Who do you want to see as The Office’s new boss?

Now that the season is over, who do you want to see as The Office’s new boss?

May 26 update

Here are the results of the ‘Who do you want to see as The Office’s new boss?’ poll.

Poll period

May 19-26

Number of votes



  1. Ed Helms (Andy Bernard), 1,430 votes, 10.97%
  2. Ricky Gervais (David Brent), 1,411 votes, 10.83%
  3. James Spader (Robert California), 1,285 votes, 9.86%
  4. Jim Carrey (Finger Lakes guy), 1,277 votes, 9.8%
  5. Will Arnett (Fred Henry), 1,176 votes, 9.02%
  6. John Krasinski (Jim Halpert), 1,176 votes, 9.02%
  7. Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute), 788 votes, 6.05%
  8. Craig Robinson (Darryl Philbin), 760 votes, 5.83%
  9. Ray Romano (Merv Bronte), 625 votes, 4.8%
  10. Andy Buckley (David Wallace), 616 votes, 4.73%
  11. Catherine Tate (Nellie Bertrum), 524 votes, 4.02%
  12. Creed Bratton (Creed Bratton), 417 votes, 3.2%
  13. Jenna Fischer (Pam Halpert), 321 votes, 2.46%
  14. Melora Hardin (Jan Levenson), 201 votes, 1.54%
  15. Mindy Kaling (Kelly Kapoor), 141 votes, 1.08%
  16. “Deshaun Williams”, 140 votes, 1.07%
  17. Warren Buffett, 135 votes, 1.04%
  18. B.J. Novak (Ryan Howard), 131 votes, 1.01%
  19. Brian Baumgartner (Kevin Malone), 124 votes, 0.95%
  20. Paul Lieberstein (Toby Flenderson), 113 votes, 0.87%
  21. Leslie David Baker (Stanley Hudson), 86 votes, 0.66%
  22. Oscar Nuñez (Oscar Martinez), 68 votes, 0.52%
  23. Zach Woods (Gabe Lewis), 39 votes, 0.3%
  24. Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin), 19 votes, 0.15%
  25. Phyllis Smith (Phyllis Lapin Vance), 17 votes, 0.13%
  26. Kate Flannery (Meredith Palmer), 14 votes, 0.11%

I emailed the results to The Office’s executive producers Greg Daniels and Paul Lieberstein. Perhaps we’ll re-run this poll later in the summer to see if the turntables…

Thanks for voting! :)


  1. Anybody but Tate. If she’s who they hire, I really don’t see season 8 making it to Christmas. It will fizzle out like the last season of Scrubs.

  2. Hello, best temp in Chiswick!! 100 words per minute! Plus, the complete knowledge of the last of the Time Lords is locked away somewhere in that brain. Obvious choice.

  3. Either Dwight, Oscar, or James Spader (the latter’s style of humor is perfect; not too dry and yet not too over-the-top/in-your-face).

    I’m betting it’s Oscar though, seeing as though during their casting call a few months ago they were looking for a new addition to the accounting staff.

  4. I don’t understand the why people want David Wallace or Jan Levenson. Jan’s crazy, and has a job and kid anyway. Wallace is jobless, but I don’t think he would want to work at Dunder Mifflin and wouldn’t be an exciting choice anyway (and I like his character a lot).

    I also don’t understand why people want someone from the “British” Office such as David Brent… they’re two distinct shows, even though Brent exists in both worlds, and the writers would never do that.

    And I don’t like Jim as boss either… it’s been there, done that, and if he wanted to be the boss, he would have been the boss already. So here are my rankings. (cont’d in different post).

  5. Ricky Gervais aka David Brent the orginal boss who started the office craze, would be perfect. The “culture” clash would be out of this world!!

  6. Just as long as it’s none of the guest stars from last night. It could be Andy, Darryl, even David Wallace, just please don’t let it be one of the guest stars.

  7. I’d love Will Arnett or Jim Carrey. None of the current employees are funny enough to take that top spot. Please no Tate — I found her scenes to be particularly annoying.

  8. I would want Carrey, Andy, Spader, in that order (Tate is last). I think Andy will get it, if plot at the end of the season is any indicator.

    Andy has a relationship plot with Erin that was just given a twist, leaving Andy’s continuing romantic story open (plus Erin/Phyllis thing, new female cast).

    Gabe is still in the show next year as cast, but will not be *in* the office all the time. So Gabe and the New Boss will interact, like Jan/Michael, or David Wallace. Andy being boss would fit this setup well.

    Andy is set much like Michael was in past seasons: the corporate contact has a funny relation to him, and has a romantic plot that is still moving.

  9. It is going to be Ricky Gervais. He was on a radio show I listen to and hinted that it would be him. Mark my word.

  10. “stop being Jim and start caring.” Come on it’s got to be the Carrey. Steve kicked him out of his own sequel in Bruce Almighty..it just makes sense. Not to mention, Jim’s a genius.. And boss at improv.

  11. @ 16 Ben. Care to elaborate on what you heard? If it’s true you are my hero!

