The Office: New Leads, 6.20

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The Office New Leads

Writer: Brent Forrester, Director: Brent Forrester

Summary (NBC): When the sales staff lets Sabre’s new “sales is king” policy get to their heads, Michael hides their new, prized leads. Guest star: Zach Woods.

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In a poll conducted March 18-22, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.29/10

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The Office New Leads quotes

Michael: Screw you, Halpert.

Jim: M Night Shulman?

Michael: The Lost and Found has gone missing. It itself is lost. So please try not to lose anything until we find it.

Andy: Well then no Andy Bernard, per se.

Dwight: You couldn’t handle my undivided attention.

Michael: The way this place used to work was, make friends first, make sales second, make love third, in no particular order.

Dwight: All of my numbers. All six of my numbers. Okay? Including the car phone! Alright, Dwight out!

Dwight: Oh, you say Jesus is king of kings? Well, what does that say to you about how I think of myself?

Angela: I’ve emailed you four times asking you to come to my desk.

Michael: Stop sexting Pam.

Michael: The sales department smashed my sandwich?
Darryl: Yes. All of them. Together. It’s a conspiracy.

Darryl: You need to get back on top.
Michael: That’s what she said.

Phyllis: Hand them over, numnuts.

Michael: I am sick of your uppity attitude, Jim.

Gabe: Michael, I don’t want to incentivize murder.

Michael: Because today we are all kings … and queens.

Michael: A father needs to respect his boss, and kids don’t respect the father who doesn’t respect the boss.

Jim: This one’s a map.
Michael: Or is it?

Angela: Fill them out. All of them. And when you’re done, you can watch me shred them.

Pam: Nothing but vomit and diapers over here.

Jim: Having a baby is as exhausting as they say it is. Having two babies … that’s just unfair.

Pam: He means “his mopey place.” It’s under that streetlamp that he thinks was in Casablanca.

Michael: Today I turned an office crisis into a teachable moment.

Dwight: The prankster is getting pranked, haha!

Michael: If you want to find your leads, go to the man who never breeds.

Dwight: Alright Meredith, take off your dress.
Meredith: Okey dokey.

Toby: If we don’t patronize the only Syrian restaurant in town, there’ll be nothing left but pan pizzas and, you know, make your own salads.

Kevin: Tonight is Ghost Whisperer, so Friday.

Toby: Does it have to be pizza? Can it be a falafel?

Michael: You were all successories.

Dwight: I’ll go, Michael. ‘Cause you’ll just screw it up.

Dwight: This place has gone to hell.

Michael: Sometimes the acorn just stays an acorn.

Kelly: You know maybe if the salesmen weren’t acting like such a bunch of stuck-up losers, this day wouldn’t be so bad. Did you ever think of that?

Kelly: Don’t use your cute baby to make us like you.

Jim: She’s wearing a onesie.

Phyllis: A lot of their work can be done from India.

Dwight: Hey, there is nothing I can do about my wide-set eyes.

Dwight: I hitched my wagon to a horse with no legs.

Dwight: Stop it! That’s my spool!

Phyllis: If they don’t have an iPod by now, they really don’t want one.

Andy: Erin just texted me back. “People love shells from far away beaches.”

Dwight: No other animal on Earth could do this. Maybe beavers. But not like this.

Phyllis: They’ve accepted our simple offer of treats only. Nothing more.

Dwight: Purple much?

Dwight: Hope … grows.
Michael: In a dump.

Andy: You’re the nicest person I’ve ever met. Riddit-dit-di-doo.

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  1. The kiss was kinda cute, but The Office should NEVER use a green screen. It just looks awful. No matter what. Please, never again!

  2. Wow I completely called the “radadatadoo” after Erin and Andy’s first kiss. Other than that, decent episode; sort of a funnier version of Casual Friday.

  3. Above average episode. I liked it alot. The way they did the dump kinda annoyed me though. 8/10

  4. I was laughing so hard at this episode. That was so great. The Michael/Dwight dream team is BACK! and Andy and Erin had their first kiss in the dump!!! awwww so cute!!!!!

  5. Alison, I hate to tell you this, but they’ve used a green screen before. And there’s a video out there that shows just how often its used on tv. It saves $$$.

