1. Is it wrong that I hope Kathy Bates’ character demotes Jim so that he can reinstate the unprofessional floppy Jim-hair?

  2. I kind of want her to demote Jim too. I miss salesman Jim! But I have a feeling she’ll demote Michael, which I’m sure would be hilarious but also maybe just a little too weird for me… we’ll see…

  3. I’m having fears that she’ll demote both of them…yikes. What if we find out what happened to Charles Miner?! Oh wait, he’s jobless now, right? I was shocked to see Slater as a guest, I thought Zach Woods was supposed to be in this episode. Oh well. At any rate, eeeeeeee. Can’t wait!!!

  4. John used his commercial voice in the promo. I felt like he was about to start talking about Blackberries or carnival cruises. Though his commercial voice is hot.
    I want floppy hair Jim back too. Not really a fan of manager Jim. He’s acting too much like Michael. And there can only be one michael.

  5. So I know this is wrong but….I really want her to demote Jim too. I know that she is going to demote one of them, but I really don’t want it to be Michael. That would just be too weird. And I miss old Jim. I want him to be sitting next to Pam! Though I think he looked really cute in this clip. I can’t WAIT! urggh it’s been TOO long since a (real) new episode!

    And I am literally counting down the days until the baby eppy!

  6. Have you ever tasted a rainbow? LOL…looks like Sabre grabbed Christian Slater for a corporate video.

  7. Both Slater and Krasinski have great voices. Slater use to do voice over work for Panasonic.

    @#2- It does look like Jim’s imitating him! I love Slater’s line for the commercial. :)

  8. Do you really think she will end up demote Jim or Michael? I can see her coming in with that intention but Jim and Michael prove to her both are needed. Just my thinking.

    Really miss floppy hair Jim. Would be nice to see Jim and Pam sitting together again.

  9. @ #11 – I second that. I thought it was clever how they incorporated it with Conan O’Brien’s cameo in Season 2 and also in “Stress Relief”, but this is totally different. But I think The Office has become a different show.

  10. I agree with #15 about the Conan cameo. That was really clever and I loved how subtle it was. Having said that, I don’t think it’s any real concern. Kathy Bates will add a lot to the show and as for Christian Slater, it does seem a bit odd, but I’m not too concerned about that either way.

  11. Or, you know, Christian Slater is just a celebrity spokesperson for Sabre. Let’s not be so hasty with the negativity, #1.

  12. No not the hair!! I love Jim’s hair!! but i do want him demoted. He’s just not the same. I miss Jim :'( this Jim is not funny, does not enjoy pranks, and does not partake in Michael’s amazing ideas lol the old Jim may have allowed Tube City lol and what a joy would that have been, but he’s changed and different. I miss him. Bring Jim back!!!

  13. I really want her to demote Jim! I feel bad and all saying it cause him and pam have a baby coming, but i’m not a fan of manager Jim at all. I miss his shaggy hair and him playing pranks on Dwight & not being so serious.

  14. Yes!! Pam was a great receptionist and now a horrible salesman lol she knows Michael and exactly what to do for him. Erin is just not right. I agree with Michael in Scott’s Tots lol

  15. I heard about Cathy Bates but not Christian Slater. Two folks I never would have imagined on the show.

  16. It would be kind of nice to see Michael as a salesman :) And it would be funny to see how Jim puts up with him! You know Michael would get into the stubborn-and-childish mode that we’ve all come to know and love, and I don’t think Jim would know how to handle it. I think it might bring back our old Jim a little.

    And #20…you don’t need to feel bad for saying you would rather see Jim back as a salesman because they have a baby coming! It is fake, after all :)

  17. I hope this is a real good episode. But I don’t think it (and the next episode) will make the Office buddies go back to the old days, I mean, right back where they started. Let’s let Pam keep trying hard as a saleswoman.

  18. I’m having fears that she’ll demote both of them…yikes. What if we find out what happened to Charles Miner?! Oh wait, he’s jobless now, right?

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