no clip though, i guess they just talk about it. i always thought i was missing something (thinking i had seen every episode).

  9. Laughing Out Loud! Now this really looks like the office from last year, the joke on Dwight is hilarious and Michael’s conversation with Jan, like a breath of fresh air Just give me Levinson in the morning!!???!!??. I love it. Just after these two clips, it feels like this has been missing this year.

  10. I knew that the show would eventually pick up. This is going to be a great episode. Diwali was a good one, but I think the show can only get better from here. Adding the branches together, and keeping the strongest characters/actors is going to be amazing. I think that from the next episode after we will be seeing some of the best television for years to come.

  11. OMG, I am at work right now and I literally busted out laughing when I saw Dwight run at Stanley… This is one of Jim’s best pranks.

    I can’t wait till Thursday to see what Michael and Dwight do to save the branch!

  12. I still think that one of Jim’s best pranks was when he put all of Dwight’s stuff in the vending machine, and then gave him a bag of nickels to get it back. Should have used pennies. Anybody have any thoughts on who should stay/go after the closing?

  13. The Scranton Branch is definitely staying in effect because from future spoiler videos, they show Jim at the Scranton Branch, and of COURSE they’re not going to shut down Scranton! Can you imagine how many angry fans we would get? Besides, i also heard somewhere else that there were extra desks added to the Scranton Branch office – so that of course tells me that employees from Stamford move to Scranton… Yay! :)

  14. I agree with Meredith…I think that Stamford branch is going to be merging with Scranton. Seriously I think I’d have to stop watching if they honestly closed down the Scranton branch. So did anyone read the spoiler for “the convict”. what the heck is up with “Jim coaching Andy on how to make a pass on Pam??” Maybe Jam really is over…*tear*

  15. unfortunately most vending machines, if not all, reject pennies

    in the convention, josh said that he’d be willing to take on michael for a sales position…hmmm

  16. I think Jim gave Dwight the same nickels out of the phone to retrieve his belongings out of the vending machine.

  17. Dinkin Flicka- I noticed the same thing about the Convict summary. I’m totally upset too, but i posted about it somewhere else, and the comment made to me was that Jim is trying to make everyone believe that he’s over Pam(which he obviously isn’t) and that he’s trying to make himself less vulnerable…i hope that JAM isn’t over either

  18. Guys, if you’ll notice the quotation marks around “coaching” in the description about “The Covict” – I think those quotations take on an alternate meaning. From what we’ve all seen, i’m pretty sure it’s obvious that Jim and Pam are not over each other – as the phone call, and text message have let on. In my opinion – either Jim tells Andy the WRONG things to say to Pam, and she’s in on it – or he STILL tells him the wrong things, and Pam ISN’T in on it… It could go both ways, but still leaves great opportunities for some laughs and entertainment as we all know these writers are capable of.

    Oh, and by the way – the writers of this episode are the writers that wrote the British version of The Office… just a little tidbit in case no one knew that. :)

  19. I took the “coaching” being in quotes as a way to antagonize Andy. Make him think he’s giving him advice about Pam, but really making him look like an idiot. This would create a great opportunity for a JAM conspiracy…flirtation and hilarity ensue.

  20. Exactly *this gal*. I think you hit the nail right on. I just can’t decide whether he’ll let Pam in on the joke or not…

  21. They synopsis actually says that Jim will be “coaching” Andy. So there will probably be some prank involved. I hope Pam is involved with the prank too. I can’t wait to see what Michael will do to save the branch.

  22. I’m sooo excited for tomorow.
    And, despite living in Detroit, I’ve made the decision to stay up late and watch the extended episode when it premires. I just hope I’ll be able to torrent the extended version….. It will be my first watch-through, being that I generally am doing homework at 8:30 on Thursdays and always watch it late Friday.

  23. wow watching that prank from Jim just completed my life right there. It’s amazing how Jim can pull pranks on Dwight when he’s not even there. Best prank ever!

  24. When I read “Jim ‘coaches’ Andy”, I think of when he ‘coached’ Dwight to hit on Katy in Hot Girl by buying her purses.

    I really REALLY don’t see Jim going to Andy and giving him legit pointers on how to score with Pam.

    Andy is his Dwight, except in a weird way, they have the same taste in music ;)

  25. Oh my gosh! Wow…I love that Jim’s good old pranks on Dwight are finally back, and I can’t believe that we’re losing so many characters (the severance package ones)….Geez…I can’t wait until tomorrow to find out exactly what happens!

  26. i think all of you who think the coaching thing is a joke are right. i hope that pam is in on it as well, should be funny…can’t wait for tomorrow!

  27. I don’t think Jim would ever seriously give Andy tips on how to get Pam, even if he wasn’t in love with her. Andy is too psychotic, and I doubt he would set him on anyone. Plus, Jim is a jokester. It’s in his nature to see a good prank in basically anything.

  28. Which episode does Jim put coins in Dwight’s phone???? Please tell me I can’t figure it out!!!!!!

  29. I don’t think there is an actual episode that shows him doing it, but it’s in Conflict Resolution where they go through the list of all the stuff Jim has done to Dwight.

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