1. LOL I didn’t even notice Ryan!! Can’t wait to see why he’s back in Scranton :-)

    SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for Thursday I could just pee a little!

  2. I can’t believe we’re so close!! Summer’s over! Remember how agonized we were when we had the ENTIRE summer to get through?!

  3. that weight loss memo from DM HQ’s did set up an easy way to get ryan back to work at the scranton branch when it said the branch mgrs now have much more power and can hire & fire. or maybe this was the last DM newsletter? one or the other, but that specific point was obviously a lead-up for ryan’s return. michael has authority to hire whomever he wants now!

  4. Wow! Thanks for pointing out Ryan people! I was beginning to think no hints about Ryan’s where-abouts would be given! SO thanks very much for posting that :) And he has no beard! Hopefully his ego’s been taken care of as well! But he’s still wearing those black shirts!

  5. And that’s a clean-shaven Ryan. It also marks the return of Mumbly Jim – I had to listen several times.

    Odd that I don’t recall seeing Kelly in any of the clips, which is as good of an excuse as any to watch them again.

  6. Maybe after Ryan’s fraud conviction, he recycled himself through the temp agency, finding a place at Dunder-Mifflin, Scranton?

    However he got there, the season premiere will be awesome!

  7. Ryan is back. What company would let an employee who committed fraud back? It could be the best punishment for him. Because of his crime he can’t get a job anywhere else and Michael is the only one who will hire him.

  8. Ryan being back (although I don’t know the reason) may completely discredit anything this show had about being realistic. If he was actually able to be rehired by the company he allegedly committed fraud to, then I am utterly confused. Unless the allegations weren’t true and he’s just there for another reason then I guess it could make sense.

  9. I was wondering if we were going to see how Michael reacts to Pam’s leaving. He’s so sweet, in that Michael way. lol BTW – Jim and Pam’s goodbye kiss looked a little fake to me…

  10. Haha that clip of Michael running after Pam is brilliant. I bet Steve improved the last bit at the end. Awesome!

  11. Hmm. Based on John’s interview, I really don’t know if Jam’s going to get engaged this season.

  12. I don’t care if Ryan is back even though he committed fraud! What would the show be like without B.J.?

  13. If you pay very close attention at the beginning of Clip #6, you can catch a quick glimpse of Kelly. It appears to be the last half-second of a talking head (right before the Jan scene begins), and judging by this quick glimpse, she looks quite unhappy.

  14. Laura-
    I think they’re going to explore the strain a long distance relationship can bring to a couple. It’s much more original than breaking them up.

  15. LOVED Angela’s bit with Andy. “Dangerous… tacky… sharks…” and then what? What’s the last thing she says?

  16. I guarantee that Michael’s Van Dyke look is his strike beard until Pam comes back from school!

  17. Ryan Ryan Ryan ohmygod Ryan.

    I am soooo happy to see him back in the Office. Obviously he’d be back to the show in some form since he’s been in the episode synopsis lately, but the fact he’s actually back IN the office itself is amazing. Thursday can’t come fast enough.

  18. Dwight and Jim working together? I wonder if it will be like the slapface ad. Dwight and Jim annoy each other but Andy annoys both of them even more.

  19. #34, That’s what she said.

    The promised land of Thursday is getting me through the week, but not nearly fast enough! Love the previews!

  20. As someone who hated season four, these clips were a really mixed bag.

    Michael falling down the stairs and then trying to kiss Pam goodbye was just horrible. I also did not like Michael Klump scene.

    I did like Michael talking about the poem. I also, liked Dwight’s randomly selecting 3 people to get lipo scene and Jan’s scene.

    Also, Ryan coming back is really promising. He was the best part of season 4.

    I really hope they can reach “Goodbye Toby” standards at least, maybe even better.

  21. Wow, this is like Christmas morning! I love this bit:

    Dwight: Shotgun wedding.
    Jim: That’s not what that is.

    I also love the noises Michael makes when he falls down the stairs. It reminds me of when he was in the bathroom in “The Injury.”

  22. Does anyone else think that Ryan and Kelly are getting back together? Mindy mentioned lots of making out, but couldn’t say who it was going to be with…

  23. The interviews were excellent. Were they at corporate? John’s interview made a JAM proposal sound questionable. Maybe he is bluffing. The Jan/Holly/Michael love triangle should be fun to watch. Only 2 more days!

  24. Andy’s not the worst salesman anymore line has GOT to be a reaction to Ryan coming back to Scranton. Can’t wait to see the full scene!

  25. The first part of John’s interview makes it sound like it’s going to take Jim a while to build up the courage again to propose to Pam. I guess the first failed proposal took more out of Jim than I had initially thought.

  26. LA LA LA LA

    I am waiting ’til the real thing! I don’t want to make myself even more crazy. I know. I have willpower.

  27. Jhony –
    You make a great point. I think the end of ‘Goodbye Toby’ seemed to emphasize Pam’s reaction…yet we didn’t get much on how Jim must feel. Poor guy!

  28. I am so psyched Ryan is back! I really missed having his baby-face, depressed self in the office last season. Also, the Michael-Holly vibe is great! Can’t wait..counting down the hours to my Office Premiere Party Luau!! The season looks very promising!

  29. I am so excited for tomorrow! These clips are like samples and I just want the whole cake already! Thank you!

  30. hahah this is great! Oh and I really liked the Behind the Scenes feature…it was a really different perspective of the set.

  31. I would love to see Phyllis slip up regarding her Dwangela info in front of Jim and Pam, so they can have a “do you know something/we know something” moment. It would be hilarious for Dwangela to be at Phyllis and JAM’s mercy!

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