What hints do these promo shots hold?

SPOILER WARNING! Photos and comments posted here may contain spoilers.

Okay, since you guys LERVE to analyze photos for possible spoilers, here are some fuzzy screenshots I extracted from the NBC promo that ran right after “Job Fair” last Thursday night.

Speculate away …

The Office


  1. the first picture with Hank doesn’t indicate anything specific because Michael would probably just ask Hank to come up cause Toby is leaving.

  2. My bet on the picture of Jim and Pam (the second one) is that Jim just proposed! It looks like he’s kneeling and Pam is sitting down! That’s just my bet!! And I REALLY hope I’m right!!

  3. Who’s behind Dwight? Is it Holly or Pam?
    Where’s Oscar?
    Who’s to the right of Kevin? It looks like Ryan…

  4. I am dying to know why Michael and the new girl would be on a ferris wheel…

  5. I’m closing my eyes!

    But I love you for writing “LERVE.”

    Shoot, I just saw the first one… wait, what the hell!? Is that Toby getting ARRESTED?

  6. I highly doubt that one of the possible reasons Jim would have everyone gathered at his desk would be to show everyone what ring he’s getting Pam. That just is kind of corny – not to mention, he’s a pretty private person so something THAT big I doubt he’d want to share. Especially with Michael. We all know how good Michael is at keeping secrets.

  7. The first one of Jim and Pam looks like they could be at the top of the ferris wheel that we saw Michael and the new HR woman on. Like maybe they got stuck up there or something? Of course I have no idea how the camera would have been up there with them but you never know.

  8. Omg! Michael took everyone to a fair or carnival of some sort! I think this will span the second 30 minutes of the episode. There, Jim will propose, Dwangela will share a sundae, and Michael will try to kiss the new HR girl. Or pretty much anything else. So many possibilities…;)

  9. Maybe they’re all looking at Dunfer Mifflin Infinity 2.0 on Jim’s computer? Also, I think that they went to the amusement park to celebrate Toby’s last day because there was a problem with the Party Planning Committee.

  10. Tanster, you are a saint for doing this for us!

    I am most interested in the first picture. Could the police be there because Toby refused (well, not refused, but he did push the subject away) to give Jim and Pam the “Love Documents”? I doubt you could get arrested for that, though…Or could he be involved in Ryan’s drug escapade? Or could he have at some point inadvertently sexually harassed Pam?

    I know, my ideas are quite far fetched.

    Thanks again, Tanster!

  11. One more thing! Caitlin – I agree with you. It actually looks like they are looking at his computer screen; take a closer look at Creed, Kevin, and the mysterious person next to him.

  12. the office doesn’t look to happy about what is at jim’s desk.
    oh, i wonder…

  13. That’s easy: they’re like everybody else. They’re checking at officetally.com to learn about the spoilers for the finale.

    [from tanster: lol! best answer of the day!]

  14. Don’t think that Jim is kneeling down-she would have to bend down much further. He is sitting on the break room table like in Fun Run, which would put him eye level w/Pam. I also don’t think he would propose in the break room.

    The one I can’t get a hold on is the one where they are standing around Jim’s desk. Pam is not there.

  15. I think that’s Ryan next to Kevin, and Holly behind Dwight. If Pam was there during this scene, she would certainly be next to Jim, which means she could be hiding behind Kevin!

  16. Wonder where Pam is when everyone else is at the computer. Why isn’t she there?

  17. What’s on Jim’s computer that Pam might not be proud of…?

    I think she’s a secret porn star. That explains a LOT of things.

  18. As much as I hate the idea, I feel like there might be wedding pictures on Jim’s computer screen. I could totally see these two eloping, and wasn’t there a hint somewhere that that might be one of the things happening in the finale?

  19. tanster: well, you’re the one that was on-set. SHOULD we be analyzing these specific pictures? ;)

    I’d say the one with Michael and Holly is some sort of fantasy sequence, but it couldn’t be. Maybe the new HR rep REALLY likes him…and then Jan comes back, pregnant. DRAAAAMAAAAA.

    In the scene when Jim and Pam look shocked, they are in the parking lot, not on the roof. I can’t tell if they’re amused-horrified or Toby-groped-Pam’s-leg horrified.

    Don’t know why everyone but Pam is around Jim’s computer, but he looks awful pleased…


  20. In the picture of them all around Jim’s desk, it looks like they’re all looking at his computer screen. Not sure at all what that might mean…

    I also think that the other picture with Jim and Pam in what looks like the break room might be after a proposal. We’ll have to wait and see!

    Also, tanster, after the finale ends, will you tell us what you knew? Or wait, do you know everything? In which case…jealous!

    [from tanster: i actually know very little. but i will hopefully post some details after the episode has aired!]