  12. Looks pretty clear that it’s going to be Andy with an outside shot of Darryl taking over. There’s no way it’s going to be one of the guest stars.

    BTW, Of course Catherine Tate was annoying; her character was meant to be annoying.

  13. Spader, easily. Carrey was used for a one-note joke (same with Buffett), Tate was painful to watch, Romano and Arnett were both just plain dull. Spader’s character was the only one, in my opinion, that was relatively interesting (while at the same time hilarious, with his dead-pan sense of humor)

  14. Anybody but Tate. She was dreadful. I think it’s safe to say the producers still don’t know who it will be. I doubt it will be any of the guest stars from last night. If you read Paul’s interview, he says he wants to focus on the existing cast. So it will probably be an inside hire or a no name outside hire.

  15. Anyone except Catherine Tate or Ricky Gervais would be fine by me. Jan, Ryan, Andy, Darryl, Wallace… anyone except Tate.

  16. I think Jim Carrey would be good, or going in house with Jim or Darryl.

    Jim Carrey’s interview was the only one that came off well as Jim had stated to Jo, though did mention the fingerlakes quite a bit, which I could not stop laughing at haha!

  17. (once again, continued from previous post).

    Logistically speaking, Carrey, Buffett, Romano, Gervais, and Arnett won’t work out, as they either have too much going on, or aren’t true characters. I don’t know about what Gervais said on the radio, but on his website, he states: “I would never ever in a million years take a permanent role in the show as an actor.” So he’s either lying on the blog or not hinting anything on the radio, but as I said previously, I don’t think the writers would make him the boss anyway.

    Now, here are my choices for boss if logistics/qualifications/comedy weren’t an issue.

    1. Warren Buffett – never would happen and wouldn’t be that funny, but it would be really cool.
    2. Andy – see previous post, plus the fact Andy is my favorite character with a legitimate shot at boss
    3. Ray Romano – liked his character a lot
    4. Dwight – would be funny but not going to happen on a permanent level at this point
    5. Pam – not really qualified and with Jenna’s pregnancy, logistically impossible almost, but you gotta love Pam.

  18. I wonder how many times Ricky Gervais has to explicitly deny that he is going to take the role (as he did just yesterday in his blog) before people believe him?

    My guess for the new manager is Catherine Tate. Her character’s connection to Jo is what is going to seal the deal.

  19. We know from previous posts by the writers that they are bringing in a new accountant. but over the years on the show there have been numerous comments about having more than enough accountants. hm. any thoughts on that?

  20. I am thinking it will be Ed Helms (Andy). The show will try to keep him from leaving. Story lines can be he is overwhelmed with the job and gets no respect from Dwight. Goofy enough but yet can try to be serious at times. Maybe fall for Erin and step down so he can have relationship with her. That would bring a different boss in for the second half of the season such as Darryl.

  21. My guess is that the new boss will be a slightly toned down version of Dwight. Of last night’s guest stars, I think Will Arnett would be the best choice although he would seem to be out of the running due to his new show. I thought the funniest scenes of the finale were Creed as boss, but that surely isn’t the long term way to go with it!

  22. Although last night’s episode was not great, the potential for next season is. As for the potential outside hires, either James Spader or Catherine Tate would make a great fit. Both characters seem to be on that fine line between normal and crazy. As for inside hires, I would like to see Pam as the manager. I don’t know why, but she seems like someone who would be a great manager. I would also like to see Jan return. I was devastated when Jan left, as she was my favorite character. Seeing her return would be awesome. I really would be fine with anyone, except Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey is the farthest thing from funny, and he would ruin the show.

  23. I see so much hate for Tate! Yeah, her character was awkward, but that’s what being boss of Dunder Mifflin is all about! Plus, I gotta be loyal as a Doctor Who fan…

    For me, a new hire would have to be her, Romano, or Spader. They were all hilarious!

  24. Why not Will Arnett as Devon Banks? That feels like a missed opportunity.

  25. Um, basically? WIll Arnett would be great. Ray Romano would also be great.


  26. I just voted for Jim Carrey, but Tanster is right — JS was superb in the finale. Really entertaining.

  27. Please no ray romano! I love him on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” but not on the office. Oh that voice! NOOOOOO!

  28. The cameos were less than impressive. Arnett was surprisingly lackluster; Warren Buffett..WTF; Jim Carrey is too much of a character actor for this role, and would fail miserably much like Will Ferrell. Spader was flat and dull; Tate was just annoying. If Gervais or Romano are ‘hired’ I will personally trot over to the west coast and slap Greg Daniels in the mouth. Moral of this rant- Steve Carell cannot be replaced.

  29. Catherine Tate is who I would choose, if I were the writer. I also think realistically, her character offers a good replacement for Michael. Tate played an annoying character that you kind of cringed when you listened to her. Well, if I recall correctly Michael Scott was the same way. I believe that Tate would be able to fill the same crazy role as Steve did, while offering a different personality at the same time. My two cents.

