What final season questions do you want answered?

Now that The Office showrunner Greg Daniels has announced that Season 9 will be the final season of the show and that “all questions will be answered,” which questions do you want answered?

I’ll start it off:

  • Why are they making a documentary of The Office?
  • Who are the documentarians?
  • Who is the Scranton Strangler?
  • What did Jim write in his Season 2 Christmas card to Pam?
  • Will Jim pursue his dream of being a sports writer?

Please add to the list!


  1. – What went down on Jim and Pam’s first date?
    – What is Jim hiding under those too-big dress shirts?

  2. Who killed J.R? I MEAN, will Jim and Pam stay at Dunder Mifflin, or move on to better things?

  3. What did Pam’s mom ask her on the phone before Jim kissed her in “Casino Night”.
    And most importantly: how is Michael Scott doing? Bring him back for the finale!

  4. What was Pam’s sixth movie on her Desert Island list? I know Jenna has said it’s Singing in the Rain, but confirmation please.

    What is Tanster going to do with her free time when this is all over? :)

    [ from tanster: :) ]

  5. Who are Erin’s birth parents? Is she an orphan or was she abandoned? Why does she not know who they are? Why was she never adopted? And I’ve also always wondered what Jim and Pam’s first date was like, and also what their home life is like, and stupid as it sounds, what their living room looks like now, since ‘Frame Toby’! And what does Andy’s home look like? Also, what did Jim major in at college? In fact, if we could just have spin-off series for each and every character, that’d be great!

  6. Oh, man, there’s so many…

    What are Michael and Holly up to? Did Michael get to have kids? And if so, what are their names?

    What happened to Roy after he was fired? (I’m assuming we’ll find out when he returns at least once this fall)

    Is the new Corporate under David Wallace going to be similar to the original Dunder-Mifflin? Particularly, will he rehire some former Dunder-Mifflin employees (Charles, for example)?

    What happened to the other lottery-winning warehouse workers?

    Where is Bob Vance? Is he still across the hall at Vance Refrigeration?

    Is Gabe returning for this season despite Sabre’s liquidation?

    Any other former cast members returning for a “last hurrah”? We already have Roy and (presumably) David returning, what about Jan, Karen, Danny, Deangelo, Josh, and anyone listed in my above questions?

    And, of course, will OfficeTally continue after the show’s demise, perhaps as a fansite for “The Farm”?

    There are others, but too much to list here.

    [ from tanster: ‘will OfficeTally continue after the show’s demise, perhaps as a fansite for “The Farm”?’ hmmm… ]

  7. “If I advance any higher, this would be my career. And if this were my career, I’d have to throw myself in front of a bus.” – Jim Halpert, Season 1 Episode 3

    10 years later, Jim is still a paper salesman. Will Jim finally have the stones and initiative to move on?

  8. What did Holly write to Michael in the document that Pam read on the flash drive and then deleted?

    [ from tanster: oh good one! ]

  9. (Knock on wood) Will Jim and Pam stay together? Will Andy & Erin stay together? Will we ever know more about Creed? Daryl & Val? Will we see a return of the Jell-O prank?

  10. What does Kevin have on his computer that he needed to delete when the IT guy came in?

  11. not really a question, i just want to see jim put something in jello for the last time. :)

    [ from tanster: me too! ]

  12. Will Dwight ever get to be the Manager of Dunder Mifflin?

    What ever happened to Cathy?

    Will Erin ever get to be an accountant?

  13. I want to know how Erin’s creepy adopted brother is dealing with Andy. That was such a funny little part of Erin’s story, and they just totally dropped it!

  14. Not really a question, but I would love to see Jen Celotta come back to write or direct an episode, and also to finally play a member of the Schrute family!

  15. What’s been Michael doing since he left?? Also, please GIVE MEREDITH SOME MOMENTS, it’s the last season :D

  16. What does Toby’s ex-wife look like?

    Did Vikram, after leaving the Michael Scott Paper Company ever go into another career, other than being a cold caller selling diet pills?

    What’s the timeline of the show? Meaning, are we watching a documentary that is being shown in weekly installments where the things we’re seeing happened in the recent or even not so recent past?

    Will the future of the characters be shown, at least an inkling of where there lives are heading?

