1. Calling Karen a ragamuffin

    Dwight quizzing Ben Franklin, but being 99% sure that it isn’t the real Ben Franklin, despite what Jim said

    Jim referencing wikipedia

    Dwight in a bra

    I. CAN’T. WAIT.

  2. I’ m glad we haven’t seen any Karen vs. Pam footage (yet), as for these scenes, i didn’t expect anything less than hilarious..ness (could that be a word?)

  3. I can never get the videos on yahoo to play on my computer here at work…am i missing something, maybe a security setting? Or are they posted anywhere else??

  4. I must resist!!! I’m not watching them anymore!!! I’m…not…looking…not…looking…arrrghhh!!!

  5. I told myself I was going to resist these Yahoo clip clips and I did . . . for about 30 seconds. But they’re good this week; they’re short and obscure enough that I don’t feel too spoiled.

    Michael’s not the only one that wants to see Karen in a skirt, one cartoonist even went ahead and drew her in one.

  6. Hey I never really posted a message here before but if go to tv.com and go to the office page, there is a really funny scene with Todd Packer!

  7. i have a feeling this episode will be awesome! those clips were great and the todd packer clip at tv.com is indeed hilarious!

  8. The Todd Packer clip was funny but I can’t understand how Karen is still Jim’s girlfriend. Who stays with a guy after he tells her he has feeling for someone else?

  9. Those clips were great! Except I was just as confused when Karen chimes in with “I’m Jim’s girlfriend”
    I know she was probably doing it because Todd Packer is a jerk, but to say it so loud right in front of everyone….is she going the other way with this whole ‘knowing about Jim’s feelings for Pam’ thing?

  10. Either this chick is a dude, or Halpert got scared straight.–funny
    I think she said she was Jim’s girlfriend so Packer would leave her alone. Who would want Packer to flirt with them anyway?

  11. Prima nocta? Hahaha! I always knew Michael had a thing for Phyllis since “Sexual Harassment.”

  12. ok, so we’re slowly losing the sympathy for Karen. What woman in her right mind agrees to stay with someone after they admit they’re still into someone else? Umm, no. Call me when you get over her!!!

  13. Question. Will Phyllis fo by Phyllis Lapin Vance, Phyllis Vance, or Phyllis Lapin?

  14. yeah i’m confused about the whole jim and karen thing also. do you think that they are still dating even though karen knows that jim still has feelings for pam. why would she do that to herself? i really hope that pam actually admits to having feelings for jim. he has already made all the moves and now the ball is in her court

  15. for those ppl who cant get the videos to play:

    if ur using firefox, try ie.

    hope it helps = )

  16. i’m hoping that there’s a moment right after the packer’s done making fun of jim where he’s like, “she’s not my girlfriend,” or says “thanks for covering for me,” REALLY LOUDLY so pam can hear. and then he walks over to pam’s desk, picks her up and carries her to the parking lot where they steal the WLHUNG corvette and drive off into the sunset…

  17. blue blast, that is the most beautiful thing i have heard all day. and i completely concur.

  18. Did anyone get the vibe that Karen’s comment could maybe be her getting a little territorial? We know she’s going to confront Pam, so maybe this is a little jab or something. I don’t know. I’m just trying to make it until Thursday. :)

  19. i think karen mentioned that she was jim’s girlfriend to combat todd packer’s comment about jim being queer.

  20. As a married guy of 18 years. let me start by saying I know nothing about rleationships, so if you listen to my ramblings you got issues. However, i do think Karen said it to cover Jim and to get Packer out of her Hair, also its interesting to see Pam’s expression as its being said, does Karen and Pam conversation come before packer or after?

  21. I don’t know if I’m just silently rooting for Pam but I think Karen could back off a little. Jim say Pam first, he liked Pam first and loved Pam. So when Karen gets hurt because Jim still has feeling for Pam, you almost want to say, “Uh, so how fast have you gotten over someone whom you deeply cared for, huh?” I think if Karen wants Jim that badly, she should focus on winning him, not confronting Pam. But I guess it will make for a better Office episode.


  22. Question:

    To all those Karen nay-sayers (and I’m talking to myself here to), wouldn’t you be territorial/stubborn on giving up Jim so easily? Sure, it’s not the healthiest thing to stay with a man who says “Yes” in that way about another woman, but c’mon!

    Would YOU leave Jim? Seriously?

  23. Oh God. Everytime I see Packer I am reminded of a former boss (shivers in terror).

    I’m kind of with Karen. I would never give up a guy like Jim without a fight – I mean, cute, funny, smart, sweet, talented, and has gorgeous teeth not to mention other nice-looking body parts…. Please! Of course she’s going to get territorial!

    I just wish Pam would get the picture and bitch slap her.

  24. Who played Ben Franklin? He looked so darn familiar – it’s been bothering me all night!!!

  25. Franklin was played by Andrew Daly. He’s the guy from MadTV, and recently he was in Semi-Pro.

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