  30. I really doubt it will be any of the guest stars because the only one the committee liked was Jim Carrey’s character and the chances of getting him without breaking the bank are slim. I’m thinking it’s between Dwight, Andy, and Darryl. Dwight could get it because Jo granted him an interview, signaling that she might have forgave him for what he did and the office as a whole seems to be divided on Andy and Darryl. I also don’t see anyone getting the job who didn’t interview, meaning I don’t think Jim or Oscar (a good candidate in my opinion) will get it. I think it’s too close to really call at this point.

  31. The problem the writers have set themselves up with is trying to reconcile a built-in dilemma. The boss has to be inept. They are in the position to find someone who is 1) not inept, 2) caustic enough to create drama. The whole episode was looking for someone capable and not crazy. Michael really couldn’t do the job, he just squeaked by and everyone else made him look good. But that’s what made it funny.

  32. It has to be Catherine Tate, because, c’mon, what could be more awesome than a merging between the Office and Dr. Who?

  33. I am almost positive the producers will choose someone new. While we all love Andy, Dwight, and Darryl; I do not think any of them will get the job.
    James Spader was hilarious. His humor wasn’t expected or trite and he had a great interview. The interaction with Dwight was comical as well. The dynamics he could bring to the table are endless.
    “He creeps me out, but I think he might be a genius.”
    Jim Carrey, like Ferrell, usually plays the same goofy character and that doesn’t excite me.
    Romano, Arnett, and Tate were a bit disappointing in my opinion but they are my second choices
    While Arnett was pretty funny, his interview wasn’t impressive. same with Romano.
    Tate was funny but we don’t want a female Michael with a British accent. He is irreplaceable.
    Warren Buffett? joke.

  34. I enjoyed Catherine Tate, Ray Romano and James Spader the most out of the guest stars so one of them would make me happy, Tate in particular. Otherwise Jan, David Wallace or maybe Andy. Jan and David aren’t newcomers but aren’t current characters so I think it could work, for Jan especially but I do miss David! I think Darryl was so out of character, and I was disappointed with Jim Carrey and Will Arnett. Plus I think Ricky Gervais would be a bit much.

  35. Will Arnett, James Spader, Ed Helms, Rainn Wilson, Jim Carrey – in that order

    Who do I think will actually be the new boss? Ed Helms

  36. 1. Andy– I think either he or Catherine Tate will be the boss. They were set up to be that way it seems. I really like the idea of Andy, though… He’s been my favorite character for awhile now and would be interesting to see in the manager position. Plus, Jo liked his resume, and I really like his modest attitude in that ep. I think him not getting back together with Erin may have something to do with this.
    2. Ricky Gervais– It’s not happening… but it should… aggh
    3. Nelly– It seems like they are really setting her up to replace Michael, she has a good vibe to her. I think she could get really tiresome though after awhile.

    I don’t want Jim to be manager. That would annoy me.

  37. I agree with Tanster — Spader was brilliant — genius, in the words of Jim. And I loved his interaction with Dwight.

  38. James Spader seemed the most fleshed out of the guests and very funny but I would find him incredibly hard to watch and tolerate for bursts longer than twenty seconds, his intensity must have got to me too!

    I’m a big fan of Arnett but I really can’t see past an in house promotion. Please not Catherine Tate too, just how famous is she in America? I’m British so she’s a fairly big star to me (despite me not being much of a fan of hers). The less famous she is over there the more I worry that she is the replacement for the obvious reason of why would they have her on simply as a guest if she isn’t that much of a star?

  39. I decided to re-watch the Catherine Tate part, actually better than I remember. I think the “Sucky” bit put me off a little at first. The more I think about it the more likely I’m thinking it is, a female manager is a new direction for them to take.

    If they could keep up the hilarity of Creed as manager in the cold open – which was possibly the funniest part of the season (especially boboddy and his spelling of business) – indefinitely then that would be brilliant, but of course that’s impossible.

  40. I really hope it’s Andy that gets the job! After Michael, Andy has always been my favourite character, and it makes more sense to have him as the manager. I like Dwight, but not for the job as manager.

    Please don’t let it be that awful Catherine Tate woman. She was unfunny.

  41. Who do I want to see as manager of the Scranton branch? I want Michael Scott

  42. Andy should become the new boss. I don’t think Pam can do it. The rest, I don’t care. And bring David Wallace back!!!!!

  43. When you think about it, Michael Scott is a hard character to replace.
    While I could see either Andy or Darryl taking over, my guilty pleasure would be Kelly. I think she would be hysterical.

    Regarding the guests – James Spader makes the most sense. I am not sure what was creepier, his character or his botox :)

  44. Standard– that would be brilliant.

    And I hadn’t even thought about David Wallace coming back! I miss him so! Has anyone looked at NBC.com where you can email Michael? There is a random one from Wallace in there… hmmm…

  45. I love these polls mainly because of the pictures :)

    [from tanster: thank you! this one took a little more time to put together. :) ]

  46. Honestly? I have a feeling it will be Jim. Whether or not the writers can handle Manager Jim better than last year, I don’t know.