    Anyway…RA DA DA DA DO

  6. LOVED the whole ep. (yes-the green screen was weird) The actors were all hilarious and we got to see everyone in the office which is awesome!!! Creed’s enormous glasses, Meredith undressing, Dwight and Michael fighting, Darryl telling Michael that he needs to get back on top TWSS, and especially Andy and Erin SO CUTE!!!

  7. Fun episode. It was good to see Michael and Dwight talking about how their relationship has changed over time. I also enjoyed seeing all the office characters involved in this episode. It had a season 2 feeling

  8. I think this was one of the weakest episodes in a long time. Not a lot of funny moments and it contained the worst use of a green screen that I’ve seen in a long long time. The dump scenes looked terrible! So unrealistic to the point where I couldn’t even focus on what was happening.

    For me the only times I laughed was when Pam translated a clue for Jim and when the non-sales staff accepted the treats.

  9. I know they’ve used it before (Michael in New York to see Wallace comes to mind), but the longer the scene lingers and the wider the shot, the more obviously fake it looks, making it so distracting.

    If they don’t have the money to go somewhere (are there no dumps in LA??), then stay in the office. The show is the best there anyway.

  10. I thought this was a great episode! But what were they talking about with Johnny Depp and the mailbox?

  11. I am really shocked that people liked this episode. I thought it was weak and unfunny. Michael made me upset, the dumpster scene was mildly entertaining, but I didn’t laugh once the entire episode.

  12. Good episode. Not the best, but that’s alright. Green Screen aside, still a good episode, which brought back old dynamics (Angela/Phyllis and Michael/Dwight).


  13. wow…. i’ve generally liked all the episodes that others didn’t like… but tonight’s episode really just kind of stunk. even the not-so-great episodes have made me laugh out loud in several parts. not so much in this one. i smiled, even chuckled once. but that’s it. dwight choking kevin went too far. anywhere else, dwight would get fired and/or arrested for assaulting someone.

    i also don’t really like darryl having his own office. yes, it was nice of him to get praised for his good idea, but he already had an office in the warehouse. and as foreman of the warehouse, shouldn’t he be down there supervising?

    i did love the scene where jim attempts to smooth things over with kelly and oscar. mindy was brilliant in that. and the “first president = lincoln” thing was funny, as was pam’s “it’s all vomit and diapers here.”

  14. Definitely not my favorite episode, at all. The dump scenes were gross. Phyllis is irritating. And I really don’t like Andy and Erin, like at all. There were some really funny parts, but overall I didn’t like it much.

  15. Funniest episode in a while. Dwight and Michael fighting at the dumpsite gave me Season 2 nostalgia.

  16. haha Alison, I agree…I couldn’t get past that green screen nonsense they had going on. It looked so bizarre.

  17. I liked this episode – even my husband, who hardly ever laughs out loud at episodes, laughed a few times out loud at this one. Really solid job, and funny, which I like.

  18. I have to agree with Laura that the use of green screen was so bad it was distracting. Overall a weak episode. A for the idea, F for the execution.

    A few shining moments came out of Michael’s scavenger hunt. Usually I find that Michael is becoming too stupid, but I did love “First president – Lincoln”. At the same time I will be hypocritical and say that Michael claiming the staff to be “successories” to his plot was a bit much. It would be funnier if he didn’t screw up a word every episode.

  19. I liked this episode. Then again, I was working on a school project with some friends so I couldn’t give it my full attention (I’ll form a more accurate opinion of it after I’ve watched it again online, haha). One part that I really liked though was the King Creed, King Meredith, King Angela, Queen Oscar thing :P.

  20. Hope grows in a dump!
    So many great one liners, that I’ll just leave my favorite one up. I love the season 2 feeling we’ve gotten the past few weeks. Keep up the great work Office writers.

  21. Loved:
    * Creeds’ new glasses coinciding with the missing lost property box.
    * Toby supporting the restaurant – reminded me of Seinfeld and Baboo!
    * Jim is undoubtedly president for the coalition of reason
    * Stanley being stuck between Ryan and Kelly
    * Lincoln
    * Pam understanding what Michael means
    * It is unfair that Jim has 2 babies :D

    I don’t like snarky Phyllis. Dwight and Angela speak so badly to Phyllis sometimes and I find it hilarious yet when she dishes it back, it makes me angry!? So weird!

