The Office: Niagara, 6.04-5

The Office Niagara wedding program

Here is a transcription of the wedding program.

Outside front cover:
The Marriage Union
Pamela Morgan Beesly
James Duncan Halpert

Inside left:
Parents of the Bride: Helene and William Beesly
Parents of the Groom: Betsy and Gerald Halpert
Grandmother of the Bride: Sylvia Beesly
Maid of Honor: Isabel Rossi
Best Man: Pete Halpert
Sister of the Bride: Penny Beesly
Sister of the Groom: Larisa Halpert
Brothers of the Groom: Pete and Tom Halpert

Inside right:
– Organist …………. Steve Rostine
Seating of Grandparents
Seating of Parents
Organ Solo
Marriage Vows
Exchange of Rings

Outside back cover:
Please join us for a reception immediately following the ceremony in the Cascade Room


  1. Perfect episode and a fitting beautiful ending that showed the BEST of everyone. Touching and bittersweet and HILARIOUS. Really beautiful stuff

  2. so beautiful. amazing. the scene before the ceremony, with the veil and the tie.. classic .

  3. just when you think jim cannot get anymore precious, he cuts his tie and marries pam. FANTASTIC EPISODE!!! :D

  4. PAM AND JIM ARE AMAZING!!!!!! it was so cute when jim was like, “you look so BEAUTIFUL.” holy crap i like, cried when they did the youtube thing. :D

  5. That was so wonderful! Dwight kicking the bridesmaid was the funniest moment!

    THE OFFICE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Quite honestly one of my favorite episodes of all time. Just perfect :) I’m interested to see how the new michael/pam’s mom relationship will turn out.

    And Andy tearing his scrotum was TOO funny!

  7. HORRIBLY, Disappointed!! We didn’t get to see the wedding at all – no vows, no walking down the aisle.

  8. Wonderful. Loved the explanation for Jim’s cut tie and Oscar vogueing down the aisle!

  9. I had low expectations going in and even those were disappointed. Ugh, didn’t like this episode at all. Torn scrotum? Lame. Michael and Pam’s mom? Predictable. YouTube ripoff? Lazy. Hopefully this doesn’t totally derail the wonderful momentum that was building so far this season. I’m really bummed out right now.

  10. I can hear the collective squeee from here. Too many great moments and lines, but happy for the already-married(!) couple. note to self: never get ice in a hotel ever again.

  11. That was just an absolutely amazing episode. It had everything !! Seriously one of my favorite episodes of all time :D

    Dwight kicking the bridesmaid was LOOOL

  12. Wow. Wasn’t at all what I was expecting, yet was better than I expected. Can’t wait to watch it again. And again.

  13. oh yeah…. did anyone notice they spelt Pam’s last name wrong in the preview before the show?? They spelt it beasley on the invitation, and I thought it was going to be a typo made by the wedding people.

  14. I really think this dethroned Casino Night as the greatest episode of the office. It had everything, a cold opening on par/if not better than Stress Relief, great moments for all the characters, and an amazing wedding scene that twisted into something I didn’t see coming (much like Casino Night- they can’t do any more big love twists, so what they did was amazing). Anyone agree with me?

  15. Best. Episode. Ever. It totally exceeded my expectations. Michael’s face after the ceremony was priceless. Andy…poor, poor Andy.

  16. …. what video were they referring to? can someone please post a link?

    also, this was one of the best episodes ever!

  17. The most amazing thing EVER. :]

    ps i was eating hummus during the opening scene..not the best idea.

  18. Wonderful! Loved the explanation of Jim’s cut tie and Oscar vogueing down the aisle!

  19. what was the song that was playing during the wedding? great episode, started slow, but ended well!

  20. Look at the half-way point my parents were questioning what I was watching, I was appalled and horrified planning to call it one of the biggest letdowns I’ve ever seen.

    Thank God for Chris Brown.
    Those writers are clutch when it counts!

  21. Absolutely perfect. Just the right amount of crazy, right amount of Michael, right amount of romance.

    That ending…That dance down the aisle…Wow.

    Perfect payoff.

  22. That? Was amazing. That was pretty much the best television wedding I have ever seen or ever will see. Perfect.

  23. Oh, Office writers. You never fail to amaze me with your genius! :)

    A fantastic episode, easily in my top 3 favorites of all-time. That look from Jim at the end wrapped it all up perfectly.

    Also: I’m not finished crying yet. LOL

  24. one of the greatest moments of the series: dwight kicking that girl in the face! i fell out of my bed laughing!!

  25. The last 10 minutes reminded me of Indiana Jones 4. I just kept yelling at the tv, “What!!!!” “No!!!!!!!!”

    Consider episode ruined.

  26. Fantastic episode! Very sweet moments between Jim and Pam. I was glad to see they ran off. It’s so them. The shot of them together and Jim then smiling to the camera was beautiful. Kevin’s hair piece was hilarious. I hope we get to see it again. Seeing everybody dance down the aisle was great, especially when Dwight kicked Pam’s friend. Overall great episode and I can’t wait until Jim and Pam come back from their honeymoon to find out about Michael.

  27. OMG!!!! Wow, so cute, so amazing, so funny, soooo sweet at the end. I loved loved loved it!

  28. Arguably the best episode, ever.


    It was everything I hoped and dreamed for. I will admit, I cried. :)

  29. Parts of it were really good. I HATED the dancing down the aisle though. It was completely out of character for most of them. I really need to re-watch this episode tomorrow before I can really say how I felt about it.

  30. Loved it! I think they struck a great balance between the Jim & Pam sweetness and The Office awkwardness!

  31. this was the most amazing episode ever. i loved the the youtube wedding thing. absolutely beautiful. wedding of the century!


  32. Loved the second half. The ending was sweet. Not sure why there had to be so much nearly-too-disgusting stuff though.

    Everyone seemed to be hooking up. Wonder what happened to Erin and Kelly…?

    Lots of funny stuff in this episode – like Michael having a whoopie cushion but not having a reservation.

  33. Uhhh… well…

    Definitely expected better than that. Most of the episode was not funny, nor romantic, and I have a new loss of respect for Dwight. Plus, when did The Office become mostly physical humor?

    That said, I have already watched the last 5 minutes a second time, and I’m about to watch it a third… Awww :)

  34. wow… just wow. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry but…. I did. And I think the funniest part of the episode, was Andy! I might just have to give this episode a 10/10.

  35. I loved the end – maybe TMI with Andy though. Love it that Pam wears contact lenses – never knew that before! Happy endings do happen!

  36. That ending made me so happy! So glad that Jim and Pam had that moment to themselves.

  37. The video is called “JK Wedding Entrance Dance” and it’s up on youtube. Lucky couple had their wedding entrance copied for The Office!!

  38. Michael: “Did you see this? it was on YouTube”
    I was in splits (pardon the pun) when I heard that. Very nice touch there.

  39. Well, I didn’t cry. But man..I was mad up until about 8:45…I thought it was a huge letdown up until that point..I mean, the last 15 minutes could have been the whole episode and I would have been okay with that.
    But the last 7 minutes + Aisle dancing + Sort-of eloping + Kevin in the ice machine = EPIC.

  40. I am in such a great mood right now!! :D

    Here’s the video they were referring to:

    Brilliant! I loved this episode!!

  41. At first I thought they were going WAY over board and then I just couldn’t stop laughing. Too funny, just the perfect Office style wedding. I think my favorite run down the aisle was Oscar and Kevin. Priceless.

  42. Link

    This is the video they were referring to – easy to see how Jim would just know that Michael wouldn’t be able to help himself :-)

  43. When they busted out the imitation of the YouTube wedding dance to Chris Brown, I lost it! :)
    What a terrific episode—best of the season. And my favorite TV wedding ever!! Of course, they are the best TV couple ever. The writers created a night worth waiting 6 seasons for! Laughter. Tears. (For both me and the characters on the show!)

  44. That was just. There are no words. That was absolutely amazing!!! Best Office episode. Ever!!

  45. A very meh episode up until the wedding. I guess I was just waiting for the big show. It’ll probably fare better on another viewing. But, the wedding was so amazing. So glad they had their private wedding so they could laugh at everything else after and just have fun.

  46. Amazing episode, but did the whole ‘side’ wedding thing remind anyone of “How I Met Your Mother?”

  47. so.. I’ve watched the ending 4 times now.. I’ve cried like a little girl.. absolutely perfect.. bravo!

  48. Best. Episode. Ever! My uncle used to work as a bartender at the bar they filmed the outside of.
    @spamster: here is the video link that they were referring to:


  49. Wow, Office writers- you are good. This did not disappoint.
    I got a little teary-eyed near the end… and contained my AWWWWs since I was in my dorm lounge. I’m definitely itunes-ing this one.

    (I KNEW we were going to see a cheesy go at the Chris-Brown-aisle thing since it became a big youtube thing!)

  50. The song they were playing was Forever, by Chris Brown, and here’s the video for those who haven’t seen it before:


    I was holding it together until the end. When they changed the song to “Forever” and it started to show the two at the Falls, getting married, I lost it. Then I watched it again and cried again. And now thinking about it, I’m about to cry again. BEST EPISODE EVER. Made me laugh, made me cry.

  51. After a slow start to this season…tonight’s episode was such a pleasant surprise. I was hoping it would be good since it was Jim and Pam’s big day and also 1 hour long. It totally made my night (: I love the office all over again!

  52. Great episode! The copying of the youtube wedding march was epic and Jim’s words at the end were perfect. Loved it!

  53. Blah..

    Didn’t really like it. Michael was too much like Phylis’ wedding Michael and that isn’t good. Andy’s “accident” was stupid. I liked the scenes when on the ship but the dancing down the aisle thing was super-cheesy. Maybe it was because I couldn’t stand the real life version of that?

    Oh well, the Office is good for 4 or 5 really great episodes every season so I have that to look forward to.

    Ahh, how I miss you season 2.

  54. That was great! I agree, the Chris Brown (the song is called “Forever”) sequence at the end made the episode.

  55. In a way, I went into this episode considering it the series finale. It’s the last episode I really had any hopes for. I figured after this, I can just accept that “my” show is over and start watching the show casually and enjoy it for what it is without expecting it to be incredible. Either that, or my faith would be completely restored and I’d be a hard-core fan again.

    I’m somewhat sad to say the former is what happened. And also strangely relieved, in a way. I guess it’s “over” now. But I’ll still be watching, in some silent corner of the internet… ’cause nothing will take away all the great things this show has done in 6 years.

  56. The subtle “douche” by Jim’s brother right before his speech was incredible. Also, the fist pump and explosion his brother gives Michael after Michael gives him a whoopie cushion. Those two things made my life.

  57. Great episode! So many cringe worthy, touching and comedic moments. When The Office is said and done, this will be one of the most memorable episodes.

  58. Very few events in life have caused me to laugh and cry simultaneously. The editing was so tight my emotions couldn’t keep up – I was one big blubbering mess! It was perfect :)

  59. They made us think we were gonna cry, but instead we wanted to do nothing more than stand up, clap and cheer!!!

  60. It was nothing like I expected…which was good and bad at the same time…the way that the Jam moments played out wasn’t what I expected, but I LOVED them to pieces…the tie and actual ring exchange make it into my top ten.

    But am I the only one who felt like there wasn’t enough JAM?! There was NO Jam in the first half. The parts that were funny were really, really funny, and the cringe-worthy stuff reminded me of season 2, but I could’ve done without Kevin’s feet.

    I dunno. I’m still processing.

  61. I thought that maybe after 3 bad episodes they would hit a home-run with the most anticipated episode of the series.

    I thought wrong.

    They screwed this up so bad, the characters were not themselves, there was nothing to like in anyone except Pam, Jim was not himself, you only got to see 2 seconds of the actual wedding, way too many sex jokes, all in all probably the worst episode of the season by far except for the fact that Pam and Jim finally got married.

  62. Alot of good moments..Dwight hooking up with the bridesmaid..who knew he had game

    Can’t wait to see what would happen with Michael and Pam’s mother..

    Good stuff ;-)

  63. #5 Erin, I won’t deny it that I cried more at the JAM wedding than I did at my own in June. I hope my husband isn’t offended haha…

    Just… everything was so perfect. I don’t even have words. I CANNOT wait for this to be on Hulu so I can watch it over and over again. And over again.

  64. Easily my new favorite episode. Not such a fan of Jim’s brothers and Michael was particularly distasteful at the rehearsal dinner, but what else could I have expected? The end scene with the dance was totally perfect. I wonder what will come out of Michael being with Pam’s mom.

  65. You know, up until the last five minutes, I really wasn’t sure I was going to like this episode…and then they got me, right at the end, and I realized that this episode was a lot like most weddings I’ve been to – horrifying at points, but what matters most is that the bride and groom are happy, and we make the best out of it. In that respect, I really think this episode was amazing.

  66. I loved it. Didn’t cry though (last time I did that in front of a screen I was five and watching Bambi). But man, I laughed. A lot and out loud.

    I was looking forward to the dip kiss from the photos. Is it wrong that I feel cheated we didn’t get that?