  47. I feel that replacing Michael with any very famous comedian would wreck what makes the Office great… I’m not really much for any of these people. Dwight would be funny for a bit but not realistically hire-able; Andy might work.

  48. I have always thought it would be Darryl and I still think it will. Although he was over-confident, I think they set it up to look that way so people will not believe he will get the job, but the committee will decide they know he is sane and smart and they know him, while all of the other candidates were just nut-jobs.

    I think many of the guest stars would just change the show too much. Darryl would be a safe choice. If he were manager, he would do a good job and allow a more ensemble-emphasized show with Dwight as the star. Andy is just not smart or crazy enough to run the Office, at least Darryl is smart. I could see Catherine Tate being chosen because Jim knows her relationship with Jo, but the only guest star I would really want to see (and was disappointed not to see more of) is Will Arnett.

  49. See if you agree with me on this one, I might be wrong and I could just be playing it safe:

    They really need to go back to the basics with the boss on this one. Forget the big name celebrities, they’re fun for a few episodes but for a show runner you need someone who can be (1) unique and three dimensional (2) normal-looking and relatable (might not be at first but over time), (3) actually good at selling paper and (4) utterly hilarious in a sad but bearable sort of way (5) Solid but new types of chemistry with the rest of the cast’s characters different from Michael’s to make for great stories in the future.

    Basically someone which could make the work day tolerable as Michael Scott did. I really want this show to survive.

  50. Is anybody else voting for their favorite candidate more than once. Was that done on purpose, Tanster?

  51. If season 8 is the final season of the office, they should hire someone within the office. I feel that if they hire one of the celebrity guests, that character would have to take on a main role, like Michael Scott had- and that would be extremely hard to develop and resolve in only one season. If they hire someone like Darryl or Andy, they will obviously give them a couple episodes centered around them, but those characters don’t have to become the face of the show. If this is the last season, the office should just give us 20 more episodes of classic hilarity, like the good old season 2-3 days, when a simple mundane task turned into comedic gold. There is no need to complicate the final season with new (major) characters.

  52. Could go down many ways. Catherine Tate? Don’t want to see her. I think Darryl is a good choice for candidacy to get the job. He has stated that he wants to do big things for the company.
    Just because you have a favorite character, doesn’t mean it’s obviously the best choice for the job. While I agree Andy is very funny, he’s not big on management material. He’s not persuasive. David Wallace seems to be a good choice, but he’s not that motivated. Creed? A joke but SO SO Funny!
    I really want Will Arnett. Have you noticed that in all renditions of the Office, the lead has 2 first names as last? Will Arnett- Fred Henry.

  53. What qualifies Andy to be the boss? Dwight is better qualified for the position than him. The problem is that Michael was slowly promoted upwards from within, and we didn’t see it. Now, the current staff is choosing the new boss. Why would they chose somebody they know is not qualified? Unless they don’t really care about that now.

    I vote Spader for an outside hire. He was great and could provide a really interesting new dynamic.

    If i thought it could work, i’d pick Jim. From current workers, it should logically be him. But i didn’t like it last time. I don’t know, maybe that could change?

  54. how was James Spader the least bit funny? I actually didn’t think any of the guest stars added to the comedy of the show. The only exception was when Ray Romano whipped out the sandwich and started eating during the interview….other than that he was just as unfunny as the rest of them.

    I think Andy will end up being the boss. His character fits the type of person they need in the position to keep the show going. Well intended by inept in so many ways. They have to have that. If the boss were good at his job there would be no foundation for the show. On the other hand, if the boss were as insanely terrible as Creed, it would end up being too unbelievable.

  55. I would find it interesting to watch any of the current cast struggling with being manager. Darryl, Jim, Andy, even Pam. I don’t think the decision of new boss is the be all end all of the show. Relying on the great ensemble cast is. So, as long as the new mgr isn’t the main focus as was Michael, everything will be fine. I’m so confident in where they’re going.

    I will say Spader surprised me with how much i liked his character. I’d love to see more of that. Lots of opportunities for great laughs.

  56. Will Arnett has his own series coming up, so I know he’s out of the question. James Spader was great, and Andy Buckley would be a nice choice as well.

    I’m really hoping they do bring in an outside hire.

  57. Off of the given list, I wouldn’t mind Spader or Romano. But in terms of what I actually want to see. Tim Heidecker or Rhys Darby would be hilarious.

  58. “And bring David Wallace back!!!!!”

    Yes! I knew it couldn’t happen, but I was almost hoping to see him as a potential candidate.

  59. Jim, just give the job to Jim. It’s clear he’s most suited for the position, and possesses the best skills at managing these crazy people. He showed that in the finale. Yes, he may not want it and he didn’t do well last time. But things are different now. And depending on what happens with Pam, perhaps something will occur besides Jo’s words to prompt him stepping up to the podium.

  60. I’m pulling either for Spader, Krasinski (Jim), or not having a boss/manager at all. Or they can just rotate a half dozen would-be bosses throughout next year as longer-term “auditions.” imho it’s unfair to tell from a 10-30 second snippet how someone would fit into the Office ensemble.