  21. It looks sorta like Jim and Pam are sitting at an airport???? AAHH I can’t wait two weeks! It’s too much suspense!!

  22. Okay, for those worried about Jim and Pam leaving or breaking up or whatever, in terms of continuity, Pam is wearing the same sweater in the breakroom as she is in the parking lot, so…….she is happy, and then it is dark, and they are still, sitting close in the parking lot…..holy crap, I don’t think I am going to last….crap, crap, crap

  23. Okay, what is Michael putting around Toby’s neck? Does anyone know? Because it’s been bugging me for a while now…

  24. Speculation on the last one…And I hope I’m dead wrong. Pam left, and she’s webcamming the whole office?!

  25. Don’t forget Ryan. He’s going to continue to be trouble, that one. I predict the shot of everyone together has maybe something to do with him, as they look like they’re gathered around to see Jim’s computer screen.

  26. Sprinkles: I don’t think Toby’s getting arrested. That looks like Hank, the security guard in the background.

  27. It looks like Jim and Pam are up in the air. Are they on the ferris wheel as well?

  28. I’ve heard somewhere that there will be an engagement, a pregnancy and a character leaving in the finale. My bet is that Jim and Pam are shocked because they just found out the pregnancy/character leaving. That photo probably has nothing to do with a JAM engagement…unfortunately.

  29. Is the person next to Kevin Ryan?

    Also, I really hope Jim and Pam don’t get engaged in the break room. I thought his engagement was supposed to blow her away?

    For the picture of them in their jackets, they are both sitting down, right? Maybe they are at the airport waiting for their plane to elope, and they were not expecting the cameras to follow them there?

    Or maybe they were up on the roof having a romantic dinner and someone came up there to tell them Jan is pregnant?

    Oh, so many options…

  30. I agree with what someone said early about everyone looking at Ryan’s website. You can’t have a season finale with our resident coke fiend somewhere in the plotline. =)

    My other prediction is that Mose is going to be a new intern. O_O

  31. Maybe Jim has got some pictures of a night out with ryan? They might realize he has a drug problem..

    @ Betsy: Isn’t that just a scarf?

  32. They aren’t showing Pam’s HAND when she is about to hug Jim in the break room…maybe a vending machine engagement?

    Jim and Pam have to be in the parking lot because they are sitting by a car!

    Does anyone else see that Dwight looks like he is about to smile when he is with the new HR?

    I think Michael and Dwight BOTH fall for Amy Ryan’s character. That would be interesting! A little Dwight/Michael fighting over an HR person.

  33. (1) Toby is quitting and Michael is just being his nuts self and is having him escorted out by security (and “helping” Toby put his bag on so he can leave quicker).

    (2) What could possibly get everyone around Jim’s computer like that (except Pam I might add)? Looks like even Ryan wants to see. So it can’t be a website since everyone could just view that themselves. An important email? Photos of the new HR-woman naked?

  34. All I know is that Jim’s hair is different. This is all I get from the photos.

  35. I think the second shot is just Dwight trying to initiate the new HR rep. He looks oddly secretive though.

  36. Maybe Jim is showing all his co-workers the place he wants to propose to Pam?

  37. Did anyone else notice that in the shot of them around the computer, all the men have their jackets on except Jim. Could that mean anything?

  38. I find it hilarious that so many comments say “It appears that they are all looking at Jim’s computer screen….”


  39. That would be sooo sweet if they go to a carnival and Jim proposes on the ferris wheel or something :) I don’t know. Tanster, why do you torture us so!?

  40. I agree with the airport spec. By their expressions Jim and Pam seem like they were caught off guard there. Going somewhere kids??

  41. I think the last one where everyone is at the computer is a video of Pam winning some huge state-wide Art prize-thing. Maybe that could explain her absence…

  42. I think in the picture when they are gathered around Jim’s computer, that Pam would logically be next to Jim and she is probably hidden from view by Kevin and the guy who looks like Ryan.

  43. In the pic where everyone is around Jim’s desk it looks like Jim is trying not to laugh. I would bet that it is a prank or joke. Pam most likely already knows about it and that is why she is not there.

  44. Tanster do you know the three people who a. are pregnant, b. are engaged, and c. leave the show??? I know you can’t say, but i’m just curious if you have this inside info :)

  45. Maybe Jim put the ring in the vending machine!

    I’m still sticking with my idea that she just told him that she’s preggers. Eeek.

  46. Something must have happened to the website on the final picture. I have an inkling something happns with Ryan in the episode, not sure why, but I got the feeling.

    This is also coming from the girl who predicted the boob job! I swear, I have witnesses!!!

    Can’t wait ’til Thursday!!!

  47. I thought the guy crowded around the computer with his back to the camera was Oscar.

  48. I think Jim is busting Ryan with whatever he has on his computer. Everyone looks disgusted. I can’t tell for sure but does Jim look pleased? Also, it looks like Ryan may have walked in on this and is looking over the computer to see what is going on. I like the idea someone else had that Pam might be behind Kevin. Hmmmm….

