WKLH interviews John Krasinski

Milwaukee’s WKLH 96.5 radio interviewed John Krasinski (“Jim”) on Thursday.

John once and for all confirms that he is, indeed, the voice behind the Ask.com commercials!

Thanks to Andrea for the tip, who, by the way, is the same Andrea whose questions got asked at the beginning of the interview. Way to go!

Listen to the clip here. (no longer available)


  1. Ok. Thank God for this interview. I saw an Ask.com commercial of people who were acting like primates…anywho, i thought to myself about how much the voice over sounded like John Krasinski. Then i thought, there’s no way, so i just tried to convince myself it wasn’t. But it was! Damn, i’m so smart. I sure do know my Jim..i mean, John.

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