Office Cast Watch List: Jan. 26 – Feb. 1

See Office cast members on these upcoming shows:

  • Mon Jan. 29:
    David Denman on The X-Files.
    Episode: ‘Field Trip.’ Station: SciFi.
  • Tue Jan. 30:
    David Koechner on Still Standing.
    Episode: ‘Still Hairdressing.’ Station: Lifetime.
  • Wed Jan. 31:
    Melora Hardin on Murder She Wrote.
    Episode: ‘Roadkill.’ Station: Biography.
  • Thu Feb. 1:
    Rainn Wilson on Dark Angel.
    Episode: ”I and I Am a Camera.’ Station: SciFi.


  1. I saw David Denman on an episode of Night Stalker – I think it was the pilot (the show has, of course, since been cancelled.

  2. tanster, i subscribe to this site’s rss feed via bloglines. every time i check the feed, i get a security prompt asking for username and password for Restricted Area at could you please fix? thanks!

  3. Did I mention before that Rashida Jones was in the movie “Little Black Book” that was recently on TV? She played one of the old girlfriends that Brittany Murphy meets, and has a pretty big role.

  4. i was a huge fan of dark angel.
    yet i don’t remember rainn in an episode.
    it’s funny how you watch something and then later on you watch something else where an actor has a prominent role and then go back and watch that old somehting and realize, “omg, that’s him!”.
    haha. yeah….hope that made sense.

  5. I was also a HUGE fan of “Dark Angel” (and I just go the DVD’s today!) – I think I remember Rainn’s charictor… he was some kind of computer genius (or made from a comp? can’t remember) or something. It’ll be cool to rewatch it and see him!

  6. David Koechner also stars in the “Naked Trucker and T-Bones Show” on Comedy Central, Wednesdays at 10:30.

  7. Hey, do you think that Jenna’s myspace page is really Jenna? Couldn’t anyone be posing as her? I would love to think that it is her, but how do we know? Maybe there’s some stuff on there that is evidence, but I haven’t found it. Anyone want to help me with that?


  8. Bravo is also currently on the last bit of the 3rd season of Six Feet Under, and Rainn leaves near the beginning of season 4, so he’ll be on at some point.

    Damn I loved me some Arthur Martin.

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