1. Oh, Holly! When will they extend your contract becasue I really want to Michael to say, “I’m having a Holly Jolly Christmas!”

  2. Every time I see Holly, the more perfect she seems for Michael!

    I loved the “Pencils down! just kidding, take your time.” :P

  3. I think Michael’s found his true love. I think it’ll be funny to have Ryan the reason they have to have a business ethics meeting in the room.

  4. October 9th is John Lennon’s birthday, so yeah…sounds like a double celebration to me!

    (It’s like NBC planned this around me since I’m going to be busy next weekend.)

  5. Don’t care if Toby comes back, don’t care if he doesn’t. All I care about is that Holly can never leave.

  6. I love Holly. She pulls off Michael’s sense of humor in a much… hmm… how do I word this? She’s not as obnoxious… at least not yet. :)

  7. “Pencils down” brings back bad memories of the writer’s strike and california IQ Tests in First Grade. That clip was terrific. I adore Holly and Michael. They are perfect together.

  8. I love Holly! She’s instantly fit into the groove of the show. I really do hope they further extend her contract. She’s so dorky, and perfect for Michael!

  9. AHHhhhaaa I can’t even watch the clip but I lol’ed at the thought of #1’s comment. that would be freakin awesome!

  10. The only thing that keeps this clip from being 100% awesome is the fact that Amy Ryan has said numerous times that her contract is only for a limited number of episodes. “Wow” is right.

  11. what’s so great about the office is I just had to watch this with no sound and it still cracked me up.

  12. so i was just thinking, and this is probably over the top…but in the pre-season interviews, they made it seem that the office would be really angsty this season. like jim and pam would have a lot of problems (which they might) and how jim was getting cold feet, but they ended up getting engaged in the first episode. so what if amy ryan stays LONGER? it might happen…right? please?

    but holly and michael are the best things to happen to the office since world war two. FIFTY YEARS!

  13. okay i am dying here, she needs to stay. now we only have 5 more episodes left with her. :( i really hope they have her come back we need to see Michael happy.

  14. I thought the premiere was too much. What office has a ‘weight loss challenge’? I’m obsessed with The Office, but I’m not a big fan of this season so far. It just seems like they went to the extreme and made the plots completely outrageous and ridiculous.

  15. #33…I have to jump in here. My husband’s company had a weight loss contest last fall and it was EXACTLY like this episode. My husband was actually LOVING last night’s because of that plot line. It wasn’t between branches, but among all the workers and whoever won got $500. By the end, guys were starving themselves and I’m ashamed to admit, but my husband actually wore a sweating suit like the ones Andy and Dwight tried to make out of garbage bags! His company got the idea after hearing about another office that did one. These are very popular right now and thus, it is relevant!

  16. #33, I had a friend whose office had a weight loss challenge and I’ve sat through business ethics meetings. Granted they were not run by someone like Michael Scott, who is insane :-)

  17. I loved the season premiere. What I loved about it is that it was simple. Most of it took place in the office and the weight loss thing was not over the top. Great episode.

  18. This is torture! A magnificent season premiere and a hilarious sneak preview of Episode Two … and two LONG weeks in between! Whoever scheduled the vice presidential debate for a Thursday – nice going.

    Oh – and count me in to the group who wishes Amy Ryan could stick around. She’s perfect!

  19. Amy Ryan needs to stay. She is so awesome on this show. That is all. That clip was hilarious. Reminded me of season 1 and 2.

  20. The Holly/Michael storyline is rather lame. Michael’s songs and characters can become tiresome and even less entertaining with an equally as silly sidekick. We get it. They are just alike and belong together forever. They are boring and not funny. I hope the second episode is more concise and coherent than the first.

  21. “My strategy is to merge this into a relationship without her even knowing”

    ohhhhhh Michael.

    also – “pencils down” is too funny :)

  22. I also want to say that Jenna and John did a TERRIFIC job in their acting ability during the engagement scene…it felt and looked SO REAL!!!!!!!! :)

  23. Dwight seemed to waste a lot of food in this one. Toby can never seem to catch a break. I was shocked when they showed him in the hospital. Wow, Jim finally proposed to Pam. In the rain! How romantic!

  24. #44 -Yes! I mentioned it on another thread. I totally think Angela might be carrying Dwight’s baby! The gain 10 lbs thing and also, the fact that the weight being gained on the scale was a small amount put that idea in my head.

  25. of course they plan a debate at 9 o’clock on a thursday
    Why must we wait two weeks!

  26. Okay, we seriously need to start a petition to keep Amy Ryan. It is rare that in an ensemble as tight as “The Office” they can introduce a new character that fits in SOOOO perfectly and actually ENHANCES the whole. She is GOLDEN. I have a feeling that even though they said 6 episodes, the writers know she will be back at a later time. If that wasn’t the case, why introduce her at all???

