Vote for Jenna Fischer’s blog at MSNBC!

Let’s rally, Tallyheads, and vote for Jenna Fischer’s blog as MSNBC’s Most Entertaining Celebrity Blog!

Links: Vote for Jenna’s blog here | Read Jenna’s blog here

Tipster: vanfan14

5:07pm PT: 54%.

2:24pm PT: 46%. Unstoppable.

11:06am PT: 24%.

10:33am PT: 18% and in FIRST PLACE! Keep going! Let’s win BIG!

10:24am PT: 16% and tied for first place! Keep voting!

10:11am PT: 13%! Go fans go!

9:52am PT: She’s currently in second place with 9.2% of the votes; I know we can get her over the top!


  1. Done! I liked how it said at the bottom of the page ‘Not a scientific Survey’. :-)

  2. voted!
    Jenna better win, she is way classier than like 3/4 of the people on that list!

  3. Voted! I love the behind-the-scenes tidbits Jenna often shares in her blog. Even though I’ve never read any of the other nominated blogs, I know she totally deserves to win this! ;)

  4. wait now it’s 29% and the second most voted is 14%
    it’s power of the Office Tally!

  5. The power of OfficeTally is almost terrifying.

    [from tanster: hahahaha! actually, it’s the power of Tallyheads, not OfficeTally.]

  6. Wow, the Tallyheads really know how to make something happen! Let’s try something a little more ambitious…

  7. I really wish Jenna could actually win something from this, haha…something so she could see how much the fans appreciate her :o)

  8. Just voted!

    As of now,Jenna 40% in first place of course! 2nd place is at 11%.

    JF FTW! :D

  9. 43 percent now and there’s no stopping her! She is so wonderfully down to earth.
    I was just explaining to one of my students today (13-yr-old fan!)how Jenna blogs while in the background of scenes, and we both marveled at the whole “broken 4th wall” feeling.

  10. This is awesome! Everyone outside the OfficeTally realm is probably like ‘who the heck is this Jenna Fischer?’

  11. Now Jenna is the only one with a double digit integer percentage.

    Only two more percentage points to go before the big 5-0.

    But, of course, according to Ari Gold in less profane terms: Like Sun Tzu the philosopher said, “After you’re done beating your enemies, beat them some more.”

  12. 48% at 6:06 eastern. The power of the Tallyheads is truely amazing and so is Jenna’s blog. She is kicking butt in the poll and life in general. :)

  13. I just voted! OBAMA/FISCHER ’08

    Come to the bay area Jenna! “Wattup FOUR ONE FIVE!”

  14. 49% @ 3:19 Pacific.

    LOL Is it really random that Wil Wheaton is one of the choices, or is it just me??!! I haven’t heard anything about him in years.

  15. Once at work and once at home…51%.

    If Tallyheads could unite behind one presidential candidate, there would almost no point in even having an election.

    Tanster/Mosby ’12. I could get behind that. (TWSS)

  16. I’d just like to comment that they spelled Wil Wheaton’s name wrong. HELLO!!! I did vote for Jenna though, not to worry.

  17. Yay, Jenna’s unbeatable! :D And I’m laughing at the fact that MC Hammer has a blog. :o

  18. 1st place- Jenna with 57%
    2nd place- Rosie O’Donnell with 8.2%
    That’s just plain awesome.

  19. I just voted and woot woot, Jenna FTW! The others “didn’t” stand a chance.

    BTW, I totally loved her Furball entry, it was so sweet and encouraging.

  20. Wow. Tallyhead Nation is an unstoppable force in the world of online-polls-related-to-The-Office-and-its-cast or-crew. Well done

  21. I guess you can vote once per day, cause I just did it again…

    Does Jenna win anything for this?

  22. 65% 10:05 AM PT

    The power or the tallyheads is amazing!!

    Can’t wait for the new episode tonite.

  23. Ahhhh. She’s crushing the competition. MSNBC has to be a little confused at this point.

  24. As of 3:07 p.m. EST on 10/08: 65% with 6118 responses which equals about 3977 votes for Jenna!

  25. Never underestimate the power of Tallyheads united. I’ll bet Rosie O’Donnell is PISSED! :P

  26. GO JENNA!!! I did check out some of the lowly competitors and Jenna’s Blog is so much better. Maybe MSNBC will recognize her (more) next time they do a celebrity blog article!

  27. I keep thinking of all the people looking at this poll who may not be that familiar with Jenna, but are now clicking on her blog as they think, “Wow, this one must be AMAZING!” LOL (and they would be correct, of course!) Her blog hits are probably through the roof! Excellent work, everyone! :)

  28. This is getting a little embarassing for everyone else. But… that’s not gonna stop me from voting!

    If you want to vote again, just clear your cookies/browser cache

  29. There is probably not a single celebrity out there as grounded and real as Jenna Fischer. Well, maybe there is, but Jenna seems the least afraid to show it.

  30. I love this cause it shows you just how loyal we are to this show. All the other celebrity fan sites should be embarrassed by this because all of them combined can’t beat our girl! Once again, great job Tallyheads and Tanster!

  31. No offense, but she wrote a couple blogs about directv not working and about when the office premiers. Should she really be getting recognized for entertaining writing?

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