  22. I really liked how the whole cast was used in the episode. Sometimes it’s like you don’t hear Oscar or Angela speak for 3 episodes!

    Andy & Erin’s interaction was cute, esp. the “colder, colder, hotter, etc.” bit. Loved the first kiss in a dump! How unexpected.

    Overall, I liked the episode.

  23. The dump scene was absolutely terrible green screen work. Really, really amateur. You could see the outline of the room they were in and where the prop trash ended and green screen dump began.

    Very poor and not something I would expect from a show like this.

    If you need to film an outdoor scene, GO THERE NEXT TIME.

  24. Great episode. Laughed out loud quite a bit. The whole cast was in great form. All that’s missing was Pam.

    Andy and Erin do NOT do it for me at all, but their hot/cold scene was good. Didn’t care for the tag, though. The rest of the episode was excellent.

    That’s two very funny episodes in a row for me. This season has really picked up for me after a fairly up-and-down beginning.

  25. I don’t get what’s so bad about the green screen. I actually think it was just a picture on a poster, because on a green screen, the picture would stay the same size no matter the camera’s distance to it. Sure it was blatantly fake, but wasn’t even on for 5 minutes. Great episode overall. Ra-da-da doo!

  26. The rift between Dwight and Michael breaks my heart, so I was nearly in tears when they finally discussed it at the dump. That was such a great scene, although I agree that the green screen was distracting. I think Dwight has undergone a dramatic transformation since the early seasons, and it was reassuring to see it acknowledged. I really hope that Dwight regains some of his ridiculous respect for Michael- it’s one of the most charming parts of the show.

  27. Someone needs to take a picture of a flower in a dump and add “Hope Grows in Dumps”
    I would totally put that up in my house.

    I also loved “people love shells from far away beaches”

  28. Loved the episode. This season has really been shaping up to be something special. I especially loved Dwight and Michael arguing over how their relationship has changed.

  29. Green Screen Gweem Squeem. Who cares guys? It was cute. Sure it was obvious. But that “Ri-di-di-di-doo” at the end made the episode for me.

    “Kings…and Queens”

  30. I laughed from beginning to end! Really enjoyed this episode — but missed Pam! (And Creed in the big lady glasses is still cracking me up!)

  31. I enjoyed the episode in general… not as much a laugh-out-loud affair, but overall I thought it had some good storyline development and some charming moments. I liked the simplicity of Andy and Erin’s interaction during the tag. And YAY for involving the entire office staff… that’s been sorely lacking this season.

    As for the green screen (or whatever it was), I have to agree with everyone… bad choice and very distracting. I felt like I was watching an episode of Seinfeld, and not in a good way.

  32. Wow, I agree that the green screen was distracting and extremely unrealistic.

    And I agree with a previous comment, I liked the fact that they acknowledged the rift between Michael and Dwight, because it’s one of several things that have made these past few seasons lose their charm.

  33. cute episode! I miss Pam though :( but I liked the sales staff story line.
    and Andy and Erin kissed! hooray! why were they in the dump though?

  34. I actually really loved this episode! I laughed out loud so many times! The one thing I didn’t really understand was what Jim said at the end of the cold open?

  35. I absolutely ROARED when Dwight said, “You couldn’t handle my undivided attention”. May be the greatest Dwight line of all time!

  36. I liked this epi. It wasn’t laugh out loud funny, but it gave everyone (minus a physical Pam) a chance to be on screen. Also, I liked they addressed the change in Dwight.

  37. Really solid episode! I liked how the sales staff really thought they were IT. One of the funniest moments ever on the show was Andy and Erin – hotter, hotter – Andy’s expression was perfect. It was so hysterical!

  38. This one just didn’t do it for me. Seemed very contrived. I did like Andy and Erin’s tag though. That made me smile.

  39. I thought this episode was pretty awesome b/c I related to it. At my old job salesmen were Kings who got free stuff all the time and accounting (aka me) were just the mean people who made rules about spending. Go Angela!

  40. Wow – I thought it was great. I laughed out loud from start to finish. Loved the concept, and loved that everyone in The Office was involved. Really, really fun. I needed that last night! I actually called my brother before the opening credits were over to make sure he was watching it, I was laughing so much, just at the cold open. And we got a TWSS!!!