    Although I’m a big Ed Helms fan, his character is a self-professed “terrible” salesman, so I can’t see from a logic standpoint (whatever else Michael was, he was a great salesman) why Andy would become the manager, even if it *would* be fun.

  61. Anyone but an outside hire. I thought all the guest stars would be awful as a regular (except Will Arnett, but he’s at another series, so… not an option).

  62. If it were real life, Darryl would be the best choice. He’s smart, sane, and sensible (and handsome). But for the show, smart, sane and sensible would limit the comedy opportunities. It would also be politically awkward to have a black manager shown as incompetent in the tradition of Michael Scott. Otherwise, it might be fun to see smart, sane, sensible Darryl become insane from the pressures of the manager job.

    Andy would be good because he would be somewhat like Maclean Stevenson in MASH. However, Stanley would do that even better but then we’d be back to the pc problem.

    For maximum fun, I would like to see Creed made permanent manager.

  63. I looked over the list a few times & can’t cast a vote for any of them. Michael was the heart & soul of that office, & without him the remaining cast are missing something. The outside hires in the finale were nothing special, either.

  64. Jim. I worry if it’s anyone else, he or she will come in and try to “be” Steve Carell or Ricky Gervais. Let a straight man run the office instead of a goofball idiot savant. It would be a total 180.

  65. 64 is so right and jimisbigbird right on it.lots of possibilities with the folks they have, remember everyone new accountant, stanley’s daughter ( so funny with ryan) and the new girl that will have a crush on jim. of course Jim is a great choice, but he won’t do it. they did that in many ways. and he’ll make less money. makes no sense. btw, anyone else think kathy bates is golden?

  66. Out of the guest stars on the finale, Spader would probably be best. Out of the in-house people, Jim seems to be the most realistic. But, I’d have to say my dream boss would be Tim Heidecker. Just watch him on the Awesome show as the boss Mr. Henderson and you’ll see why.

  67. James Spader or bust!

    Recently, Jenna Fischer casually mentioned that she expects the series to go on for “three or four years”.
    She’s an honest person, so the cast must feel that the show can continue without Steve for several more seasons.

    Well, if ANYONE other than James Spader gets the new manager position, goodbye Office after Season 8!

    I already find Andy, Darryl, Jim-the 3 top in-house contenders-boring and unfunny. As managers, they’d all lose viewers.

    In the unfunny Finale that went nowhere, we saw pathetic stunt appearances from Cathie Tate, Spader, and others. Tate was incoherent and unfunny. The other comedians were uninteresting & unfunny.
    And Dwight, Andy, Darryl’s interviews were horrible.

    To survive, The Office needs to keep 7 million viewers.
    The ONLY person with the acting/comedy skills to retain ratings is James Spader-who I only know from a few movies, and I NEVER watched Boston Legal.

    Spader’s character and Jim had instant chemistry-mentor to student. He was Michaelish: He truly BELIEVED 100% in his showmanship. I can see him bring out the best-and worst-comedic nonsense from the cast.

    If you want to see Season 9, hire James Spader!

  68. I think that at this point, The Office’s best choice is James Spader. We’ve learned that the show can’t handle as many guest stars as Search Committee had, but out of the trainwreck episode, James Spader is the body we need to salvage.
    1) He was incredibly funny. As mentioned many times before, his deadpan humor is something that is wholly new to The Office, and adds a unique character to the ensemble.
    2) His character brings out a whole new dynamic in many characters that has great potential in Season 8. Domination over Jim, reading Dwight, speaking universal truths all the time, the possibilities are endless.
    3) At the end, EVERY candidate was intent on taking the job, except Spader. He said, “and when they inevitable offer me the job, I will…” without giving us an answer. This is a clear sign that he is a frontrunner for replacing MGS.
    4) He is, as stated by others, not extremely famous, and has a relatively free schedule that I’m sure he could fit The Office into.


  69. I went with Andy. Not just because he’s my fav, but because I think he’s stupid enough to make being boss funny. If they went with the smart person as boss, the show wouldn’t be funny.

    And just because he’s a terrible saleman now (he used to be a good one, but the writers, for some reason, decided to change that this season), doesn’t mean he’d be a terrible boss. You don’t need to be skilled in sales to manage.

    I just don’t want an outside hire. The current cast is great, I don’t want more screen time taken away from them.

  70. Whoever is most humanistic at heart.

    Regardless of whatever comedic outer shell he/she might portray, the new boss would have to genuinely care and really love people for the show to still be true in nature.

    Someone who can both convince a man that the ship is sinking but also mend a hurting heart in the same night.

  71. If I were on The Office writing team, I’d campaign seriously for Andy. This is for a number of reasons. On a keeping-the-viewers level, like many have said, Ed Helms is at a level of success that Steve Carell was at when The Office started getting popular. People know Ed Helms! Also, we’ve got this character who has no idea how to manage people, similar to Michael. This could work perfectly because we all know how Andy was horrible at sales, but ended up saving an almost lost sale. This shows that although Andy is horrible at managing people, he could eventuallly grow into the role and become a great manager.