    My prediction of what the overarching arc and finale will entail is as follows: Lots of wrapping up loose ends with the main theme of David Wallace realizing that there’s only one man who can save the company, Michael Scott. Michael comes back in a 1hr series finale, the camera crew films its final moments of the documentary, the last shot fades away with the office doing its daily grind…just like it did when he left for Denver, except this time he’s staying, and so’s everyone else. We leave them where we first met them. The camera shuts off, fade to black, Fin.

  17. Does Dwight ever cash in on that favor after finding out that Oscar was just “faking sick” to get off of work?

  18. Would love to know what Jim said in his Christmas card to Pam in season 2.
    Tanster I am with you 100% on getting Jen to come back. I still miss her.

  19. Will Dwight and Angela end up together finally? And whatever happened to the bobblehead?

  20. i agree with ”fin” on this part. it would be the best ending.

    My prediction of what the overarching arc and finale will entail is as follows: Lots of wrapping up loose ends with the main theme of David Wallace realizing that there’s only one man who can save the company, Michael Scott. Michael comes back in a 1hr series finale, the camera crew films its final moments of the documentary, the last shot fades away with the office doing its daily grind…just like it did when he left for Denver, except this time he’s staying, and so’s everyone else. We leave them where we first met them. The camera shuts off, fade to black, Fin.

  21. to echo LaRonda Acuff: Yeah, I have a lot of questions. Number one, how dare you?

    -are pam & jim going to move to denver to go into business with michael? (ok, that’s more of a theory – also, if i move to denver can i join them?)
    -will oscar ever find love?
    -what was kelly’s office goodbye like??

  22. I want to know what happened to Jan once and for all


    I want to see Michael’s “new life” with Holly.

  23. For the series finale, can we have an old timer’s reunion chat? Ya know, for those of us original OT chat whores of S2 and beyond….

    [ from tanster: jim mosby, esteemed OT chat room moderator from the golden olden days! oh my goodness, LOVE your idea. Round up matty, wendy, tori, and heck even lighting guy! let’s do it! ]

  24. Just an aside to Tanster, since I know this is being moderated and you’ll read this. You don’t need to post this to everyone. Just rambling :) And saying hello!

    I haven’t been here in ages. Laughing my butt off remembering some of the funny stuff that went on here over the years. Man, has it really been 6 years or more since we all started hanging here? The Mosby song…though no longer a valid link here, I think I still have it somewhere. Somewhere I believe I still have some audio from you and Matty drinking, too. LOL.

    Was in the Bay Area last week and was pondering what you were up to. My goodness it’s been a long time. Hope all is well.

    -The Man Formerly Known as Jim Mosby

    [ from tanster: i am super bummed that all those song links are now invalid. :( ]

  25. Which one’s Pam?

    Seriously, though, in “Goodbye, Michael,” he alluded to the fact they camera crew might try to get the documentary on TV, telling them to let him know if it ever airs. I’d like to know what, exactly, they plan to do with all they’ve shot.

  26. Did Michael’s punching cat puppet make the trip to Denver, and will it make another appearance?

    But seriously, I want to know Mose’s background because he might be… nay, he IS my favorite non-regular on the show.

  27. Will Pam ever continue her art at a more professional level?

    I was always sad that she gave up her dreams just for a guy(even though I really like her and Jim).

  28. I echo wanting to know what Pam’s mom said to her on the telephone before Pam and Jim kissed, and of course, what Jim wrote in the Christmas card. I also really want to see how Pam and Jim are affected by watching the events of Seasons 1, 2, and 3 as we saw them – they missed a lot that we saw. I am okay with Michael not coming back – that’s real life, right? A Six Feet Under kind of ending would be pretty awesome, too. Also – writers of Dwight’s new show: Watch all existing episodes of Joey before you start. That is all.

  29. Will we find out the true identity of the baby Phyllis gave up for adoption, and will we determine the identity of Erin’s parents?

  30. Does Pam really regret quitting art school?
    Will Creed finally answer for all his past deeds?

    (How about a Parks and Recreation crossover?)

  31. I’ve always wanted to see Jim and Pam’s first date. I’ve always wanted to see Holly and Michael out in Colorado ( and more importantly Jan’s face when she sees his kids). And of course Dwight and Angela… Solve the baby thing in the first episode coming back so we can move on please!

  32. What did Michael whisper in Pam’s ear when he left for Denver?

    I’d like to hear more about Ryan’s post-arrest experience!