  49. I think that everyone is looking at a Ryan mug-shot on Jim’s computer, but it is interesting that we don’t see Pam there. Although, that could be part of her face directly behind Dwight and to Michael’s left.

  50. It does look like Pam & Jim sitting in front of a car. What is going on? I’m never going to make it until Thursday!

  51. Whatever they are looking at on the computer… judging by Kelly’s non-excited face, it probably does not involve an engagement, baby, or Ryan. Or Brangelina. ;)

  52. Jim and Pam seem to be sitting on the roof. They have to be sitting because Pam is not that tall relative to Jim when standing. Also, if you go to hulu.com and watch “Launch Party” and pause at 36:49, there are cars below them at the same angle as what appears in the snapshot. There also seems to be the roof barrier showing behind them between Jim and Pam’s shoulders, same as in Launch Party.

    The questions are: Has Jim just proposed and who has come up to join them on the roof? I’m betting on Ryan.

  53. Jim might actually be kneeling and Pam sitting because Pam’s head is right next to the place where you put money in…

  54. tanster, are you trying to tell us something without actually telling us something by posting these pics?

    [from tanster: no. :) ]

  55. I guess in my mind I just don’t see Jim proposing to Pam anywhere near the actual office. If the ferris wheel is something they all go on I can see that, but it is an hour episode so those are only a few pictures from a long episode to look out for.

  56. I think the Toby/Michael picture is just Michael being Michael…He knows that Toby is leaving and he wants to hurry the process along. I wonder if Toby is being fired and that’s why security is there to escort him out. I know they do that with people who are fired in my company.

  57. I think Jan is pregnant and drives to the office and tells Michael in front everyone. Jim proposes to Pam. And Toby leaves.

  58. Regarding the last picture with everyone surrounding the computer. I bet Michael just sent out another email forward :)

  59. Michael and the new HR woman on the ferris wheel? I can only imagine that he takes her to some sort of carnival to get to know her. What else do I expect from Michael Scott? haha!

  60. LOL @ the Jam screen shot. I’m not even going to try and guess what’s going on, but they are definitely on the roof. I want to say that’s where the proposal will take place, cause they’ve snuck up there a few times in the past…But that would be the JAM geek coming out of me. =)

  61. For the JAM break room shot, Pam is for sure happy about something (duh!) but it doesn’t look like Jim is down on one knee. He could have just gotten up from the knee, but who knows? I’ve learned not to read too much into NBCs promos because they are just crazy.

  62. As far as the whole gang being around Jim’s desk…I am going to TOTALLY take a shot in the dark here, this is going to have to say that they are watching a news report of Ryan being arrested for going crazy at the Dunder Mifflin corporate office in NY after he is fired…Wishful thinking. LOL

  63. Okay, so as for the Jam issue, someone said that they would do one of four things: 1) get engaged 2) elope 3) have sex or 4) break up. Then he ruled out number 4. My thoughts are that they’re probably already having sex, especially since “Money.” You can see that they pushed the beds together during their reviews for Dwight. And Pam spent the night at Jim’s. And even if they hadn’t, they’re not like Michael; they’re not going to parade that fact. As for 2, they don’t seem the type to me. It just seems that Pam wants a wedding, and Jim does, too, a traditional wedding. So that leaves 1. But it just seems too obvious…

    I think that they’re on the roof, and they walk in on Dwangela making out or something. And as for the computer scene… I think Pam’s behind Kevin, and Jim’s showing them… oh, I don’t know. But I think Phyllis is pregnant.

  64. I think that in the break room shot, Pam just told Jim about her graphic design opportunity, and Jim acts happy for her, but then realizes that it casts his dreams of proposing down the drain…

  65. My guess is that the computer scene is either:

    -Jim showing the carnival for the party

    -An email from corporate involving his employment

  66. Also, I think that they went to the amusement park to celebrate Toby’s last day because there was a problem with the Party Planning Committee.
    14 | Erika

    This gets my vote.

  67. It’s not a blindfold for Toby, you can see that it’s a laptop bag or a briefcase or something. Michael is helping him along with his exit. Haha!

  68. Pic #4 is JAM in front of a car.

    You can see in between them a reflection of headlights in the passenger side window, just below that reflection is the side mirror. Between their shoulders is the door panel. Behind Jim is the front windscreen.

    So, this tells us……. absolutely nothing :O(

  69. There is a car behind Jim and Pam. I could see it much clearer on the promos shown tonight on NBC. I’d guess they are sitting in the parking lot. But why? Of course the real question is what are they reacting to? I’d guess they are reacting to a big cliff hanger at the very end of the show. But what? Jan pregnancy perhaps? I could see her showing up and throwing a big scene. But who knows! So many possibilities! Can’t wait!