  67. Erin (#5), you’re not the only one. And when Jim turned to the camera in that lovely final shot, I was done for.

  68. Ok. I thought the episode leading up to the wedding was awesome. Minus the gross cold opening. I felt kinda cheated by the wedding at first. I guess that was because I am the only one on the planet who hadn’t seen the youtube video, and I wanted to hear some vows and such, I was expecting tradition.
    Count on the Office to be untraditional. After watching the youtube video, and rewatching the wedding a couple of times, I have to say that while I’m still on the fence about the dancing, I liked the song immensely against the scenes of Jim and Pam getting married on the Maid of the Mist…by the way, Jim cutting off his tie was amazing, solidarity. Overall a very strong episode. Congrats Jim and Pam.

    PS- Did anyone love Dwight’s Three Wolf Moon T-shirt as much as I did…do yourself a favor and read its customer reviews at Amazon…hysterical!

  69. Their wedding was far from perfect. And that made it absolutely perfect.

    Though it’s not what I expected, it was so much better than I imagined. Mad props and thanks to The Office writers who are so talented and give us the humor, awkwardness, laughs, and love we crave every week. Just wonderful.

  70. Wow! They really pulled out the big guns! Was not expecting that.

    It was perfect, especially Jim’s talking head at the end, where he talks about Plan A,B, & C. So sweet! Congratulations JAM! :)

  71. I wonder if the shot of Jim and Pam HALPERT on the Maid Of The Mist (which is about 20 minutes from my house) towards the end, with Pam’s head on Jim’s shoulder, was supposed to kind of mirror that incredible moment from Diversity Day? That’s just immediately what struck me so hard about it. (That’s what she said.)

  72. That was absolutely perfect. So well done by the writers, who kept it realistic. Things went wrong because they go wrong at real weddings, and it wouldn’t have been The Office if nothing was awkward.

    The scene on the Maid of the Mist was beautiful, and I can’t wait to rewatch the episode.

  73. Thank you so much to the cast and crew for an amazing episode. It was better then I ever imagined! The whole episode was so funny and yet sometimes really awkward-just the way the office should be. Loved every single minute of it.

  74. An award winner for sure. What a wonderful episode. I still have tears streaming down my face, so heartwarming and funny.

    This was an Office best!

  75. Wow. That was really not what I was expecting at all. I must be in the minority cause I really did not like the whole dancing thing. It was very out of character for many of them. I think I need to re-watch this episode again before I can really say how I feel about it.

  76. My favorite moment was Jim’s camera-look on the boat at the very end. Best part of the entire series, I think.

  77. yep. i cried. when i saw them running off together, i KNEW they were going to go get married on the maid of the mist. and omg, totally died when pam looked at him and put her hand on her belly. and the tie thing… SO SWEET!!! and i love that meemaw stayed. michael saved it. :o)

    i’m disappointed that they didn’t have that amazing kiss. i feel cheated. BOOOO!!!

    as for the cold open… i told my mom about the promo, and since she knows i’m emetophobic, she watched the cold open without me, and then re-capped it without getting too graphic. she didn’t just say, “pam has morning sickness, and it sets off a chain reaction.” she used to act, so she totally acted it out and did everyone’s voices. it was pretty much like watching it… but without the puking. thanks mom!

    i loved the dancing bit with the maid of the mist stuff cut in. but i think dwight kicking isabel in the face was a little much. i wonder if they named her isabel as a nod to angela’s daughter. that would be cute. :o)

  78. Emily (#24), re your question, Tanster’s upcoming episode descriptions might have an answer.

  79. now that i’m past my initial crazy excitement, there were some disappointments. not enough JAM. not NEARLY enough. jim getting hammered the night before the wedding… out of character. i agree w/ the complaint of too many sex jokes. i think too many things went wrong the day/night before that it was almost unrealistic. but i still loved it!

  80. @24 Duck:

    Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. I completely agree with your entire comment. I’m going to re-watch this tomorrow, but after my initial viewing I just didn’t like this episode much, nor this season as a whole very much.

  81. What a great episode! I loved how they cut the two weddings together and the cinematography was just super! There were so many awesome quotes from tonight. Was it just me or was that a different woman playing Stanley’s wife?

  82. I love the mash-up of the real wedding and the church wedding. Everything about the Maid of the Mist wedding was perfect and just for them (and the camera crew). When Jim cut off his tie, I got teary-eyed.
    The Chris Brown song was hilarious. Also – poor Pam! Her mom and Michael and her best friend and Dwight!!! There were so many great moments. I totally agree with dominick (#2) – I will never use hotel ice again. I love that each character got to play a part of the storyline.

  83. As soon as the cold open ended I knew I would be disappointed in this episode. There were some great moments, but also some that just made me shake my head. The episode started out poorly (office-wide vomit) and ended even worse (Pam’s mom and Michael hooking up!?). I feel like the writers have run out of ideas. I’m bummed.

  84. Did anyone else notice that the actress playing pam’s mom didn’t seem to be the same as when she visited in season 2?

  85. When I saw the brothers and the hotel room dance scene, I thought to myself, “Why are they combining Employee Transfer and Cafe Disco, easily two of my least favorite episodes ever?” But there was a lot of good stuff here. I think this is a rare occasion when I liked this episode more for the tenderness than the comedy.

    They could have named this episode “John Krasinski’s 2010 Emmy Nomination Tape,” and it would have been an apt title.

  86. My 10 year old watched with me (except for some parts that were too sexual), and she just asked me at the end ‘WERE YOU LAUGHING AND CRYING AT THE SAME TIME??!???!’ Yes, dear, I was. Touching, funny, so typical of The Office “family.” Loved it.

  87. I have to say, best episode of all time. Everybody was themselves, Jim was Jim, Pam was Pam, they had fun together. Wow. Great Episode.

  88. I have two issues: #1: It really bugs me that Pam’s mom is a different actress and that she has a different personality. The original mom was this sweet, Old Navy-wearer type and the “new” mom is that stereotypical high-strung mom we see on EVERY television show. The Office is usually so good about continuity and originality, but that drove me NUTS! #2: We didn’t get to hear “I do”?! AHHH! It better be in a deleted scene!

    Otherwise, loved it. Loved the Andy story-line. LOVED when Jim cut his tie (best part in my opinion), and I loved the weird dancing ending. It seemed sort of surreal, in a good way– the whole office dancing around Pam and Jim. I don’t know, all those characters and all that joy. It was like they were acting out how I feel every time I watch the show.

  89. I had sort of disappointed myself because I had watched all of the teasers, saw all the photos, and read all the spoilers but the writers DID NOT DISAPPOINT! The whole episode ended up being not at all what I expected and I love that! The convo between Jim and Pam was amazing and the ring exchange on the boat melted my heart. Well done writers!

  90. OH..MY..GOD

    Best Episode Ever. The “Forever” ending was perfect. There are no words. Besides the ones I just typed. HAHA

  91. @Duck – Have you ever been to a wedding where people act like themselves? The bride/groom are always super stressed and on edge, single guys flirt, single women get flirted with, and couples cling together like the Hudsons and Vances did. Very realistic.

    As for the episode, I was afraid that it was going to be too cutesy (which probably had you Jammers champing) and was pleasantly surprised by the laugh riot that would ensue. It was very hard to top Creed’s eating while everyone else was puking their guts out, but they did. Many, many times.

  92. 44:

    The actress who originally played played Pam’s mom was unavailable. She was touring on Broadway.

    Oh, and I loved that Stanley is still complaining about that toaster.

  93. I really wanted to love this. We’ve waited so long.

    LOVED all the JAM stuff. The looks between them…*sigh*. Perfection. Definitely not enough JAM!

    The rest was iffy. Between Dwight, Andy and the toasts, the sex stuff was way overdone. Sly references, innuendos and discomfort are funny – slapping us in the face with the same thing repeatedly is not. (Is ‘scrotum’ really THAT funny?!?)

    The dance stuff was funny and cute and cheesy – and lasted WAY too long. I would have rather seen more of the actual wedding. Or some reception action!

    Having said all that, I realize they weren’t going to take this comedy and turn it into a drama for the wedding, and they shouldn’t have. I was just hoping for more than a one-trick pony on the topics of humor.

  94. I LOVED IT…except for the cold open. Did anyone else think Pam was being totally unreasonable? She really expected her co-workers to change their routines around to suit her? I totally agreed with Dwight & Phyllis on that one! Other than that, it was great! Jim was his usual adorable self (the “waiting” speech, cutting off his tie), the Forever dance was cute, the Niagara Falls stuff was beautiful, & Michael + Pam’s mom is kind of genius.

  95. Btw, the mom was a different actress, the orignal is on a theater tour, and that was not the wife you remember, because in Gossip, it was revealed that he was having an affair, and the wife found out. the woman with stanley was cynthia, the woman he had the affair with, who i think he only said was his wife because they were a couple, but who knows, maybe they got married? seems to soon after teri, (divorce settled already? prob. not)

  96. Corrections to my last comment…

    rismeyes: The actress who originally played played Pam’s mom was unavailable. She was touring on Broadway.

    Emily: That wasn’t Stanley’s (ex?) wife. It was Cynthia, his new girlfriend.

  97. Shannon Cochran played Pam’s mom in 2.2 Sexual Harassment. Perry Smith played Pam’s mom in this episode.

  98. The vomit opening was a little much, but the episode was phenomenal. Kevin’s hair alone made up for a disappointing first three episodes (not that it was a surprise after watching every preview shown the last two weeks).

  99. I loved the call back to the ‘head on the shoulder’ scene from season 1. Awesome – best moment of the whole show (besides Dwight kicking the bridesmaid in the face). Wish they could have showed much more emotion throughout the episode. Jim kissing Pam on the cheek when they got married on the boat? Come on!

  100. Well, she wasn’t the same. Other than that, I know I’m going to need to watch it again, since I was half drunk watching it in the first place.

  101. Question: Do i think this is one of the best episodes ever?
    Answer: Absolutely I do.

  102. I was all ready to be like

    “Best. Episode. EVAR!”

    But I can’t. It was lame. The Jim & Pam moments were nice, but there weren’t enough. I don’t get it, they got married twice? Someone explain this to me. We didn’t even really see them get married, the wedding (or weddings) were 1/500th of the episode, which was far too short.

    The characters were all their exaggerated stereotypes, and that was bad. Tired of Dwight & Michael trying to hook up and then doing so successfully which is so unrealistic. It does seem like the writers are recycling far too much.

    I love The Office but I expect more and better. Especially for an episode of this magnitude.

  103. What happened with MeeMa? Did she end up leaving even though Michael talked to her? They never wrapped that up. Other than that, LOVED the episode!!

  104. I LOVED this episode. I was just about ready to give up on the Office (I will still watch it, of course, but my obsession was waning) and then they got me with this one. I love it when they turn everything upside down. No real wedding, no “I do” moment (it wouldn’t have lived up to our expectations), just a perfect, awful mess of a wedding. As soon as the dancing down the aisle got too sweet, they had Dwight kick Isabel. Classic. It may have topped Casino Night for me.

  105. It was great! I loved the whole thing, pam’s worst nightmare: Michael and her mom! Jim was sooooo sweet as always.

  106. PERFECTION!! i adored this ep! it wasn’t what i expected, but it had everything i wanted…huge laughs, extremely awkward moments, and most importantly of all, it really showcased the depth and beauty of jim and pam’s relationship…and that’s really what this was all about!! i’m still laughing AND crying just thinking about it — and now i’m going to go watch it again! :)

  107. I actually expected more out of this episode. The JAM moments were good, don’t get me wrong, but it seemed like all the other characters’ acts or lines were not funny. Some parts were corny, and I never used that word before describing the show.

    The last 10 minutes were awesome though.

  108. @52 Matty

    Oh my Gosh, I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on that! (If that was really the intention of the writers). It was such a sweet scene anyway, but that makes it even better.

  109. Love every minute of this episode. Best. Wedding. Ever! Loved Dwight kicking the bridesmaid, Kevin’s ‘shoes’/ hair, and Andy…poor Andy. And the Maid of the Mist scenes…perfect.

  110. 82- the actress previously played Pam’s mom was in a play at that time of filming.

    79- Stanley brought his mistress.

    The last ten minutes saved this episode. Everything was horrible. Lame jokes, crude, and out of character moments. I am really disappointed. :(

  111. On jenna Fischer’s interview she said there would be a lot of JAM moments. She said like “Ten full minutes.” I didn’t see that! I was expecting more JAM!!!! The promos got my hopes too high!

  112. I have been trying to get on the website since I saw the episode an hour ago, and I finally got on! There was lots of traffic!

    Anyway, this was one of the best if not the best episode ever! I have been waiting for this wedding for four years (before then I didn’t dare get my hopes up) and it was definitely better than I could’ve dreamed! My favorite part was the heartfelt conversation between Jim and Pam before the wedding… I was bawling, it was so adorable! I also liked the boat wedding, Kevin’s hair/shoes, Andy’s “injury”, and the cold open. If there was one part I wasn’t a fan of, it was Jim revealing the pregnancy. It wasn’t even that bad, but I hated seeing Pam look so devastated. Michael trying to defend them to Meemaw was awkward but it made me laugh.

  113. Toby holding on to one last thread of hope that this wedding wasn’t going to happen… priceless.

    Beautiful, hilarious… ‘The Office’ to perfection. Couldn’t help but think of ‘Booze Cruise’ when Jim & Pam hopped on that boat… how wonderfully redemptive! Really loved this episode.

