I backfill a lot of posts (news articles, photos, audio/video clips) here at OfficeTally, items that never make their debut appearance on the front page.

For that reason, I present “Whack-a-post” — random links to stuff you may have missed.

Just click the last link in the “Notable posts” section in the sidebar, and another one will pop up! Much like those lovable moles. :)

Recent whack-a-post additions: Rainn Wilson’s appearances last week on Conan and Regis.


Sorry, this feature is no longer available.


  1. Aghhhhhhhhh!!!! I missed the last iPod giveaway by a few hours, but I had something planned to write. Tanster, could you make an exception? I was incredably pre-occupied this weekend and it completely went out of my head. Sorry about this, don’t feel bad if you can’t accept it. If you do make an exception, here is what I have:

    Jim has a friend who works for the local paper. Jim creates a fake article about a local UFO sighting that occurred the night before. His friend creates enough fake front pages for all the workers with this article on it, with fake UFO pictures as well. Jim motivates everyone in the office to go along with the story, feigning fright about the UFOs. Dwight’s name appears in the article, and he thinks that this is a sign that the aliens have come for him because of his vast knowledge of the universe. That night he goes to the highest point in the city, waiting for their arrival…

  2. Jennie, I don’t know if you had already heard about this, but the “Whack-a-post” comment area seemed like the best place to let you know that Rainn Wilson had a pretty big role playing Lance Armstrong’s “assistant” on the ESPY awards tonight. He even danced in legwarmers! I haven’t found an online video of it yet, but you might have more luck than I did. Just thought you’d like to know!

  3. I’ve already said this once, but I really appreciate Whack-a-post. Leads me to some good stuff I would have missed. Excellent name, too, with a sorta-Office connection (Angela’s duck during Pam’s phone call in The Injury.) Whack!

  4. Yeah, me too. Well, I wasn’t panicking, but I was checking repeatedly while it wasn’t connecting. I was in dire need of knowing if anything new had been posted in the last half hour!

  5. you know what just happened? for like 5-10 minutes, this site wasn’t working. and i was nearly panicking. just thought you should know how much i check your site. so keep up the good work! =]

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