Access Hollywood on the Office set speaks to Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson on the set of The Office. Hilarity then ensues. Or as Steve Carell states, “If I’ve choked one person, I’ve choked fifteen.” And watch for Rainn Wilson’s direct challenge to Office fans!

SPOILER WARNING! The video may contain scenes and discussion from future episodes. Watch at your own risk. Comments may contain spoilers as well. You might as well just pretend like you never saw this post. (What post?)

[Video no longer available]

Thanks to Katherine for the tip!


  1. If Rainn was sitting at his own desk, Dwight’s desk moved. All will be revealed on November 16th!

  2. People will now be carrying eggs with them everywhere. Man, Rain, watch out, Halloween is coming up soooon.

  3. You guys, Scranton is not closing. Clearly.

    This was… awesome.

    I almost started crying with joy at the beginning when it shows Ryan and Jim together. It does my heart good.

  4. Thank you. I think we should all go egg Rainn now. Thank you very much. Now, question. If the Scranton branch is closing, and they’re filming that for an upcoming episode, um, are they still in Scranton? Or is it a flashback? Or what? That was definitely the Scranton branch. =]
    Thanks to Katherine & Tanster!!

  5. yeah they totally tried to slide the jim spot by but us office fans that have the pause button are quicker than that

  6. I agree with HYP3R6IR1, I think that Michael is probably coming back from his honeymoon and Jamaica. The only thing that makes me second guess that is the “spoiler” where it was said that Michael and Carol’s relationship was “not long for this world.”
    I am glad that the office is merging though. I’m sure that once the office is back together, television magic will once more ensue. It may even be better than the second season, once they merge, because I see the new characters fitting in VERY well.

  7. Omg I didnt notice Jim when I first saw it!
    Hmm I think Rainn was siting in the back so we couldnt see that they added more desk? I dont know myabe im wrong.
    Hehe Rainn better watch out! ;)

  8. Why would they try to hide the fact that they have more desks when the interviewer flat-out talked about the new people in the office?

  9. If Michael’s coming back from his honeymoon in Jamacia, Carol would not be the only one person he could have potentially married.

  10. the desk dwight was sitting at looked like it was adjacent to Toby in the back…that could be interesting

  11. I agree with HYP3R6IR1, too. It is very possible that Michael got married to Carol in a whirlwind celebrity-like ceremony. *checks Michael’s hands for any jewelry…*

  12. OMG!!! Jim, Pam, and karen in the same office.. Andy and Dwight in the same office. I CAN’T WAIT… HURRY up and start

  13. Jim is back! Jim is back! Jim is back! Jim is back! Jim is back! Jim is back! YEY! I’m sorry, I can’t get over the fact that Jim is BACK! Wait, maybe this is just a clever ruse thought up by those writer guyz to through us off the scent of the real happenings. Wow, did I just channel Dwight? LOL! Lets wait and see wut happens. Can. Not. Wait. :P

  14. “If Michael’s coming back from his honeymoon in Jamacia, Carol would not be the only one person he could have potentially married.”

    Yep, I was thinking the same thing. I’m really thinking its Michael who proposes this week … the question now is if that is the case is it to Carol or Jan?

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