  33. Top of the list is Michael and Holly – what they’re up to – to finally see Michael happy, hopefully with kids.

    If Steve can keep the scruff, all the better ;)

    DON’T want to know who the strangler is – don’t like the idea of it being someone we know.

    More David Wallace

  34. More about Creed’s history. I would really like to see Toby happy as well! Maybe he could marry Pam’s sister.

  35. What was the thing that Packer put on Michael’s carpet back in season 2?

    Why didn’t Darryl & David Wallace come to PB&J’s wedding?

  36. I want Pam to pursue her art career!!!

    Also I want the Scranton Strangler to finally be captured — as a result of killing Nellie off in the first episode. (Please, god, just get rid of her.)

    I want Oscar and Kevin to have love lives.

    And I want a good, juicey resolution to the Dwight and Angela.

    [ from tanster: the scranton strangler kills nellie — LOVE IT! ]

  37. #34, Caroline, I think we’re going to see Kelly’s office goodbye, as she’s going to be in the premiere! I’m beginning to form a theory based on what a lot of people have been suggesting here about the Christmas card Jim wrote for Pam – I think there’s going to be serious trouble between Jim and Pam this season which is going to be resolved by them seeing Seasons 1-3 of the documentary for the first time.

  38. I have 3 questions: 1. What was Pam going to ask Jim as they waited for Angela after The Dundees? 2. On the Booze Cruise, what was Jim going to say to Pam as he rushed down the aisle but was interrupted by Roy’s proposal? and 3. I, too, wish we could see Pam and Jim’s First Date. :-)

  39. What was the name that Jim and Pam made up for when you have a thing stuck in your shoe?

    What does Broccoli Rob look like?

  40. I’ve always wanted Michael to come back and take over at the end of the final episode. With them knowing ahead of time that it’s the final season, maybe they can convince Steve to do that. I’d love him to come back with his wife Holly and his twin toddlers Jim and Pam.

  41. I’m going to come up with a million more questions over the following months as I continue to watch past seasons, but here’s a start . . . . .

    – What did Holly’s letter to Michael say when he stole the document from her computer in Nashua ?

    – Along similar lines, what was Michael planning to say exactly to Holly at the company picnic that he decided to keep to himself ?

    – Was Jim ever able to remove that stubborn clown painting from his parent’s house they moved into ?

    – Did Jim ever tell Pam about Cathy’s flirtatious attempts ? (Or did someone else tell her, like Dwight ?)

    – Who of Scott’s Tots went to college ?

    – Would love to know if Steve Carell knew what was planned in the conference room after his final Dundies at the restaurant. He looked genuinely, but pleasantly shocked when Darryl started playing “Seasons of Love”.

  42. I have a few questions:
    1.Is Angela’s baby really Dwight’s and not the Senators?
    2.Will Kelly ever get over Ryan?
    3.Michael and Holly should at least call the office like they promised.
    4.Will Oscar ever find someone and get married?
    5.Will Pam ever go back to art school?
    maybe Michael and Holly will move back to Scranton because Holly’s parents got better or something.

  43. My guess is that they’ll reveal the Scranton Strangler to be Mose. They need to somehow write his character off from The Farm with Michael Schur running Parks & Rec.

  44. Honestly, I don’t need to know about Creed’s background story. His character is completely perfect the way he is. I seriously think that not knowing, makes his character that much more brilliant. Let’s be honest, we all love those moments where you’re watching one of his random scenes and you laugh so dang hard because you don’t have a clue of where that came from, in ANY way… :) I love him just the way he is. The end.
    My question/request (which many of you agree with, clearly) : Michael and Holly. How are they? What are they doing? Any kids? How was the wedding? Are they happy? I mean after seven years of listening to Michael’s desires of getting married and having a family, it’s kind of sad we never got to see any of that. Please and Thank You!!!! LOVE THE OFFICE <3

  45. @60 Pam: In “Garage Sale”, the clown painting can be seen sitting in front of Jim and Pam’s garage sale table.

  46. What did Jim write in his Christmas card to Pam in Season 2?
    In Season 2 episode ‘The Dundies’, what was Pam going to ask Jim when they are in carpark, but she ends up thanking him?
    What’s happening with Michael and Holly?
    Is Dwight the father of Angela’s baby?
    Also it would be great to see the following:
    Pam gets an offer to publish her illustrated children’s book
    Kelly ride off into the sunset with her new doctor bf
    Michael and Holly’s wedding
    Dwangela reunited
    Andy and Erin still together

  47. Is Toby really the antichrist? Will he ever answer Michael’s question, “Who do you do you think you are,” and “What gives you the right?”

