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The Office

Amazon.com’s tax software page features some of our favorite characters from The Office. It’s actually pretty well written — when you click each character’s profile, don’t forget to scroll all the way down to the “How You’ll Want to Spend Your Refund” section — it’s hilarious!

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Tipster: Donna


  1. Niiice. Those were great. I especially loved the “How you’ll want to spend your tax refund” part. Spot on. Somebody over at Amazon knows their stuff.

  2. Funny stuff like this proves that “The Office” is firmly woven in to the fabric of our everyday life. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Maria, I thought the same exact thing. No way Angela would file an extension. In fact, she probably thinks doing taxes are fun.

  4. They made a mistake with Jim! Andy didn’t punch a hole in the wall from seeing his calculator suspended in Jell-O! He kicked the trash can in that instance. The hole in the wall was from the cell phone in the ceiling prank. Otherwise, the description was great.

  5. Yeah, so stuff like this further emphasizes how much I miss this show. Errors aside it was pretty funny and obviously written by a fan of the show. Just maybe not as obsessed as, say, an OTer. ;)

    Oh, and The Boy With No Name is an amazing album.

  6. I agree with Angela not being an extender, but still brought a smile to my face reading it. Nice job on Amazon’s part for creating this fun cross-over, even if there are some inconsistencies.

  7. Great! Looks like Amazon’s got some major Office geeks somewhere. However, I agree that Angela would not file an extension. She and Dwight probably used to work on their taxes together.

  8. I would like to see how Michael would do his taxes, but I guess he doesn’t do them at all? Haha. Great find!

  9. Memo to Past Dwight: Amazon will begin selling a guide to “Middle Earth” after 2002. Sell the beet farm and invest in Amazon.com now, despite the fact that they don’t currently sell Bo-Staffs.


    PS – I always knew Halpert was a chronic procrastinator.

  10. That was hilarious! Even with the few errors, it looks like whoever wrote this is a fan! I’d be curious to know see what the other Office folks would spend their refund on, too.

  11. This just made my day, after a few dreary hours stuck at work. :o)
    Thanks for posting this, whoever did that is obviously a fan.
    And I agree- Angela would definitely not file an extension.

  12. At first I agreed with the Angela not being late theory. However, let’s not forget that Dwight had to take whatever it was to NYC because she forgot to take it in. Can’t remember the details, but it just proves that Angela could potentially get distracted by outside factors and need to file for an extension. Either that or she thinks it’s SO much fun that she wants to do taxes for as long as she possibly can. That was long, I’m done now.

  13. this is so funny. Looks like someone at amazon did their homework! Oh, how I miss my office!

  14. Aah that’s so funny, thanks for posting! Too bad they didn’t do more characters, I’d really like to see Jan.

  15. In the Jim Halpert one it says ‘Freaks and Geeks’ is one way to spend your refund. Then it says check out the girl in the Journey t-shirt in episode 4. The person who wrote this had to be a REAL fan to know that Rashida Jones guest starred on Freaks and Geeks WAAYYY back when! Impressive Amazon!

  16. Thanks for specifying that we should scroll down to the “How to Spend Your Refund” section – I might have missed it otherwise, and it was great! This whole thing was so well-done. The one or two errors didn’t bother me much either, considering the many other correct details that were involved – and from all seasons, at that! It definitely took a true fan to write this! :-)

  17. That was so cute! I liked the “How You’ll Want to Spend Your Refund” section. Spot on.

  18. Why I love this site reason 409: an innocent post to a fun quoting of the show in the guise of tax advice results in a debate on the validity of one accountants propensity for filing returns on time.

  19. this was Uh-MAY-zing!!!! WOW. Someone at Amazon is not just a fan, they are totally obsessed. They bought up stuff I totally forgot and the ways to spend your refund – wow, just totally spot on!! Way to go Amazon. This marketing ploy might even work for me!

  20. Wow this is fantastic. One more reason to love Amazon. Ryan’s “what you’ll spend your refund on” is great – “Really cool rich guy clothes” and “Why Business People Speak Like Idiots.” Classic! Thanks for posting!

  21. I don’t think Creed has paid taxes in…ever. So that’s probably why they left him off.

  22. Tanster, fess up! You had to have some role in that given your employer! ;)

    It’s a great creative promotion, btw.

  23. LOL, I was wondering if anyone was going to comment on that. :)

    Yes, I do work for the company that makes TurboTax. No, I had nothing to do with this. I wish I could take credit, it was so funny!

  24. Finally! Someone obviously obsessed with the Office! Those are SO funny and SO true!

  25. That was so brilliant! Whoever wrote that could write for the show! (Provided they’re not already in the union, of course.)

  26. I want to see Michael’s. Could he claim Jan as a dependent this year? Or Creed…would he list the office address as his home address? Where do they send the refund check for him?

    It is so sad because the lack of new shows makes me obsessively crave more internet tidbits!

  27. Thanks for alerting us to the super-fun read! Whoever wrote the profiles and the refund sections is certainly a fan (was it really YOU, tanster?) Or, was it Nick1 who wrote the great Creed tax profile? Kudos to Nick1!

    Can I just say how much I miss my Office? I sure hope the Globes boycott has a positive effect on the negotiations. Until then, thanks tanster for the heads-up on this kind of thing!

  28. This was such a fun read. I’m really glad that someone who knows what they are talking about was writing it.

  29. Cute. Not really *funny*, but appreciated.
    It would have been kinda neat to see one about Karen that just emphasized the fact that the audience didn’t really know anything about her besides the kind of chips she preferred and Call of Duty skills.

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