  114. I really, really liked it. Still processing – but I think that this was the perfect wedding for the Office. And I think it’s perfectly realistic for that many things to go wrong beforehand – and then for the wedding itself to be magical. The best weddings, to me, are always like that. :D

  115. Tanster, I have a question. You had mentioned a while back that you read a scene by scene description, you said there was one scene we’d watch over and over again. Did it make it into the show? (not that there aren’t rewindable worthy moments, just curious.)

  116. Number 72…PBeeslySweater

    Perfect description. Not what I expected at all, better than I could’ve possibly imagined.

  117. Although I agree with what other people have said – too many sex jokes, Jim getting drunk was out of character, we didn’t get to see the epic kiss that was in some of the previews — JIm and Pam running from the church, Oscar dancing down the aisle, the looks between Jim and Pam as people danced and the entire tie cutting scene, they made up for it!! I smiled so much my cheeks hurt!

  118. You know your in for a great “very special episode” when it begins with group vomiting. Awesome. It was an awesome, tissue box-wearing, scrotum-ripping, bridemaid-kicking, tie-cutting, mom-banging tv wedding!

  119. This was one of, if not, the best episodes ever. Perfect balance of hilarity and emotion

  120. Some people have said that some moments were out of character but I don’t think so! Angela just walking down the aisle was so like her, same with kevin copying oscar etc.. Just loved it all!

  121. Perfect. I can’t remember the last time I literally laughed and cried at the same time, but that aisle dance did it. The entire last scene was pure classic Office … so sweet, yet so crazy. It’s got to be my new favorite television moment of all time. Gosh, I’m tearing up again just thinking about it! Off to watch it a few thousand more times…

  122. No offense to my fellow Office fans, but you have to lighten up with the hate on this episode. I am in the camp that it was one of, if not THE greatest episode yet. The episode had the perfect amount of awkward to mix with the lovey dovey stuff we all adore, and who is Michael Scott without the incessant sex remarks? I think the writers did an amazing job giving each character their own story line in this episode – so what if it wasn’t all about JAM? The “Plan A was marrying her a long time ago” line made all other JAM moments melt from my memory. So, let’s all just appreciate the fact that its finally P&JH!

  123. anyone know who played Pam’s sister? She looks so familiar, but I can’t find her on a cast list.

  124. I couldn’t be more disappointed. The creative team took the low road, comedy-wise. Toilet humor (in more ways than one), cheap sex jokes, awful continuity, characters reduced to cartoon versions of themselves… Made me feel bad. Not enough Jim and Pam. ‘Can’t say I like the ‘new’ casting of Pam’s mother, and I liked Michael taking her into the motel room even less. Kevin wearing tissue boxes….? Pam’s hairstyle going back and forth at the end. Getting married on Maid of the Mist and getting back to the church (dry) in an hour? An ending based on a YouTube video? I feel betrayed…

  125. I’m so disappointed. Just not enough Jim & Pam. I’ve waited over five seasons for this moment! I am bummed.

  126. Here is a link to the YouTube video they kept referring to: link – the song is called “Forever” – a perfect song title for JAM!

  127. Yeah, they replaced Pam’s awesome mom with a weird depressing lady.

    I loved Dwight and that girl who he kicked in the face. That was perfect.

  128. I was expecting something very different with the wedding scene. I’ve been waiting four years of my life for this, much as Jim and Pam have. Chris Brown?! The whole idea of parodying some youtube video cheapened the moment for me – I wish it had been serious and heartfelt. Instead it came off as slapstick and sitcom-ish. Also, the vomiting scene at the beginning was ridiculous and over the top. So disappointed.

  129. One more thing I wanted to add after some thought. The more I watch it the more I like the wedding…I LOVE that Jim and Pam had their own private exchanging of vows beneath the falls the way they did. The best part is that no one is the wiser after the church wedding, after they are married already. No one has to know and their wedding is just for them. I found it to be pretty romantic. All in all, I’m pretty happy right now…more champagne :)

  130. #103 – that was Cynthia, the woman Stanley is having the affair with. His wife’s name is Terry.

    Loved the episode! The wedding was different than I thought it would be, but I still liked it.

    Can someone clear this up? At the end when Jim says he bought the boat tickets as soon as he saw the video on YouTube as a back-up, was he saying that he thought Michael and the gang would try the dancing thing at his wedding?

  131. 1.Best Kevin episode ever(that’s why he’s my favorite)
    2.So many great lines
    3.Not Stanley’s wife (jaw dropped)
    4.I lost alot of respect for Phyllis
    5.Best t.v wedding ever (probably not worth all the hype, but well worth the wait)

    Halpert baby watch 09-10 is on.

  132. I don’t want to read many of the other comments because I don’t want this episode to be ruined for me. I thought this was one of the greatest episodes yet and certainly the single best wedding episode in the history of television shows – and my reasons are not JAM-centric.
    Everyone had a part in this episode and I felt like the rest of the cast was such a big part of the episode. It was absolutely and extremely painful and I was screaming at the TV at many parts, but in the end I was all aglow with the genius of the whole thing. I adored this episode. It was excruciating and hilarious and heartwarming and just gold. Bravo.
    There’s too much to talk about to try to do it here. Just… Wow.

  133. This was filmed 2 hours from my house. Kinda wish I knew when they were filming so I could of at least caught a glimpse of something. As soon as I saw them handing the Maid tickets, tears started rolling. The full coke cans exploding off Michael’s car were hilarious. But was that the same dress that Kelly bought for Michael’s wedding in Performance Review?

  134. Perfect episode. I couldn’t stop laughing. Loved the Andy-Erin interactions (it was awesome when they were dancing down the aisle and Andy had to use a walker). The fact that Andy is now a well-known weeper cracks me up. Ed Helms and Jenna Fischer both gave exceptional performances. Andy Bernard has mad dance skills. The Jim/Michael toast was priceless. The Oscar/Kevin gay couple misunderstandings were hilarious. God bless Pam for driving Andy to the hospital and letting him crash on her hotel room floor. Also, who knew Dwight was such a cold-hearted player?

  135. So amazing. I actually cried twice, when Jim cut his tie, and when everyone danced down the aisle. It really touched me to see the whole cast sharing in that special moment. Can my wedding be that awesome?

  136. Very satisfying, good use of all the characters, plenty of disgusting moments (cold opener – the ice machine), Michael making inappropriate comments!

    Will be watching it multiple times to catch it all.

    BTW – Was Cynthia, his PT and not his wife?

  137. #112
    I don’t think that was Stanley’s wife I think that was the nurse he was having an affair with because of Phyllis’ comment and Stanley’s wife was white.

    I liked the episode though, it was cute and had some great laughs. Yuck, I’m never using hotel ice ever.

  138. This was just the wedding that Pam and Jim deserved. Running off for their own ceremony just for the two of them was very romantic. I cried, and cried, and laughed, then cried some more. Way to go, writers. And way to go Jenna and John! This couple is so special to all of us; I think the entire Office crew delivered.

  139. I could not agree more with post #131. I wish I could just copy and paste it as my comment. Hahaha. I guess instead of a RT that would be RP.

  140. Loved it! I was actually kind of dreading the “ceremony” because I was afraid it would feel like a soap opera or cheesy sitcom and Pam and Jim are so much more than that. The writers somehow found a way to take Pam and Jim’s wedding way beyond ordinary and still keep it real. I’ve been trying to keep myself grounded all day and remember they are a FICTIONAL couple… but I cried anyway :) After all these years, they feel like friends.

  141. I don’t know why, but I would love to see the Michael/Pam’s Mom relationship evolve and he become Pam’s stepdad. =)

  142. Hey everyone- look what all us crazy fans did! Just after the episode aired Chris Brown’s “Forever” was not in the Top 100 songs on iTunes. But it’s already up to Number 74! I guess we’re all still squeeing about that sequence at the end!

  143. Funny and sweet. Did anyone else think that Pam’s Mom looked like an older version of Jan?

  144. what can i say, i loved it! very well written I thought and when Michael told Pams grandma that they were going to name the baby meemaw i just about lost it. also when dwight said he “search engined” people i laughed out loud. on a side note i just watched the youtube clip that they copied and it has been views almost 29,000,000 times. that couple must be happy, i hope they are office fans!

  145. Not being a huge JAM fan I didn’t have a lot of expectations riding on this one, but I’ll admit I got a bit emotional near the end.

    As far as the episode itself, everything seemed really awkward and sad until the last 15 minutes, and I felt like the humor fell flat. Not to mention Dwight was pretty creepy, and not in a funny way.

    However the dancing scene was just amazing. People are complaining it’s out of character, but I don’t know. They were all witness to how Jim and Pam have grown in their relationship over the years, it seems pretty natural to celebrate a happy ending. They don’t seem to get a lot of those, might as well enjoy it.

    By the way, which of the writers has a vomiting fetish? I’ve never seen so much graphic puking on one show, and I’m a total Emetophobic. I still have to close my eyes during the car scene in “The Injury”. Ick.

  146. @ 149 – alison:

    Meemaw was there…watch it again, you’ll see her being walked down the aisle during the wedding.

    p.s. – Grrrrreat Episode! Great mix of cringe worthy, funny, and sweet. I think JAM overload would’ve done it a disservice. The writers did an awesome job of bringing it all together.

    Also, does anyone else love Erin as much as I do?

  147. I was disappointed with the over the top moments, the puking and the dancing were a bit much. I was also a little annoyed with the casting for the new characters. They all have a glossy one dimensional look, like the grandma was the typical stiff grandma, took me out of the story, Pam’s sister too, all the women were too done up and took me out of the episode.

  148. I thought it was perfect! Everything from the classic Office was there! Adorable wedding between Jim and Pam too. It seemed just perfect for the two of them and their relationship. I especially loved the end with her resting her head on his shoulder…ugh so cute! Loved every minute.

    And this episode in terms of laughs, goes to Kevin! Everything he did I laughed at!

  149. Great episode. To whoever said corny, the idea of a wedding episode and all Jim and Pam seems like it would have been the lamest thing of all. This is an ensemble cast and co-workers at the office always try to get in the attention. Expecting them to not put themselves in that situation would be them being out of character.

    What has made the Office great has been not the cute moments, but the moments that are bizarre and are a prelude to the good moments.

  150. Anna Camp played Pam’s sister. She was recently seen as Sarah Newlin in TRUE BLOOD (love that show!)

  151. I felt like it could have been so much better. The continuous in-your-face crude sex stuff had a huge negative impact on this episode. This really ought to have been much more about Jim and Pam than ANYONE else. I am glad they got married the way they did, but yes I would have very much liked to see some vows, the kiss as shown in photos, and something of a reception.
    I’m mostly just disgusted with most of the characters I used to like. Stanley, Oscar, Dwight, Phyllis, and Pam’s mom were all awful in this episode. It should have been more of a wedding and less of a way for everyone to hook up.
    It seems to me that NBC got alot of advertising for the show riding on the excitement for this episode.I really feel now like those promos were misleading…I feel like I’ve had something taken away I can never get back.

  152. #168 Nowen: Pam’s sister was played by Anna Camp. She also played Sarah Newlin on True Blood.

  153. Brigette:

    Again, the orginial actress was unavailable. And we only very briefly saw her in season 2. In this episode, we saw more of her and she had just come off a divorce and seeing her ex with a young girlfriend. Of course she was a little upset.

  154. @168 –
    The actress playing Pam’s sister was Anna Camp. She was on True Blood this year, and she also starred in Eqqus on Broadway.

    I find it so funny that they got married on a boat – I remember in booze cruise, the captain wanted to marry Pam and Roy on his boat… who knew Pam would eventually get married on a boat?

  155. I loved it – a little more Jam would have been nice, but all in all it seemed fitting that it would play out this way. Really it was all worth it to see Jim cut off his tie and Pam take a teary-eyed mental picture *sigh*.

    And I am still amused that I own and was wearing the same sweater Pam had on in the beginning of the episode.

  156. Does it have slots for hot dogs? Hilarious.

    This is how I know this was a near-perfect episode (like Casino Night, like Beach Games, like The Job, and like Cafe Disco): it was fantastic on first viewing, even better on second viewing and I have now watched the last 10 minutes a half dozen times and I am simultaneously laughing (particularly at Kevin and Oscar dancing down the aisle) and crying with joy. Well done writers, you folks are top notch! Thank you for taking such great care of your characters and your audience.

  157. To the writers, actors, director and production team – thank you. I don’t think there could have been a more perfect JAM wedding episode. The last scene with the dancing and the boat wedding was beautifully done, and it truly felt like “The Office” that I’ve loved since day one.

  158. My favorite part was Jim and Pam during the wedding march. Pam was at one end of the church, and Jim was at the other. And there they were, exchanging the same knowing smiles and smirks that they had fallen in love with over the course of the last six years.

  159. I think it was the perfect way to do their wedding, I absolutely loved the way they chose to do this episode… I’m glad despite all the antics, that Jim and Pam still had their own totally private moment, something no amount of crazy can take away. Personally, I’m glad they didn’t go with a totally sappy “soap opera” wedding.

