Update on Jenna

From USA Today:

She has received well-wishes from all her Office co-stars. Steve Carell (Michael) sent flowers with a funny note. John Krasinski (Jim) wrote a “lovely e-mail.” Rainn Wilson (Dwight) placed a call to her room. But it was an NBC doc who really impressed her. “Zach Braff (Scrubs) was at the party when I fell. And bless his heart, the next day he sent a big tray of cupcakes to my hotel. In those first few days, all my husband and I did for pleasure was watch a Larry Sanders DVD and eat those cupcakes.”

Get better soon, Jenna!

Link: Fischer feeling better after big fall


  1. I’m hoping that “lovely email” included at least some fun limerick or something.

  2. Ah that’s sweet of them. I was really confused when I first read “NBC doc”…gotta love Zach Braff.

    On a slightly unrelated note, I JUST realized who Jenna plays in the pilot of Undeclared – I really can’t believe that girl is her!

  3. Is it wrong that I thought for a second about trying to scope out the trails in Central Park? Maybe a little.

  4. Very sorry to hear that Jenna’s still not well enough to travel back to LA; it must be horrible to be injured and so far from home. Hope it is true that she would be feeling strong enough to go back home next week. I must say the gesture by Zach Braff is immensely sweet. It bears repeating that Angela is just the best friend ever, for being there for Jenna during this difficult time. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Jenna!

  5. Poor Jenna! I can’t believe she’s still in NY. I bet she just wants to be home while recouperating.

  6. wow. wtf?! an EMAIL?! OfficeAddict, i really doubt he was too “busy” to visit a good friend.

  7. Um Krasinski wrote a lovely email? He lives in NYC, you think he could have at least stopped by!

  8. Wow, that sucks that she isn’t home yet. That was super sweet of Zach Braff.

  9. JKras sent an email? That’s cold. I think friends should always do a little more than what, you know, mere acquaintances could.

  10. thats great that she is recovering well. Im not sure but I thought John was still doing “leatherheads”? maybe that’s why he couldn’t visit jenna. at least he made an effort. who am i kidding? i can’t stay mad at John. haha

  11. That is really sweet of Zach ^_^ Also, GMMR, i thought the same exact thing as you about Krasinski =/ There must have been something keeping him from visiting her. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt…

  12. Man people, stop assuming things about Krasinski. And why all the focusing on him anyways? Rainn just called her. Not that that is worse, or better, but I don’t think any of that is any of our business.

  13. Why I love Jenna:

    “I’m almost at the point where I can bend over. I really have a desire to wash my feet.”

    Zach must be a JAMmer.

  14. Aww, that is sweet of Zach… I am surprised at the just the email from JK, but, then again, he probably is busy, and I know an email can do wonders… But still, poor Jenna, that is just such a not fun injury….

  15. There are quotations around the words “lovely e-mail”.
    Maybe that means more than your run of the mill

  16. Geez, everyone. Give the guy a break. I get the impression that actors have to travel a lot and he’s probably not in NYC, even though he lives there. Besides, he’s not in love with her in real life-just in the show. I know, you’re all mad at me now.

  17. Awwww….good ol’ Dr. Dorian comin’ through like a champ! An e-mail?….look alive there Halpert.

  18. Oh, Jenna. I can’t watch an entire episode of The Office without thinking to myself, “JENNA! YOU POOR THING!” And to not even be able to be at home. Jeez.

    Also, nice job, Zach Braff! Was I too hasty in breaking up with him for John Krasinski? Hmmm…

  19. She didn’t seem offended by just an email from JK so neither should we. My favorite line from the interview: “By that time she will be shooting The Office, which concluded the season with her character being asked out on a date (finally!) by Jim. “I’m assuming the writers aren’t going to break my heart,” Fischer says.” I hope so, too!

  20. She’s so funny, even in her agony. I loved the comment – “…I had the thought, ‘This isn’t going to end well.'”

    I love that Zach Braff comforted her with cupcakes. I was waiting to hear something about the Cupcake Courier.