  70. #6 – A video from Pam explaining why she didn’t accept Jim’s proposal(note Pam is not in the photo)or an email from Michael of his and Jan’s baby’s ultrasound?

  71. Don’t know if this has been suggested, but I bet it’s an email from Pam saying she’s left for NYC or Philly and they are all reading it.

  72. I don’t think they’re in front of a car…I think they’re on the roof of the building and that is a street with car headlights behind them.

  73. Maybe we should have caption contests for these to kill time till Thursday. :)

    For what it’s worth I think the first one is Michael helping Toby put his scarf on and pretending to strangle him as he does it.

  74. Judging from the weird angle, the background, and the ferris wheel pic of michael and the new hr lady… #4 is Jam on the ferris wheel… and I hope they saw something good from up there!

  75. Ok, first of all, I love John’s hair in the finale!
    …why is the security guard with Michael and Toby?
    …why isn’t Pam looking at Jim’s computer screen?

    Someone also mentioned that if she talks to Jim about her graphic design dreams, that might ruin things. I see it differently. The graphic design guy gave her two options: NY or Philly. On Jim’s Second Life, he was a sports writer in Philly! Perhaps they’ll, eventually being the key word, move on to Philly, PA!

  76. ok, so #6, pam has the day/morning off. jim got in early (which explains the no jacket thing) so he could get off work early to do something special with pam. but when he gets to work he sees an email from corporate/ryan about his job. as people come in they gather around his desk to read in awe. dwight seems to be in his “i’m superior” stance and is getting ready to make some “i told you so” comment.

  77. I don’t think Jim & Pam are on the roof… there’s a car behind them.

    And, it doesn’t seem like everyone’s huddling around Jim’s desk for a good reason, judging by the looks on their faces.

  78. I’m guessing everyone around Jim’s desk is checking out a Dunder Mifflin/Facebook/Myspace profile of their new HR rep.

  79. Anyone else think that the bag over Toby looks like the things that professors (and really smart people at undergrad/masters/PhD level) wear at graduation?

  80. I think the last one with the group is more related to Ryan than pam because why would Jim ever let Michael or Dwight to see something that is special and related to Pam? Their seeing it would ruin whatever it is I think

  81. My two cents – they’re gathered around Jim’s desk to check out Infinity 2.0, and just realized they booked Jim’s “huge close” from last week to Ryan’s site.

  82. before i even look at these can i say:
    ha! tanster that is hilarious. first of all, your use of the word “lerve” and then totally calling out the over analyze/speculation tendencies of everyone. you crack me up.

  83. Michael is worried that Toby will not leave the office in an orderly fashion, so he has called up ‘Hank’ (you’re that african american guy who watches our office) to make sure he leaves quietly.

  84. I wonder if everyone standing around Jim’s desk is an email from corporate involving Ryan or the closing of Dunder Mifflin Infinity is a better bet? Also that scene with Jim and Pam and Pam is smiling could be him supporting her decision to take art classes/pursue her dream further, which he would do, and she’s just happy to have someone who supports her. I think the Jim and Pam shocked faces is going to be a Dwangela moment or something with Michael and Jan. Obviously the scene with Angela and Dwight resembles a familiar secret moment between them, so yay for Dwangela possiblities!

  85. a. that is a car behind jim and pam
    b. michael is putting toby’s bag on over his head

  86. In pic #4 that car is not directly behind pam & Jim.
    They’re on the ferris wheel, that’s an over head shot of the car.

  87. #4 looks like it was filmed on a green screen. I remember somebody saying that the finale had a shot filmed on a green screen

  88. Pic #2: That is not Angela. It is the new HR rep (Amy Ryan). You can see it in the second promo posted for next week. He’s probably telling on Andy or Jim.

    Can’t wait for the finale, but also don’t want it to end for the season. They’ve been so much better lately!!

  89. It looks like Toby is in the group picture at the end, so whatever they are all looking at may not be cliffhanger-ish and may have time to play out throughout the episode.

  90. guesses! 1-michael thinks he needs a guard to escort toby out, like when roy came back for his check 2-holly threatens dwight 3-celebrating toby gone at the carnival, holly warning michael of low productivity 4-jam talking head for something that happened (on a bridge?) 5-casual break room conversation 6-shocking ryan photo

  91. Hey you all. I don’t think it’s a car in #4. I think that it is the bottom of a slide. You can kind of see the end curve upwards. Either that, or that car has some big ass windows.

  92. well… this may be farfetched but everyone crowded around Jim’s computer could be an email to Jim firing him (possibly), necessitating everyone getting up and watching their favorite officeite get fired

  93. I’m going to say it…Holly hooks up with Dwight! Hahaha…oh I wish. That would be a strange dynamic if Michael found out.

