The Weekend Tally

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Trailer for ‘The Promotion’


  1. I am so jealous of anyone that gets to meet John Krasinski. I live near where he’s shooting and I so wish I could meet him!

    I can’t wait till Get Smart comes out!!!

  2. I’m excited for the new movies. ‘The Promotion’ looks particularly excellent. B.J. is totally awesome. I can’t wait to go see him at Caroline’s!

  3. The Rocker looks like another version of School of Rock. Bottom line: I’ll go see it, simply to laugh for two hours. Thanks for the tally, per usual!

  4. Also, BJ saying ‘That’s what she said’ on the Today Show was amazing!!!

    “You can do it even better. That’s what she said”. LMAO!

  5. That kid standing next to John is waaaay cute :P

    (#6: I think John looks very hot in his beard, he looks a little older, and sort of “rough” in a good way)

  6. Hmm… The Rocker doesn’t look that bad. No blockbuster, but I like Christina Applegate. And JKras is looking quite beardy. And he grew that just a few weeks after they shot Goodbye Toby? My oh my.

  7. AHHH! That pic of JKras makes him look like the caveman guy in the Insurance commercials!!!

  8. so nbc shows part one of fun run and part two of dunder mifflin infinity? what gives? all of my recordings are screwed up because of that special they “forgot” they were airing.

  9. Sammie, it wasn’t because of the special, it was because the golf this afternoon ran long.

  10. Oh I can’t wait for The Promotion, it looks good! And I can’t believe I’m going to say this about my beloved JK, yikes kinda a scary pic there, oh well, I still think he’s awesome.

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