    That said – I’m really tiring of the Michael Scott character lately. It’s gone past that “yes he’s awkward, idiotic and creepy sometimes but he’s a good guy at heart” vibe to just “he’s creepy” most of the time for me. :/

  160. @168 – Pam’s sister is Anna Camp, she most recently played Rev. Newlin’s wife on True Blood.

  161. Anyone looking for a typical wedding need not watch “The Office”. It’s the show’s unconformity that has made it a success. Although the dancing may have been out of character, it and the montage of them on the boat may have been the greatest 5 minutes in the history of the show. In essence, and especially Jim’s last line it was the culmination of their relationship. A crazy one that has developed around the crazy antics of their co-workers, but also a sweet one that has developed between the two of them.

  162. Can we say “new favorite episode?”

    Seriously. I thought it was going to be too emotional and gushy and just…not office. I am now totally happy. The youtube parody? Pure office brilliance.

    Sylvia. Sylvio.

    Congrats, Jim and Pam.

  163. I know that some people didn’t like this episode, but I thought it was FANTASTIC.

    I think my favorite part was when Andy started to cry at the rehearsal dinner. I got a little teary eyed myself.
    i wasn’t so sure about Erin before, and now I LOVE her.

    This was not at all what I expected from this episode, but it was so much better than I imagined. I love that Jim and Pam got to have their special moment. Just makes me say “awwwwww” when I think of it. Jim and Pam deserve to have that piece of their relationship separate from the craziness of their family and friends.

    Aside from that, I was shocked at some of the things that happened, and laughed out loud the whole time. I loved it. I loved it so much.

  164. great show….some tender moments and some very funny stuff. Can’t wait to see how it works out with Steve Carrell and Linda Purl

  165. Why did they make the same actress play both Pam’s “mee-maw” and Michael’s “Nana” (from Dream Team). There’s got to be some sort of meta-joke in there.

  166. That was AMAZING!!!!!!!! I cried. But Dwight and Pam’s friend and Michael and Pam’s mom???? Yuck. Oh well. Probably one of the best episodes EVER! :)))))))

  167. Wow… the first 50 minutes or so were pretty bland. The cold open seemed out of character for Pam, Jim, and the writers. However, I am in love with that cheesy Chris Brown song, and the last 10 minutes had me grinning ear to ear. I will definitely be watching the ending over and over! They are so precious, and I am so proud to say I’ve loved them since the pilot aired. This show has done a great job of making us feel as though we know Jim and Pam personally, and it was very redeeming being able to feel like we shared in their most important personal moment!

  168. #168 nowen – are you talking about the blonde that asked about Kevin being Gil? She was very familiar to me too and then I realized who she was. I don’t know if you’re a fan of True Blood, but she played the preachers wife in the show – her name is Anna Camp.

  169. fabulous show. one of my favs in a long line of great shows. private wedding was a tear jerker and I liked the budding relationship with Mike and Pams’ mom. should be hilarious. Haven’t seen Linda Purl in a while and she looked great.

  170. SOOOOOO good!!! I laughed and smiled from the cold open til the very end. I was surprised that they made the wedding episode so soon in the season, but it was amazing! I loved when Jim cut his tie. But how convenient that there happened to be a pair of sharp scissors right there?! ;)

    When Pam was complaining about the wedding day to Jim, I felt like she was being a little “bridezilla” instead of Pammy, but then again, she is preggers and probably hormonal. I love that they ran off for a private wedding, and made everyone wait for them. It reflected their attitude of not really caring about other people as much as they care about each other.

    Can’t wait to see what happens with Michael and Pam’s MOM!! OMG!!!!!

  171. I hate to be a downer… but I really didn’t like this episode.

    I guess I just had high expectations. I don’t know. Nothing really delivered for me.

    I suppose I just hate the way it was edited (particularly at the end).

  172. This episode was beautifully done! I always thought that Jim and Pam would have some sort of intimate wedding without the guests and I’m glad that the writers wrote this episode as both an intimate and a regular wedding. The most touching part was when Jim cut off his tie to match her torn veil and obviously the Niagara Falls scene where Jim and Pam are drenched and holding each other to the left and the beautiful scenic landscape to the right was breathtaking. Even though things were falling apart, Jim and Pam kept each other together.

    The episode was very well balanced and included most of the characters which I loved since this was going to be a JAM episode. Kevin was hands down the funniest character of the night! Come on! Dancing with Kleenex boxes!? Also, his interactions with Oscar were hilarious! They should write more scenes with Andy, Oscar and Kevin.

    The aftermath of Michael’s one night stand with Pam’s mom will be very interesting.

    The episode was perfect. Absolute laughter and tears. Bravo!

  173. All I can say is WOW! The cast, crew, everyone was amazing. I hope and pray that The Office gets its just due. They deserve emmys, golden globes and any other award. Bravo!

  174. 168-
    Penny was played by Anna Camp. I recognized her from my other favorite show- True Blood. She plays Sarah Newlin, fyi. :)

  175. I’ve seen the episode three times already and every time it gets better. I can’t stop crying (I’m a dude). Every moment was perfection, I can’t understand why some people are so negative. “Forever on the dance floor”.

  176. I loved this episode. It had tons of funny moments, and the ending was very sweet. I’ve been waiting for this wedding for two years (when I started watching the show) now and it delivered. One of the Best Offices yet, in my opinion.

  177. The episode was somewhat tolerable up until the wedding. I mean dancing down the aisles?!?! What were the writers thinking? “Oh I know! Let’s copy one of the most overplayed YouTube videos, for the most anticipated episode of The Office!”
    I have been a hardcore fan since the beginning, and I feel cheated.
    Maybe we’ll get Jim and Pam’s baby dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, in the future.

  178. I didn’t care for the cold open because it again felt like Pam had a “I’m more important than you so you should all do what I say” attitude that pops up every now and then. I mean c’mon, asking Phyllis to use different soap because it smells? It’s a funny line but kind of insulting too! Everyone in the office had a right to be upset with her.

    Other than that, FANTASTIC episode. I personally think the show has been very up and down since the end of season 3, but when it’s down it’s still good and when it’s up it’s magnificent, and they knocked it out of the park this time! Loved seeing Jim have another “Michael moment” with his botched toast and of course loved it when he cut his tie. Too many hilarious moments to mention and the ending was perfect. A little TOO perfect actually…this had “series finale” written all over it, so now they’ve got a tough episode to top when they finally do end the series. Hopefully that won’t have to worry about that for a long time!

  179. This wedding was true to Jim and Pam. When things got out of control, they had Plan C and got married in their own way. I loved that all the cast members had parts to play — a true Office-style wedding. Bravo! And congratulations to the bride and groom!

  180. I am still in awe about this episode. Every sweet, funny and awkward moment was in this episode. A lot of laughs and tears. I can’t wait to see this on itunes.

  181. I liked Pam’s original mom, this one looked stoned out. I would have liked to have seen Michael have a one night stand with the other one, not this one.

  182. One other thing I thought was awesome was how Jim and Pam ended up getting married by a boat captain, after her and Roy coming close to getting married by the Booze Cruise captain.

  183. Fantastic episode! I loved that Stanley was giving them a toaster since that is what he bought for Pam and Roy’s wedding. The dance was perfect because Michael never could have come up with anything original! Dwight is such a player! Yeah!

  184. I’d just like to say to those who hated this episode and keep going on about how different it is from season 2/3…

    The reason this show is so good is because it is a grand mixture of absurdity and reality. Reality: people change some over time, enough to be different now than six years ago. While I do think that each character is true to themselves, they are just six years different than when we met them. The “Realness” of this episode is that JAM’s friends thought to do something fun and hilarious, and they took an idea they saw off of the internet. Like many REAL people might do. They are not “thinking” like comedy show writers, they are being real. Absurdly, all the other crap fits in. This show has been the perfect mixture from the start, allowing the characters to be human and change a bit…while still staying absolutely funny.

    I agree that seasons 2/3 will probably never be topped -AND- This wedding episode is some of the best television I’ve ever watched.

  185. This episode was predictable, over the top, lacking emotion, poorly edited, and overall disappointing.

  186. I absolutely loved Andy’s crying during the toast. It seemed so sincere and real that I still get choked up after the 8th time viewing it. That part makes me teary eyed as well as when Jim said at the end, ‘Plan A was marrying her sooner, the day I met her…’ (something along those lines) and his smile at the end. I want my own Jim Halpert and even though this is a fictional television show, I still believe he is out there. And one day I’ll feel like this from my own memories. This is my new favorite episode. <3

  187. #138 Jody was RIGHT ON. I couldn’t have paraphrased it better myself. And yeah, Stanley’s girlfriend– Cynthia… that’s why he made a point to say “I want my own room, I brought CYNTHIA” Not his wife.
    What in the heck was up with Angela “accompanying” Pam?

  188. EXCELLENT, from beginning to end, and in the middle too. I can’t pick a favorite part. It would be like picking a favorite between my cats.

    I know this was small, but I especially liked when they knocked on the boat captain’s window…

  189. Erin’s pink underwear was great, as was Kevin’s entire performance.
    They made up for 3 weakish preceding shows…

  190. i really really wanted to love it, but instead i just liked it. for a JAM wedding episode, i was expecting more. BUT i did enjoy seeing everyone in the office get their moment to shine and while the youtube dance was cheese, the whole cast dancing together in unison down the aisle = priceless.

    on a side note, if i were the couple that did the original video i’d be freaking thrilled to have my wedding moment immortalized on the office. making pop culture history twice — that’s something to share with the grandkids =P.

  191. Am I the only one that found it completely unrealistic that anyone who ever talked to Pam would hook up with Dwight or Michael, much less her best friend and mom? Someone please explain the rationalization to me, because I really want to like the episode (I’ve never complained before ever, even w/the controversial ones), but I can’t get past it, especially Pam’s mom.

    Ok, weddings are a time of high emotional vulnerability, and Pam’s mom is divorcing, but still. Wouldn’t any mom think about how it would affect her daughter to sleep with her daughter’s boss period, much less a boss like Michael? On her wedding day? I can’t accept jokes about how Michael’s Pam’s dad now/how he saw what Pam’s going to look like naked when she’s older until I get more justification for how this realistically happened.

  192. I absolutely love the fact we didn’t get to ‘hear’ the actual nuptials – I don’t think that hearing them say the words ‘I do’ would’ve made me jump up and down in my seat in joy as seeing them on that boat did. I thought it was perfect the way it was done, as was the pregnancy reveal in Company Picnic.
    Overall, it may have just been my excitement, but right now after only one viewing, I loved this episode and it delivered every ounce of crazy, drama, fluff and ridiculousness I expected it to.

  193. I feel a little better about the episode after reading more of the comments here, thanks guys. There was a lot in the episode to love.

    It’s easier to accept Pam’s mom’s actions if I think of her as a different character from the one that visited Pam at the office (since it’s a different actress anyway). One that Pam never confided in about her workplace.

  194. So great. Thank you Office team, (cast and crew) you made me very happy today :)

    * ‘One Step Ahead Jim’ is the sexiest Jim of all the Jims!

    * I can’t believe Dwight kicked that poor girl in the face.

    * Oscar is an amazing dancer.

    * I can really relate to teary Michael, awww.

    I wasn’t sure I would get through the cold open, I was gagging so much!

  195. I didn’t like the cold open. Even I thought that Pam was being a bit off, but nevertheless…

    The lead-up to the wedding was my favourite part. I loved the snippets of them driving up, and Jim and Pam’s “mental pictures”. Pam’s mood slipping was what nearly brought me to tears. I really thought I’d cry on this episode, but it didn’t end up going that far for me. Been dealing with allergies all day; ran all my tears dry, I guess.

    As for the Chris Brown thing,when I first recognized it from the Youtube clip I felt a little bit cheated. But then I realized that it does make logical sense that Jim’s brothers would want that (man, are they harsh), and that Michael would want a part in it as well. Plus, it was a good way of including everyone in the walk. And the clips of Jim and Pam escaping to get married on the boat were just perfect. And the more I think of it, the more this whole OFFICE wedding just made perfect sense. It was perfect. ‘Nuff said.

    Also, seeing the Canadian flag on the boat made me so happy.

  196. this episode was great…I think that it was a perfect OFFICE wedding as well…of course this isn’t conceivable in real life or maybe it could be but you knew it had to have hitches in it…I wanted to cry as well but they decided to stick to the roots of the show which is comedy.

  197. did anyone else feel like they were watching a movie and not the office? Too many crazy things going on and i hope to god we never see jim’s brothers ever again.

  198. I loved this episode beginning to end! I was really worried about the vows because how could you write those? After all the build up? I thought it was perfect the way they did it…. :-)

    Also I think the Scranton Branch just loves to dance, ‘Christmas Party’, ‘Diwali’, ‘Phyllis’ Wedding, ‘Night Out’ and of course ‘Cafe Disco’ just to name a few. I also really liked that we saw the rehearsal dinner and not the reception. Overall an excellent episode that made me laugh and cry.

    I just now watched both “Diversity Day” and “Booze Cruise” its amazing how far ever character has come and also how they have stayed the same….

    Viva PH & J!!!!!! And congrats to the everyone who brings us The Office for a an additional Office Classic.