    77 Gina- That would be so crazy!

  94. Didn’t someone say from the cast that Ryan will have a brush with the law? I think that is the key to the last pic. Maybe Jim is watching a video of Ryan being busted in a prostitution arrest.

    I was thinking that Pam and Jim are on the ferris wheel. Also, can you imagine Michael on a ferris wheel with a female? Poor girl. She might jump.

  95. Did you guys see the tag at the end of ‘Job Fair’? Pam was asking about a graphic design internship and the guy told her she should look at schools in NYC or Philly first. Maybe she’s the one who leaves after all, and that’s an e-mail from her to Jim. It’s a bit of a stretch (why would she be e-mailing him??) but just a theory.

  96. Ok, did anyone see the promo that aired during the two hour Office marathon last night? (which sadly only ended up being about an hour and fifteen minutes due to the stupid golf tournament on earlier) At the very end of the promo there’s a shot of Jim in the break room and he says something like “Are you serious?” and it totally looks like he’s kneeling! I’m gonna say he proposed and Pam told him “no” as a joke to get even with him for his multiple fake proposals. To which he says “Are you serious?” And she tells him she’s not serious and then says yes, which is the shot we see of them hugging in the first promo.

  97. Number six has to be something about Ryan. If it was about Jim… and everyone came over to see Kelly would have her arms crossed, not on her hips

    I love over-analyzing!!!!! Thanks Tanster!

  98. My prediction is that it is Ryan, not Toby who is leaving the office (Ryan will continue to write for the show). Ryan will get arrested for something which will ultimately lead to his firing. Everyone is around Jim’s computer watching Ryan’s high speed chase or a news story involving Ryan’s arrest.

    Last, Dwight and Angela will be engaged at the end of season 4…not Jim and Pam (too obvious). By the way, Jim is way too cool to ask Pam to marry him in the office or on a Ferris wheel.

  99. I’m almost positive that the group picture doesn’t involve Ryan because it looks like Ryan’s in the picture. The one bending over Jim’s computer on the far left side. I thought at first it was Michael, but obviously not since he’s standing behind Jim. What other dark haired employees work there? Just Michael. So it has to be Ryan. So back to the drawing board on what they’re looking at.

  100. @#92 Bushiest Beaver…. OH! I like that! Maybe that is the downfall of Ryan… Wallace finds out that he has been ‘stealing’ sales to boost the website numbers, and THAT is how we get rid of Douchy Ryan.

  101. I wonder if maybe Ryan gets fired or demoted and Jim gets offered the job in New York and of course Pam decides to go with him and pursue graphic design. But who knows? I can’t wait:)

  102. I don’t know if Jim/Pam are on a ferris wheel, from the shot of Michael dancing I’m wondering if they go on a booze cruise again and he’s dancing. I’m very curious about the JAM stuff in the break room and him saying “no way.” Did anyone notice Pam not hovering around Jim’s desk in that shot too? Wonder if that means anything.

  103. i bet toby wasn’t invited to the carnival…that’s why michael’s helping toby pack his things. (first picture), and due to michael being so happy that toby’s leaving, he takes the office workers to a carnival. without toby. if toby IS the one to be leaving, i’d say that would be the best way for him to go. i don’t think jim and pam will get engaged just yet…

    and my guesses as to who is leaving:

    1. toby (but i doubt it…)
    2. ryan (perhaps the spin-off will be about ryan? ryan’s rehab? lol)
    3. creed. that would be a hell of a curve ball

  104. Huh. Do you think that Dwight and Angela get back together in front of EVERYONE in the office? Because Jim’s shocked face looks something like the look he had on his face in The Negotiation, when he saw Dwight and Angela kissing in the office. I really hope so, because Dwight is just too depressed without her.

    If Pam or Jim leaves then I will stop watching the show. Not really, but I’ll feel like it. I highly doubt that they would let Jenna leave, she was nominated for a freaking Emmy! Obviously someone likes her! I have a feeling that if Toby left it would be too obvious. Everyone is thinking it, but we’ll all be shocked at the end when he comes back or something. I agree with the other people who say that Ryan will be the one to leave, he hasn’t been on the show as much as before now that he’s in New York, and plus he has a drug problem, right? Maybe he gets busted for having illegal substances on him and Jim and the gang are watching a YouTube video of it. All I know is that I love Toby and Ryan and if either one of them leaves then I will be crushed. But I’ll probably get over it.

  105. Toby is totally getting escorted by security. I guess we already know he’s leaving, but it looks like a firing.

    I think that everyone is crowded Jim’s desk because the website crashed.

    I’m really stumped on the Jim/Pam hug in the breakroom, and the other screencap showing their look of surprise. Anything can happen at DM, and it’s not like we’ve never seen them give us that look before.

