HollywoodPressTV talks to Creed Bratton

A new entertainment site called HollywoodPressTV launched this week, and executive producer and host Steve Patterson writes:

… included in our premiere is an exclusive sit-down interview with Creed Bratton from The Office. The interview was a ton of fun …he was great. The best part — part of the interview was done with Creed in character … priceless.

See parts one and two of Creed’s interview here — find the videos in the right column.

That quirky, wacky Creed.

Warning: A tad NSFW for some slight profanity.


  1. Heh the interviewer is weird but Creed is great! I’d be interested in seeing part 3 when it comes out.

  2. he’s not an ‘official cast member’. if you look at the season 2 dvd cover (the part w/ ‘all the cast members’ on it), creed isn’t there. and if you look at the opening credits, i believe it lists him as a ‘guest star’, or something like that.

    not sure why he hasn’t been brought on as a permanent cast member, especially since every other 3 season regular is included. my only thought is that maybe due to him having some significant notoriety (having been in grass roots) in the past, they would be required to pay him more than they feel he is worth for his work on the show if he was brought on as a ‘regular’.

    that is completely just a guess though. besides him, i don’t believe any of the other ‘non lead’ cast members has any significant notoriety before this show.

  3. Creed is the best. He should be first-billed. Ok, maybe not first-billed, but at least call him more than a guest star! I say this with confidence: there has never been a Creed moment short of hilarious.

  4. I love Creed. He’s one of the best parts of the show. BTw, if the video doesn’t work just wait for it to load up. I didn’t realize that when I first tried it. And the interviewer is REALLY trying to be like Steve Carell. Down to the facial expressions, timing and everything.

  5. Wow…that interview was both amazing and a little disturbing. I sensed that the interviewer was trying to audition for a role on The Office (be yourself, man.)
    Creed is priceless and I can’t wait to see more.

  6. The interviewer is really smarmy and makes me uncomfortable and embarrassed for him. He reminds me a little of Greg Kinnear early Talk Soup, but not so likeable or funny. He’d do better if he just weren’t trying so hard.

    Creed, as ever, kicks ass. He sounds like he’s got some fascinating stories.

  7. sorry – i didn’t mean Officetally (of course!) i meant the site with the interview.


  8. Hey everyone-

    This is Steve from Hollywood Press TV. Thanks for all the compliments on my personal performance (lol-:)

    We are working on how to best approach these interviews. The last thing we want to do is give you another Entertainment Tonight interview—with the same old boring questions…So, we’re gonna try to have some fun with the celebs—and take a not so normal approach. I will continue to tweak some things as we go on, and I am always open to your feedback (good or bad :) But honestly, I do appreciate the feedback…

    We are moving forward and are in talks with a couple of other cast members for interviews…I will be sure to let everyone here at officetally.com know when they happen.

    And yes, I agree—Creed is GREAT!

  9. funny stuff. Creed is my hero. i’m glad he’s Dwight’s dad. i’m not sure why people were hard on the interviewer. tough crowd. it’s the first interview i’ve seen on video with Creed so i wouldn’t care if K-Fed did it.

    Steve, keep it up. give me the Office juice. looking forward to part 3.

  10. I liked the interviewer guy. He made Creed laugh and played right along with the weirdness, so that was fine with me. I’m not sure how well it will play with other folks he interviews, but we’ll have to see.

    “Real Creed” is hilarious and Creed from The Office is a psycho. Love him, though.

    That site does feel a little like public access, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    I like the interviews from the Smokin’ Aces premiere, though. Kanye was NOT feelin’ it, but he was nice.

  11. Maybe I dreamed this, but on one episode, didn’t they say that Creed was Dwight’s dad?

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