  199. Loved this episode, hate that iTunes split it into 2 parts! Would have bought if it were one, but I guess I’ll just stick to watching on my DVR.

  200. Something else I just realized that I totally love… The whole time everyone was dancing down the aisle and acting crazy, Jim and Pam stood there sharing knowing glances and smirks, much like they did throughout the years.

  201. This was pretty much how I dreamed this episode was gonna be: funny and heartwarming!!

  202. Did I miss something? I saw hints between Michael and Pam’s mom, but how do we know they actually hooked up?

    Otherwise, it was a good episode. *Don’ hate me* but for some reason I’m not liking Pam (or GASP even Jim) as much now. They do seem a bit “above” everyone else, what with the whole conference room meeting just to tell everyone what to do/not to do at the wedding. It just seemed a little… much. That’s why I liked when Jim got drunk with Michael and Dwight– it showed that he really does “like” these guys.
    Plus, Dwight finding twins was perhaps one of the funniest moments of the night. “I love finding a good set of twins.” Ha!

  203. I think they did such a beautiful job with the ending. I’m glad the vows are a bit of a mystery, I just liked seeing them together, alone, getting married on the Maid of the Mist. My favorite part besides the JAM scenes, was definitely Oscar dancing!

    I didn’t like the cold open though. I’m with Andy. Seeing people getting sick (no matter how fake it is) gets me all squeamish. It took me two commercial breaks to get it out of my head. But, still, best episode ever!

  204. I really love this episode. It is really hard to recapture the magic of those endearing Season 2/3 moments, but I think the writers are doing a good job of continuing the trend in a way that lets the characters evolve. The wedding dance was hilarious and poignant, heralding back to the cafe disco episode. 10 out of 10.

  205. I thought it was excellent; it was goofy, but I was absolutely charmed. Loved Jim going out with Michael and Dwight the night before the wedding: “It just happened.” And Pam’s mom didn’t bother me – I recall being in a friend’s wedding after her parents had gone through a divorce, and her usually great mom was still awfully bitter.

  206. @Tamar #249 – I completely agree! I know some people were upset that they didn’t get the “completeness” of Jim and Pam’s wedding, which is understandable.

    However, from a writing standpoint it really would have been pointless to include in the episode, considering that after six seasons, we already know exactly how Jim and Pam feel about each other. It doesn’t need to be “proved” with I Do’s.

    It actually surprises me that people still get excited seeing the same teary-eyed “I Do” over and over. I’m glad that all we saw was Jim and Pam soaked and kissing in front of a waterfall surrounded by a bunch of strangers. It was a new way to show what true television love is. Jim and Pam had the wedding they wanted (which was also sort of hinted at in Cafe Disco), and the wedding their friends and family wanted. So, this wedding episode worked both for the couple and for the mood of the show.

  207. The episode was great, except for the dance at the end. They couldn’t come up with their own funny, wacky fiasco/situation? They had to copy the viral youtube one? I get it that it is something that Michael would love and want to repeat, but c’mon.

  208. @247

    The Office is a COMEDY, this is gladly NOT Desperate Housewives.

    ROCK ON OFFICE! That was a 10+, absolute perfection.

  209. Hey – they didn’t show the big dip kiss from the promos, did they? Was really looking forward to that one!

  210. I’m still frustrated about how the creative team put together this episode. It’s becoming very standard, predictable sit-com TV. The irony is that other shows are attempting to copy the formula while The Office is losing it.
    The ‘documentary’ style is fading away. Either use it or change the format. I keep hoping for a return to form – to the kind of show you want to re-watch over and over again. …not what I’ve been seeing recently.
    Soooo disappointed.

  211. Such a mixed episode as it had some fantastic moments but others felt way to odd. I find it a bit odd that in the episode for Phyllis’ wedding we got to see more but then again perhaps it wouldn’t be true to Jim and Pam if it was too exposed. Needs to re-watch it a few more times but all in all the way they got married was fantastic, and the dance sequence rivals the opening to stress relief.

  212. I absolutely loved the dance at the end, I thought it was the perfect way to celebrate Jim and Pam, and bring everyone from the Office into it. It was a moment where the show acknowledged that it was a show, and broke down that wall, which I have been waiting to see since the beginning. Great episode overall.

  213. I loved the ending, and the episode did have plenty of laughs. But I was disappointed! I don’t see how anyone can see Dwight as a ladies man. Rainn Wilson, yes but Dwight Schrute? No! And I didn’t like Pam’s mom at all – she was so different to how her mom seemed in ‘Sexual Harassment’. Also Pam’s dad is not exactly George Clooney – how did he get a girlfriend like that? I also agree with the comments that the middle part of the episode was poorly edited. There was so much going on at one point I didn’t know where I was.

  214. this episode was fantastic! it had the right amount of JAM mixed with all the office antics!! i don’t know about you guys, but i’m dying to see a deleted scene of Pam dancing down the aisle!!!

  215. I loved this episode. Not only because of the anticipated wedding but all of the other stories and events going on. I loved how the show displayed all the real stress that comes with a wedding; it didn’t sugar coat it with the stress Pam would be feeling. And for Pam’s mom to act a little whiney after her painful divorce at her daughter’s wedding is normal.A little annoying but she’s upset and putting on a show.

    I got excited when I saw Ryan and Kelly dancing together at Andy’s party and when Erin was so sweet to Andy. Other couples got to shine too. Thank goodness about Michael being so sweet! I loved how nice he was to Pam’s mom. And as for Dwight? HAHA. :)

    My dad and I laughed the entire show. Kudos Office!

  216. I’m going to go against the flow and say that this was probably my least favorite “Office” episode ever. (I rated it a 4)

    It had its funny moments (I laughed harder than I ever have in Office when Dwight kicked the girl in the face), and I enjoyed Jim and Pam getting married on the boat, but the entire episode was way too concerned with sex or innuendo… it was like the writers asked themselves ‘how can we ‘sex up’ a wedding?’ The episode could’ve worked much better if it had just focused on Jim and Pam’s wedding, instead of some of the other strange antics.

  217. and when Pam was standing by the door watching the dance, with her hand on her stomach, i lost it! so adorable!!!

  218. I don’t understand how a lot of people don’t like Season 6 yet! I love every office episode and actually had doubts about this here wedding one but it had an incredible amount of funny parts. Some would think the Jim&Pam thing has been milked to its limits… but sometimes their relationship allows other characters to do the most embarrassing things ever to them. (Like Michael talking about intercourse!)

  219. What I’m most glad about this episode was that it wasn’t the season finale. Now we get to go back to the office and find out more without waiting long months to see the fallout.

    Plus, hopefully there will be rewards for being online fans- lots of deleted scenes…

  220. Just…wow. I didn’t know it was possible to laugh and cry at the same time – I was a mess! I thought the ending didn’t seem in keeping with the traditional Office style, but I didn’t care – it just made me realize how much I love this show/cast and how EVERYONE has been waiting for this moment for six years. It’s kind of hard to believe this isn’t the series finale, because if this were the last episode ever I would be totally content (but I’m thrilled that it isn’t)!!!

  221. I’m prepared to make a very bold statement.

    This was my favorite Office episode ever. Ever.

    I didn’t think anything could ever top The Injury. I was wrong. It was the perfect payoff for the Pam/Jim storyline. It couldn’t have been done any better. Congratulations are in order for the writers, crew and actors.

  222. There were funny parts, but I was very disappointed yet again with the writers. My husband had never heard of that YouTube video and though I saw it once, I had no idea it was popular. Is there a connection to Chris Brown? CLASSY. I certainly hope that the highly paid writers at least got permission from the real bride and groom, who actually thought of something unusual for free.

    Parts I liked: tissue shoes, the final shot on the boat, the twins

    Parts I didn’t like: Pam’s mom being someone else, everyone throwing up (I did like Pam’s part in that though), taking Andy to the hospital instead of calling 911, the frequent use of the word “scro—.” Yuck.

  223. I LOVED IT! Every minute of this episode was fantastic! I cried…during Jim’s speech, when he saw her for the first time, and especially at the end. I’m so happy it’s saved on my DVR. :)

    I liked the fact that they focused more on the preparation of the wedding, rather than the wedding itself. We already saw that with Phyllis’ wedding, so I was hoping there wouldn’t be a repeat for JAM’s.

    And Michael + Pam’s Mom = YIKES!

  224. Why couldn’t Pam wear the wedding dress she’d always wanted? Because she gained weight? Don’t dresses come in more than one size? Couldn’t she have planned ahead when she found out about the pregnancy?

    (John was right – her sister should have been named Penny Nichols. Hilarious.)

  225. I thought this episode was fantastic beginning to end. I have watched it three times since last night and it will remain on my DVR for years.

    “He’s in my room, icing his balls.”

  226. Loved it! Except for the You-Tube rip-off style wedding. I felt slightly cheated there was not the big emotional vows scene, however I know the writers don’t like to go predictable with this sort of thing. I mostly did not like it because it broke the office style. It just seemed silly (wow, I sound like Angela). Loved everything else about the episode though!

  227. I shrieked. I literally shrieked! It was perfect. The writers brilliantly put in all that romantic mushy stuff that we love, and it was played to perfect Pam and Jim style by Jenna and John. (Rewound the DVR seven times to see the dance, the boat, the wedding and the other wedding.)

    Kevin’s kleenex shoes were another fave!

  228. When they first showed something tied on the door knob of Dwight’s hotel room, I was so hoping that we would discover he was with Angela in there. :( I did not love how they portrayed Dwight in this one.

  229. Awesome! I’ll be watching this episode over and over. It had so much stuff in it! The “kick in the face” was the greatest moment for me, I couldn’t stop laughing. I loved how they taunted us with the “wedding photos” they posted a few days ago, and how they were explained as each scene passed. And the ending… oh man!! There’s going to be so much cringing when the Michael/Pam’s mom story unfolds. Oh man, I wanna type so much more, but I think I’ll rewatch now! Greatest wedding ever!

  230. Great episode. Perfect wedding for them…BUT I had one major issue with it. Michael and Pam’s mom??? Are you kidding me?!?! It seriously ticked me off. Like almost ruined the entire episode for me.

  231. I’m gonna preface this with a wee anecdote I figure you lot would appreciate. Before the episode started I made a run to the grocery store for exactly two items: a can of grape soda and a tub of mixed berry yogurt. Total cost: $1.02. Total value: priceless.

    I really dug the ep. Was it the way I would’ve handled JAMs wedding? Not exactly, but it’s not my vision nor is it my show. But it had lots of humor (Dwight tricking Michael, Penny assuming Kevin was Gil) and lots of heart (Jim cutting his tie (awwww!!) and the montage featuring the “real” wedding) and that’s all I ask for in my Office. I could’ve done without some of the Meemaw (sp?) stuff, and Pam’s mom was different than she was in Season Two (people change, right?) but those are minor complaints and didn’t distract from my enjoyment.

    Oh, and Pam in librarian glasses? Hot.

    Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time as a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Halpert!

  232. I was underwhelmed by the majority of this episode (was the puking necessary?) and was getting really bummed, but the final 5 minutes or so really made up for it.

    Loved “Forever” playing and everyone dancing and cutting away to Jim and Pam on the boat. It was happy and made me smile and I loved it.

    Bravo to the director for the amazing last shot of the episode: the camera starting behind Jim and Pam showing a gorgeous view of the lake, and coming around to finally showing John Krasinski’s perfect look to the camera (a mixture of pure love, contentment, and happiness–great job, John!) was STUNNING. Brilliant.

    Since I can’t read through 263 comments, I assume others saw Ellie Kemper’s dress completely fly up during her first pass down the aisle?! I can’t believe the editors didn’t see her backside?! It was clear as day.

    Anyway, brilliant use of that YouTube. It’s a local couple from my town here so they played The Office’s clip on our news this morning. :)

  233. LOVED IT! Things may not have been storybook, but when have these two ever had everything exactly right at the exact moment?

    I just wish that they had chosen a different song, give it a little bit of originality for the entrance… don’t get me wrong, I really loved it!

  234. This episode was fantastic. It felt like “The Office: The Movie” and I’m still amazed at how much they were able to get into the 44 minutes without it seeming crammed. It flowed very well. I loved seeing everyone away from their desks and enjoying each other (and getting drunk), and Erin is such a cutie (but she’s no Pam). My favorite moment: Oscar’s dance reminded me of his ice skating moment at Michael’s birthday a few years back.

  235. OH! And I loved dancing Angela…not her “dance” down the aisle, but at Andy’s dance party. Only she would keep her arms completely still and step side-to-side. At least that’s an improvement over “Cafe Disco”. I had to rewind to make sure she was actually moving.

  236. Just when you think they (the writers) can’t, they do. Thanks Greg, Mindy, Paul, and all the staff of the best show on television!

  237. Wonderful episode for all of the reasons everyone has already said – given the pressure of writing the most anticipated episode of the show, the writers handled it beautifully. And I thought the directing was outstanding (way to go Paul Feig! If I ran the Emmys, the contest would already be over.). But I have to say, Brian Baumgartner/Kevin was particularly amazing in this episode – my favourite line of the night: “Oscar, I would be proud to date you.”

