1. Basically michael says that he cant afford fancy clothes so he goes to discount stores. he then goes on to explain that he went to the closeout sale at this store “ross” and got into a fight with a “missy elliot” type woman over his suit. she won the fight, so he went to the same store in trenton, nj and bought the same suit. ~fin~

    I thought that was hilarious, btw :)

  2. It was a funny clip of Michael explaining how he has a tight budget and that he buys his suits mainly from discount stores and ebay. LOL! This suit he got at Ross. He was fighting a “Missy Elliott” for the suit (thinking she was buying it for her husband) and she socked him in the eye and got the suit. He ended up going to another Ross store and buying the same suit.

    Something like that.

  3. TH with Michael

    Look, I am not a gazillionaire. I can’t (pause) I can’t dress like Donald Trump dresses. I have to stay within the parameters of my budget. I can’t shop at a fancy Norwegian boutique. I buy my suits the old fashioned way. I buy them from discount stores, or on Ebay.

    And when I found out that Ross was having a Midnight Madness Sale, I ran, not walked, as per the instructions on the flier. And I got there and when the doors opened, all of these women ran to this one bin. And I did too. I grabbed this suit (motions to suit) and a woman, sort of a, I don’t know, Missy Elliot type grabbed the jacket, and we uh, we had kind of a heated tug of war. And I could tell by the way she was screaming, that it must be a “get.” And I figured she was just buying it for her husband…to answer your question from before.

    Um, anyway..she socked me in the eye and she got it, she got the suit. (pause) But. I went to the Ross in Trenton, New Jersey and I found the exact same suit. And I didn’t have to deal with Missy Elliot.

  4. Can this be posted on YouTube for us hosers in the great white north??

  5. That was sooooooooo much better than the talking head of him just saying “there were theese bins of clothes” ect. ect. It made me laugh twice as hard. I guess it was just a time issue.

  6. That’s a long (and boring) talking head! But I’m not complaining – it’s better than nothing!! :)

  7. I can see why it didn’t make the cut. It’s funny, but frankly a little too grim. Maybe something like: “I like name-brand clothes at wholesale prices. Sue me.”

    That woulda been funny!

  8. Michael Scott just gets sadder and sadder! He got beat up by a girl in a woman’s clothing store! Come on, Mike! Step up and get something out of life for yourself, boy! I can see why this wouldn’t make it into the show. Already have the pathos of him not making much money and not knowing how to better himself, and that he’s picked a woman’s suit out to buy. Hearing that story would have been too much. Talk about a rough year. His branch is downsized and he gets fired. He only stays because Josh acted like a jerk. Nearly everyone who moved from Stamford left because of him. Dwight turned on him. Carol turned on him. Ryan turned on him. He humiliated himself publicly at least twice. Now this suit fiasco. He seriously needs a plot turn around before he gasses himself in his garage!

  9. Michael Scott is more depressing. Jim and Pam, well we know that story. Toby is ever tobier. Season 3 is bumming me out. It’s like the ghost of Ed Truck is haunting the Office. We must have a séance.

    And you’re most welcome Kate and the Canadians!

  10. I’m with those who said it was Steve improvising. That didn’t sound scripted at all.

  11. Yeah this was definitely improvised. Amusing, but a little tedious at the same time.

  12. Woah. Scranton and Trenton are not close. That’s a lot of gas to waste to buy a suit.

  13. Thank you very much for the summarization, Elisabeth. We can’t see it in Canada, but your synopsis was great!

  14. haha. Michael is very obedient when it comes to commercials telling shoppers how fast to travel to their sales…

  15. I like the one they had in the show better, because I looove the way michael says “and it fit!”

    also, the episode if so funny upon a second viewing because you can see flashes of the pink lining of the suit!

  16. Um…Michael Scott is so great. I mean, wow. People write him off as an idiot, but seriously, I think we all make mistakes similar to his. Like how he justifies that woman who wants the suit for her husband. How he just assumes that suit is a man’s suit. The mind is an amazing thing. Michael just messes things up more often then people.

    Ahhh, it’s great.

  17. I rewatched the other clip on the page that pops up, the one from The Merger where Kevin reveals that he has a thing for Jim’s hair. Oh, Kevin. How I love thee.

  18. It was sorta funny but I’m glad they cut it out. The episode was too Michael-centric as it was.

  19. Why were these not on the DVD? It’s weird it was the only episode. Thanks for the description though, Elisabeth.

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