  106. Ahh, my brain is going to explode with all this speculation and anticipation!
    For the picture with everyone around Jim’s desk, I originally thought that they were looking at Ryan getting arrested. But, then I realized that that was probably Ryan at the end, so that can’t be. Maybe Ryan’s hobbit friend was arrested and they’re watching that? And then the hobbit friend rats out Ryan and he is arrested later on.

  107. Ok, here goes: I think that the picture with everyone around Jim’s computer is because Jim is helping Phyllis plan Toby’s going away party (after Angela quits), and he found a really good ferris wheel? dunk tank? something good online, and he called everyone over to look at it. (I also think that Jim is referring to carnival planning when he says in the promo – “it’s big, really big.”) I think Michael is dancing because Toby is leaving. :D I think Pam and Jim looked shocked in the photo because they just discovered either Dwangela on the roof, or proof Dwangela had been there. I know I’m out there, but that’s what makes it fun! :D

  108. They’re not gonna have Jim and Pam move to New York. If anything, have them move to Philadelphia in the SERIES finale.

    The group picture is Jim showing off the wedding ring.

    Ryan’s brush with the law is not a major plot point (I hope it’s something to do with his company car, I like the ongoing trend of Dunder Mifflin having faulty company cars).

  109. I’m thinking that it’s Ryan that gets his old temp position back since they couldn’t “lure” an intern at the job fair. I also think that Michael rents the ferris wheel, like he did the blowup castle, to celebrate Toby leaving.

  110. Could the group shot be of everyone reading a company-wide memo that Ryan has been sacked? They are all are looking at the computer screen and seem very dour.

  111. Darn! I didn’t notice that Ryan was in the group shot with his back to us. I guess he wouldn’t stick around if he were getting fired.
    I heard someone was going to be pregnant so I think it will be Jan and she will put a damper on Michael’s new romance with the new HR person.
    I also heard there would be a death?! Was that the writers pulling our leg? Has anyone heard rumors of this?

  112. Hmmm… in the picture of Toby being “choked” by Michael, is that a cop in the backround?

  113. i do not think that is oscar with his back to us but i am also not convinced it is ryan.
    i am, however, convinced that that is a car behind jim and pam. there is a side mirror coming out from behind jim’s head. it doesn’t make sense visually as a shot from above looking down on a car.

    i love that tanster said speculate and speculate everyone did!!

  114. My speculation: Angela and Dwight snuck out of the office last week and met up, they are now having an affair, Angela gets pregnant, Andy proposes, she accepts because she tries to keep up appearances, eventually everyone finds out the baby is a Shrute, and Phyllis calls her whorish.

  115. I think The beginning of Jim’s proposal will be in an email. I think he’s sending an email proposal to Pam, or at least he’s telling her to meet him in the break room and I think Jim may have told someone his plan and they told someone else, etc, and that is why there are so many people around his desk. They want to see what she is going to say.

  116. If Jan is pregnant, maybe 5th season will consist of Michael choosing between her and the new HR gal. But I totally think we’re gonna get a Baby Levinson-Scott since the post-strike episodes have really been full of Michael’s “I want kids”- mantra.

    I agree that the last part of ‘Job Fair’ was setting up for a series finale in which Jim and Pam leave DM for better careers elsewhere. I think those crafty writers are just trying to throw people off, considering all this talk about the spin-off.

    Where are you, Thursday?!

  117. Pic 1 — It’s Hank the security guard. Maybe Michael got word of what Toby did to Pam…
    Pic 2 — I think it’s just part of the Dwight hazing.
    Pic 3 — Dunno. I think Michael’s trying to continue the hazing.
    Pic 4 — It’s a car behind them, kind of like they’re surprised in a parking lot. Or were caught in a parking lot by the camera crew. But they are both in the same clothes, and their hair looks like it’s the end of long day. I think Jim proposed earlier in the day in the break room and then they’re flying to Vegas… :)
    Pic 5 — I think Jim’s kneeling and Pam’s sitting in a chair. Who knows, maybe they did give a glimpse of the engagement? They did give us a sneek peek before The Chair Model of them walking and holding hands after the first “fake” proposal. So…
    Pic 6 — I think it’s Oscar, not Ryan. If it were Ryan, he certainly wouldn’t be that far away from the screen; he’d get himself in the center of everyone. Plus, Oscar is usually paired up with Kevin, who is standing next to him. I think they’re looking at a picture of Ryan…

  118. Molly (#27), why would you need to wait two weeks. The finale is airing this Thursday. Is the broadcast delayed in your country?

    Only 3 days to go!

  119. After seeing Brian’s interview where he mentions that Michael throws a big goodbye to Toby party, I think the ferris wheel shot with Amy Ryan may be in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot. If Michael could get Dwight to get Andy to rent a bouncy castle, I think he’d have the inclination to rent amusement park rides for the parking lot. Is it Thursday yet? Because I cannot handle this anymore.