  238. @286: No big emotional scene? What about when Jim cut his tie and Pam “took” picture of him? This was in my opinion amazing…

  239. The wedding itself made up for the fallacies of the rest of the episode. Like someone else said, I thought it was a bit too focused on sexual humor; however, there were various funny aspects in the episode. Dwight kicking Pam’s friend in the face was hilarious, as was the bit with the twins. But I thought the Andy thing was a bit over the top. But the Niagara Falls wedding scene was sweet.

  240. Best office episode ever!… I don’t know how people could say it wasn’t emotional… it was awesome!!! O and for those who think the JK wedding dance won’t last… it will now because of last night!… great job by the writers that was the PERFECT office wedding!

  241. Aw! You guys! I’m glad you pointed out the call-back to booze cruise and the scene where Pam falls asleep on his shoulder. The first time I watched it, I didn’t even notice that Jim is kind of looking down in the same way that he was in season one!

  242. Jenna/John are so good…the scene with the “taking the mental picture” and cutting the tie could have been really REALLY cheesy but they pulled it off beautifully.

  243. I’ve been down on this show of late, and my expectations for the wedding episode were not very high. I figured excessive JAM lameness would kill the comedy aspect we all love so much. I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised with a great all around episode. I thought the scrotum tear was a bit dumb, but the entire wedding scene was perfect – not too tacky, very, very funny. I would like to know how Jim and Pam got back from the Maid of the Mist dry though…

  244. Can anyone tell me exactly what Dwight says before his Filene’s Basement comment? It’s something like “Yes, what an interesting comment!”

  245. those who didn’t like it were probably expecting:
    1. more JAM moments
    2. less sexual innuendos

    i am in neither camp and thus enjoyed the episode immensely.

  246. To those of you poo pooing Michael and Pam’s mom, let me just say this. You KNOW that Michael truly cares for his employees. Would he not make a fantastic grandfather? He would be pleased as punch! I think Michael and Pam’s mom is a GREAT plot twist and would really round things out for Michael. Kudos to the writers!

  247. Glad to see my two fav lines made the quote list. The firecracker discussion and when Pam said “He’s in my room icing his balls”; I was practically on the floor cracking up. Some of the humor in this ep was just ok, but overall I thought it fit the tone of the Office. I wasn’t expecting too much lovely dovey cute stuff. I also agree with other comments that it very realistically portrayed the stress and emotional state Pam would be in at 5mons pregnant and trying to have a full scale wedding. And hey who cares they are MARRIED! FINALLY!

  248. One more funny thing: When Michael is talking about how it’s a “different sensation” and that everyone knows what he is referring to, the camera cuts to Creed who has shifty eyes. Hilarious!

  249. I really liked this episode even though it is not what I expected or even all that funny. The only parts I thought were humorous were when Kevin had to go to the bathroom and made reference to having to put back on his tie and Dwight kicking the maid in the face.

    Ed Helms is so excellent all the time. I love him and is such a great addition to the show.

    I loved the cut away shots of JAM on the boat. It was perfect that they got to have their perfect wedding so they could just laugh at the nonsense afterwards.

    I thought the youtube copy was perfect because that is so what Michael would do- he’s all about show and trends and attention. It fit perfectly.

  250. I am glad the wedding wasn’t over the top emotional. It wouldn’t have been The Office if it was. I loved that they snuck off and got married on the boat. Then they came back to party. The way it should be.

  251. I waited before writing anything… but I must say, that I adored that episode and it surpassed my expectations.

    I never cry at movies or TV. I was the 13 year old who walked out of Titanic saying, “That was such a waste of my time.” But at the end of this episode, I was simultaneously crying my eyes out and laughing my butt off.

    I started watching this couple in the middle of the second season during the Fire episode, and I’m so thrilled to see that their wedding was handled so beautifully and hilariously. Kudos to the cast and crew.

  252. Awwwwww. The BEST ep ever. FABulous opener !! Who knew vomit could be so funny. Pam & Jim married. Sigh. As I sat there with my box of kleenex, I was not disappointed. Jenna and John are masters of “the look”. The one that says “you’re my one and only and I love you”. I’m tearing up just thinking about them. And, lots of good, uncomfortable humour to make it office-ish.

  253. This episode was even better than I had hoped! Having the two weddings was so perfect and romantic and fun… just plain AWESOME!

    For those critics who wanted more “mushy romance” please let me remind you that this is a comedy.

    For those critics who didn’t like the jokes, please let me remind you that this is a comedy.

    Oh and the best part was the internet sensation “three wolf moon” shirt… the powers of that shirt are amazing! :)

  254. I feel like this was a fantastic episode for casual Office watchers and completely brilliant for us die-hard fans. There were so many things throughout the entire episode that go to the core of each personality and were very reminiscent of past episodes over the years. I felt like it was almost a flash back without ever showing any flashbacks. I thought it was genius.

  255. I watched this episode with my best girlfriends, and you can bet there was a lot of squealing. We could not stop talking about how adorable it was for an hour afterward. It wasn’t perfect, but… it was. I don’t know. When does anything go exactly as you planned it? Great job to the writers!

    Also, the scene with Jim cutting of his tie was the best scene EVER.

  256. Solid episode. I appreciated this episode because it combined the awkward, when-is-this-gonna-be-over moments with the more physical comedy they’ve been implementing within the last couple of years.

    I see that some people didn’t like the You-Tube Spoof, and I totally get where you’re coming from. However, I think it was something we could totally expect from both Michael and Jim’s goofy brothers (who seemed to be heading that up). Although I thought it was a little cheesy, I had a huge smile on my face when the credits were rolling at the end of the episode…and isn’t that the goal of every comedy on television?

    I think the writers (Greg Daniels and Mindy Kaling especially) should be commended for even attempting a JAM wedding. Loyal viewers have been dreaming of that day since practically the Pilot. It could have been a huge bust, but I think they pulled it off.

  257. I also just wanted to mention that I go to law school with the kid who wrote the first and original sarcastic review of the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt on He’s been interviewed by The New York Times and ABC News, but I think Dwight wearing the shirt is the highlight of his 15 minutes of fame. I was going to tell him about it on Facebook today, but several of my classmates beat me to it!

  258. Great episode! It was really funny! I’m really mad at Michael at the end, because he is going to have sex with Pam’s mom. Pam’s mom acted totally different in season 2.

  259. Fantastic episode. I was worried the dance to “forever” was going to be cliche and tired, but they kept it fresh!

  260. As a whole, I thought the episode was pretty good. I think the problem is the show was only an hour and they probably had DAYS worth of footage to choose from. Ed Helms is brilliant. I like the idea of Michael and Pam’s mom. Even though I hate that song, the parody of the YouTube video fit really well. The last shot of Jim & Pam on the boat soaking wet was perfect. Not what I was expecting but it worked.

  261. I really hate to say bad things about “The Office” because I adore the show, but I have to say that I was pretty disappointed in this one. Sure, there were good moments (all the private Jam moments were wonderful and the rehearsal dinner was great), But the YouTube spoof was really unrealistic in my opinion. I’d expect it from Michael, but it seemed really out of character for the others. I felt so bad for Pam the whole time that it was stressing me out in that “Meet the Fockers” kind of way.

    I think the most brilliant episodes are those that are so based on reality that they’re inadvertantly funny. This episode felt more like a regular sitcom with no laugh track.

    But again, I love Jim and Pam. So glad they snuck off. I’ll remain a loyal “Office” fan always. Just miss the old spirit of the show sometimes.

  262. I love Dwight’s look right after he kicks the bridesmaid during the dance, when he tries to escort her out of the room, the look on his face is priceless!

  263. I think the youtube spoof/homage was totally realistic and completely in character. I bet there have been a ton of copycat weddings since that video came out…I could see quite a few people I know doing it. As for the characters, nothing could be more IN character for Michael and Jim’s brothers. Also, Pam’s sister knew that they specifically did not want that song played at any time and “begged them [the family/Dunder Mifflin staff] not to”…everyone was so agitated with having to wait I bet they were more than happy to jump in on the silliness as a way to get back at Pam and Jim without being too mean. It was brilliant.

  264. LOVED IT! Plain and simple! Best episode in a LONG time! Everything fit the characters perfectly!

  265. how did dwight go from not knowing what a clitoris is to dating angela for a while and now he’s a ladies man and he’s hooking up with chicks but they’re not good enough for him? that’s a little strange.

  266. So Dwight hooked up with Pam’s sister and Michael hooked up with Pam’s mom. If they both got pregnant, then Dwight would be Pam’s brother in law (if they got married) and closer to Jim. Michael would be Pam’s step dad (if Mike married Pam’s mom) and Jim’s father in law. LOL

  267. I’ve watched the dance several times now and I laugh every single time Dwight kicks the girl in the face. One of the funniest moments during the sweetest moment. Love it!

  268. one word: FANTASTIC

    also i don’t know if anyone has mentioned this but i loved jim and michael’s exchange: Jim – “is there something about being a manager that makes you say stupid things?” Michael – “I have not found that to be the case”

    also meredith smoking the cigar by the church sign as pam and jim ran off. amazing.

  269. @ Cayce80

    I agree with missing the old spirit of the show. I hope they can bring it back!

  270. If I may politely address the fine folks who didn’t like this episode because of the lack of realism, I’d like to say one thing. Let’s not forget that this is a television show., produced to entertain us, the viewers.

    It was fun to see the characters dancing and cutting up. It makes you feel good inside, you know? Some of our favorite Office episodes have centered around the Office staff relaxing and having fun. (The first Christmas episode comes to mind) It was heartwarming, really.

  271. I’m definitely going to have to rewatch this one. However, I wasn’t totally thrilled up until the 45-minute mark. The sex jokes were definitely a bit much – it seemed much more like Meet the Fockers than The Office – and I KNOW the writers are able to do a lot more than sex joke after sex joke. While I agree that the chaos of the wedding is quite realistic, I feel that it was definitely too much – I particularly didn’t care for the scrotum joke, as it was painfully unfunny after the first time hearing “scrotum.” On the other hand, the cold open was amazing (yeah, gross, but still hilarious – particularly Creed’s innocent munching on noodles while everyone else puked) and the last 15 minutes – including the cute dance down the aisle (a direct copy of that YouTube video, but so what?) and the Niagara Falls wedding – were simply magic. I’d give it a 7/10.

  272. didn’t love this episode..i dunno, it was kinda lame, maybe would have worked better as a 1/2 hour episode..they could have done better..that’s two weeks in a row of sub-par episodes.

    disappointed, but i guess I’m in the minority, as i tend to be

  273. I like how Jim and Pam’s fetus is already annoying Dwight… it already did a cold open! LOL!

    Loved this episode!

  274. Great episode. Got the wedding in, which was cool, but still had room for lots of jokes. 10/10.

  275. I hadn’t laughed that hard at an opening scene (and in general) since The Injury episode.

  276. tons of funny moments but I think one that was really overlooked was Erin and Andy whispering about the scrotal incident at the ceremony, I don’t know if it’s a girl thing or what but there’s just something about scrotal injuries during weddings that tickles my funny bone

  277. It was pretty good, but it could have been SO much better. Very hit and miss.
    Vomiting scene might have been the worst cold open ever. A few sex jokes would have been funny, but there were way too many. And way way WAY too much slapstick. That’s not The Office. Subtle humor is The Office.
    That being said, Dwight’s scene with the kids, Toby’s talking head, Jim cutting off his tie, Dwight’s wolf t-shirt, Kevin sticking his feet in the ice… there were plenty of great moments.

  278. That was by far my favorite cold open, ever. I was equal parts laughing and nearly on the verge of throwing up myself. The first thing I asked my wife was “how many people threw up just now?” I imagined that some where, there was a group of girls dressed up eating cake and drinking champagne to celebrate “JAM” having their evening ruined by uncontrolled stomach issues.

    The funniest part is Dwight’s look of horror. He seems more shocked by the power of the “3oz fetus” than Pam herself.

  279. Fantastic episode.

    Not big on the vomit cold open. That’s not funny to me. Only time I DID find vomiting funny from what I can recall was when Steve did it in Get Smart. Having said that, I wasn’t bothered by it. Just didn’t think it was funny. It was worth it for Dwight’s talking head, though.

    The dinner scene with Michael going on and on after Jim’s slip up was the most cringeworthy moment in Office history. I wanted to turn away so bad but couldn’t bring myself to do it. That goes right up there with Michael kissing Oscar for me.

    Fangirl moment – how hot was Steve Carell? That suit, those eyes. I’m even more in love. Even Rainn was looking good with the messy hair and wifebeater…and I don’t even drool over him.

    Jim/Pam – the mental pictures, the torn veil, the clipped off tie, them running off to get married on the boat, the looks they gave each other during the dance. Awwww!

    Did anyone else pick up on the Jan/Michael/Pam’s Mom similiarity? When Jan got out of her divorce, she hooked up with Michael and now Pam’s Mom is doing the same thing.

  280. What a great episode. My only frustrations are that Pam seems to get increasingly annoyed with her coworkers…what happened to her sweet side? Loved Jim’s reception speech

  281. Great, Great Episode. I thought it would be pretty sappy, but thankfully it wasn’t. Although I think that Andy is steadily replacing Dwight as my favorite character (Dwight’s become too unrealistic) Dwight’s conversation with the kid was great. I liked the cold open, not the best of the season, but the rest of the episode made up for it. This was the best episode this season. Perfect way to make a wedding episode not sappy, but hilarious. 10/10.

