1. I love Andy and Erin is super cute…so I’m really anxious to see some awkward/funny/romantic courting happening soon!!

  2. I like Andy and I like Erin, but I’m not a fan of Andy and Erin together. I miss seeing Jim and Pam interact.

  3. It’s Andrin people, Andrin! rolls off the tongue easier….or Nard-Drin haha neh Andrin is better.

  4. I love Andy and Erin and hopefully their storyline would bring some energy to the show that in my opinion is slowly losing some steam.

  5. I’m not really a big fan of the Erin and Andy romance either. We already have a great couple that they seem to have forgotten about.

  6. I’m a huge fan of Andy and Erin so can’t wait!!

    And just because we already have Jim and Pam, doesn’t mean we can’t have other couples! Now that those two are married and living together, and see each other like 24/7, it only makes sense that they don’t show as much affection at work as they used to before so it’ll be good to see another budding romance! Besides, a small minority aren’t huge fans of the Jim/pam romance anyway.

  7. You know, I think Andy and Erin add some fresh quirkiness to the office and I think that Jim and Pam had their own unique love story, now it’s time for another one to take hold, and maybe be somewhat different.

    I can’t wait! I love Andy so much and I just want him to get the girl!

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