Angela Kinsey MySpace blog: Summer 09

From Angela Kinsey’s MySpace blog, dated July 27, 2009:

How is everyone?! It has been SO long since I said hi. Okay… where do I start? How is every one’s summer going? May and June were all about reconnecting with family and friends for me and of course having some sweet sweet time with my lil’ gal. There is nothing better than hanging with Ms. Izzy.

I just got back from Boston where I was working on Furry Vengeance. What a great group of folks! I play “Felder”, Ken Jeong’s assistant in the movie. Ken and I met on the plane on the way to Boston and we hit it off immediately. And the whole cast and crew were so laid back and fun. We would all go out for dinner and hang out after work. It felt like an extension of The Office for me. Such a fun work environment. I took some pics and will find out if I can post them! :) Isabel came to Boston to join me and we hit some of the sites. I really loved Boston. The Boston Children’s Museum is so cool. I think grownups like it as much as the kids!

We go back to work on The Office for Season 6 tomorrow! I can’t believe. I am packing for Isabel’s trailer tonight. Our first episode back is written by Paul Lieberstein (aka Toby) and it is hilarious. He will also be directing it! We are all really excited to go back to work. You would never know that it’s our 6th year. We all still get giddy and know how great we have it. I usually get the gals a little gift for their trailer. I am thinking fancy soaps for this year. Any cute ideas? And Jenna if you just read this…act surprised when you see your soaps. :/ So here is a list of my favorite things from this summer…share some of yours too! Oh and I have to mention that I loved working on my Clairol campaign. I have never had such sassy hair!

Oh oh oh and a big CONGRATS to my bff, Ms. Fischer! Her hubby to be is the sweetest southern fella. He’s from Texas! I have already planned our Christmas family get togethers for the next couple of years. Hahaha. Jenna threw me the most awesome baby shower so I told her that we have to do something fun and girlie for her wedding.

That’s it for now. I hope you are all well. And I’ll be blogging behind the scenes of Season 6 soon!


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