  282. I’m sure other people have written something similar, but it was really touching how Pam and Jim were able to have their moment together, then let the Dunder-Mifflin workers have their moment as well. I wonder what the writers would have done if that Youtube video didn’t exist? :-)
    Also it was funny how Michael thought Pam’s granny’s name was really “Me-Ma”

  283. I LOVED the whole Jim and Pam getting married on the ship thing. It’s kind of a throw back to Booze Cruise when the captain offered to marry Pam and Roy right there, but Pam said she wanted her family there….and then she and Jim run off and get married by a ship’s captain! LOVED IT!! and Jim’s speech (up to his awkward slip up about the pregnancy) made me cry!! SO SWEET!!!

  284. Great Ep – Darn near a 10/10 for me, and I’ve been feeling that the show was on a downward tilt for a bit. So many wedding eps are god-awful cheese-fests, but they got this right. Very funny & sweet.

  285. Cold open – not my sense of humor. Anyone else noticed Pam vomited and then licked her lips? Disgusting, how is that funny? and not really Pam’s character as far as I’m concerned. Dwight is annoying, but it could have been just as funny with her running to the bathroom to puke and when she came back he could have been smoking or doing some other horrendous stupid thing that smelled or looked terrible.

    Pam’s Mom and Michael – I absolutely LOVE this. I hope the writers take their relationship somewhere because Michael always talks about how he feels Pam and Jim are his “children”.

    Andy ripping his scrotum, not the funniest. I want more Andy/Oscar interaction.

    Kevin’s hair was AWESOME and AMAZING…i loved it. I love Kevin!

    Overall, it wasn’t my favorite episode. But it’s my favorite show, what can I say.

  286. This episode was amazing. JAM is the best couple ever created on television. ‘Nuff said.

  287. Even though I guessed that Pam’s mom was going to be the ‘mystery woman’ Michael hooked up with and I could tell they were doing the Youtube dance from the promos, this was still one of my favorite episodes EVER! I can’t stop watching the dance!

    It really shows how much the office loves Jim and Pam for all of them to plan that dance themselves. And the standing and cheering at the end was adorable.

  288. This may be my favorite episode! I’ve had “Forever” stuck in my head all day (and I HATE Chris Brown). The ceremony dance scene is definitely my favorite scene in all six seasons!

  289. After watching the episode a second time (and the last 10 minutes as well as the original wedding dance on YouTube a bunch today), I have to say this episode was great! A little too much Michael uncomfortable-ness for my taste at the rehearsal dinner, but other than that, I loved it. The final 10 minutes make me grin from ear to ear and teary eyed at the same time – how often does that happen?!

    For all those of you who have a problem with Pam asking her co-workers to use less perfume, etc. during the cold open, everything smells stronger when you’re pregnant!

  290. This is one of the best The Office episodes ever!!!!! Jim & Pam are wonderful. Michael is funny as always. And everybody danced down the aisle with great joy and too many fun. So much fun!

  291. Niagara was fantastic. Not only was it absolutely hilarious (Dwight gettin’ some, Michael wanting so badly to be the third wheel in someone’s hotel room but then gettin’ some himself, Oscar and Kevin jokes, it was all so good) but they approached the serious stuff in a good office-like way.

    My one question, why did the Dwight-Andy relationship fade? There was one episode last season where they had a total bromance and it was hilarious, but then it vanished, never to be referenced again.

    Also, is Andy’s homosexuality gone too?

  292. I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet: you know that delightful scene right near the end, with Jim and Pam on the boat being all happy and snuggly? It’s sort of hard to tell with the tightness of the shot, so I could be wrong, but as the camera’s panning around, Jim’s looking out at the falls, but then he kind of looks over and down, toward pam’s belly. I sort of feel like he had just felt the baby kicking, which prompted the proudest, loveliest smile ever. I mean, it could just be a general Life Is So Awesome smile, which is great on its own, but if I’m right about this? Man, best tiny detail ever.

    Did anybody else read it this way?

  293. also…. in “stress relief”, jim said that his parents were divorced. “50% of marriages end in divorce… it was her parents and my parents.”

    but they seemed pretty together at the wedding, unless one of them was a step-parent.

  294. Dwight’s strange fascination with the twins becomes infinitely more creepy when you remember that he has family ties to the Nazis…

  295. Loved it.

    Anyone else notice Erin’s dress while she is dancing down the aisle? :) Oops!

  296. For those wondering if Meema stayed or left…She stayed. She’s sitting right next to Pam’s Mom in the pew during the “snacks” exchange between Michael and Mom.

  297. to FlonkertonChamp, you got your quote wrong. jim’s parent ARE married, and the quote was ‘it was her parents OR my parents.”

  298. @369

    i believe you are mistaken, as i recall it was pam who said it and the quote was something along the lines of “well, 50% of marrages end in divorce, so it was either his parents or mine.”

    and also, i find jenna/pam so adorable with glasses on.

  299. #369 – In Stress Relief, Jim does say her parents and my parents, he says her parents OR my parents.

  300. @371
    I noticed that Erin’s dress went up too! oops! What i loved most about that entire scene (the cast dancing) was on the right hand corner there is a blonde extra sitting in the pew who has perfect reactions. her reaction when dwight kicks that girl (i forgot her name) and when erin’s dress comes up is perfect!

    on a side note, i am also a fan who wants me some jam vows!

  301. #353, I think Pam still shows her sweet side quite often. After all, she did let Andy sleep in her room even though she was getting married in a matter of hours. As for getting annoyed with her co-workers, I think they’d wear on anyone after awhile. She was also pregnant and stressing out about the wedding.

  302. I also wanted to add that I think Pam has always found her co-workers annoying. I think she just becomes more annoyed with them as the years pass. They also treat her like dirt sometimes(most notably Angela and Phyllis), so I can’t blame her for getting irritated with them. It’s not as if they’re nice to her all the time and she’s a straight up witch. Even still, she’s there when they need her.

  303. Absolutely LOOOVVEEDD this episode!!! Definitely 10/10. The wedding dance mixed with the Maid of the Mist scenes were so beautifully shot; this better result in a nice shiny Emmy for Mr. Paul Feig!

    Sooo many things to love, but since 375+ of you have stated similar things, other little highlights:
    1) How adorable is Erin? When she recorded the voice message greeting & Pam smiles to the camera. Also lol’ed at her “damaged penis” comment to Andy.
    2) Michael stating his love for Pixar movies heehee. Although in Season 4’s “What I Did on Summer Vacation” promo, he stated he didn’t like Ratatouille.
    3) Kevin ringing the front desk bell LOUDLY when a simple Hi or Excuse me would’ve sufficed. Haha
    4) Kevin rubbing Oscar’s beautiful Chicano hair
    5) Michael driving in a straight line despite sleeping behind his dark shades
    6) Tom laughing hysterically at Michael’s attempt at comedy during the rehearsal dinner, then Pete’s “Douche!”
    7) Dwight’s deep Pam voice
    8) Pam & Andy scenes – hoping there’s more in the near future! :)
    9) Mose shout out!
    10) Michael’s (or Steve) smile at the end. Very very sweet.

  304. Did anyone else notice the irony of Jim and Pam having the captain of the ship marry them? I wonder if that intentionally referenced Booze Cruise where captain Jack offered to marry Roy and Pam?

  305. What a sensational episode – it really had everything.

    The wedding scene was nothing like I would have imagined, and at the same time, I couldn’t imagine it going any other way now.

    We didn’t need to hear the vows – we know by now just how they feel about each other.

  306. 369. FlonkertonChamp: I’m pretty sure Jim said “50% of marriages end in divorce, it was her parents OR my parents.” I think his parents are still together.

  307. The more I watch this episode, the more I love it. When Dwight cued up the iPod with Forever, I was like “No! No!” But the way it was handled was PERFECT. Loved it! (And I have to echo the comments about how smells affect pregnant women: I had the exact same experience Pam had. Well, without the mass vomiting. :-) But cigars and perfume just about killed me.)

  308. I’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but I really liked the fact that we didn’t get to hear Jim and Pam’s vows. Whether it is an homage to the British series or just a decision by the writers, Jim and Pam’s most intimate moments have always been private. We weren’t there for their first date, we didn’t get to hear Jim’s proposal or the doctor tell them they were pregnant. Personally I think that is special and pretty cool that these “real” people get to have these great special personal moments to themselves.

  309. I really enjoyed this episode – it feels like everyone really brought their “A” game. I agree with an earlier post – this would have been a perfect series finale.

  310. I didn’t like this episode. Too many over the top situations. Andy has to sleep in Pam’s room? Really? The hotel throws out Kevin’s shoes and he wears kleenex boxes? Really? And who was that woman playing Pam’s mom. She is not the same woman who played her in the past. That Pam’s mom would never hook up with Michael. I could go on but it’s just to painful. Sorry, but to me it looked like a bad dream Pam might have had about the wedding.

  311. It was pretty good. Then Dwight kicked that girl in the face. I loved that. I’m gonna do that at the next wedding I go to.

  312. Dennis:

    Once again, the orginial actress who played Pam’s mom was unavailable due to other acting commitments. And we really didn’t know anything about Pam’s mom before this episode…she only appeared for about 20 seconds in season 2. She just got divorced and saw her ex with a young woman, so I can see how she would get together with Michael.

  313. As an avid office watcher since season 2 and where The office is the only show I watch religiously, this was the funniest episode I’ve seen. I was bursting out laughing from start to finish, which is rare for me because I usually just chuckle.

  314. @384 I thought the same thing and I loved it, the special moments remain special for Jim and Pam. Overall the episode was outstanding and everytime I have watched it since (3 times) it gets better.

  315. The more I see the episode the more I love it. I think Jenna has a huge chance of winning an Emmy with this episode. But I got a good feeling that she is going to give us some more good stuff with her pregnancy. She is probably the character who has gone through the most positive changes. And again, I do not like Michael with Pam’s mom, and I hope she is in only a couple of episodes, cause I’ll be pretty sad if the closest thing he’ll have to a kid is Pam.

  316. I thought I cried more on the scene where Jim and Pam were talking (like her ruined veil and when Jim cuts his tie) than the rehearsal dinner one…’cuz it’s just heartwarming :)

  317. Well, I suppose I’m in the minority here, but I really disliked this episode. Everything was larger than life…using an example someone else mentioned: Kevin’s shoes. Even the manager’s reaction to the situation was downright silly, and silly is not something that I watch this show for. I think the humor was completely different from their norm. It seemed like every reaction was over the top. It would have been an excellent opportunity to do so many things, the things they do well, but everything fell flat. Is it possible that everyone simply loved it because Jim and Pam are officially married??

  318. i found a teeny mistake in the editing of the ep! no biggie of course, but when michael is dancing down the aisle you see phyllis & bob in line behind him, but then it cuts away and when it cuts back jim’s brothers are dancing. haha. that’s all :p

  319. @Big Tuna: I kind of agree, they’ve been doing a little too much of the goofy comedy stuff for my liking lately, for example this episode with the puking, scrotum injury, and the shoe thing, but the Jim-Pam aspect was so perfectly done it totally overshadows it. I actually had a question, though: If I’m not mistaken, Meemaw mentioned to Pam that she wasn’t too sure about her side of the family after her parents’ divorce, but that she could see Jim and Pam were good for each other. Isn’t that her side of the family, too. Isn’t one of the divorced parents her child? Maybe I missed something…

    [from tanster: i didn’t understand that either!]

  320. @Dave: You’re right that Jim and Pam did the episode well. I believe that Meemaw was referring to her own child…whether that is Pam’s mother or father, I’m not sure. She simply said “I was worried about your branch of the family,” so I take that to mean her (Meemaw’s) child’s family’s (Pam’s family) morals were in question because of the divorce. That sounded right in my head, but I’m not sure it all came out right. I just watched the episode again, and I smiled at a couple of bits…but it still felt weird. Oh well, next week maybe.

  321. I just wanted to add that I thought the same thing Matty #112 did. The first thing I thought of during that incredible scene at the end when Pam puts her head on Jim’s shoulder when they leave the falls was her doing the same thing in Diversity Day. Whether it was coincidence or on purpose, the call back to that was great.

  322. oh, and tanster, i noticed that in the quotes, “jim’s brothers” don’t have names… they’re tom & pete… tom’s the bald one (in “employee transfer”, pam says “how about at thanksgiving we ‘prank’ tom about being bald.”)

  323. @384 I’m Dave

    I just wanted to say that I %100, wholeheartedly agree!!

    Also, I don’t think we needed to hear the vows. We all pretty much know how they go.

  324. Loved the episode! Did anyone else notice that the sign at the hotel announcing the wedding festivities had Halpert spelled as “Halpret”?! I’m assuming the writers did that on purpose?

  325. I have to be frank: much of this episode was a little out of my taste. The cold open was gross, and the actual wedding scene seemed rushed, as though they had discovered that they only had five minutes of footage left after shooting the pre-wedding stuff. The continuity at the actual wedding (JAM come back completely dry having been on Maid of the Mist an hour before) irked me too.
    BUT…the last 5 minutes COMPLETELY made up for any hesitation I had about the rest of the episode. I think I’ve watched it about 10 times now. The dancing – so fun and completely in character. I love the little looks JAM give each other the whole time – especially after Jim’s brothers dance down the aisle. It’s like she’s thinking about the crazy Halpert genes. Classic Jim/Pam exchange of looks – great callback to their earlier relationship.