    I half thought they would actually find the leads in the dump, which is so totally unrealistic – I’m so glad they didn’t, and came back with the sick beanbag chair instead.

  41. I felt that this episode was lacking. The only time I laughed was when Michael tried to run Dwight over with the spool. I did think the tag with Erin and Andy was sweet.

  42. Completely enjoyable. Finally the whole cast is being used again and show returns to the flavor of the first few seasons. Agree that the green screen was obvious but it didn’t bother me. I was too involved in the excellent interaction between Michael and Dwight.

  43. Not a favorite for sure but I enjoyed enough of it. The hot/cold scene was brilliantly awkward and had my buddy and I both cringing.

    And to paraphrase Ms. Filippelli (or Mrs. Whatever-Her-New-Last-Name-Is), “Phyllis is kind of a bitch.”

  44. Overall okay episode. Some great bits from the secondary characters – Kelly and Ryan fighting over the Kardashians, while Stanley just pleasantly agrees in order to get his leads; Kelly and Oscar mad at Jim in the kitchen; Erin playing an awkwardly cute game of hot-and-cold with Andy. But the characters I usually love the most – Michael, Dwight and Jim – were all lacking.

    Agree that the green screen was distracting; maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if the dialogue between Michael and Dwight were better, but the scene was just so drawn out and overwrought. Not sure what happened there.

  45. This episode was one of the best written ones of the season. It was incredibly laugh out loud funny. Curious how people see it otherwise. The first 5 minutes were fantastic

  46. This was probably my favorite episode of The Office this season – and yes I do know that the wedding and the birth were both from this season. Just wish the green screen hadn’t been so distracting.

  47. I agree that is episode is one of the best of the whole season! It made me burst out laughing many times.

    This episode felt like a “office” episode, it was VERY well done. Bravo. :)

    I loved the kiss scene at the end, kissing in a dump is so romantic after. xD

  48. I was about ready to dump the office after last week, but this week got me back on track.

    My friends and I laughed from beginning to end.

    As a compositor myself, I did find the green screen extremely distracting. Why keep zooming in and out? Did they need new tracking software to play with? In the end though, when I complained about it I was met with a mocking “boo hoo”

  49. Loved the whole cast being involved with this one. I think the show is at its best when that happens. I have to admit I’m still not a fan of the Erin and Andy pairing. I just can’t get on board with them.

  50. Loved this one! So perfectly Awkward. One complaint, if I may. Mean Phyllis for me (for whatever reason) is unwatchable. I almost gave up on the show after Moroccan Christmas and I don’t like “Mean Phyllis” reappearing. Although it’s nice for her character not to be the punch line of every joke.

  51. #30 nv, I agree– Dwight being so cruel to Michael seemed kind of strange to me, since he has worshipped him since the show’s beginning. But, I guess he does blindly follow authority, and if Michael is losing that, then Dwight sees him as weak. I did enjoy the spool fight, though. :)

    Yeah, this episode was just okay for me. Not super memorable. Green screen was tacky. Andy and Erin made the episode for me. The hot/cold thing was so horrific and awkward, I laughed really hard. And that kiss at the very end, I just about melted. A dumpster never seemed more romantic…even a fake dumpster. :)

  52. This episode was funny but seemed way out of character for Jim, Stanley & especially Phyllis. I really disliked it Phyllis called Michael “Numb Nuts”. Plus they made the rest of the staff seemed dumb, Oscar and Angela would never fall for the sales staff’s pastry offer. Andy’s Ri-di-di-da-doo was funny though. I give it a 5.

  53. I thought this was a pretty funny episode. I enjoyed seeing the whole cast involved once again. Loved the “mopey place” line, and the awkward exchange with Jim and Kelly/Oscar. I also found myself distracted by the green screen, and Dwight seemed kind of over the top in that whole exchange at the dump.

    These last few episodes, from Manager and Salesman through this one, have been good, thankfully! I was getting a little worried there for a while!

  54. Meh! I really didn’t care for this episode. Between Michael and the rest of the staff hiding the leads, in this economy, no less, and the green screen dump scene, I found myself saying, “WTH,” a lot of the time. I get the feeling that I’ll like this episode much better when it goes into syndication, kind of like “Survivor Man.”