  21. “I’m assuming the writers aren’t going to break my heart,” Fischer says.

    Here’s hoping the don’t break mine either!

  22. A get well email is lame. Sorry. No way around that. Hey, John, you’re a millionaire! Shell out $2.50 for a Hallmark card! Or better yet, make a donation like the fans did.

  23. That poor girl! It sounds awful. Why did John only send an email? We know he has been in NY plenty – he’s been spotted walking a dog, w/Rashida at the Shrek premiere, and more and he sends her an email? That’s great about Zach Braff, though. I wonder how long this is going to hold up Office production?

  24. I get the feeling that JKras isn’t as close to the rest of the cast as we are led to believe sometimes. He seems absent in many of the cast party photographs, and does not attend a lot of the extra events that the rest of the cast does. I don’t think that makes him a bad guy or anything, and I am sure that he is super busy. I just think he may keep his work and his personal life more seperate than the rest of the cast.

    Major props to Zach Braff by the way.

  25. Glad to hear that she’s feeling better, and soon to be one her way home. I’m also glad that Zach Braff sent her cupcakes! I remember thinking, “If I actually knew Jenna, I would send her cupcakes!” I’m happy that she got some, and how cool of Zach to do that.

  26. Aw, poor John. There was probably something keeping him from visiting. People should give him the benefit of the doubt.

  27. As someone who is not very fluffy and emotional…I always express myself better in an email. Sad I know..but we don’t know what it said.

  28. Hey folks, emails CAN be lovely. I’ve written many extensive, heart-felt emails in my day and have gotten very warm responses. Let’s not judge. We don’t know the circumstances.

    Anyhow…I’m so glad to hear from her directly (well, you know what I mean). I hate that she’s still not feeling spectacular, but she does sound in good spirits. Her line, “This is not going to end well,” made me laugh out loud here in my quiet office. She’s a sweetheart. Can’t wait ’til September.

  29. Did I read this correctly? Is Jenna still in New York recuperating after two weeks? If so…that poor girl. Not that NYC is bad – it’s great – it’s my home – but I’m sure she would have wanted to have moved on be home by now.

    Cupcakes! Yum!

  30. We owe Krasinski the benefit of the doubt, I think. But as in love with Jenna Fischer as I am, I can’t imagine any true friend of hers not calling or sending flowers or something. OK, so maybe I’m not giving Kras the benefit of the doubt. … By the way, anyone else notice that the Mean magazine article said John is 28. According to IMDB, he’s 27 until October.

  31. #28, I’m with you. Same story with Steve Carell. Clearly, The Office has been great for their careers. In order to capitalize on that and ensure a wide variety of roles, I think they have both avoided becoming excessively associated with the Office gang on their off-time.

    At the same time, though, I don’t get the feeling that John is unkind. Quite the opposite, actually. Haven’t you noticed how practically every interviewer is impressed by how *nice* he is? Besides, Jenna doesn’t appear to feel slighted, so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

    It’s great to hear she’s on the mend. I’m sure that even in the nicest hotel room cabin fever sets in, and she must be relieved that she’ll soon be able to go home and recuperate.

  32. How did an update on Jenna turn into an attack on John? We really don’t know anything, except she said he sent her an email. And why is it our place to judge either way? Anyway, I hope Jenna’s pain gets better soon. And as Brunette said, I hope the writers don’t break my heart either :)

  33. I’m glad that Jenna is feeling better. I think John Krasinksi was kind to email her. At least he did do that. I agree with you #19 except that I think John is NYC because he’s supposed to be presenting at the MTV awards this weekend.

  34. I think it’s funny that everybody is hating on JKras here, but a few posts below there is nothing but love for him and his Mean Mag interview…

    Oh the fickleness of fans… I love him. He’s great. I wished he would send me an email if I broke my back. :)

  35. “By that time she will be shooting The Office, which concluded the season with her character being asked out on a date (finally!) by Jim. “I’m assuming the writers aren’t going to break my heart,” Fischer says.”


