Vote for The Office in NBC’s "Best of" polls

The Office has been included in a bunch of NBC’s "Best of 06" polls:

  • Category: Best Viral Video
    Nominees: “April Fool’s Day” PSAs, Lazy Scranton
  • Category: Best Cliffhanger — WINNER
    Nominee: Jim and Pam’s Kiss
  • Category: Best Guest Appearance — WINNER
    Nominee: Ed Helms
  • Category: Best Online Exclusive — WINNER
    Nominee: Office Webisodes
  • Category: Best Rivals — WINNER
    Nominee: Jim and Dwight
  • Category: Best Duo
    Nominee: Michael and Dwight
  • Category: Best Battle
    Nominee: Pam vs. Karen
  • Category: Best Kiss — WINNER
    Nominees: Pam and Jim, Michael and Oscar
  • Category: Couple Who Should Be Together — WINNER
    Nominees: Pam and Jim, Dwight and Angela
  • Category: Couple Who Should Never Have Been Together — WINNER
    Nominee: Pam and Roy
  • Category: Saddest Farewell
    Nominee: Jim moves to Stamford

Go vote!

Tipster: Damian


  1. Ya, Sobersoul. i really like Lazy Sunday but i still voted for Lazy Scranton. I’m not sure why……. :P

  2. Why do they have Karen and Pam on there for Best Rivals or whatever? I think that’s a BIT of an exaggeration…

  3. I voted for the Office on every category, except best viral video…..had to go with Conan’s Emmy opening…..all though the Office cast is included.

  4. i mostly voted for the office picks.
    but, for the “should be together”…yeah, i picked claire and peter (Heores).
    haha, i’m a bad JAM fan. haha.

  5. JimHalpertIsLife……….

    the Kidnapped fans are extremely annoying…….but since the shows wasnt on there but in one category….I wonder who they voted for……..Either Days of Our Lives or Passions I’m assuming

  6. Did you guys see that voted the Office best comedy and Pam-Jim best couple?

    Even video gamers know a good show when they see one!

  7. Kidnapped!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO! Wait, is this

    “Fans”, more like “producers” and “cast” of Kidnapped.

    I voted mostly Office….I haven’t really watched any other shows.

  8. For Best Banter, vote 30 Rock, since the Office is not in that category. Alec Baldwin kills!

  9. Yeah, I voted for “The Office” in every single category they were included in. And you guys are right, the “Kidnapped” fans were getting a little annoying / out of hand. “Kidnapped” is a good show that deserved a better chance but still those people are obsesssing over it.

  10. so. age means nothing when it comes to love.
    haha. – kippib23

    So you are in favor of pedophilia? :/

  11. pedophilia? oh please.
    and i agree about best rivals pam & karen — what about jim & dwight? can we do a write in vote?

  12. Where can we see the results? It wasn’t on Carson’s New Year’s show, was it?

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