  48. The question I have always had and can’t figure out why seemingly no one else has had it, is what did Jim say to David at the end of “The Job”? He had it in the bag, and David asks him “Long haul. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” We never see his response, and I’ve always wondered what that was.

  49. Once the time grows closer, most likely after the first of the year, I will start working on the reunion with the hopes of getting it set up.


    [ from tanster: awesome! keep me posted! ]

  50. I don’t have any real burning questions. We’ll never get to know everything, so I’m looking forward to whatever tidbits the writers to make sure to tell us. But my wish for each of my favorite characters are as follows:

    Dwight — May he never be manager. He’s top in sales anyway. He and Angela finally make that German Mennonite Minister’s ceremony official.

    Jim — He and Pam stay together. Where they continue their careers is of little importance to me. They simply must grow old together!

    Kevin — Happiness with a woman worthy of him. No one we’ve seen yet is a good fit. Head of Accounting (when Angela leaves to run the Schrute Farms B&B and Event Center.)

    Creed — stay cool brother. Keep on growing mung beans and you’ll live forever. And try some memory exercises.

    And I’m with the rest of you. We have to see the jello prank one more time. Bring everything full circle. Raspberry this time.

  51. I agree with finding out what was written in Jim’s Christmas card in Season 2 and also, getting to see their 1st date.

    -I would love to see one more JAM moment up on the roof, for Pam to get her terrace, and for the 2 of them to move into new careers.

    Can’t wait to see how they bring Roy back, say bye to Kelly, and Dwight as a dad.

    -Real life, would be never seeing Michael, but maybe a quick phone call or email update on his life would be great.

    -Phyllis to meet her child she gave up
    -Stanley to chose between his wife or mistress
    -Maybe a viewing party for when the documentary airs?
    -Jen Celotta as a Schrute
    -Threat Level Midnight becomes a crime show on cable
    -Lots more Jim pranks on Dwight
    -Dwight and Angela wedding

  52. I wonder if the series finale will be the actual documentary airing or if that’ll be a christmas special in a few years. Will everyone dress like Avengers Characters for Halloween? Maybe a fight will break out in the Office because half of them are Marvel and Half are DC fans.

  53. I agree about not needing to know about Creed’s background. The fact that we don’t know exactly what makes him tick is what makes his left field moments so darn funny.

  54. #60, @Pam, there was a deleted scene from the episode ‘After Hours’ where Pam calls Jim while Cathy is in his hotel room. She almost immediately susses out what is happening, and is extremely sympathetic to his plight. It’s a very sweet scene because Jim has a huge smile on his face at the end of the call. I think they left it out because it took all the tension out of the situation – you immediately knew that Jim and Pam were completely safe, and Cathy was absolutely no threat whatsoever!

  55. Is this documentary of the Scranton office on tv yet? I think Michael wondered the same thing at the airport when he left Scranton.

  56. 1. Will Erin meet her birth parents?
    2. Will Phyllis meet her birth daughter who she gave up for adoption?
    3. Will we ever meet the members of Andy’s a cappella group “Here Comes Treble”?
    4. Will Andy/Erin and Dwight/Angela get a happily ever after with one another?
    5. Will Erin get to be an accountant?
    6. Will Oscar find love (maybe with the Senator)? Will Kevin? Will Toby?
    7. Will Jim and Pam move on to bigger and better things (most likely in the series finale)?
    8. Will we find out what Michael and Holly have been up to in Colorado?
    9. Will we ever hear Andy’s song, “Secretary of Love,” he wrote for Erin, but he never got to sing in Season 6’s “Secretary’s Day”?
    10. Will we hear more from Andy, Kevin, and Darryl’s band?
    11. Will we see more of the Andy/Darryl friendship this year?
    12. Will Gabe still work at Dunder Mifflin now that it’s not a part of Sabre?
    13. Will we learn more about Stanley, Meredith, and Creed’s backgrounds?

  57. What was Pam’s all time favorite desert island movie?

    What were Pam and Jim saying to each other in the hospital when they found out she was pregnant?

    When Pam got mad at Jim in Dwight’s dojo, what was Jim going to say in that email that he started to write but deleted?

