1. Forget JAM. It’s the Dwight/Angela (DWAN?) romance we need to see blossom on the show!!! Thanks for the message, Angela.

  2. ok so that is just amazing…angela rocks my socks!!! (thats a little 3rd grade but you know what i mean..)

  3. Thank you Angela! She is so sweet! The cast of The Office is seriously the best around. I’ve never seen a cast treat their fans as well as they do.

  4. oh that’s freakin cool…wow, this really is the best show on TV…what other show is that connected to the fans?

  5. That is so awesome! Thank you for being so nice to all of your fans! Hello to you, Angela, and all the fine folks there at Dunder Mifflin. :)

  6. Oh my gosh, what a sweet heart! She would take time out of her busy schedule to just say Hi to all of us!! Wow, amazing, she just made my day, lol! Thanks Angela!!! :D :D :D

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