Vote for The Office!

There is currently one poll that needs Tallyhead Nation to get out and vote:

E!’s Watch With Kristin ‘TV’s Top Couple’ poll

  • Competing: The Office’s Jim and Pam
  • Currently up against: Chuck’s Chuck and Sarah
  • March 19 status: we’re behind, Jim and Pam 44.5% vs. Chuck and Sarah 55.5%.
  • Link: VOTE HERE, this round ends TODAY!

Vote now, vote often. Just one more round to make it to the finals!

Tipster: Jana


  1. Just checked a moment ago

    Jam: 50.1%
    Will and Emma: 49.9%

    Go JAM!

    [from tanster: good job, tallyheads! keep it going. we need a big lead before we can rest!]

  2. Just voted for them. They’re a way better couple than Will and Emma. And now it’s

    Jim and Pam: 51.1%
    Will and Emma: 49.9%

  3. I think I just boosted jim and pam up 0.02% from how many times I voted. Really glad we’re in the lead. Keep it up, tallyheads!

  4. I’d like to see us get to 75%. Keep going, you guys!

    I am voting like crazy right now.

    Good thing to do while watching the Oscars. :)

  5. 49.5% Will & Emma
    50.5% Jim & Pam

    Just voted now..keep up the good work OfficeTally family! :)

  6. Voted! They’re still in the lead.
    I really hope they don’t get beaten out by a Glee couple!

  7. 47.8% Will & Emma, Glee
    52.2% Jim & Pam, The Office

    Current standings as of a minute ago

  8. You’re kidding me. They’re making me choose between Luke/Lorelai and Ten/Rose?!?!?!?!

    Fortunately, W/E vs. JAM is an easy one. Yes, W/E is sweet, but JAM was the ORIGINAL workplace center of cuteness. JAM FTW!

  9. How is this even a close race? That’s insane. I hope it doesn’t come down to JAM vs. Mulder and Scully though. That would be really hard (TWSS) to pick. And no Sam and Diane from Cheers or the Huxtables? (sorry, that’s non-Office-related, but it’s still just wrong).

  10. 47.0% Will & Emma, Glee
    53.0% Jim & Pam, The Office

    as of 11:15 pm central time!!!
    LET’S GO JAM!!!!

  11. Sorry, I think Parks and Rec is one of the best shows on television this season.

    [from tanster: i agree. i hate that these two shows are pitted against each other!]

  12. Jim/Pam and Will/Emma ? That’s not even a question, love Glee but Will/Emma are the weak point of the show.

    And I’m surprised Parks and Rec is winning the other one…it’s great but not The Office great, not yet.

  13. I have to admit, I think parks and rec has been a bit better than the office this season on a consistent basis, although the office has a couple great episodes. Still have to vote for the office though, as much as I like parks and rec I don’t think I will ever have quite the obsessiveness and affection for it as I do for the office.

    Also, modern family is far far better than community. It shouldn’t be losing. (I do watch community too). Highly recommend Modern family for those who haven’t seen it.

  14. @24. hm
    I agree about the last part, it shocks me that Community is beating Modern Family. I watch and love both, but Modern Family is funnier and has more character development, in my opinion.

    Also, I think we can beat P&R, we just got to vote everyday until the 14th! It’s only 48% to 52%

  15. Kristen’s poll is updated to the Final 8…I voted for Jim & Pam which gave them ONE PERCENT!!

    Someone is out there voting quickly. We need to act now.

    And voting closes Friday, Mar 12.

  16. Ugh, we got up to 5% with Jim and Pam, but then it went down again. House and Cuddy aren’t even a real couple. I think there’s some cheating going on.

  17. What the heck? Who is voting ridiculous amounts for House/Cuddy? They aren’t even a real couple…I mean I like them, but they are no PB&J.

  18. house and cuddy have 96.8% and jam only has 3.2%!!! come on, people, get on that site and VOTE VOTE VOTE

  19. Simple. They’re using vote bots. There’s really no point in voting until the site realizes what’s going on.

  20. I don’t know if this is only happening to me, but i can’t see the percentage of votes cast so far in the couples battle on E!.com, and i hope that they realized that people were using vote bots to vote for house and cuddy.

  21. KEEP VOTING FOR JIM AND PAM!! They fixed it so that people couldn’t cheat anymore. Jim and Pam can still make it!!

  22. Jim & Pam made it to the Final Four!!

    I don’t see how long we have to vote, but right now, we’re ahead 54% to 46%!!


  23. We need tallyheads to vote now more than ever. we’re behing 48.7% to 51.3%. VOTE VOTE VOTE

  24. Game 2.1

    * 50.3% Chuck & Sarah, Chuck
    * 49.7% Jim & Pam, The Office

    [from tanster: niiiice! keep going, y’all! i’ve also asked to tweet about it … ]

  25. Game 2.1

    50.0% Chuck & Sarah, Chuck
    50.0% Jim & Pam, The Office

    [from tanster: just saw that, WOO HOO! keep going, you guys. we still have 3 days left, we need to go for a massive lead, and then KEEP THAT LEAD.]

  26. I just voted and the results were split evenly!

    Game 2.1
    50.0% Chuck & Sarah, Chuck
    50.0% Jim & Pam, The Office

  27. Ahh, so hard. I love Chuck and Sarah and JAM…choices, choices…guess it’s going to have to vote for Jim and Pam. ;)

  28. oh no! Chuck and Sarah are catching up! We need to vote, vote, vote for Jim and Pam!!!! :)

  29. Eek, Jim and Pam at 49.4%!

    Keep voting for Jim and Pam! Tommorrow is the last day!!

  30. The Office gets cheated out of everything! They will NOT get cheated out of this! Let’s go Tallyheads!

  31. Tough one. I’m a huge fan of Office but Chuck is an amazingly interesting show. Also, Chuck writers admit that Sarah-Chuck relationship is partially taken from Jim-Pam relationship.

    Sorry folks, have to vote for Chuck-Sarah.

  32. Noo, It has to be the office, that is classic tv, I like Chuck too. Why oh why do we have to choose between them, but the Office has to get my vote in the end.

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