OfficeTally Quickie Survey

OfficeTally Quickie SurveyI’ve always wanted to know a little more about OfficeTally readers.

Some are diehard JAM fans. Some are spoiler-holics. And some read OfficeTally when they should be studying or working. And that’s pretty much all I know. :)

So please help me and fill out a very short survey. It only has five questions. (And the fifth question isn’t even really a question!)

One respondent will be randomly selected to win an OfficeTally prize package!

The package will contain a 2009 calendar, some Target $1 items, and maybe a t-shirt or some other cool stuff from the NBC Office store. A cornucopia of Office goodieness.

Thanks for your time! -Jennie

Link: OfficeTally Quickie Survey

(Status 8:50pm PT: The response to this survey was so overwhelming, the survey is now closed. Winner of the prize package will be announced soon — thank you so much for participating!)

Advertising on OfficeTally

I held off as long as I could. But now I need help.

The traffic that comes to OfficeTally grows by leaps and bounds every year, and so every time my account is suspended for sucking up too much bandwidth with each leap, I have to move the site to a more expensive host that can accommodate the traffic.

As a result, I now spend a ton of money per month in maintaining the site.

In order to recoup some of my expenses, I’ve inserted ads on OfficeTally.

Thanks for understanding!

Welcome to OfficeTally 2.0!

After more than two and a half years, I decided that OfficeTally was due for a little makeover.

A few things to note:

  • No matter what page you’re on, you can click “OfficeTally” in the banner to go back to the home page, same as before.
  • See those icons next to some people’s comments? — if you’d like your own, create an account at Whatever email address you sign up with there, make sure you use that same address when posting a comment here. (If gravatars wreak too much havoc server-wise, I’ll turn them off. But for now, have fun!)
  • The “Comments” link is now at the top of the post instead of at the bottom — for easier reach.
  • You can now find the “About,” “Chat,” “Links,” “Spoilers,” and “Calendar” links at the top right corner of the banner.
  • The “Links” page now includes many more websites!
  • You can now chat directly on the “Chat” page.

OfficeTally 2.0 — it’s the same as before, but fresher. Hope you like it!

P.S. OfficeTally 2.0 looks fine in most browsers, but it looks best in Firefox.

“Office” fans: Bow down to your queen

This article originally appeared at on April 10, 2008.

“Office” fans: Bow down to your queen

by Hassan

Forget “Lost.” Tonight, it’s all about “The Office.”

Yes, most of you probably know that the NBC comedy is back from the Writers Strike doldrums, returning tonight (8pm Central) with new episodes, and more importantly, new questions about the Dunder-Mifflin romances, break-ups, and shake-ups in store for fans.

Indeed, the devoted fan base has kept “The Office” all-too relevant despite being off the air for five months. Other strike-grounded shows, now struggling to regain their footing, would kill for that kind of loyalty.

At the center of the “Office” faniverse sits Jennie Tan, a Silicon Valley technical writer who single-handedly runs OfficeTally, arguably one of the best fansites on the web. Continue reading ““Office” fans: Bow down to your queen”

That’s What She Said! An Interview With Jennie From OfficeTally

This article originally appeared at on April 8, 2008.

That’s What She Said! An Interview With Jennie From OfficeTally

By Steve Ciabattoni – Apr 8th, 2008

Jennie Tan knows cubicle life. Perhaps that’s why she’s just the right person to run OfficeTally, a website devoted to the US version of the popular series ‘The Office.’ What started as a site for fans to rate their favorite episodes (hence the name) has blossomed into the site for ‘The Office’ news, gossip, and more… even her new BFFs, the stars of the the show, read it when they’re killing time at their fictional desks. So enjoy this interview… then get back to work! Oh, but not before playing our Trivia Quiz which features a question from OfficeTally. Continue reading “That’s What She Said! An Interview With Jennie From OfficeTally”