  120. You know what drives me crazy about all this speculation? That Tanster KNOWS! She was there when they filmed (part of) the season finale, and she KNOWS!

    I bet she’s just sitting back in her chair, laughing her head off at all of our crazy speculations that are waaaaay off base. We all know that despite whatever we think might happen, the writers will come up with stuff that we would never dream of.

    Regardless, let’s all go to Tanster’s and give her the fluffy fingers until she tells us what she knows!

    (Love ya, Tanster!)

    [from tanster: actually, to be perfectly honest, i know very very little. remember i was on set for only one day, and i believe they shot the finale over eight days!]

  121. HERE’S WHAT I THINK: I was looking back over these promo shots and I remembered when Tanster went to visit the set of The Office. I recalled a few pictures of her and Jenna Fischer where Jenna was hiding her left hand in all of the shots. I then noticed that she was wearing the same things in those pictures and in the pictures from the finale! So, Jenna could in fact have been hiding an engagement ring!!! Or she could be REALLY good at messing with my mind! Both are possible! I don’t know if someone already made this observation or not, but I’m posting it anyways!! Thanks!

  122. I just read this short synopsis from msn.com:

    Season finale: Another cast member says good-bye tonight on “The Office” (9 p.m., NBC), as Toby, Dunder-Mifflin’s HR rep is replaced by Holly (Amy Ryan), who ***is hazed by Dwight and Meredith.***

    not sure if we already knew this.

    i can’t wait!!


  123. Regarding haley #135’s comment – I think you’ve got it: ten seconds of random footage to throw everyone off. :)

  124. Pam and Jim won’t leave the show. And neither would Michael or Dwight. Without any of those four, they don’t really have a show. And if they did decide to do a spin-off with just Pam and Jim and their life together in NY or something, how cliche would that be? “…and they lived happily ever after.” Boring. It won’t be them. Or I’m hoping it won’t because if they take any of them, especially my JAM – i’ll be extremely upset.

  125. My 2 pennies:

    1) I think Michael is SO happy that Toby is leaving that he throws an actual carnival! This was my initial hunch. After watching the new Brian interview, I think it’s plausible.

    2) Jim is not proposing to Pam in the break room. That hardly lives up to the promise that, “When it happens, it will kick your ass, Beesly!” In Jim’s own words, proposing at the office would be, “rather lame.” More likely Pam is sharing her graphic design dreams/plans and he’s happy to support her.

    3) At first, I thought JAM was on the roof. Later I realized that there IS indeed a car behind them. Hmmmm…

    4) I think Ryan is the one who is leaving the show. Makes sense with his recent “problem.” He’s reached his peak- I’m not sure what more they can do with him. Could be why they are all around Jim’s computer. That’s the shot that is most curious to me with Pam’s absence. HAHA- We’re all gonna feel stupid if in fact she is only being blocked by Kevin!

    5) I think Jan is the pregnancy- I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her.

  126. I think that Hank the security guard is just there because Michael wanted him to be. He probably asks if he can leave once he figures out what Michael wants, which I think is for Hank to make sure that Toby doesn’t go to the goodbye party.

    I think now that Jim will definitely propose in the break room, but I still think the “no way” in the promo was about Pam’s graphic design plan. I think he’ll support her.

    The picture with their surprised looks is in the parking lot, on the Ferris wheel, where up high they can see Dwangela making out or something such as.

    Computer screen picture is a news clip on Ryan’s drug problem and getting fired. Then Jim and Pam will move to New York, Jim will take Ryan’s old job, and Pam will pursue her graphic design dreams. However, I don’t think they’d take them out of the office, especially not Jim since he just got back last season.

    Thursday, where art thou?

  127. Someone had said that Jim was showing the office the ring for Pam. Why would they all need to be huddled around a computer screen when he’s had the ring since they started dating?

  128. I just had another theory (sort of) about the JAM surprised look…I actually stared at the picture for a few minutes and it looks like they are faking those shocked faces. So my guess is that whatever they were just told, doesn’t come as a big surprise to them…

  129. Just wanted to let everyone know that in the new issue of Ok! magazine, they printed the following synopsis…….
    “Michael wants to throw a huge goodbye party as HR rep Toby prepares to leave DM. Will petty cash cover that?”
    Petty cash???????

  130. what if the shocked faces are about toby NOT leaving for some reason. it is clearly no longer daytime when that picture is taken so whatever is surprising them is happening after the day is over and all the other stuff has happened.

  131. and i had the same thoughts as luvrgrrl about the carnival. angela’s party does not celebrate the departure of toby enough for michael’s liking so he has a carnival!

  132. i agree with lurvgrrl. michael definitely takes everyone to a carnival/fair because he is so happy. I think Jim has good news of his own and that is why he and Pam are in the break room. I don’t think it is the proposal though. I don’t know why I just don’t.