    I was hesitant before, but now I’m sure. They need to hire within, and more specifically, they need to make Andy the new boss.

  72. James Spader had so much charisma in this episode, he has got to be given the job. He is a different and fresh character. The show will survive with him as boss. The show will die if Katherine Tate gets it.

  73. James Spader could work. Essentially he could be a Ron Swanson-like equivalent to The Office.

    However I think Ray Romano would be the best option. His lack of confidence makes him the funniest of the outsiders bunch.

    (Either way, we won’t have to wait until next season to know. We are all frequenters of Office Tally and will know who’s reporting to set come July)

  74. As long as the manager is either,

    Jim Carrey
    Dwight Schrute
    Andy Bernard or
    Michael Scott

    I’ll be fine.

  75. If they go the outsider route, then James Spader or one of the former regulars (Jan, David Wallace). Spader’s character was so interesting, and that would make for an interesting Office dynamic.

    If it’s the regulars, then my #1 vote is for the Nard Dog. Andy has come a long way, it won’t upset the balance of the show, and he would appear to be a natural successor to Michael.

  76. I thought I wanted the new RM to be an inside hire until I saw James Spader’s cameo…he was brilliant! I would hope that a character like this and Spader’s acting chops would lead the writers into a renaissance for the show. This character is just so different than Michael Scott. If they choose a character even remotely similar to the original there will always be comparisons down to the smallest detail.

  77. Kevin, #84, describes the new manager nicely:
    “Whoever is most humanistic at heart…genuinely cares and really loves people… Someone who can both convince a man that the ship is sinking but also mend a hurting heart in the same night.”

    I agree. Your recipe for the next Office mgr. matches Robert California (James Spader’s character).

    Re-watch or read Spader’s interaction with Jim: Humanism, caring & really likes people, plus someone not afraid to give bad news that turns into a pep talk.

    And like Michael, his leadership has touches of narcissism and self-delusion that makes his character more funny than intimidating to both Office staff and viewers at home.

  78. I don’t understand why everyone thinks James Spader was so good. I found him creepy and unusual, but not funny, and certainly not a good fit with the show – much like Catherine Tate. But that’s just me, and I’m one of those who’s still weakly lobbying for Will Arnett.

  79. I find it interesting that Jo essentially left the decision solely up to Jim. That says right there she respects his choice more than anybody else’s in that office. So i just keep asking myself who would Jim really hire? He knows these people. Is he going to go for a straight-man? Like Darryl. Or somebody similar in ways, to Michael. Like Andy.

    I agree that heart is a huge part of it. But the new boss, if an outside hire, doesn’t necessarily have to care about the staff if he’s not the star of the show anymore. The current staff cares, and they can work around that.

  80. I LOVED James Spader’s character! He was just the right amount of funny/creepy/weird/mental to fit in with the other characters on the show. He has a proven track record of being able to play characters who are both comedic and serious (Boston Legal, The Practice, Pretty in Pink.) Spader, Spader, Spader…

  81. I’d like Michael Scott back! (Am I the only one who misses him?)

    Knowing that’s impossible, I vote for Ricky Gervais as David Brent. Don’t think he’s interested, though.

  82. I picked Andy. I also think Gabe would be good – as long as he climbs down from the crazy tree. I would not pick Ricky Gervais, given what he’s said about the show. But mainly, I prefer someone from within anyway – the guest stars were great but I don’t think the show needs a hired gun. The cast is fantastic and can carry the show, IMHO!

  83. Some follow up comments in response to what I’ve read after my original posts:

    1. I don’t think it’s necessary for the boss to be a funny or eccentric character in order for the show to be funny or entertaining. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers purposefully made a “boring” character (i.e. Oscar) boss just to prove that the show can be funny without a dysfunctional/silly/delusional boss.
    2. It’s very unlikely that Carrey, Romano, Arnett, Gervais, or Buffett would join the program due to other commitments, which leaves Tate and Spader as the only guest stars from the finale with a chance.
    3. The Office might not have very many seasons left, but it’s still entirely possible that they could hire a manager only for a story arc. The show is in unchartered waters right now, and they could take it a number of different directions. So, for instance, they could hire Tate for a several episode story arc with no intention of her being “permanent” manager. In fact, maybe there won’t be a “permanent” manager for the rest of the series.

    (continued in another post).

  84. As one of a handful of original founders/managers of a small software company, several years ago we had to hire a president/operations manager who would, in effect, be our “boss”. (Our venture capital firm insisted on this course.) Let me tell you, it is really hard to interview several people and pick one to be your leader/boss. In the end, my colleagues and I blew it and hired someone whom we hated, and then eventually fired! It was a disaster. All that said, I really feel for Jim and the office staff. They are trying to pick their own boss, and they have the usual problem that “prince charming” has not dropped by to be interviewed. They will probably choose unwisely, which will be good for the show. And so, I cast my vote for James Spader. He will be the best possible horrible choice by our friends who work at Dunder-Mifflin Scranton.

