Kristin chats with Office gang

E! Online’s Kristin Veitch recently released some new footage of her chat with The Office gang at the upfronts earlier this month.

Although Season 4 is mentioned, it’s not really spoilerish … or true. :)

Link: Kristin’s Vine Show


  1. Sorry to two comments in a row, but BJ Novak looked kind of (or really) mad at Angela at the end. He just walked away!

  2. “On behalf of all JAM fans, good riddance, tramp!”

    Hands down the best Kristin comment EVER.

  3. I don’t think BJ looked mad. I think he was just moving on to another interview.

  4. I didn’t sense BJ was mad. But I could be wrong. Anglea and Brian do all the publicity stuff. Steve and John — almost never. Does that kind of irk anybody else?

  5. If there was anything remotely likable about Karen I wouldn’t hate her, but I found her character to be a snob, a bore and what she called Pam (kind of a…).

  6. gotta love those people. i love how they suspected Kate flannery to be drunk by the end of the night. haha. I must agree with Stop spraying me!, I love JAM, but Karen was not at fault, the entire time anyway.

  7. Amen Chang…

    And no one can actually *hate* Karen because she’s just a fictional character. So, I’ll stop *hating* Karen when The Office stops being a TV show.

  8. Samuel L. Chang, I get irked by that too. I mean, I’d never even heard of John Krasinski until the Office. Maybe he needs to remember that it was the Office that gave him all these new opportunities. I love seeing Brian and Angela out there though. They are awesome.

  9. no, I think Ryan walked away from the interview because if you watch it again, there’s a lady that comes up to him and probably told him he had to go some where.

  10. The video is from the Upfronts, which everyone from the cast attended…including Johh and Steven. And John mentions The Office in his “Mean” interview and how great it is to do. So I think John knows how much The Office has meant to his career.

  11. OK, so I may be a bit behind on my celebrity dating gossip, but last I heard, wasn’t BJ dating Mindy Kaling in real life?

    Perhaps the comments about his singleness led him to make a hasty exit…?

  12. I want new episodes stat…
    11–I thought they were dating too. But, maybe its something I just made up in my head. Who knows?? :)

  13. And, yet again, no Paul Lieberstein! Why do Toby fans always get the shaft?! :o)

  14. Stop Spraying Me,

    did you SEE the last two episodes?! karen was such a snob!

  15. 11 Kristen & 18 Stephanie C, i was wondering about that too. bj’s myspace used to say “in a relationship” but now it says “single.”

    i don’t know if this refers to ryan or to his actual love life, but i don’t know why angela would say that if he were dating mindy :p a lot of your fans are available too, bj ;)

  16. (11, 18 & 23) I’m pretty sure I remember reading that Mindy and BJ dated a while ago and broke up soon after the office started. I vaguely remember thinking how much it must suck for them to have to be in an on screen relationship…

  17. Maybe it’s therapeutic for B.J. and Mindy to write what they felt/feel into various characters? Clearly they’re able to still work professionally together and get the job done, so kudos them both.

  18. actually im pretty sure they’re dating or really good friends. kirsten v. mentioned that they were getting really “cosy” at some awards show. and mindy mentions him in her blog as “ben” or “ben jo”.look it up :)

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