  55. I loved this episode!! It had me and my husband laughing from beginning to end. My biggest laughs were tied between Stanley slowly taking the leads from Ryan and Kelly as they were arguing, and Andy’s “ratatadoo” after the kiss.

    I also was totally distracted by the green screen, but Michael and Dwight fighting like a bunch of idiots in the dump had me rolling on the floor! Michael fights like such a girl… “Time out, time out…” “TIME IN!” hahahahaha!!!

  56. This just wasn’t a good ep. Sure there were some funny parts but Phyllis was way over the top and Dwight choking Kevin was awful. This will go down as one of my least favorite episodes

  57. It wasn’t a terrible episode. I did love the dynamic between the sales and the other departments. The scenes were great and wonderful and really utilized the cast well.

    The green screen/picture? did throw me off like it did for everyone else. I guess I realized why they had to do it, but the main thing that bothered me was how giant that dump was. Perhaps they were low on time getting this thing together. The Office has set up great backdrops before, like with the JAM proposal scene. I can’t take too many digs though, because at least the scenes at the dump location were funny and touching.

  58. I’m usually the “if you can’t say something nice…” type of person, but I must concur about the use of the green screen! Ouch!

    Maybe it they were tight shots and all you could see was a little over their shoulders it wouldn’t have been so bad. But those wide shots were ridiculous! I felt like I was watching a school play with cheap painted backdrop!

    And it’s not like this show never leaves the office building. They’re known for shooting outdoors, driving into lakes, Dwight’s beet farm, sales calls, David Wallace’s house, etc! Couldn’t they find a real dump?

    Or at least shoot outside and bring in some real trash to pile up around them! I hate to complain, but it bugged me so much.

  59. Christopher: A (sales) lead is somebody who is interested in buying something from you. For example, somebody who goes to your company’s Web site and clicks “Please send me a catalog”.

  60. @66 (christopher)
    a “lead” would be a potential customer who is interested in a product you sell and is well researched so you know plenty about them before you try to make a sale

  61. I did not enjoy this episode. I thought it was ridiculous that everyone was so upset with the salesmen – don’t they realize that the success of the salesmen is what keeps them employed? There’s not really a need for accountants, customer service, etc. without sales, is there? Ugh. And the green screen just made the whole mess even worse…

  62. Is M. Night Shulman a real person? Or was Jim just messing with Michael again?
    Besides the horrific green screen, I thought this episode was BOMB! LOVED having Jim back as Jim. He’s been so weird and awkward and unlikeable as a manager. Plus, Dwight’s “You couldn’t handle my undivided attention” was tops. Love it!

  63. Maybe I’m weird/in the minority, but I just can’t hate on any Office episode – including this one, which I liked! I think this epiosde’s humor was mostly subtle, but even though it wasn’t always super obvious and “in your face” it was hilarious and brilliant nonetheless. Rereading over the quotes from the episode on this page made me love it even more. And, a first kiss in a dump? Only on The Office :) and yes, the green screen or picture or whatever may have been a tiny bit obvious, but just be thankful that they mostly don’t do that.

    “Hope grows in dumps” may be one of my new favorite quotes ;)

  64. Is this the first time Ed Helms was included in the opening credits, or did I just notice?

  65. Honestly, I didn’t even pay attention to the background of the dump scenes as I was watching it. I always thought the writing was what was most important to this show, but maybe that’s just me. It shouldn’t have had that much of an influence on your opinion of the episode. Besides, how many other times has the show completely screwed up the setting of a scene? Nothing is coming to mind. Give them a break.

  66. Ignoring the green screen, this episode wasn’t too great. There were a couple of funny moments, but they never really amounted to anything hilarious. I honestly don’t care at all about Andy and Erin’s relationship (although the hot and cold thing was definitely a highlight), and I can’t stand Dwight anymore.

  67. #70, M. Night Shyamalan is a director who lives in southern Pennsylvania. He wrote and directed “The Sixth Sense”, among other things.

    I really liked that all of the characters were represented in this episode.