  133. I think the cameras follow Jim and Pam and catch the proposal, then they spot the cameras, hence the shocked/speechless looks.

  134. #156 – You are so right Oscar Meyer! It is fun to guess but I have no idea what is going to happen Thursday night. Last year taught me that as well. :)

    I have a feeling the writers are going to “kick our a**” in this finale. Can’t wait!

  135. If Jim and Pam are the ones to get engaged I think Pam will be the one to propose and kind of knock Jim’s socks off. Hence the whole “no way are you serious” deal.

    I think Jan is probably preggers, BUTTTTT in the picture of JAM all surprised, it looks like Jim is more surprised and Pam is more upset. Kind of like Pam was telling Jim “something important” that scared the crap out of him and the cameras busted in.

    So maybe Pam is the pregnant one. DAH i can’t wait until Thursday.

  136. i think jim and pam are at an airport. maybe. :-p
    geez why can’t it be thursday yet!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?

  137. This is really driving me crazy. But I have to say that I agree with the idea that they’ve just put together a bunch of randomness that means nothing to throw us off. I can’t wait to see what really happens.

    You know. I’ll bet it will be something totally different. I’ve learned to expect nothing normal in Office season finales.

  138. Maybe this has been said – but my first thought about the picture w/everyone around Jim’s computer screen is maybe it’s Ryan’s mug shot? I don’t know, just a thought. Can’t wait for Thursday!!!

  139. I can see Michael being so happy that Toby is leaving that he will pay for a huge party on his own dime. Now that he has broken up with Jan he may have saved up enough money to afford to rent an entrie carnival for a day.

    As for the group picture around Jim’s desk, I think it has to involve Pam in some way. She isn’t in the photograph and Jim is probably revealing his master plan of how the engagement will take place. He may even get everyone in the office to help him out somehow.

  140. you guys- the looks of shock on jim & pam’s faces are probably because of something michael or dwight or someone did. think about it- don’t they usually make those kind of faces when michael does something stupid? i think they’re at the carnival or a fair, too. in the pic where pam’s smiling, i’m almost positive jim is kneeling down and they’re in the break room place- think about the layout of it, he kind of has to be!

  141. I’m with some of you on the thought that the promo is just random little clips to throw everyone through a loop. I do however feel there is some significance to the ferris wheel with michael and jan and the crowd around jim’s desk.

    I think maybe jan tells michael something amazingly revealing on the ferris wheel. Juxtaposing the happiness of the setting with an uncomfortability that only the office can pull off. As for the jim desk scene, I have no idea.

  142. Woah woah woah… I just noticed the security guard standing behind michael and toby… perhaps someone is getting escorted out of the building… maybe toby punched michael.

  143. About everyone around Jim’s desk-
    I really like the idea that Jim’s revealing his master propsal plan because Pam’s not there(this was a good theory by the way) but no one really has an excited look on their face. Wouldn’t they, including Jim, look more excited? They actually all look kinda shocked or bummed.

    Really though… Where’s Pam?!

  144. I think that Jim isn’t proposing to Pam. Let me tell you why
    1) Jim was like, NO WAY in that break room scene (from the promo)
    2) It would be rather lame and not at all ass-kicking if it was in THE BREAKROOM
    Also, I think Jan is going to be pregnant. AND, The security guard is just there to say bye to Toby

  145. I saw the promo on TV last night and Pam and Jim are clearly sitting in front of a parked car. No doubt. That being said, I am still confused about why they would be sitting in front of a parked car. Maybe there is a carnival in the parking lot after all and that shocked look is because they are witnessing an Angela and Dwight moment.

  146. This is so out there, but since there are such ‘big developments’ in this episode, maybe they’re watching a sneak peak clip of the documentary on Jim’s computer? I’m really just curious to see their reactions when one day they do…

  147. I really think that is a slide in the background, it curves towards the camera. And I think that is the HR rep on the ferris wheel with Michael.

  148. That is definitely not Jan on the ferris wheel with Michael – it’s the new HR rep played by “Gone Baby Gone” oscar-nominee Amy Ryan.

  149. You know what my thoughts were… if number 4 was shot in front of a green screen (it looks like it was the lighting doesn’t seem right) you know they could have just put a random background in there to fool us. The green strip actually looks like it might be a stream of sorts like at a theme park and a car just crossed over it. I gather it is lit from beneath for feeling, and the little spots look like light reflections from water.

    My theory, Jim does propose on the ferris wheel but him and Pam are shocked when they notice the camera crew in the next carriage (sp?)because it could be going backwards and as they come over the top, they see a camera pointed at them and are like “what?”

  150. I think everyone, in #6, is getting ready to go and something comes up about the website failing and DM giving up on it. It is Ryan’s fall from grace that has been hinted at all year.

  151. That’s not Ryan! It’s the Hobbit from Night Out! Bet he’ll show up in a deleted scene…

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