Diwali 2-minute preview video

TV Guide has posted a preview of this week’s episode, Diwali, and it is hysterical.

Watch the Diwali preview here.

SPOILER WARNING! If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t watch. Comments may contain spoilers as well.

Thanks to GMMR for finding this!

P.S. I had a heck of a time getting the video to play all the way through. Finally got it on my seventh try! Hope you guys have better luck …


  1. YAY!!! Jim is back sitting at his old desk! Did you guys see his bag on his chair when he was laughing?

  2. I noticed this when I watched the video below the Diwali preview called “Set Secrets”. Everybody watch it!

  3. Chicago: worked in FF.
    The set secrets thing… I knew two out of three. (The first one was the one I didn’t).
    Oh I can’t wait for tomorow!

  4. i think that the set secrets thing is old. it’s from the inFANity episode that aired earlier this year. i don’t think Jim is back at his old desk yet…hopefully that will come with the merger episode, but I don’t know yet. That was a funny clip though! I loved it when Michael started passing out the Kama Sutra to everybody.

  5. I love Kevin!!! Too funny that Pam was “VERY” interested in the book..Thursday just come fast enough in my opinion.

  6. Thought it was great…I think this show is on the verge of a hysterical explosion!

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