1. Dunder Mifflin (or at least Pam) has the same “Cisco Systems” phone as my office. With these phones, it’s impossible to put quarters into the headset, because it is all one piece. I don’t know why this bothers me. Or if someone knows how to put quarters in the headset, let me know, because I’ve been dying to try that trick on someone.

  2. If you look at the close up of Stanley address you can see the actor full home address on the magazine label. Someone should probably blur that out.

  3. Very cool photos! We can see a lot about the websites Pam likes to browse. Apparently she’s a MySpacer! It looks like another of her minimized IE windows says “SLiTHERGrant” and I think she has a Word document open with the title beginning, “Initiation.”

  4. The drawing says “This is Pam” (under the DM logo, to make “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam.” At the bottom, it says “From: Jim.” That drawing is visible in much greater detail on one of the Season 2 DVD menus.

  5. INTERESTING. Pam’s picture—drawn by Jim…hmmm, maybe some one is missing him…lol…

    great find, awesome pictures!

  6. Did anyone notice that clearly a desk has been added in front of Stanley and Phyllis’ desk? Hint Hint

  7. Thanks for posting a link to the photos and stuff.

    I like the IE window of SlitherGrant is to her photobucket account, which is where all the pictures on her MySpace come from. I think it’s interesting looking at their desks, because they look like the ones in my office.

    And like others, we USED to have those phones in our office. I loved them.

  8. “5150” is also an album by Van Halen. Funny, I would have expected that on Dwight’s board, being the heavy metal fan that he is…

  9. i wonder what phyllis and stanley’s AIM screennames are…haha. phyllis even has some new AIM mail!

  10. heidi- I noticed the same thing! it also looks like there’s an extra desk where Jim’s (well now Ryan’s) and Dwight’s is and there’s a chair there with a jacket on the back of it which Jim does… not that he’s the only one to do that, but maybe Jim’s going to be sitting there by reception again! Also, what are those decorations for? An Italian celebration of some kind?

  11. Does anyone know if those phones are available to the general public? I have a home office and I love that they don’t take up desk space. Fun to see all the stuff up close. Sometime look at the photos on Jim’s desk (most visible in the Initiation episode). I wondered if the photo with the baby is John K or maybe a brother. I think it’s neat they use their own stuff.

  12. Or maybe a Mexican celebration…it would be cool if they did a Cinco de Mayo episode since Oscar is Mexican on the show…

  13. I think the “Initiation” document is probably the text for her blog that she wrote about the episode. I would think that she would probably write her stuff in Word first and then cut and paste into MySpace.

  14. Nevermind “this gal”…I just realized that you’re probably referring to Jim’s trick on Dwight…making the phone heavier over time so that he hits himself in the head with the phone once the quarters are removed.

    That is a great trick, and an evil display of patience.

  15. The Scranton branch is closing, so I’m pretty sure that Jim won’t be coming back to it. It was a nice theory, though…

  16. I spotted the new desks, too. You can tell who is moving in next to Stanley and Phyllis. The cactus has been shown on the desk of a Stamford employee.

  17. Well, Winky, I know what the episode summary says, but I have a feeling the branch doesnt close. This show is too much of an ensamble for all of the Scrantonites we know and love to just be fired, and for a few (Michael, Ryan, Dwight, Pam) to be transfered. Whereas if corprate has a change of heart and closes Stamford, they can just move Andy, Karen,(Josh?), and of course, Jim out to Scranton without the viewers really caring.

  18. I love the spelling of “comradery” on Pam’s award.
    My favorite part (other than Jim’s adorable Pam pic) was the file binder named “Cheap Stuff From China.”

  19. It does look like there’s two new desks–one next to Ryan and Dwight, and one next to Phyllis and Stan. Also, there are two boxes on each one…like someone needed to move their stuff from one office (i.e. Stamford) to the other. I’m betting that Jim gets his old desk back, Andy gets the new one next to him (facing Dwight) and Karen gets the one next to Phyllis and Stan. And Ryan moves back to his old desk. Just my guess!

  20. I liked the Hershey’s bar knock-off in the vending machine that’s called Hearsay’s, The Doritos-like bag of chips called Torpedos, and several other popular candy bar manipulations.

  21. I think that last binder says “Blacklisted and Disgruntled Former Employees”. Haha!

    Great link! :]

  22. Yes the binders from left to right are:

    Customer Sabotage
    Customer Service Reps
    Cheap Stuff From China
    Foreign Customer Reps
    Blacklisted & Disgruntled Former Employees

  23. If it goes by what happened on the British version, Jan will be promoted to partner and Josh will take over Jan’s job. There was a downsizing scare for the home team in that one too, because Michael’s equivelent almost got Jan’s job, but then it fell through.

    Any way they handle it, I think we can all agree that there’s no way in hell we’re losing Scranton. Stamford is going to Scranton any way you look at it.

  24. MMM. Gertrude Hawk Chocolate! Well worth jamming your arm into a vending machine to steal. Creed.

    They’re AMAZING.

  25. I still see all of the pictures there. At least I see all of them that were there last night.

  26. Manda, I want to tell you whose cactus that is, but I’m scared I’ll get yelled at for spoiling. Am I allowed to say here where I’ve seen the cactus? I don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun.

  27. I am confused to where the cactus is. Could someone please point it out to me? Also I liked Michael’s hand granade Have A Complaint Take A Number thing. It was so funny

  28. So, does this mean that Karen will be added to the ‘Phyllis/Stanley’ desk group…and Jim will be added to the ‘Ryan/Dwight’ desk group (with his back facing Pam)?

    Where do we think Andy will fit into the mix?

  29. Wow, you guys are so perceptive, but why did you have to give away the info on the close-ups? I would have liked to see those, but oh well. I’m ecstatic about the upcoming episodes. Of course Stamford will merge with Scranton… And i hope Jim gets his old desk back so he can see Pam… How exciting! :)

  30. I think that it was nickels in the headset, not quarters. Hey, they also gave Dwight a bag of nickels when they put his stuff into the vending machine. Recurring theme?

    Is Flenderson short for Florence Henderson?

    Happy Halloween and Happy Diwali, all! I can’t wait for this Thursday, but I REALLY can’t wait until next Thursday!

  31. The picture was a gift from Jim. In the bottom it says from Jim. Apparently they are on speaking terms in future episodes. This just adds to the proof that Jim comes back Nov. `6

  32. If you look at this image (thank you Scott!), you’ll see the area code “818” on the towing sign. Area code 818 is in the San Fernando Valley.

  33. I also really like the quote on the huge Dunder Mifflin notepad/messageboard under the keyboard.

    “Can you hear
    they talk about us
    telling lies,
    well that’s
    a surprise”

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