    In Diwali, what did Pam text to Jim and what did she mean when she said she was hoping that something would happen that night?

    Is the Scranton Strangler the same guy that flashed Phyllis?

  58. Some questions are better left unanswered. We don’t need to know what was said in Jim’s Christmas card or what he said to david wallace in the interview in the job. What made this show so great is that we could come up with our answers to these questions

  59. The Scranton Strangler thing worries me because it has the potential to be cheesy like a soap opera. I’d be shocked if it’s someone from DM. I was thinking Roy but I think Toby would have mentioned that. My best guess is that it’s Gill, Oscar’s old boyfriend. :)

  60. 1) What does the crew inject into the cast to keep them so young after all these years?

    2) Where did all these characters go to college, if at all? What did they major in that they ended up working at DMiff for so long? ;)

  61. For the scranton strangler. The only person I can think of that can be him is Devon. After thinking about many characters, there aren’t many that stand out as a killer or “strangler.” We’ve seen Devon and we know he’s probably holding a grudge. Just speculating.

  62. Will Mose ever learn how to Pro-Create?
    Will Dwight hook back up with Isabelle?
    Will the writers leave it open for a Movie?

    TANSTER: When is the best time to visit the set?

  63. I want to know all of the lyrics to “Beers in Heaven” and “Total Eclipse of the Fart”.

  64. I really, really want to know what Jim wrote in that Christmas card. I’m loving these comments…the return of Michael and Holly would be amazing. Also: how is Jan doing these days? And did we ever establish the official spelling of Beesly? (Beasly? Beesley?)

    [ from tanster: the correct spelling is beesly, as confirmed in the wedding program. :) ]

  65. What was said when Jim proposed to Pam at the gas station? I want to know what’s going on with Meredith’s kid. He was hilarious!

  66. 1. Will Ryan ever fall for another girl besides Kelly?
    2. Will Subtle Sexuality hits #1 on iTunes chart?
    3. Michael and Holly return with a baby would be awesome.
    4. Will Darryl Kevin and Andy make a deal with the record label?
    5. etc etc.

  67. 1.) What happens with Oscar and The STATE Senator?
    2.) What did Michael and Pam say to each other at the airport?
    3.) Did Michael and Holly get married? Have kids?
    4.) Did Jan ever hit the top of the charts with her Doris Day Songs album? How old is ‘Astird’ now?
    5.) What did the letter to Michael say that Holly wrote (Pam deleted)

  68. @93, Tiffany, what do you mean? We can hear the conversation (to the best of my memory). He says, “I couldn’t wait… so will you?”

  69. I can’t imagine this show ending without seeing Michael, Holly and their kid(s) one last time. Hoping!

  70. I don’t know how it makes any sense that we would find out who the Scranton strangler is. Toby was at his trial and he was already found guilty; if it was someone everyone (or anyone) in the office knew, I think they would have discussed it by now. It would have been a big deal at the time if anyone in the office had known him. The only person I can see it making any sense would be if it was Phyllis’ flasher, because even she did not get a good look at his face.

  71. Here’s a final season scenario: Answers to some of the posed questions are given during the season. But here’s the catch…At the very end of the series finale, we see Michael wake up from his desk after his sugar rush from his everything covered pretzel (remember that scene from “The Initiation”?). He wakes up to find everything from that point on was a dream, a la JR/Dallas. I can see the writers doing something like this; it’s quirky, edgy, and a nod to great tv of yesteryear-something The Office has taken us back to. It also preserves the whole PBJ drama as it was when the show truly pulled on our heart strings. If you read most of the questions submitted to be answered in this combox, you quickly realize that it was the PBJ pining/will they or won’t they finally get their timing right aspect of the show that really drove the thing. Some say the show should’ve ended when PBJ married. Maybe they’re right, dunno.

  72. @ 103 Janet

    I predicted a while ago that Deangelo was the Scranton Strangler and was bummed when that didn’t play out.

    So, when Toby remarked something about how they convicted the wrong man, it has always stuck with me, although I am now leaning towards Gabe :D

  73. What was Pam going to say in the Dundies episodes when she asks Jim, “Can I ask you a question?” then notices the cameras and changes the subject.

  74. How are Michael and Holly doing in Colorado? Will they stop in for a Office Party???

  75. i got a feeling that gabe is the scranton strangler. he watches all of those horror movies. must have used those moves in real life.