    #44- YES! I said the same thing about Angela being pregnant to my mum as we were watching last night. When they said that someone had to be gaining weight. Gee, too bad they couldn’t have done that last season, they wouldn’t need for Angela to pretend! ha

  27. Molly/Hichael (do we have a name for them yet?) are going to be a beautiful, hilarious, awkward monster!

  28. TheBluesIris–Rachel is right. Weight Loss Challenges or Health Initiatives in offices are actually pretty common. Do you work in one? It’s definitely not outrageous or far-reaching at all.

    On a different topic. Super disappointed because I thought the debate was Oct. 9th. We got one new episode and already have to wait 2 weeks :(

  29. Holly is an instant classic on this show. Please do not rip her away in a few weeks! She is so much more likable than Jan. Jan is predominantly selfish and it is just annoying. Holly is hilariously sweet becuase she doesn’t think she is The Queen Diva. She is precious and smart…JAM are engaged?!?!?! YES.

  30. # 33 — Our office once had a Weight Loss Challenge too — winner won $250. One lady always wore a big sweatsuit for weight-in every week, hid little weights in it, then slowly took them out week by week, hence, winning. She eventually fessed up and gave the money to charity.

  31. Angela is totally pregnant (said in a Kevin-style voice).

    The camera even paused on her momentarily when it was mentioned that SOMEONE was gaining weight. What a plot line!

    As for Holly…she’s perfect. She’s just like Michael, only with slightly better common sense. They’re a perfect match. Awesome casting and character development!

  32. #42, I agree. Toby can stay in Costa Rica or be in the Spin Off. Whatever. Let’s petition to keep Holly forever. Also agree with #52 and #57 about Holly. She’s an awesome addition, Michael’s soulmate, and so much more fun to watch than Jan, even though Melora is great. We’ve already watched Jan implode.

    My sister-in-law won a losing weight contest in her office a couple of years ago. She’s done really well keeping it off, too. She used Weight Watchers method. So, for me the whole episode rang true.

  33. Just not a big Holly fan. I’m totally meh on her and can’t imagine how she or Michael would remain interesting when paired. I won’t be heartbroken when her time is up, although I think Amy Ryan is very lovely and talented. It’s totally about the character.

  34. Oh, darn these geofiltered video clips! I really want to watch this.

    [from tanster: please try the tip posted right below the video and report back!]

  35. I would bet that Angela is pregnant because “her doctor wants her to gain weight” YAY JAM wedding plans and more exciting funny love triangles. Holly is good but Michael won’t have a shot if he keeps taking Jim’s advice. Totally different types of people.

  36. I don’t think this has been brought up in any of the threads yet: Who’s Ryan’s replacement at corporate? Is it Troy?

  37. Wow, thanks Tanster! I’m in Canada and can now watch the clips. Thank you so much!

    [from tanster: awesome! glad it worked!]

  38. Angela COULD be pregnant, and yeah it would be funny… but only for a while. It would really break Andy’s heart and seriously… I don’t think it would be wise. Clearly Andy and Angela have not had sex, or probably have even gone further than kissing, and I think it would really kill him whether he is truly IN LOVE with Angela or not. He obviously hasn’t had a lot of girlfriends in the past. But either way, this whole love triangle with Dwight/Angela/Andy is going to end with someone getting hurt.

    I just don’t think it would be a good idea, but it is possible.

  39. I don’t think Angela’s pregnant. I think her doctor told her to gain weight because she’s a very small person.

    An ideal situation would be Andy dumping Angela. He’ll just quit if he thinks things are unfair.

  40. The best part about Holly is that she somehow “normalizes” Michael. It’s like all of the sudden Michael is a normal guy who does idiotic things sometimes, and before, he was an idiot who did normal things sometimes. It’s a great switch in his character.

    Plus, it’s very nice to see Michael happy… genuinely happy. He deserves a great relationship after what Jan put him through.

  41. I love how everyone watching Michael and Holly are giving them weird looks…except for Phyllis. Anyone else notice that at one point you can see her bopping to the music?

  42. Holly is some kind of goofball. She can’t possibly think this is a good idea for an ETHICS presentation! Was she in HR at a circus prior to her employment at DM?! I love how everyone is just aghast staring at Miichael & Holly singing and dancing- even Stanley. Gotta love Phyllis- she’s swaying in her chair and bopping her head.

  43. There’s a new photo from Business Ethics on NBC’s Office website. Go to Caption Contest.

  44. Ahahahaha! Oh man. Jim’s look to the camera as he’s being tackled by Michael is absolutely priceless. I can’t wait for next week!