  68. I loved this episode! The cold open was hilarious, as was the rest of it. I was laughing the whole time. I noticed some weird stuff with the dumpster scene, but I overlooked it mostly, especially after Michael picked up the sink…hahah. I seem to be in the minority, but I thought this was a great episode. I feel like the ‘old office’ is coming back. Makes me happy :)

  69. @73, he was in the opening credits last week too but I don’t think he was there before?

  70. OK episode, funny moments. Not a whole lot going on though. I think because of the recent greatness that was the baby episode, it may be easier to be tough on this one though. But overall, it just wasn’t that great. I really hope they get it back and stop being hit and miss.

    Oh, and the green screen thing was just horrible. Not to be mean, but did they even try? That was probably the worst done green screen I’ve ever seen in a TV show or movie. The 5 people I watched it with ALL noticed it.

  71. It pains me to see so much hate for what I think is one of the best episodes this season. It really is true what they say – you can’t please everybody.

    As for the green screen thing – yeah, it was noticeable but I got over it. It didn’t bother me and I’m surprised that it ruined the episode for a lot of people. I really don’t think it’s that big a deal, people. It’s not like they do this all the time.

    I personally loved that this ep showcased all of the characters. That’s what made this show so special in the first place.

    The Dwight/Michael fight was hilarious and Michael’s “that’s my wife you’re talking about, man!” got the biggest laugh out of me (seeing them be buddy-buddy again made my heart soar, btw), outside of Stanley’s reaction when he realized that the sales team didn’t have to give away some of their commission.

    Andy/Erin are adorable and the hotter/colder thing was priceless as was their first kiss.

    Best TWSS of the season.

    The whole Gabe on the phone thing reminded me of David Wallace. It just isn’t the same without Andy Buckley.

  72. For what it’s worth, I didn’t notice the green screen thing… LOL.

    I thought it was a good episode overall. :-)

  73. Wow… no love for such an awesome episode. This was probably my favorite Brent Forrester episode of any season thus far.

  74. I think this episode had a great amount of laugh-out-loud moments, but what turned me off was the villainy of the sales crew, especially towards their boss. It used to be that the attitude of the staff towards Michael was complete and utter frustration but still relative respect (see: Season 2, as well as especially the end of Did I Stutter?) Phyllis is sassy, not violent. Jim is deadpan, not rude. Sabre couldn’t have so completely changed the personalities and office etiquette of D.M.

  75. The episode was okay. I didn’t like the tension between sales and everyone else but after giving it a second watch, it wasn’t that bad. The green screen was a disappointment but I’m not going to be nit-picky. I liked how the Michael-Dwight storyline at the dump somewhat reflected the situation in the office and its resolution. The “rid-dit-dit-dit-do” at the end was adorable. Go Nard Dog!

  76. This episode is pretty good. But I wonder what were Erin & Andy doing in the dump? I mean Andy did get the leads from Erin. And I thought the kissing moment came little bit too soon. But sales vs other scenes are great!

  77. I know I’m late on the uptake, but I wanted to add my “thumbs up” for this episode. Absolutely accurate portrayal of how corporate culture works (and why it’s a bad thing). I thought Andy and Erin were wonderful – that their first kiss was in a garbage dump while he was wearing a women’s coat was just perfect! Loved Creed in the “lost” glasses. And Kevin’s “I’m still enjoying this” was a classic.Oh, and Stanley’s smile…

  78. this is probably my least favourite episode ever. Phyllis was so out of character. first time i’m going to rate lower than 5.

  79. I LOVED it! The green screen was distracting, but the episode was so great, I can forgive them for it. I have to ask, why did they do so many wide shots when the background looked so fake? Other than that, the dynamics between characters was old-school classic Office!

  80. It was nice to see an episode that was somewhat related to the workplace, which more of these episodes should relate to. Surprising to see all the disappointment over it.

  81. I agree that Phyllis’s lines were WAY out of character. Who thought of “Hand ’em over numnuts” ????? WTF!?!?! Not realistic at all. I get that they treat Michael disrespectfully, with good reason… but c’mon. Phyllis is more reserved than that. It weirded me out.

    Other than that little flaw, the episode was hilarious. Erin and Andy’s kiss was perfect and his “Riddit-dit-doo” literally made me laugh out loud. When Michael poured that dirty sink water onto himself, I laughed pretty hard… that dump scene was great. 9/10 on this one

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