  76. 1) Where on earth did Jordan and Cathy go to?
    2) Did Andy ever go on that date with Robert Californias ex wife?
    3) Michael Scott/Holly Wedding
    4) Mose is Scranton Strangler.

  77. This isn’t a question but the last episode should be all the office workers gathering to watch the premier of the documentary

  78. Is Meredith still sleeping with the Scranton rep from Hammermill and, more importantly,is she still getting free Outback Steakhouse gift certificates.

  79. This isn’t really a question, just a list of things I’d personally like to see :)
    -Tension between Jim and Pam in regards to their home life (kids), etc.
    -A sweet goodbye for Kelly.
    -A cameo of Michael Scott.
    -Jim and Pam going to Roy’s wedding and some revelation from Roy to Pam there.


  80. Answers I want to see from season nine is like most people, a Holly & Michael appearance, how Jan & Astrid are doing, an engagement with Darryl&Val and the Jell-O prank one last time!

  81. I would like the very last shot of the season finale to be the office working normally.
    That, for me, would be the only true ending to the office.

  82. #25, @Devin, we saw who that was in the episode. It was Leo and Gino, Bob Vance’s workers who were played by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky.

  83. I for one to not care about Jan or Gabe or Nellie. Just write them off, zero scenes, we have enough to do.

    I definitely want to see a return of Michael Scott — maybe the writers can do a joke of how he never got a Dundie himself (i.e. an Emmy, what a travesty). Definitely Holly, they should do some kind of rap/song together even if it’s a small confessional.

    But the #1 thing i want to know is what’s going to happen with Dwight and Angela. I mean, she had his baby.. is she EVER going to find out her husband is gay? How could they just let her get married off screen? Can Dwight make it up to her re: Sprinkles? Some kind of resolution would be nice.

    I absolutely adore Kelly/Mindy Kaling and it would suck for her not to get a proper good-bye. I know in real life, she has her show and blah blah.. but this is the role people first fell in love with her.

    Will Andy ever get his sailboat wedding cake? Is Jim truly content in this job, as it supports his family, or will he want to get out, do something else?

  84. 125 Devin – That was already revealed in a deleted scene from season 2. it was the guys from Vance Refrigeration – I think the same guys who Michael later went to to buy the pot to plant on Toby.

  85. Oh – one more! We know Michael and Holly got married, but did they have a little Michael Scott yet?

  86. I don’t think we know for sure whether or not Michael and Holly got married yet. I also don’t think we know for sure whether or not Michael is the father of Jan’s baby. Yes, she went to a sperm bank, but wasn’t it revealed that she got pregnant around the time they were still together ? If it is discovered sometime this next season that Michael is Astrid’s father and he hasn’t married Holly yet, might that be another crazy (but maybe possible) end-of-series storyline ? Who does Michael choose ? That would make my head spin !

  87. Do we get to see: 1) the documentary air and
    2) the ramifications of it airing?
    p.s. Toby is the Scranton Strangler.

  88. Jim told Pam that he was in love with her on Casino Night. She said “I can’t.” Why couldn’t she?

  89. Better late than never! This list is quite long, but I wanted to be as complete as possible. I’m considering this to be my combined wish list and my questions I want answered list. I categorized it for some sense of organization and I will try to break it up for the 200 word rule. I hope that I’m allowed to post everything.

    Character related:

    Angela should act more like she did in earlier seasons instead of the annoying character she is now
    Dwight should be less of the random character that doesn’t make much sense that we have now and more of the dorky super loyal to Michael character we used to have. We need more “false!”, “Fact:”, and “question:”
    Married version of Jim and Pam should be the married version of the classic Jim and Pam when they weren’t married. More teamwork and good chemistry and less issues for the couple
    Andy needs to be the annoying, anger management issues, suck up who brags about Cornell and acapella that he was in seasons 3-5 (mostly) and not what he is now
    Kevin should act more like he did in earlier seasons especially 1-4

  90. Just re-watching Benihana Christmas and I would love to have an explanation as to why they brought back 2 different waitresses than the original ones at the restaurant.

    I can’t imagine any way this would ever be revisited in the final season but it has always bothered me.

  91. -Why does Michael hate Toby?
    -What was Jim and Pam’s date after The Job like?
    -Was the “is the magic gone” quote an inside joke for the fans (from Dunder Mifflin Infinity)?

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