TV Guide reports B.J. Novak no longer full-time on The Office

From TV Guide:

B.J. Novak, who has doubled as a writer off-screen and a series regular on-screen since The Office’s 2005 launch, is leaving as a full-time part of the show.

Novak will remain a member of the extended Office family, however. Even though he no longer has a deal in place with series producer Universal TV, Novak is expected to make recurring appearances on The Office and could even still do some writing for the show.

… executive producer Greg Daniels… is returning full time to oversee the show’s creative evolution this season.

Link: B.J. Novak Takes an Office Breather


  1. Kinda makes sense since Mindy Kaling is busy with The Mindy Project and all Ryan does now is fawn over Kelly.

  2. He will be missed, not by me, but he will be missed…. Not! He’s one of my favorite characters!

  3. I understand as well that he is a producer on Mindy’s new show. I’m glad he’s getting some new opportunities, but I’m also glad that we’ll at least get to see a bit of Ryan!

  4. Doesn’t seem like it’ll be too much of a change honestly. It isn’t like B.J/Ryan was featured in every episode anyway.

  5. Seems like there is going to be quite a different feel this season. Even if the show has gone in various directions over the years, we had the core group. Now I fear too many new faces coming in to freshen it up. If they can give Jim and Pam some major stories with a nice arc I will still enjoy the show. I have been missing that.

  6. Ryan’s role has constantly gotten smaller by the season so it won’t be much of a change. However, I’m still hoping BJ does stay on to write a few episodes. But the good news is that we finally got confirmation that Greg Daniels is indeed back!

  7. Ryan has often been best in smaller doses anyway. B.J. will be missed however. I wish him good luck!

  8. Wow, so another domino has fallen. Nobody’s in the annex anymore! I believe Gabe should be put there in their place.

  9. I will be really mad if the new season starts and we just get this little blurb about how they took off to Spain or something. These characters are hilarious and are such a big part of the show, they need a proper “last episode.” I will be very irritated if B.J. & Mindy leave without doing this. I think they owe it to the characters, to the show, and to us.

  10. Damn! Sad. Was really hoping BJ would be more involved in running the show this season. He could have left altogether if his contract was up, but it looks like he’s not quite ready to say goodbye to The Office just yet. Hope to see him writing and directing a few episodes this season.

  11. I’m not so sure they would have a ‘goodbye episode’ for Kelly and Ryan early into the new season. It would make it harder to get them back on if The Mindy Project fails and they want to come back.

    Good to see BJ will be on now and then though.

  12. I agree with the person that said Ryan is best in small doses anyways. I am happy that Greg Daniels is returning full time to oversee the show. Maybe he can get the show back on track!? *Excited*

  13. Aw, I’m bummed! I loved his writing and his portrayal of Ryan. Plus he was there from the get-go and knew the characters and their evolution inside and out. He seems like a great guy – I saw him in Seattle and he’s super funny, really hilarious, and I hope I get to see him do a live show again. But I’m glad he’s working on the Mindy Project. I hope there’s an Office episode that sends him off in style.

  14. So the article says Greg Daniels will be coming back? Very sad about BJ, but having Greg back has to be a good thing…

  15. @ Brigette

    I agree with you 100%. Both of their characters need proper departures.

  16. This makes me really sad. While I agree that Ryan is best in small doses, I really think BJ did a lot creatively.

    @ASFan, Toby is also leaving!

  17. Well, for Ryan, this is not that much of a change. He has barely been seen in these last few seasons. But for writing/directing/producing, this may be a big change, depending on how little he will be doing. But with all these changes lately, I don’t see many more years for The Office :(

  18. I love this show as much as the next guy. But the time has come where Daddy can’t take a bath with the kids any more, if you know what I mean. The show will suffer without BJ.

  19. @8- Dinner Party: Ryan’s role actually increased drastically from going from Season 6 to Season 7. Season 8 was even fairly large for him. Season 4 or 5, I have to say, were probably the seasons that Ryan was featured less in. He missed like, what, 16 episodes with those seasons combined? I can’t remember; but he will be missed.
    I can’t bear to watch more characters leave the show anymore, so I hope that this might be the last season. And then we can all get ready for the Dwight spin-off.

  20. The Robert California character has ruined the show. It now reminds me of truly heinous bosses who have made work-life painful. Michael was weird but likable.

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