  85. I don’t think I’d like any of the outside interviews from the finale. I’d keep it in-house and go with Andy.

    I’m not interested in having to take the time to get to know a new actor in that role. Andy would slot right in in that respect. Also he is one of my favourite things about the show right now, I think they could get a lot out of him in this role.

  86. Thank you, Butt-Mud Brooks- I have been trying to place where I have seen James Spader… he’s in one of my favorite movies ever, so I should have known better… Pretty in Pink!

  87. I like the thought of no RM for the Scranton Branch. Just let it be run via Gabe by Corporate. But if that were to happen there would probably be an on-going internal power struggle.

    The cast can carry this show on their own, easily. They don’t need anybody new, and i don’t really want anybody new. But for longevity’s sake (i dread the day this show ends forever) the show might need some different/new energy. And with that i will continue the “Spader, Spader” chant.

  88. 4. To Westin: I don’t disagree that Spader would be a good choice (not my personal favorite, but I think he’d be good), but I didn’t for a second get that he was “humanistic” or “cared for people” from his cameo. He seemed kind of egotistical, detached, cold, and uncaring. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t think he’d be funny in the role, but I didn’t at all find him humanistic. However, based on your comments in 81, if you really feel that way, I doubt Spader will save the show for you.

    5. Darryl, as many have pointed out, seems to be the most logical choice of the insider candidates. But is this a fair/accurate statement? Yes, throughout the series, he’s seemed levelheaded, calm, and intelligent with good decision-making skills, and he’s well-respected by his peers. Plus, as he stated in the episode, Jo likes him and promoted him. But think about it this way: how much sales experience does he have? How much “white-collar” experience does he have? How much educational background does he have? Not very much of any of those things. And perhaps that’s why the writers portrayed Darryl like they did in the finale…

  89. 8. It’s possible that other new characters could arise in the middle of next season as potential guest star candidates (other new characters besides those who appeared in the finale). I don’t think it’s likely but I wouldn’t rule out. (I also don’t think David Wallace or Karen or Jan is likely either, but I guess we can’t rule that out)
    9. Last thing, how would everyone rank the current (only the current) workers of the Dunder-Mifflin Scranton Branch in order of qualifications to be manager, based on both past job performance, experience/credentials, the portrayal of some characters in the finale, and expectations? Here’s my list:

    1. Jim
    2. Oscar
    3. Andy
    4. Pam
    5. Dwight (would be #2 if not for firing the gun)
    6. Darryl
    7. Angela
    8. Phyllis
    9. Stanley
    10. Kelly
    11. Ryan
    12. Meredith
    13. Jordan
    14. Erin
    15. Kevin
    16. Creed

    I find it really unlikely that anybody after the top 6 will be manager, and even though Darryl is 6th, I think he has a better chance than a lot of people ahead of him.

  90. For those of you who want to support James Spader for The Office’s New Boss, check out our facebook page

  91. In Goodbye Michael, Michael gave Andy his clients and Darryl his management book….Maybe that was a hint… or wishful thinking on my part.

  92. Here’s a poll presented by EW Pop Watch just for the new candidates. Spader is winning!

  93. @Danny I’ll only choose 5, and based on experience and qualifications they would be:


    Of course most qualified is different from who might fit best. It all depends on how they handle the character in that position. I might really like Jim as manager this time, i don’t know. And i don’t think i’d like Andy at all, but i could be wrong. We won’t know till we see it.

    Spader is the best choice for an outside hire.

  94. I see two approaches they could take:

    (1) Pick the closest equivalent to Michael. This could be Andy. He’s always trying to do a good job while entertaining the group, and he always misses the mark. He’s wild and loud, yet flexible and unpredictable. (Other possibility: Kelly?)

    (2) Pick the person who makes the most actual sense as a manager and who is nothing like Michael. This could be Jim. He keeps getting extra responsibility, so it’s easy to see him being manager. He could successfully lead the group sometimes, while falling flat at other times. But he’d always be sympathetic and intelligent, so you could never accuse him of being a pale imitation of Michael. (Other possibility: Oscar.)

  95. I’m a big fan of James Spader (The Practice & Boston Legal). I would love him to be the new dunder mifflin manager.

  96. Yay Andy’s winning! But that doesn’t really have anything to do with who they’re going to choose…

  97. Wow! People really are split in their opinions! I thought there would be one, maybe two clear front-runners, but with the highest vote percentage being less than 11%, it’s a real toss-up. (Did the guy who played Deshaun Williams vote for himself 140 times?)

    I still think there’s every chance it will be none of the above. Lots of people’s shows got cancelled in the last few weeks, so there’s fresh meat on the market (that sounds bad, but you know what I mean).

  98. I voted for Spader. imho, Gervais was incredibly generous to do the two cameos he did this season (I’d assumed from past comments he’d never agree to anything like that), and I don’t hold his recent snarky comments against him. I’d never expect him to make respectful comments about anything, unless he’s being sarcastic. :)

    While little about Dunder-Mufflin ever is logical, I just can’t envision Kathy Bates’ Sabre character okaying a self-described terrible salesman w/ previous anger management issues (Andy) as the new boss — even if I’m a huge fan of Ed Helms. If Sabre was no longer involved, *then* I could imagine it happening.

