When you enter your email address at WUPHF.com, you’ll receive the following message:

Facebook, Google, Adultfriendfinder.com – These are just a few of the companies I copied business models from to create my own successful company, WUPHF.com.

As creator, founder, and CEO of WUPHF.com, it is a true honor to welcome you as a user. Remember this moment, because your life is about to change forever. Connecting all your emails, faxes, text messages, voicemails, tweets, chat programs and pages may seem utterly impossible to some people. But those people are pathetic losers. WUPHF.com is a radical software program, already innovating and boosting the local economy. Grab a seat at your neighborhood cybercafe and take some time to check out everything the website has to offer. Fill in your info, build a WUPHF avatar, buy a sexy t-shirt. Whatever feels right.

Not only does WUPHF link up all of our communication portals into one, but it also links the most important thing of all – us. I’m ! looking forward to taking this human journey with you.

Click here for a special audio message from yours truly:

I love you guys,
Twitter: @veRY_ANgelic

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  1. i tried typing wuphf.com into my browser the other day and got an error page. but i’m glad i wasn’t delusional in thinking that they would put up a site…

  2. This is so funny. I’m not even going to try to sign up– I don’t want Ryan to steal all my money! (Is it just me, or was BJ breaking several times during that video? :))

  3. I’ve never been more proud to share the name Ryan Howard than I am right now with the invention of WUPHF.COM

  4. Cracks me up that Ryan’s sitting in Angela’s chair for the “About the CEO” photo. I guess he couldn’t sneak into Michael’s office.

  5. Trying to sign up is the funniest part – we’ll give you a hint: you don’t have to fill anything out, but make sure to click on all the dropdowns and buttons.

  6. Michael Scott is the real inventor of wuphf. Ryan stole it. He and David Wallace are in co-hoots. Dwight won’t stand for this.

  7. First time I tried WUPHF wouldn’t accept my MasterCard number, then it wouldn’t accept my VISA number. What’da’ya have to do? Get an American Express?!?

  8. I’m so glad they posted that investor chart online that Ryan tried to use to pitch for more money. That thing is hilarious.

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