Welcome back, ‘The Office’ staff!

Here comes Season 6 …

Today is the first day of filming The Office Season 6! Woo!

Rainn Wilson has commemorated the occasion.

Angela Kinsey wrote in her MySpace blog yesterday: “We go back to work on The Office for Season 6 tomorrow! We are all really excited to go back to work. You would never know that it’s our 6th year. We all still get giddy and know how great we have it.”

The table read for the premiere episode happened last Thursday.

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  1. First!

    Yes!! Finally, I love The Office and all, but rerun after rerun, I can’t take it anymore. Can’t wait for season 6!! Bring it on!

  2. WOOOOWHOOOOO……back to school, I mean work! haha…counting down the days til Sept 17th

  3. This was like Christmas morning! Except i didn’t know what I’d be waking up to! I’m just counting down the days!
    Yeah that’s what my friends tell me all the time!

  4. These folks do not get a very long summer break at all, and I’m sure most of them have been busy working on other projects since last season wrapped up. Hope they’re all having a blast being back together. Having the Office back in mid September takes some of the sting out of summer being over!

  5. Finally! I keep hearing all the other shows have already been back to work, so this news is super fantastic, it’s like Christmas in July.

    Btw, I’m really hoping we get a table read as a DVD bonus feature someday.

  6. Back in October 08, I bought Season 2 on DVD and watched all but about 9 episodes of it by May 09. So I have had some new (at least new to me) episodes to look at over the summer. Smart move during lean times. But I am looking even more forward to Season 6!

  7. Even though there’s almost two months till premiere time, it’s like a sigh of relief knowing that they’re back at it again. I can smell the comedy brewing :)

  8. Woo hoo! What a great thing to hear on my (depressing 30th) birthday! Oh, to be a fly on that wall today. :) So excited for Season 6!

    [from tanster: happy birthday, kenna! don’t fret, you’re still a youngster. :) ]

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