  45. Okay is it wrong that I laughed more at “Katie I’d like to use one of my life lines” ?? I mean tackling Jim is awesome, but you gotta admit – you saw that coming. lol

  46. That promo clip made me tear up. Again. lol And, it was just b/c Jim was smiling so big when he spoke. lol Loved the tackle! I can not wait!! ;) Oh, and the petition to keep Holly, I’d totally sign it.

  47. Another “LOL” moment for me this morning with a Michael tackle. Can’t wait for next week!

  48. Oh dear … the pain and turmoil Jim and Pam are causing for relationships all over the world. (sigh!)

    I know my hubby is starting to resent Mr. Halpert! HA!

  49. I’m so excited!!!!! I bet you anything Andy is gonna ask Jim is he wants to do a “double wedding”. ;)

  50. Rainn Wilson gave a talk at my school last week and they showed 10 minutes of this weeks episode. Here’s a quick recap for those who want to be spoiled: The tackling is the cold open. Jim realizes he hasn’t told anyone so he makes the big announcement, but everyone is confused and someone asks if they have to get Pam another wedding gift. Then there’s a long scene in the conference room with Holly lecturing about ethics. She tells everyone not to take long lunches, personal calls, or office supplies, and everyone (particularly Oscar) gets kind of pissed. Michael, sensing things are going badly for Holly, takes over and for some reason offers total immunity for anyone who admits an ethical violation. Meredith proceeds to tell everyone that she has been giving a client a discount rate in exchange for sex and Outback Steakhouse gift certificates. The meeting ends and everyone files out, except for Michael and Holly. An exasperated Holly tells Michael that Meredith has seriously screwed up. Michael’s response: “Yeah, well, what are you gonna do?”

  51. When Jim and Pam got engaged in the last episode, I too felt like hug-tackling Jim, I was so happy. It was about time!

  52. I LOVE it…I just REALLY hope the writers KNOW we don’t want Jim/Pam to have drama…can’t they just set a date and get MARRIED!!!!!!!!! :)

  53. Is it weird that I’m already looking forward to the bloopers for season 5? I would love to see how many takes John and Steve had of that tackle-hug…

  54. dammit, i have to work on thursday night! eff!
    but, oh well, that’s what hulu is for

  55. I loved how Michael like hummed when he tackled Jim! I have a question: Is Pam back from New York? Or is Jim just talking to the receptionist??

  56. We all remember what Michael was like at the Bob Vance wedding–I can’t even imagine how crazy Michael would be at a Jim-Pam wedding!

  57. When I first saw this preview, Michael tackling Jim literally had me falling off my couch laughing. I think I re-wound that part at least five times. Steve Carell = Comic Genius, anyone?

  58. I am sooo excited about this week’s episode I can’t even stand it!! When Michael tackles Jim…priceless!! Just a few more days!

  59. this is going to be such a good week for NBC.
    heroes, my name is earl, the office, AND a prime time SNL episode


  60. I’m wondering how Steve managed to tackle John Krasinski. That must’ve taken a lotta man power.

  61. Did anyone catch Dwight pulling out from under his desk what appears to be a 2 liter bottle half-filled with something that looks suspiciously like urine? I wonder if that is in response to Jim’s little prank of “time theft”….

  62. Did NBC really just use the word “dork” to get me to watch their Thursday line-up…?

  63. Anne-
    That must’ve taken a lot of man power.
    (That’s what she said)
    Couldn’t resist.

  64. I wonder if Dwight’s violation of “time theft” is stealing away to the warehouse for some nookie with Ang-ela-ela-ela-ey-ey-ey, under my Angerella.

  65. JMC-
    Maybe Dwight has started peeing at his desk so he doesn’t waste time leaving his desk, walking to the bathroom, etc. (a la Branch Wars)

  66. I can’t wait for the next episode. I am wondering when Michael and Holly will get together. Will it be in Business Ethics or Crime Aid?

  67. #111, i completely agree with you! I’m also excited to watch “Kath & Kim!” But “business ethics” will be the highlight of this week on tv!

  68. Katie(#117)-

    Ha! How true. That would be so like Dwight’s character. At least this time he won’t “take a chunk” of his little Dwight by using plastic..a lesson learned the hard way.

  69. #116 -Yes, exactly! I think Jim is going to find out about Dwangela doing the naughty. I wonder if Jim’s ever going to tell Dwight that he and Pam have known for years about them. I would love to see Jim, Pam, and Phyllis blackmail Dwangela.

  70. I don’t know if anyone has seen this, but there’s a longer clip of the show tonight on nbc.com, where you hear Holly and Michael’s parody. Hilarious….

  71. It’s already 11 pm where I live but sadly only 6 pm on the East Coast and therefore still no Office-fix. But bright side I will have something AWESOME to watch while I eat breakfast tomorrow.

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