1. Not only do I love the AC/DC in these promos, but I LOVE
    the face Michael makes when he sprays Erin. I saw this on tv the
    other night and literally LMAO-ed!

  2. Looks like a great ep! Way to start off the new year! I’m
    going to be so upset at the loss of Steve’s incredible

  3. Michael does the absolute best freak-outs ever. Can’t wait! Steve is so great. And Jim better not be hiding from Dwight, come on now!

  4. Amazing! I LMAO-ed when I saw this for the first time!

    Prediction! Holly isn’t engaged when they come back after the New Year, hence Michael and Erin celebrating. But by the end of the episode, AJ will have proposed and she’ll have said yes.

  5. That laughing during the killing myself video seems like a wink to the Halloween episode last season where Michael pretends to hang himself.

  6. #10, the thing is that Jim isn’t tough. He’s a joker and a fun guy, but we’ve never seen him be physically tough. Although we forget it because he’s often the butt of the joke, Dwight actually is a tough guy and to see him unload on Jim was hysterical.

    Welcome back, Office!

  7. I, um, started watching the first one… but I was laughing way too hard and for the first time in my personal “The Office” watching history, I chose not to be further spoiled.

    This is going to be AWESOME!

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