  36. I kind of like the fact that JKras wrote her an email…it’s the same kind of distanced gesture that perhaps Jim Halpert would send, knowing that a more romantic gesture could give him away. Like when he started to write her that email in “The Fight”…

  37. What is with you people dogging on John? As much as you want him to be, he is not actually Jim Halpert and Jenna is not Pam. They are co-workers and friends, not anything else. I’m sure he did the best he could just like Steve and Rainn did. Good grief.

  38. Heh…not that JKras has hidden romantic feelings for Jenna, but that he’s just acting in true Halpert style.

  39. 28: Actually I’ve seen John in a ton of cast pictures. The guy is is hardly any of them is Steve. Do a google image search of the office cast and you will see what I mean.

  40. Amen, Big Turkey! I think you guys need to give JKras a break and not overanalyze the gesture. I still think he’s freakin’ awesome!

  41. I am amused by the fact that everyone is ragging on John. He’s a busy guy. As much as I’d like to believe it, Steve probably did not go to the florist and personally select those flowers. Don’t worry John, I’m still infatuated with you.

  42. Ok let’s be real, the real reason why everyone’s being so harsh is because the Season 3 DVD isn’t coming until September and we’re all subconsciously bitter. Or maybe that’s just me.

    And a “ditto that” to…
    42 | RealityCheck

  43. It’s merely a question of etiquette. Computerized greetings are still not considered good etiquette except by people 25 and under. Flowers, phoning, baked goods, cards, all show effort. An email says, “my life is so busy that I really have no more time than this for you.” However, I remember a that tech gadgets article where John said how tech geeky he was so there you go.

    Anyway, I hope Jenna’s cleared to go home soon. Nothing is worse than not feeling well away from home.

  44. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe what’s going on here. How come you all aren’t ragging on BJ Novak, Phillys Smith, Brian Baumgartner, Melora Hardin, Mindy Kaling or Leslie David Baker? They were all in NY the day that Jenna got hurt, yet none of them are even mentioned in the article. Do you really think none of them have contacted her or sent her something? Considering how close this cast appears to be, I sincerely doubt it.

    It’s a USA today article people, they cover news accross the country. The writer probably has a word limit and can’t dictate every single word that Jenna said. For all you know she could have said that John sent a lovely e-mail, called 3 times, sent flowers and stopped by when he had a few minutes and was in the neighborhood and the interviewer decided to quote her only on “lovely e-mail”.

    I’m just glad that Jenna was able to communicate to her fans, through this interview, that she is on the mend, able to take walks in Central Park, can probably go home next week and will be fully recovered in time to begin shooting S4 of The Office. That’s really the whole point of article. Don’t judge people based on limited, partial information.

  45. Poor Jenna. Reading the details of how she fell and the pain gave me chills. But I’m glad to read she’s getting better.

  46. Oh man, if John Krasinski wrote me an email, I’d print is out a million times and plaster it on my wall for wallpaper.

    I’m glad Jenna’s feeling better :)

  47. I’m glad to see that others thought the same thing as me… “an e-mail”???? Ha! I sent my prof an e-mail when she broke her foot. Oh, well…I guess I just have to come back to reality and remember that it is just a tv show. :)

  48. Guys give John a break. We don’t know the whole story. He could have also given her flowers or visited her later. We also don’t know what he said in the email either. The fact that Jenna mentioned it means that it meant something to her.

  49. it’s amazingly sad how zach braff (who barely knew her) sent her cupcakes while john (who’s supposidely her friend and was at NYC during her accident) sent her an “email”. that just sounds incredibly cold.

  50. seriously though, if we dont know that steve carell plays michael, and john krasinski plays jim, and so forth, we are not true fans, and dont deserve to be at such an amazing website!!!!!!! that’s all i have to say on the matter….

    and ps. if john krasinski (jim) wants to throw some “lovely email”s my way, he can feel free…just puttin that out there…

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