  99. Should’ve thrown Steve Carell in there to show there really isn’t anyone close in the running.

  100. According to Variety and Hollywood Reporter, producers of The Office favor Catherine Tate as The Office’s new boss.
    This is both astonishing and disturbing.
    For of EVERYONE interviewed or considered for the job in “Search Committee”, Catherine Tate’s performance was the LEAST funny or entertaining…or even comprehensible.
    Even Dwight or Andy would be FAR funnier & entertaining than Ms Tate!

    Think about it…The exec. producers of The Office want an UNFUNNY, heavily accented British lady to replace Steve Carell?
    What does this say about THEIR comedic touch for the show?

    Maybe this executive disconnect from what Office fans really want explains why The Office as a comedy has lost its way over the last few seasons.

    ANYBODY who thinks Catherine Tate is right to replace Steve as boss needs a refresher course in what MADE The Office so great YEARS ago!

  101. Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if Zach Galifianakis was the new boss??? He’s as great on improv as Steve Carell and he’s really really funny!

  102. @Everyone who is ranking the workers based on qualifications and experience. Angela is the head of accounting and therefore is more qualified than Oscar.

    GO ANDY!!

  103. @Geo I’ve heard Gervais has recently made some snarky comments about the show, and i’m just really curious what exactly he’s said? I also completely agree about Andy.

    I enjoyed Catherine Tate. I didn’t think she was bad but the more i think about it, i don’t think she’s the right fit. Or that choosing her would be in the best interest of the show. I do still think that a woman boss would be very interesting, though.

  104. I wonder if Devin is still looking for a job :)
    Or what if Toby got the job

  105. If you don’t think that Will Arnett would absolutely KILL as the new boss, go back and watch Arrested Development. If they used the same type of character but less jackassy it would be comedy gold.

  106. I kept expecting the job to get offered to Jim again, what with Ryan’s comments and Jo telling him several times to not screw it up. I thought James Spader’s character was the only one who clicked. But I also did not care for Will Ferrell. I think it will have to be someone relatively normal or else Jim will not have done his job.

  107. Wow, the top 4 in this are so close it’s hard to even say there is a favorite… because everyone has an opinion.

  108. I would love to see Rhys Darby playing a Murray Hewitt-like character on The Office. There was talk about him possibly being in the run to replace Carell at the start of the season. I was really disappointed when I learned that he wasn’t even going to be a candidate on the season finale.

    Murray Hewitt at his best

  109. A lot of the choices on this list have zero chance of actually happening. The only people here with any real chance of becoming the new manager are Catherine Tate, Jim, Andy or Darryl. That’s pretty much it. Only 4 realistic candidates.

    Spader is a big maybe, the chances seem very slim.

    I really hope they look around at the fan response before they consider signing Tate.

  110. You guys need to realize that the boss is pretty much what the show is centered around. He/she has to be ridiculous. If the boss isn’t crazy, then i feel like the show wouldn’t be funny. Think about it from the writers’ perspective. What would be the most interesting person, that is funny, and would keep the viewers entertained?

  111. I think that the best addition to the cast would be a young guy as manager who is a generally “normal” person. This would work on a lot of levels but I think it would be the most entertaining because we could see someone pretty regular interacting and discovering the quirky characters we know and love, but they wouldn’t know what to do about it because they are young and inexperienced trying to make their mark as a manager.

  112. I sort of had this weird thought: if Jim became manager the whole series would change. You watch reruns and realize that the whole time it was about Jim and how he went from being a slacker to a leader. Kind of an awesome thing to think about don’t you think? That’s why I kind of have to vote for Jim.

  113. I didn’t read through all previous 136 comments but the most obvious choice to me hasn’t been mentioned. That’s Pam. Look at how her character has evolved into the self appointed Office Manager role. She has always taken on the responsibility of trying to control Michael and his antics and she was doing the same with Creed as boss. Pam will be the new Regional Manager.

  114. @ 135 Jason that would be Darryl, who I also am hoping for. Also would really like Ryan, or Jason Alexander.

  115. I would be fine with Spader, Arnett, Andy, or Jan. I know that it seems unlikely for Will Arnett or Melora Hardin to be regulars, but I liked Arnett’s character and I love Jan. I think James Spader did a great job being a kind of creepy and arrogant character, but I feel like his character could get old very quickly. At first I was extremely opposed to Andy being manager, but he really has changed since we first met him in Stamford. Obviously Jim isn’t ready for it and Dwight blew his chances (literally). David Wallace just seems too corporate to be in this office. Jan has gotten some of her sanity back after seeing her last couple of appearances, and I think it would be interesting for the office to be working for this woman who used to be such a big part of the show. Who knows? Maybe the hospital fired her for the same behavior she got fired from Dunder Mifflin for way back when.

    I also liked the idea of Darryl being manager, but I feel that would also become boring. They really need to be careful with this because the manager is obviously going to be a central part to the show.

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