  326. @ Tuna & Kenna: That makes total sense to me now. I was thinking she meant Pam’s side of the family as opposed to Jim’s but branch like your branch of the family tree within the same side of the family totally makes sense to me, thanks! I knew I had to be missing something, the writers wouldn’t blow something that obvious.

  327. About the Meemaw thing – I assumed that Meemaw had more than one child, so when she referred to Pam’s “branch of the family,” she meant Pam, Penny, and their parents. Meemaw was considering her other children and their families separate “branches.” At least that’s how I reasoned it in my head. ;)

  328. After watching this episode for the 2nd time, I noticed that Pam’s mother is an inconsistent character. First, she’s a different actress than before…I won’t get too hung up on this because I know it’s hard to cast the same person years later. But her mom was in 2 episodes…the one where she visits the office and then when Pam calls her after Casino Night. I found it strange that in that one episode she was all excited and asked Pam “Which one’s Jim?” and then in the wedding episode she was giving Pam the “you don’t have to do this” talk. I feel like it’s not the same character. The sweet supportive mom didn’t match up with the angry resentful mom at all.

  329. Favorite episode ever. I loved everything. Being a huge jim and pam lover, it helped, but I loved that they put in the spotlight every character (the scene with people throwing up and Creed eating noodles made me cry).
    The only thing that I didn’t like was Pam’s mom. “Which one is Jim”? Seriously? She asked her that in season 2 when they weren’t even together. I completely agree with 410.Littlekidlover’s comment.

  330. I forgot to say: I hate Chris Brown and this type of music, but after I saw the episode, I put “Forever” in my Ipod and I swear I still get goosebumps during the whole song. I can’t believe I didn’t like the song before.

  331. I think that everything was a bit over the top, but not in a bad way, it made the episode even more funny.

    Also I think that the acting was great, especially John Krasinki’s. Watching it, you could tell how much Jim really loved Pam, without being too obvious about it.
    But Pam’s Mom and Michael…YIIIIIIKES!

  332. Hey tanster, you put ‘Mindy’ instead of ‘Kelly’ next to one of the quotes.

    [from tanster: lol. i do that constantly. thanks!]

  333. haha same here I completely forgot to put ‘forever’ in my ipod then I heard this last Thursday =))

  334. Best show to date. I’m a JAM fan, but was lukewarm going into the episode of the actual wedding. WOW! Blown away; still smiling days later. THAT was good TV.

  335. @410 Her comment had nothing to do with Jim but everything to do with her recent separation with Pam’s father. She was questioning marriage itself and projecting her uncertainty onto Pam. Hence the bridesmaid’s comment on her projecting.

  336. On the way out of church this morning, I heard the youth minister and some other people talking about Dwight kicking the bridesmaid in the face in the wedding dance! People are STILL talking!!
    A couple of other things—on third viewing I noticed Jim’s dad has on a kilt at the wedding. What’s the story is behind that?
    My husband remarked that he wondered if Michael thought the “good pair of twins” Dwight saw had anything to do with a chesty female.
    I wonder if the couple who actually created the wedding dance got any compensation from the show. If it had been me, I would have asked to meet the cast!!

  337. Loved how the episode went for more laughs than sentiment until the boat scene.
    Seeing Jim’s smile at the end was priceless. That smile comes from a long journey to be with Pam and in many ways, the episode, especially that scene, was more about Jim, the groom than Pam, the bride. How interesting.

  338. Yes, really liked this ep. Handeled really well by Mindy and Greg. Loved Michael and Jim esp in this episode. I still would like to see more Ryan this season. Season 6 off to a good start!

  339. I don’t know if someone else pointed this out but did y’all notice Darryl wasn’t at the wedding? I wonder why.

  340. This episode was an amazing mix of sweet and funny. My family totally cracked up at the cold open…Creed slurping up noodles while watching everyone else puke? Comedy gold.

    The wedding with just the two of them was amazing. I am a bit disappointed that we didn’t hear their vows…maybe we’ll get some of that footage on the DVD set for Season 6. I really wanted to hear Jim’s voice as he said them because John Krasinski is so gifted in using his voice to convey emotion.

    I also didn’t care for Pam’s mother; her character did seem inconsistent with the supportive Mom we were introduced to in Season 2.

    My thanks to the writers…you did not disappoint! I’m still smiling 4 days later!

  341. So as I posting, I was watching “Chair Model”. When Michael had the staff write down names of women who he could date. Pam asked Jim “Who did you write down”, and Jim replies “Your mom”. Pam thinks he’s kidding, but then Jim shows her the card, and she lunges for it and they laugh. Interesting…

  342. i recorded the last part on my phone and when dwight kicked isabel i still couldn’t help but laugh. you can hear my laughing in the video lol.

  343. I was happy beyond belief, what a great wedding!! So very many funny scenes, but in the beginning when Pam made everybody sick was the best open ever!! Loved every second of it. It was the happiest Thursday night in a very long time, but I must admit, it was worth the wait. I wonder what Pam will think when she finds out who slept with her mother?? We all know that HE can’t keep his mouth shut!

  344. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this (I don’t have time to read over 400 comments!) but the attention to detail is astounding on this show. While I was watching the episode I noticed how Jim was wearing a different color shirt than his brothers during his wedding, but he was wearing the same white shirt as them earlier (before Pam and Jim left). My assumption is that the writers decided that he would change shirts while Pam fixed her hair after going on the boat. The fact that they remember all of these small details shows how dedicated everyone is to making The Office as real as possible.

  345. this was a HUGE swing and a miss for me. Quite possibly the worst episode of the series. I’m really surprised that so many people loved it, but I’m sure it is because Jim and Pam are finally married. This episode was WAY over the top, everyone seemed like a parody of their characters. It was very disappointing

  346. This was awesome. I loved the wedding dance and especially Oscar dancing. Kevin and the kleenex box shoes rocked too.

  347. @ 384

    i totally agree that all their special moments have been private, it was the best way to do the wedding vows..

    and I still have “Forever” stuck in my head ;-)

  348. Kelly and Ryan…back together? Oh I can’t wait!
    You could tell it was a Mindy Kaling episode when the Wedding Dance made its appearance. Fabulous job cast and crew!

  349. Loved the episode overall. But I was wondering about a plot point that I simply didn’t buy. (Maybe somebody commented, but I didn’t see it as I browsed through the comments.)

    Why did Pam HAVE to drive Andy to the hospital? My wife and I were both saying, “Just call an ambulance.” I just didn’t buy that part. The rest: A-OK.

  350. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned before, but it almost seemed like they borrowed the idea of how they were married from How I Met Your Mother. When Marshall and Lily get married all of their friends and relatives are acting insane, Lily’s veil is ruined and they ultimately decide to get married by themselves just before the ceremony & then carry on with the second wedding in front of friends and family. I don’t think The Office writers would blantantly rip off another show but the similarities seemed odd to me.

  351. @ i saw where it ended

    It’s because she was the only sober person, everyone else was either drunk or drinking. Andy made a comment about it when he was laying on Pam’s bed.

  352. I thought of two more shots I loved. I don’t know if this was intentional or if this is how you guys interpreted it, but when there’s that close-up of Toby lying on the pew with his eyes closed (I think) and his hands on his chest, I thought he looked dead. And because of the angle with the pews on either side of him it looked like he was in a casket. I laughed so hard, plus Toby’s energy level is so low he could be mistaken for dead easily. What did you guys think?

    And second, the one shot that made me get choked up the most was when Jim and Pam are kissing and it cuts to Michael looking on. His face just really showed that he was so happy to be there at that moment, and have known these people for so many years. And of course that applies to Steve as well as us the viewers. He’s amazing.

  353. I’m with Joe, #429, especially about everyone being a parody of themselves. The show seems to have lost its heart and is just trying to be titillating in the worst way. I like Pam’s original mom better and the sister doesn’t fit.

  354. What I loved was how Kevin’s shoes were thrown away as a safety concern, since the smell of the shoe overcame them

  355. I have been looking forward to this episode for years, and what a great pay-off. I know a lot of people are upset with not getting to see the vows, but to me, that was right in line with the rest of their relationship. We never saw their first date, the first time Pam said I love you, the day they moved into their house together, etc. It seemed only fitting that we didn’t get to see the vows. But it was enough for me. As someone who has been watching this romance grow for years, I got very emotional during the wedding scene. I loved the “Forever” dance…totally something Michael would think was completely original, but my favorite part was the switching back and forth between Niagara and the ceremony….what a great editing job. I couldn’t be happier, and truthfully, I was really afraid this wedding wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Watching the older episodes and the heartbreak they both went through before their wedding made this even better for me. GREAT JOB MINDY!

    On a side note, who didn’t love Stanley’s dance down the aisle…makes me giggle every time I see it!

  356. Ah! I had to wait a week until I had time to watch this! It was definitely different than other episodes. I wasn’t looking forward to as much as some viewers- I’m not that into weddings or that viral youtube. But, I am from western NY and seeing them getting married on the Maid of the Mist was so lovely!!!

    Anyone know where there are good pics of the boat scenes?

  357. Fantastic episode. The dance and maid on the mist boat ride cracks and tears me up everytime. Anyone know who the pretty blonde bridesmaid actress is who tells Pam that she “tried to get them to stop”? (then dances down the aisle).

  358. 435. FEAR
    @ i saw where it ended

    It’s because she was the only sober person, everyone else was either drunk or drinking. Andy made a comment about it when he was laying on Pam’s bed.
    @i saw where it ended – ambulances are expensive and yes everyone else was drunk

    Yes, I know Pam was the only sober one. Ambulances aren’t expensive to people with insurance, and Andy (and the rest of the office) would certainly have health insurance that covers ambulances (even if Dwight picked the plan).

    Sorry to dwell on such a minor point, but the show does a such a good job of balancing wacky and realistic that when it misses, it stands out.

  359. I always keep saying this is the best episode of The Office I’ve ever seen. Other episodes were good too, but this is much much better.

  360. While this wedding was sweet and funny, it wasn’t exactly the greatest TV wedding I’ve ever seen. I felt satisfied after watching it (and I’ve been an obsessive JAM fan since the very beginning), but I didn’t feel the wedding lived up to what it should’ve been.

    Now that I’ve seen this episode again, and again, and again…etc, I realize why I feel this way and it’s because of its unoriginality. Instead of something like the original and crazy subway chasing thrill of the “Rhoda” wedding, the writers decided to just cite an idea from youtube. Yes, I can see how it makes sense plotwise that everyone saw it on youtube and wanted to copy it, but seriously “Office” writers??? This could have been so much more than what it was!

    It feels like the writers were only given a few hours to write the entire script as opposed to the years of opportunity they had to plan the inevitable wedding of Jim and Pam. This was a sweet wedding, but it hardly lived up to its potential.

  361. I know this is late… but the ending of this episode was not at all like a documentary.

  362. To Daniel:

    Several episodes have had “voice-overs.” See “The Dundies,” “Take Your Daughter to Work Day,” or “The Lover.” All of those have voice-overs.

    Classic episode. Simply one of the best.

  363. The funniest things in this episode for me are Jim & Pam marrying twice, Jim cutting off his tie after Pam’s veil tore, Michael sleeping in the vending machine, everybody having a party in Andy’s hotel room, Andy tearing his scrotum dancing (also includes Andy icing his balls, Pam taking him to the hospital when everybody’s drunk to drive and she’s sober enough, and Andy spending the night with Pam the night before the wedding), Dwight finding twins (they’re men), Kevin losing his shoes and wearing tissue boxes, and everybody dancing down the aisle (specially Andy with a walker), that was even more amusing!!!!!

    And how could I forget the beginning of the episode with the pukefest!!!!!

  364. I should say that (if I haven’t said it yet) Michael, Pam, Jim, Andy and Dwight were all amazing in this episode.

  365. OMG! DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THAT WHEN JIM AND PAM FIRST GET ON THE BOAT JIM’S TIE IS STILL WHOLE!?? This scene happens AFTER he cuts it and the rest of the boat scenes display a cut tie!

  366. I noticed the tie also. I’m not one to complain too much about editing issues (it happens), but that one was actually distracting. Caught it on the first watch…. so you know it had to be glaring to others also.

  367. 445- I actually thought many elements of the episode were original and the youtube idea fit into the puzzle nicely. Great episode, and the only season 6 episode aside from the Delivery and POSSIBLY Murder that really rates with other seasons, particularly seasons 2,3,4, and much of 5. My concern has been the writing, but this is one episode where it was not, and I liked the break from pure documentary style at the end. That said- the correlation of guest writers to poor scripts and the lack of seasonal cohesiveness as the main creative staff seems to have lost some focus troubles me. I even think its best shown in the finales. Seasons past had a plan leading into the finale. Anymore, the show known for its great finales has just found a way to squeeze out another script for a last episode.

  368. Still the best ever episode of The Office. A very tough title to hand out, but this one gets it, just barely, but it does.

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